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Updated 2024

Though economics is a dry subject, there is a very real human cost to getting economic policy wrong. Sondra Miller points this out in The Price of Economic Ignorance.  

One of the greatest economic failures in history was a gamble not justified by any economics text. The references here show that - though they claim to be different - both parties in the United States have been following the same disastrous policies.

The gamble was that it would somehow improve the U.S. economy to

-embrace NAFTA type agreements including the disastrous and worst of the NAFTA like agreements: the Trans Pacific Partnership.
-lower taxes for the rich and corporations to an unprecedented level and
-rid ourselves of the regulations established in the 1930s to prevent another great depression

It did not work. Indeed, it was a massive failure that resulted in the greatest world wide collapse since the great depression. The spending spree - which did not count the wars - combined with the severe cut in revenue resulted in a government which had less money to build infrastructure, maintain a safety net, and take other actions to stimulate the economy so it would be robust enough to support a living wage. Part of the problem is corruption. Part of the problem is basic economic theory is wrong. See below "Theory is Bad" in this article. Another problem is that government figures are wildly misleading. 

The reason I have so many references is to show this is a steadily increasing trend I continuously update. It is not a vanishing blip on the radar. Failure to deal with this trend will have disastrous consequences for the future. Documentation is with both an extensive and expanding list of references below and the article Economic Graphs and Videos.

Help make your progressive case by using this documentation which is continuously updated.



Rather than be a force for stability and growth, banks have become a huge drain on the economy to enrich people and corporations. Clinton's repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 was a huge blow to bank accountability. Democratic propaganda notwithstanding, nothing is in place that remotely resembles Glass-Steagall in protecting the public from banks. Iceland and other countries have proved that holding banks and other large financial institutions accountable leads to greater prosperity, not less. "Too big to fail" and "Too big to prosecute" are recipes for disaster. Public banks offer a real alternative. See Public Banking Institute and references 9, 15, 17, 31, 78, 104, 108,112, 126, 185, 263, 323, 380, 411, 446, 468, 528, 565, 566, 570, 620, 809, 835, 836, 839-841, 884, 893, 895, 896, 898, 903-906, 960, 972, 973, 975, 977-979, 981, 983, 1028, 1030, 1032, 1054, 1056, 1058, 1059, 1062-1064, 1069, 1071, 1141, 1142, 1144-1146, 1149, 1151-1153, 1156, 1157, 1161, 1163-1166, 1168, 1169, 1171, 1314, 1327-1330, 1374-1376, 1378, 1380, 1421, 1444, 1446, 1481, 1506, 1508-1514, 1544-1546, 1548, 1551, 1552, 1554, 1555, 1557.

2-Democrats are not the answer.

Both major parties follow the same policies. (The Republicans certainly are not the answer either. See Beware the Trump Administration) The Democrats have better rhetoric, but their actions are largely the same as their republican colleagues.

Nobody’s feet are going to be held to the fire is an excellent article which takes a hard deep look at basic economic assumptions, war, and the Democratic Party by Jeff Roby, a Florida activist.


-Caving in on tax breaks for the rich set to automatically expire. The Bush tax cuts for the rich cost us 800 billion dollars over ten years. Defeating the Buffet tax for millionaires cost us 50 billion dollars over 10 years. Obama and the democrats are completely responsible for both. They actively saved the Bush tax cuts which would have automatically expired and did not even try for the Buffet Tax which was defeated by the democratic senate. See reference 66. Obama and the democrats had almost a 40 vote lead in the HOR and 59 senators. Their abdication guaranteed the republicans victory in 2012. It was a neat trick to simultaneously help bankrupt social security, give the rich and corporations tax advantages they did not have through most of the 20th century, and cut our income for infrastructure which guarantees further economic decline.

-In appointing his social security “cat food” commission he did not even use reputable conservative groups such as the Citizens Against Government Waste and the Concord Coalition, but instead appointed radicals who said their purpose was to destroy social security. President Obama's Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform ("Catfood Commission") proposed slashing Social Security by using the Chained-CPI as an index (effectively reducing benefits) and raising the age for SS eligibility (which for many low-income people means "work till you die"). He then made it a self-fulfilling prophesy by temporarily eliminating social security taxes. Social Security would be viable forever if rich people had to pay the same rate as poor and middle class people. Instead, there are no social security taxes after 110,000 dollars a year.

-The HAMP could be used to help home owners, but Obama decided not to use it fully.

-Clinton enabled NAFTA, the 1996 Telecommunications Act, Welfare Reform and the repeal of Glass-Steagall.

-About 45% of the stimulus was tax cuts. If there is one thing we know for sure economically from our 2000-2010 experience, it is tax cuts for the rich do not help the economy.

-Continues to be unresponsive as worker’s share of national income reaches a record low.

-Look who President Obama appointed as his economic advisers. Summers was responsible for dismantling the Glass-Steagall regulations that had acted as a firebreak against banks looting the country since the Great Depression. Geithner had performed no financial over site in the Bush administration (He said he never saw anything wrong) and was a major architect under Bush of the financial bailout that passed trillions of dollars to his former banking partners. Bernanke as Bush's Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers could have slowed the asset bubble while it was still possible, but did not. (8) The above advisers had the government buy trillions of dollars of toxic sludge with taxpayer money, then loaned banks money at zero percent interest so they can loan it back to the government at three percent and to payday borrowers at hundreds of percent.

-Obama’s “health care reform” requires 32 million Americans to buy insurance with no cost controls. Insurance stock prices doubled as soon as the reform bill was enacted. 

When you add the cost of expanding militarism then you will see we are in a bad position to compete with other countries. See  Continuous Wars. See also The Democratic Party is the More Effective of Two Evils

By enthusiastically going along with republicans and adopting their disproved tax theories democrats have helped bankrupt the United States and decreased its ability to build an infrastructure and compete. See  references 8, 57, 695, 709, 731, 732, 754, 755, 761, 789. 790, 791, 792, 793, 799, 808, 809, 812, 817, 842-845, 905, 906, 908-910, 912-914, 933, 961, 963, 964, 986, 989, 1026-1027, 1033, 1072-1074, 1076-1081, 1097, 1144, 1166, 1171, 1173-1178, 1180-1184, 1186, 1376, 1417, 1460.  


3-Employment - Real Percentage, Increasing Temps, and Disappearing Retirement

The current figures for unemployment are deceptive. They measure neither:
-the people who have given up on looking because the jobs are simply not there
-nor the "under-employed" which consist of people who are work part time and want full time
-nor people at a job which does not take advantage of their training or capabilities.
Even so, the unemployment rate remains higher than it was in the depths of all but one of the postwar recessions. See references 3, 30, 163, 475, 540, 552, 606, 608, 676, 677, 679, 726, 727, 759-761, 815, 817-820, 846-847, 915, 991-993, 995, 1034-1035, 1085 - 1086, 1190-1193, 1424, 1480, 1515.

To make matters even worse, there has been a huge transition from jobs with benefits - such as retirement and health insurance - to part time jobs without benefits. See references 500, 501, 732, 748, 818, 819, 820, 863, 931, 1534.

Perhaps most worrisome is the destruction of retirement and pension systems for the benefit of the wealthy. Cities (Detroit) and companies (Delta Airlines) can escape retirement obligations and promises through bankruptcy which leaves workers destitute. Contrast that with students owing huge debts who cannot get jobs in their fields and cannot declare bankruptcy. Unlike government and corporations, they cannot obtain help through bankruptcy. Matt Taibbi in reference 495 pointed out the following.

"The supposed impending collapse of Social Security, which actually should be running a surplus of trillions of dollars, is now repeated as a simple truth. But Social Security wouldn't be "collapsing" at all had not three decades of presidents continually burgled the cash in the Social Security trust fund to pay for tax cuts, wars and God knows what else. Same with the alleged insolvencies of state pension programs. The money may not be there, but that's not because the program is unsustainable: It's because bankers and politicians stole the money."

See references 57, 104, 285, 460, 493 - 498, 534, 547, 572-575, 577, 578, 580-583, 585, 640, 644, 646-648, 652, 654, 714, 716-718, 720 748, 784, 785, 792, 797, 799,  803, 804, 805, 824, 826, 872-877, 879, 882, 971, 1021, 1044-1047, 1113, 1114, 1116, 1118, 1230, 1232, 1234, 1452, 1495, 1530-1532.


We are now faced with a growing inequality and  less protection than we had in 1999 when we repealed Glass-Stiegal. (thanks to both democrats and republicans)  The growing inequality is reaching alarming level and will have serious consequences. See Economic Graphs and Videos and the below references on this article: 629, 630, 632, 664, 701, 702, 704, 706, 708, 731, 734, 762, 764-767, 769, 770, 774, 776, 778, 779,  815, 822, 842, 848-851, 853-855, 857-860, 898, 918, 921, 924, 967, 969, 970, 970, 997-1002, 1004-1008, 1010, 1012-1015, 1039, 1040, 1079, 1090-1098, 1100-1102, 1104, 1106, 1195-1198, 1200-1203, 1206-1216, 1218, 1220 1264, 1265, 1289, 1291, 1301, 1308, 1311, 1315, 1320, 1325, 1339, 1349, 1350, 1352, 1354-1357, 1359-1361, 1363-1368, 1411, 1418, 1426, 1428-1432, 1449-1451, 1455, 1462-1465, 1473, 1476, 1482, 1483, 1485, 1487-1490, 1492-1494, 1505, 1519-1521, 1523-1525, 1527, 1528, 1542, 1547, 1549, 1550, 1558, 1561, 1562, 1563, 1564.

5-Social Security and Medicare

One serious threat to our economic security is the threat to social security and medicare. Despite contrary rhetoric from the Democratic Party, the most threatening danger is from the democrats. This danger consists of the Bowles Simpson Commission - which included false economic choices and recommended raising of the retirement age - and the Chained CPI plan. There is no need for any of this to "save" social security. Taxing the rich fully for social security at the same rate as the poor and limiting social security funds to use just for those intended would fully fund social security for the future. Medicare for all would be cheaper, get better results, and cover more people. See Health Care and references 57, 182, 196, 231, 244, 301, 305, 377, 534, 547, 637, 654, 658, 721, 957, 1119, 1178, 1235.

6-Taxes,  Privatization vs. Commons,  and  Infrastructure

It is a simple matter of taxing enough to run the government as we did throughout the 20th century, spurring the economy with infrastructure and research making a living wage possible, and taking care of our citizens. Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. We did this throughout the 20th century. China, Rome, and Greece did it centuries before the birth of Christ. It was only in 2001 that we decided to go down a different path by drastically lowering government revenue.

Infrastructure (such as the internet, transportation and education) is a necessary prerequisite for a healthy economy. Giving up the "commons" or public property is not something that is easily regained. One result of inadequate revenue through giving undeserved and unprecedented tax breaks for the rich and corporations is a deteriorating infrastructure. Privatization of public tasks has repeatedly proved to be unreliable and more expensive. Corporations typically strip all the profit out of public property without spending to maintain it.  The cost of privatizing and abandoning an already deteriorating infrastructure and selling the commons will be great. It will take decades to repair. See Our Crumbling Infrastructure, Education, and references 118, 205, 480, 481, 483-489, 491, 519, 561, 562, 710-712, 722, 737-740, 742, 743,745, 747, 749, 823, 842, 846, 861-862, 864, 866-869, 925, 927, 928, 1018-1020, 1042, 1043, 1048, 1110-1112, 1120-1122, 1187-1189, 1223-1226, 1228, 1229,  1282, 1369, 1370, 1441.

7-Theory is Bad. Wrong economic theory starts it all.

Economic theory has a reputation for being deadly boring. It is one of the most dreaded courses in college. One unfortunate consequence is we take economic assumptions as truths despite contrary evidence. This unfortunate tendency is reinforced by MBAs who are trained on inaccurate theories, assumptions, and economic measuring tools. Redefining what a recession is, pretending interest rates do not affect the consumer, and inaccurately measuring inflation do not make for a good economy. See All In Podcast. We are taking biased information based upon misleading government measurements then acting on wrong theories which is leading to an ever worsening economy.  The only place I know where they are taking a new evidence based look at economic theory is Evonomics/ The Next Evolution of Economics.  That is also the source of many of our references and where we got the illustration at the top of this article. For a humorous new look at economics see Dr. Yoram Bauman. For more on economic theory see below references 1129-1139, 1161, 1163, 1164, 1189, 1212-1216, 1236-1266, 1268-1274, 1276-1313, 1330, 1331, 1333-1347, 1352, 1381-1393, 1395-1407, 1410, 1411, 1416, 1434-1440, 1442, 1448, 1454-1459, 1467, 1468-1472, 1474, 1475, 1477-1479, 1496-1503, 1506, 1535-1541. 1553, 1556, 1559, 1560.

8-Trade Agreements Both Formal and Secret

Since shortly after the 2010 elections, Obama took it as his first priority to leave the country and agree to NAFTA-type like agreements with India and South Korea. He has since publicly backed NAFTA agreements for South Korea, Columbia, and Panama. His "Jobs Bill" not only eliminates legal protection for unemployed students with giant student loans to pay back, it has as its price the acceptance of three NAFTA agreements. Congress rejected his "Jobs Bill" while still approving the NAFTA agreements. There is also an effort to approve a US-EU trade deal. Is it not pretty obvious by now that these type of agreements with countries that have no protections for their workers or the environment are disastrous for the United States? We are done in economically - once again - by democrats following lockstep in with republicans. While it is good that Trump stopped the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership, that still leaves the unspoken but real agreements that drain wealth from the poor and middle class. Off shore storing of wealth is only one aspect of this unfair system designed to further enrich the 1%.  See  Corporate Overreach.   See also references 27, 162, 180, 265, 280, 354, 389, 398, 400, 452, 453, 464, 541 - 544, 594-597, 600, 602, 603, 672, 674, 751, 752, 787, 812, 830, 831, 845, 886, 887, 889-892, 911-914, 932, 933, 935, 937-942, 944, 946, 948, 952-957, 1022-1024, 1048, 1051, 1052, 1074, 1125, 1126, 1128, 1183, 1184, 1317-1322, 1466, 1504.


Unfortunately, Obama and the Democrats first and then Trump and the Republicans and now Biden have decided to pursue and extend Bush policies.  NAFTA type agreements such as the TPP, a flat minimum wage, a failing infrastructure, continued lack of investment in education and research compared to the 1950s, following the Bowles-Simpson and Chained CPI recommendations, and continued pretending by both parties that the recession is over and the only problem facing our country is the deficit can only insure our continuing downward spiral. Nothing will change unless we stop relying on the two traditional parties for fundamental change. It is time to accept the fact that both Democrats and Republicans are together changing our country into a backward superstitious third world country.

For more documentation see the many references below and Economic Graphs and Videos.

See also Corporate Overreach.


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466-13 Mindblowing Facts About America's Tax-Dodging Corporations - The stunning numbers on the sorry state of corporate taxation in modern America
467-American Fascism: Ralph Nader Decries How Big Business Has Taken Control of the U.S. Government
468-Bank of America Lied to Homeowners and Rewarded Foreclosures, Former Employees Say
469-Decline and fall: how American society unravelled - Thirty years ago, the old deal that held US society together started to unwind, with social cohesion sacrificed to greed. Was it an inevitable process – or was it engineered by self-interested elites?
471-Tax Cuts: Myths and Realities
472-474 deleted
475-The Official Unemployment Rate Is Wrong, Says Guy Who Used To Calculate It
476-478 deleted
479-Wall Street is winning the long war against post-crash regulation: Feeble as it was, Dodd-Frank was a high point of reining in abuses. Thanks to financial lobbying, it's business as usual
480-Declining Infrastructure, Declining Civilization
481-Infrastructure Decline
483-Our Crumbling Infrastructure — Patch & Pray
484-Washington Bridge Collapse Points to Declining American Infrastructure
485-Crumbling Nation? US Infrastructure Gets a D
486-The Great Regression of America's Infrastructure
487-America's Infrastructure Engineering Dilemma
488-The American Decline: Infrastructure
489-Infrastructure Decay In The United States
491-Are America's Best Days Behind Us?
493-Fleecing Pensioners to Save the Banks
494-How 401(k)s Rewarded the Rich and Turned the Rest of Us into Big Losers
495-Looting the Pension Funds - All across America, Wall Street is grabbing money meant for public workers
496-Matt Taibbi on How Wall Street Hedge Funds Are Looting the Pension Funds of Public Workers
497-Remember When People Had Pensions?
498-Dismantling the Social Contract - The Disastrous Consequences of Raiding Public Pensions
500-Abracadabra: You’re a Part Timer
501-The New Temp Economy
503-3 Biggest Lies Corporate Lobbyists Will Use to Push Lower Corporate Taxes: Corporate lobbyists are readying their arguments for Congress' return from recess. All of them are specious.

504-Add It Up: The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business
505-An Obituary for the American Middle Class

506-Before the Battle Resumes in Washington: A Reminder About What’s at Stake

507-Bill Moyers Essay: The End Game for Democracy

508-CEOs Being Paid for Poor Performance

509-Chomsky: “Jobs aren’t coming back”

510-Chris Hedges: The Absurdity of American Empire

512-Derivatives and the Government Shutdown: Wall Street Bets One Thousand Trillion Dollars of Everybody Else’s Money


514-How Neoliberalism Created an Age of Activism - Decades of neoliberal economic policies have concentrated wealth and are now spurring a global backlash.

515-518 deleted

519-Detroit as Bantustan: Wall Street’s Black Goons

521-For Capitalism to Survive, Crime Must Not Pay

522-Killing the Competition: How the new monopolies are destroying open markets

Joseph Stiglitz: Inequality Undermines Prosperity
Joseph Stiglitz: Inequality Undermines Prosperity
Joseph Stiglitz: Inequality Undermines Prosperity
Joseph Stiglitz: Inequality Undermines Prosperity
- See more at:
Joseph Stiglitz: Inequality Undermines Prosperity
- See more at:

523-Larry Summers and the ‘End-Game’ Memo

524-Memorable Moyers Interviews on the Financial Crisis

525-Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States


527-Unplugging Americans From The Matrix Where Life is Regarded as Cheap

528-Why Iceland Should Be in the News But Is Not

529-Bill Moyers: How the 1970s backlash against the environmental movement morphed into today's class war

Bill Moyers: How the 1970s backlash against the environmental movement morphed into today’s class war
Bill Moyers: How the 1970s backlash against the environmental movement morphed into today’s class war
Bill Moyers: How the 1970s backlash against the environmental movement morphed into today’s class war


531-Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

532-The Lessons that Wall Street, Treasury, and the White House Need You to Believe about the Lehman Collapse by Robert E. Prasch, Department of Economics, Middlebury College


Obama Cuts Medicare, Social Security for More Taxes - See more at:
Obama Cuts Medicare, Social Security for More Taxes - See more at:
Obama Cuts Medicare, Social Security for More Taxes - See more at:

534-Obama Cuts Medicare, Social Security for More Taxes


536-Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

537-The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin) (YouTube)

538-The Financial Crisis and the Second Great Depression Myth

539-The Origin Of 'The World's Dumbest Idea': Milton Friedman

540-21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity

541-Meet the TPP: A Worldwide Corporate Power Grab of Enormous Proportions

542-President Obama Asks Congress To Give Up Its Oversight On Secret TPP Agreement

543-Secret "Free Trade" Negotiations Will Gut Regulations, Further Enrich Multinationals and Big Financial Firms

544-The Trans-Pacific Partnership


546-US Government Threatens California City Trying to Save Homeowners From Foreclosure

547-Destroying Social America: Bipartisan Attack on Vital Social Safety Nets

548-Using Eminent Domain to Rescue Main Street

549-Full Show: Inequality for All

550-551 deleted

552-We need real "Full Employment" legislation to hold the politicians accountable.

553-Wealthiest Americans Take Home Biggest Share of Income Ever Recorded


555-"Makes Absolutely No Sense": David Cay Johnston on Budget Deal That Helps Billionaires, Not the Poor


557-3rd Quarter Corporate Profits Reach Record High-Worker Pay Hits Record Low:So How Exactly Is Obama The 'Anti-Business' President?

558-SEC’s Non-Decision Decision on Corporate Political Activity a Policy and Political Mistake


560-House votes for bipartisan change to Dodd-Frank on bank swaps

561-How the Super-Rich Are Abandoning America, Leaving the Ship of State to Sink

562-The Superrich Don't Need Our Middle Class Infrastructure

563-Direct Rule by Wall Street Begins with Detroit

564-Meet Your Taxpayer-Subsidized Farm Bill Billionaires!

565-More Welfare for Wall Street: One in Three Bank Tellers Need Public Assistance

566-Obama Continues To Surround Himself With Wall Street Bankers

567-Obama’s Second-Term Slide Continues

568-569 deleted

570-Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media


572-Chicago Tribune Uncovers Pension Scams of Ex-Mayor Daley and Friends

573-Dems Who Once Supported Gutting Investor Protections Bail on Wall Street

574-Detroit accused of exaggerating $18bn debts in push for bankruptcy

575-Detroit Bankruptcy Testimony: Retirees Get 16 cents, Wall Street Gets Billions, Assets Stolen



577-Don't demonize public pensions




580-Ilargi: Still Feel Confident About Collecting Your Pension After This?

581-Let's get this straight: AIG execs got bailout bonuses, but pensioners get cuts - No one has accused city workers in Chicago or Detroit of bringing down the economy, but they could face pension cuts

582-Pay Retirees What They’ve Earned

583-Pension Theft: Class War Goes to the Next Stage


585-Retired union workers facing 'unprecedented' pension cuts

586-587 deleted

588-The Facts Are in: Austerity Politics Doesn't Work

589-The Great American Class War: Plutocracy Versus Democracy

590-The $10 Trillion Heist - The Great Corporate Tax Shift


592-The Scholars Who Shill for Wall Street

593-The Simplest Explanation Of How To Get Out Of This Jobs Crisis I've Seen Yet

594-America Was Once a Superpower - Now It's Not

595-Bill Moyers on why the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement is death for democracy

596-Breaking ’08 Pledge, Leaked Trade Doc Shows Obama Wants to Help Corporations Avoid Regulations

597-The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About

598-599 deleted

600-WikiLeaks Release of Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)


602-The Global Corporatocracy is Almost Fully Operational

603-This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy - Brussels has kept quiet about a treaty that would let rapacious companies subvert our laws, rights and national sovereignty

604-605 deleted

606-Unemployment Drops Mostly Because People Stop Looking: The New Normal in the Age of Black Political Empowerment


608-Yes, Virginia, There is a Difference Between the Two Political Parties

609-“We are in great danger”: Ex-banker details how mega-banks destroyed America - "The power has only been more consolidated," warns Goldman Sachs veteran Nomi Prins in an interview with Salon

610-A Deeper Look at the Phony “Texas Miracle”

611-A year after being discredited, austerity economics still reigns - The world still hasn’t learned its lesson from the Reinhart-Rogoff debacle

612-After Crisis, Iceland Holds a Tight Grip on Its Banks

613-614 deleted

615-House Efforts to Make “Tax Extenders” Permanent Are Ill-Advised

616-Liberals, you must reclaim Adam Smith


618-Deficit Is Falling Because Of Government Austerity, Not Economic Recovery

619-Document: JPMorgan Chase Bets $10.4 Billion on the Early Death of Workers

620-The Financial Sector Is the Greatest Parasite in Human History

621-Four Reasons You Should Consider Washington's Deficit As Your Surplus

622-Saint Ayn Rand Visits the Day After Christmas!

623-624 deleted

625-How Entitlements for the Rich Cheat the Rest of Us

626-How Piketty’s Bombshell Book Blows Up Libertarian Fantasies

627-628 deleted

629-Capital in the Twenty-First Century: An Essential Inequality Reader

630-Dean Baker | Inequality: Government Is a Perp, Not a Bystander


632-Two-thirds unhappy with income distribution, Gallup poll finds

633-634 deleted

635-Janet Yellen and I Were Taught to Revere Capitalism. But It’s a Failing System.

636-Matt Taibbi: 'Hands Down' Bush Was Tougher On Corporate America Than Obama (VIDEO)

637-How Obamacare Raids the Assets of Low-Income Older Americans

638-639 deleted

640-Dean Baker: Main Street’s Economic Pain Is a Result of a Policy Failure

641-643 deleted

644-Karen Lewis. The pension heist. Must read.


646-Looting the Pension Funds - All across America, Wall Street is grabbing money meant for public workers

647-Bankruptcy judge approves final revision of Detroit restructuring plan

648-Obama Administration Stays Quiet as Boeing Strikes Major Blow to Pensions

649-651 deleted

652-The Plot Against Pensions: PEW/Arnold Foundation, ALEC Support Banksters' Attack



654-The Wisconsin Lie Exposed - Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions

655-657 deleted

658-The SEC's Corporate Disclosure Rule Goes Missing - Chair Mary Jo White might be caving to political pressure.

659-660 deleted

661-White House: Let's Keep Chained CPI Cuts On The Table - Nope, Obama won't give up on his dream. He wants that chained CPI, and he's still hoping he can get it.


663-The “middle class” myth: Here’s why wages are really so low today - Want to understand the failures of the "free market" and the key to getting a decent wage? Here's the real story

664-What a good economy should look like


666-The Poisons of Extreme Wealth and Inequality

667-The Real Reason the U.S. Dollar Has Value

668-The Super Rich Are Richer Than We Thought, Hiding Huge Sums, New Reports Find


670-These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners


672-This is no recovery, this is a bubble – and it will burst: Stock market bubbles of historic proportions are developing in the US and UK markets. With policymakers unwilling to introduce tough regulation, we're heading for trouble


674-TPP Wikileaked: US Watering Down Enviro Protections in Secret Trade Deal


676-Obama Admin’s TPP Trade Officials Received Hefty Bonuses From Big Banks

677-Trade Expert: Why TPP — “NAFTA on Steroids” — Must Be Stopped


679-Congress Has Never Allowed Unemployment Insurance Extensions To Expire With Long-Term Unemployment So High

680-681 deleted

682-The March Jobs Report: Nothing Moving

683-Using Existing Government Funding To Create a Public Bank in Philadelphia (YouTube)


685-Wall Street’s 2013 Bonuses Were More Than All Workers Earned Making the Federal Minimum

686-Taxes For Revenue Are Obsolete

687-Why the Super-Rich Should Pay Super Taxes

688-US economic output tumbled by 2.9 percent in the first quarter

689-8 disturbing trends that reveal the South’s battered psyche - Statistics show Southern states have the lowest economic mobility in the country. These phenomena help explain why

690-A Simplified Way to Tax Multinational Corporations

691-Americans fared better after Great Depression than today - Six years after Great Recession, majority of Americans stagnating

692-As the Foreclosure Crisis Ebbs, Cleveland Picks Up the Pieces


694-BRICS Bank Challenges the Exorbitant Privilege of the US Dollar

695-Capitalism’s Deeper Problem

696-Community Wealth

697-Corporate welfare’s quiet enablers: How democrats pander to big business - Support on the left for Export-Import Bank shows GOP isn't the only party tailoring policy to business interests

698-Krugman Gets His History Wrong


700-Detroit Shuts Off Water to Residents but Not to Businesses Who Owe Millions

701-Financial Reform Rising

702-Full Show: Too Big to Fail and Getting Bigger


704-Global Super-Rich Stashing Up To $32 Trillion Offshore, Masking True Scale Of Inequality: Study


706-More Than $6.5 Trillion Lost in US Income Due to Tax Cuts for the Rich


708-Rich People Rule: Struggle Lies Ahead

709-Trickle-Down Economics Confronts an Insurmountable Challenge: Reality

710-Wall Street Analysts: High Inequality Makes Us Vulnerable to Crashes

711-Obama’s Friends in Low Places - Despite Jamie Dimon’s record as a leader in the radical deregulation of banking, Obama continues to cozy up to his Wall Street backer.

712-5 ways privatization is fleecing American taxpayers: Government outsourcing goes horribly wrong more often than not. Here are a few representative horror stories


714-Privatizing Government Services Doesn’t Only Hurt Public Workers


716-Detroit officials agree at DIA press conference: Workers must pay for bankruptcy

717-Illinois Democrats gut Chicago city worker pensions

718-Looting the Pension Funds - All across America, Wall Street is grabbing money meant for public workers


720-This IT worker had to train an H-1B replacement - U.S. workers protested job losses to foreign workers by displaying American flags in their cubicles

721-Wall Street’s Pension Gamble

722-Whose Presidential Campaign Will Your Pension Finance?

723-A Secret Plan to Shut Down Social Security’s Offices and Outsource Its Work - A report suggests that many of the SSA’s critical functions could soon be outsourced to private-sector partners and contractors.

724-725 deleted

726-The Way to Stop Corporate Lawbreaking is to Prosecute the People Who Break the Law

727-TPP Wikileaked: US Watering Down Enviro Protections in Secret Trade Deal

728-730 deleted

731-Tepid employment report masks depth of US jobs crisis

732-The Full Employment Route to Poverty Reduction

733-Fed: Under Obama, only the richest 10 percent saw incomes rise

734-Temp labor at record levels in US

735-736 deleted

737-Fed: Median incomes drop for all but wealthiest

738-Ferguson, the Foreclosure Crisis and America’s Hedge-Fund Landlords

739-Detroit Cuts Off Water To Poor People BUT Not Delinquent Businesses!

740-Detroit Shuts Off Water to Residents but Not to Businesses Who Owe Millions


742-The Corporate Global Privatizing Complex

743-Regional authority a prelude for privatization of Detroit water system


745-Preparing to Asset-Strip Local Government? The Fed's Bizarre New Rules


747-The Bankruptcy of Detroit and the Division of America

748-Wall Street Mega-Banks Are Buying Up The World’s Water

749-Wall Street’s Buying the World’s Water Supply at an Alarming Pace


751-Microsoft Admits Keeping $92 Billion Offshore to Avoid Paying $29 Billion in US Taxes

752-Playing God - The Rebirth of Family Capitalism or How the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Sam Walton, Bill Gates, and Other Billionaires are Undermining America    


754-Investor Dispute Settlement: A Rogue Corporation in the World Bank’s Rogue Tribunal

755-Americans face post-foreclosure hell as wages garnished, assets seized

756-758 deleted

759-'Have a sense of humility, right?': Fired Fed worker unveils secretly taped meetings between regulators and Goldman S60hs showing government 'is in the bankers' pockets'

760-When the Workday Never Really Ends

761-Highly educated, unemployed and tumbling down the ladder

762-The Three Million Forgotten Victims of the Great Recession


764-9 reasons the American middle class is dying: One percent of Americans now own more than a third of the country's wealth. Raising the minimum wage isn't enough

765-A Vicious Cycle: Income Inequality Is Hurting States’ Bottom Lines

766-How Rich Old White Men Are Taking Lunch Money Away From Inner-City Black Kids

767-Census: In 2013, inequality continued skyward, earnings stayed flat


769-Pollution Inequality and Income Inequality

770-Rising Inequality Means More Volatility for State Budgets

771-773 deleted

774-Wealth and Poverty in the United States by Jeremy Cloward, Ph.D.


776-Robert Reich: Harvard Business School is complicit in America’s widening inequality - The former secretary of labor calls out the famed university for the way it's educating our country's future CEOs


778-The Hidden History of Prosperity

779-The Mysteries of Inequality Are Only Mysterious to Elites

780-Wealth of richest 400 Americans surges to $2.29 trillion

781-783 deleted

784-Detroit bankruptcy conspiracy enters its final stage

785-Detroit charged $126 million by law firms and consultants in bankruptcy case


787-Federal judge opens door to the shredding of California public worker pensions


789-WikiLeaks Revelations on Trans-Pacific Partnership Ignored by Corporate Media

790-The trade clause that overrules governments

791-Delusion and deception in Obama’s State of Union

792-Dodd-Frank Budget Fight Proves Democrats Are a Bunch of Stuffed Suits

793-Full Show: Democrats Bow Down to Wall Street

794-796 deleted

797-UN warns of growing inequality and joblessness


799-Cromnibus Pension Provisions Gut 40 Years of Policy, Allow Existing Pensions to Be Slashed

800-802 deleted

803-Kentucky Pension Investments: State Says Retirees Have No Right to Know Details of Fees And Investment Risks

804-Michael Hudson: The War on Pensions – The US Budget Anti-Pension Law   By Michael Hudson, a research professor of Economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City, and a research associate at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College.

805-New Jersey says it does not have to make pension contributions

806-The 2015 Federal Budget Ended Pension Protections for Millions of Retirees (text and videos)


808-Vermonters Didn’t Get the Public Bank They Wanted — But Did Win Millions for Local Investment

809-“We are in great danger”: Ex-banker details how mega-banks destroyed America - "The power has only been more consolidated," warns Goldman Sachs veteran Nomi Prins in an interview with Salon

810-811 deleted

812-Obama’s Foreclosure Relief Program Was Designed to Help Bankers, Not Homeowners

813-Still Going Postal


815-Dean Baker | Seven Years After: Why This Recovery Is Still a Turkey


817-Robert Reich: America is headed full speed back to the 19th century - Former labor secretary Robert Reich on the dangers of on-demand jobs and our growing intolerance for labor unions

818-Is the unemployment rate really just a 'Big Lie'?

819-The Federal Reserve Board's Plan to Kill Jobs

820-Why We’re All Becoming Independent Contractors


822-Welcome to Our New Share-the-Scraps Economy

823-An Economist Identified the Corporate Behavior That Led to Our Staggering Inequality

824-US Workers Subsidize Corporations at Least $10,000 per Year


826-NYC Public Pension Fund May Invest with Charter Backer

827-New State Pensions Rules Expose Serious Fund Deficits

828-U.S. top court rules for employer in retiree benefits fight

829-The United States’ Enormous Trade Deficits Are Widening. Why Aren’t We Fixing Our Failed Policies?

830-This Billionaire Governor Taxed the Rich and Increased the Minimum Wage -- Now, His State's Economy Is One of the Best in the Country

831-Tomgram: Pepe Escobar, Inside China's "New Normal"

832-Robert Reich: “The Worst Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of”

833-Will the United States End Up Like Greece? The Risks of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

834-The SEC’s Andrew Bowden: A Regulator for Sale?
837-838 deleted
Privatization threatens your public lands
870-871 deleted
880-881 deleted
891-Wikileaks Reveals TPP Proposals to Let Corporations Sue Nations if their Laws Interfere with Profits
WikiLeaks Reveals TPP Proposal to Let Corporations Sue Nations if their Laws Interfere with Profits - See more at:
898-We Are All Greeks Now by Chris Hedges
899-902 deleted
912-Obama Trades Transparency
Watch: Obama Trades Transparency
Watch: Obama Trades Transparency
Watch: Obama Trades Transparency
913-Obama Hurls Insults at Liberals on Trade -Progressives Called Ignorant, Insincere, and Motivated by Politics
Progressives called ignorant, insincere, and motivated by politics, sparking fury among President's base Read more at Follow us: @newyorkobserver on Twitter | newyorkobserver on Facebook Read more at:
Obama Hurls Insults at Liberals on Trade Progressives called ignorant, insincere, and motivated by politics, sparking fury among President's base Read more at Follow us: @newyorkobserver on Twitter | newyorkobserver on Facebook Read more at:
914-The Democratic Party Would Triangulate Its Own Mother: The latest squabble over the Trans-Pacific Partnership shows just how low America's "Progressive" Party has sunk
Obama Hurls Insults at Liberals on Trade Progressives called ignorant, insincere, and motivated by politics, sparking fury among President's base Read more at Follow us: @newyorkobserver on Twitter | newyorkobserver on Facebook Read more at:
919-920 deleted
922-923 deleted
929-930 deleted
949-951 deleted
958-"Surviving Progress" a 2011 film available on Netflix
959-"Zeitgeist: Addendum" a 2008 film available on Netflix
965-966 deleted
984-985 deleted
987-988 deleted
1016-1017 deleted
1020-Christie Signs Bill Privatizing New Jersey's Water Supply
Christie Signs Bill Privatizing New Jersey's Water Supply - See more at:
Christie Signs Bill Privatizing New Jersey's Water Supply - See more at:
Christie Signs Bill Privatizing New Jersey's Water Supply - See more at:
1023-New NAFTA lawsuits reveal disturbing, dangerous trend - If corporate interests keep suing Canada and other countries under trade agreements like NAFTA, state sovereignty might soon be a thing of the past.
If corporate interests keep suing Canada and other countries under trade agreements like NAFTA, state sovereignty might soon be a thing of the past. - See more at:
New NAFTA lawsuits reveal disturbing, dangerous trend - See more at:
1036-1038 deleted
1044-1047 deleted
1049-1050 deleted
1060-1061 deleted
1065-1068 deleted
Iceland forgives entire population its debt. Total US media blackout.
Iceland forgives entire population its debt. Total US media blackout.
1076-Retiring Obama Administration Prosecutor Says the SEC Is Corrupt
Iceland forgives entire population its debt. Total US media blackout.
1088-1089 deleted
1123-1124 deleted
1134-Economics Has Failed America - When it comes to the impact of global trade, the dismal science has done a dismal job explaining how to help workers hurt by globalization.
1147-1148 deleted
1154-1155 deleted
1158-1160 deleted
1168-Why Californians are paying Double in interest to the banks
Why Californians Are Paying Double – In Interest to the Banks - See more at:
Why Californians Are Paying Double – In Interest to the Banks - See more at:
1204-1205 deleted
1221-1222 deleted
1369-What Will Replace Outdated Left and Right Economic Thinking? The Commons Paradigm. (The commons is about self-organized social systems for managing shared wealth.)
1371-1373 deleted
1375-Public Banking Institute - (YouTube)
1376-Dem defectors help Senate Banking Committee strike deal to free banks from post-crisis oversight (The rule being gutted is barely seven years old. Family wealth still hasn't recovered from the crisis that prompted it.)
1380-When Wall Street Owns Main Street — Literally (The rise of Wall Street landlords and the decline of homeownership.)
1382-Economist Josh Ryan-Collins: How Land Disappeared from Economic Theory (For classical economists, it was a factor of production, and the source of “rent.”)
1383-Economists Are Obsessed with “Job Creation.” How About Less Work? Increased automation has not reduced our workload. Why not? What if it did?
1384-How the Economics Profession Is Coming to Terms with Its Role in the Great Financial Crisis It’s time for mainstream economists to relax the defenses and open up a little.
1386-From inboxing to thought showers: how business bullshit took over Vacuous management-speak is easily laughed off – but is there a real cost to talking rubbish?
1388-How America Hates Socialism without Knowing Why Why are socialist programs so unpopular today?
1392-How the Profound Changes in Economics Make Left Versus Right Debates Irrelevant Eric Beinhocker introduces the ‘new economics’ research programme
1397-Most ‘Wealth’ Isn’t the Result of Hard Work. It Has Been Accumulated by Being Idle and Unproductive. It’s time to call the housing crisis what it really is: the largest transfer of wealth in living memory.
1400-Ralph Nader: How CEO Stock Buybacks Parasitize the Economy Hyper enrichment of a handful of radical corporate state supremacists wasn’t what classical capitalism was supposed to be about.
1411-The American Dream has moved to Canada - By every measure, Canada is the true place to find ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ Let’s stop squandering our good fortune.
1412-1415 deleted
1419-1420 deleted
1428-How Do the Economic Elites Get the Idea That They ‘Deserve’ More? The natural tendency toward discrimination and inequality
1433-Military Spending Is Already Bankrupting America  - Since 2001, the U.S. government has spent more than $1.8 trillion in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – that’s $8.3 million per hour.
1435-Economists Are Obsessed with “Job Creation.” How About Less Work? Increased automation has not reduced our workload. Why not? What if it did?
1441-The Tragedy of the Commons: How Elinor Ostrom Solved One of Life’s Greatest Dilemmas  The design principles for solving the tragedy of the commons can be applied to all groups
1442-How Norway Proves Laissez-faire Economics Is Not Just Wrong, It’s Toxic. A surprisingly simple solution to the conflict between self-interest and mutual benefits at all hierarchical levels
1446-Why Garbagemen Should Earn More Than Bankers  How more and more people are making money without contributing anything of value
1448-How America Hates Socialism without Knowing Why  Why are socialist programs so unpopular today?
1451-Mainstream Economics Has Become a Celebration of the Wealthy Rentier Class   The One Percent have found a pressing need for the services of mainstream economists
1454-Economic Man vs. Humanity: A Puppet Rap Battle Challenging outdated economics with rap and puppetry.
1457-They Go Together: Freedom, Prosperity, and Big Government  Countries with larger government sectors tend to have more personal freedom
1459-Want to Kill Your Economy? Have MBA Programs Churn out Takers Not Makers.  Why has business education failed business?
1462-How Bronze Age Rulers Simply Canceled Debts - Clean Slate proclamations were part of the community’s self-preservation.
1463-How Low-Paying Jobs and Weak Safety Nets Reduce Innovation and Productivity - Given the structure of our social safety net, automation tends to increase poverty and inequality rather than unemployment
1464-Millennials Didn’t Kill the Economy. The Economy Killed Millennials. - The American system has thrown them into debt, depressed their wages, kept them from buying homes—and then blamed them for everything.
1467-Complexity Economics Shows Us Why Laissez-Faire Economics Always Fails - Markets are a type of ecosystem that is complex, adaptive, and subject to the same evolutionary forces as nature.
1471-US-Led Economic War, Not Socialism, Is Tearing Venezuela Apart    Americans have been trained by decades of Cold War propaganda to look for any confirmation that ‘socialism means poverty.’ But in the case of Venezuela and other states not governed by the free market, this cliche simply doesn’t ring true.
1472-What Monopolies and King Kong Have in Common   Small may not necessarily be beautiful, but there are scientific reasons that big is often bad.
1473-Top charts of 2018 Twelve charts that show how policy could reduce inequality, but is making it worse instead.
1475-Why Wall Street Isn’t Useful for the Real Economy - It’s time to challenge the idea that Wall Street trading helps allocate society’s resources more efficiently
1485-'Eye-Popping': Analysis Shows Top 1% Gained $21 Trillion in Wealth Since 1989 While Bottom Half Lost $900 Billion - "The top one percent owns nearly $30 trillion of assets while the bottom half owns less than nothing."
1493-Half of Americans Are Effectively Poor Now. What The?  America’s Collapsing Because it’s the World’s First Poor Rich Country
1496-Debunking Deregulation: Bank Credit Guidance and Productive Investment - Deregulated banking in rich countries delivers more “investment” in speculative asset markets, not productive businesses.
1500-Rapid Money Supply Growth Does Not Cause Inflation - Neither do rapid growth in government debt, declining interest rates, or rapid Increases in a central bank’s balance sheet
1505-'Eye-Popping': Analysis Shows Top 1% Gained $21 Trillion in Wealth Since 1989 While Bottom Half Lost $900 Billion - "The top one percent owns nearly $30 trillion of assets while the bottom half owns less than nothing."
1516-1518 deleted
1525-U.S. income inequality at highest level in 50 years, economic gap growing in heartland  Six states with the biggest yearly gains in inequality were primarily in the heartland — Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, New Hampshire and New Mexico.
1535-Are Economists Ideologically Biased?  Economists like to think they’re immune from ideological influence. New research shows otherwise.
1541-Study of 50 Years of Tax Cuts For Rich Confirms 'Trickle Down' Theory Is an Absolute Sham - "Major tax cuts for the rich since the 1980s have increased income inequality, with all the problems that brings, without any offsetting gains in economic performance."
1547-Trickledown Economics - Honest Government Ads (YouTube)
1548-Commerzbank, Citi and Bank of America among banks issuing new deal for Russian coal giant SUEK just two months before COP26 - Russia's largest coal producer SUEK plans to expand its coal mining and has mandated nine banks for a bond issuance
1554-Climate groups call out banks lobbying for watered down Net Zero Commitments - Stop the Money Pipeline organizations respond to news that on behalf of a group of 12 banks, HSBC lobbied Mark Carney’s GFANZ to scrap mandatory science-based targets and delay a deadline.
1558-How Congress Made Sure the Rich Retire in Luxury—at Taxpayer Expense  Savings plans pitched as helping the middle class have turned out to be a gold mine for the wealthy.
1559-The Truth About Inflation: Why Milton Friedman Was Wrong, Again - As inflation fears return, it’s worth reminding ourselves of the real-world facts.
1560-How There’s More to Economics Than the Science of Scarcity Economic life as experienced was increasingly pushed out of view to make the chosen methods work.
1561-How the U.K. Became One of the Poorest Countries in Western Europe - Britain chose finance over industry, austerity over investment, and a closed economy over openness to the world.
1563-The Progenitor of Inequalities—Corporate Personhood vs. Human Beings The biggest prize of all for the uses of corporate-dominant inequality over real people is the control of the Congress, state legislatures, country boards, city councils, and elections, along with the selection of judges.

1274-1275-1276-1277-1278-1279-1280-ore here:
Obama nominates former Romney advisor to post
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Obama nominates former Romney advisor to pos
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commented 2014-10-07 12:00:30 -0700 · Flag
Robert Bostick below has a valid criticism of another article. I agree in principle, but I did not make those arguments.
commented 2014-10-06 09:40:06 -0700 · Flag
The author uses outdated premises as the foundation for his critique of Democratic and Republican policies. How different his criticism would be had he understood modern economics. His false premise is, the Federal Government faces insolvency if it does not raise revenue. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Since 1971 the U.S. has been monetarily sovereign, issuing a non-convertible, fiat currency with a flexible exchange rate and all of its debt owed in its own currency - the dollar.

That’s what happened when Nixon abandoned the international gold standard. America became the monopoly issuer of its own currency and could issue as much of it as it wanted constrained only by inflation, and the lack of a Congressional appropriation, not the lack of revenue.

The author is not alone in his unawareness of the above facts. Joining him are scores of academics, pundits, MSM editors and their casts of feature and technical, economic writers, 99.9% of elected officials and most American citizens.

A careful reading of the definition of monetary sovereignty would then force the author to take an entirely different tack in critiquing U.S. economic/fiscal/monetary policy decision makers.

Moreover, when the Congress appropriates deficit spending what it is doing, according to Accounting 101, is providing net financial assets to the private sector/non-public sector. The simple rule is that where ever there’s a deficit there’s a surplus. All of the deficit hawks are loath to admit that without deficit spending the private sector source for net financial assets dries up and the private sector goes into deficit, leading to low and eventually, no new investment, production, hiring, sales.

One need only analyse the history of deficits shown in a sectoral financial balances graph.

The indisputable fact is that the Federal government and none of its programs can ever, involuntarily, go broke or face insolvency. Congress must appropriate for the government to spend its fiat currency.

Because Congress is ignorant of its own role as the score keeper and master of the purse strings our nation will suffer unspeakable social and economic dysfunction. As long as Congress, wrongly, believes it must tax and borrow to spend America is destined for the bottom of ladder not the road to Camelot.

When Congress and the any Administration acknowledge the fact that tax policy only manages; aggregate demand, income distribution and market incentives and disincentives, then and only then will American have rational fiscal policy decisions. As for borrowing, the U.S. NEVER BORROWS. Treasury and Fed transactions simply manage the term structure of interest rates. When Treasury bonds (securities) are traded there is no accompanying loan agreement. Funds are transferred fro checking accounts to savings accounts, that is not borrowing.

All the funds to pay taxes and buy Treasury securities come from government spending. No government spending no threat of inflation, therefore, no need for tax payments or Treasury purchases.

Wake up America the rich are creaming you of your surpluses and you know you haven’t had a real pay increase in forty years.

With inflation below 2%, real unemployment at 23% and surplus capacity at 8% your Federal government should be deficit spending to achieve full employment.

But, because you, wrongly, believe the government can go broke you will wallow in your cognitive dissonance until you go broke. You can’t avoid it because, unlike the Federal government, you cannot create your own sovereign currency.