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 The New Progressive Alliance is a 100-percent volunteer, educational organization dedicated to positively influencing public policy.  Toward that end, we support the Unified Platform; participate in official public comment opportunities to regulatory agencies; and help people and organizations make their progressive case with Make your Case by using documentation which is continuously updated.


1. News is a list of our activities for the last three months. 

2. United Nations links articles showing our involvement with the United Nations and how you can be involved as well.

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1.  News: 

Publishing here means showing a reference to an article. We publish in Facebook at the New Progressive Alliance, Leftist Third Party and Independent Candidates, Greens Discuss the Issues, Truth Bomb Activists, Washington Best Democracy, and "Progressives, Real Greens, and Socialists of Colorado." Because of problems with privacy and censorship on Facebook, we also publish on X, formerly Twitter, under the New Progressive Alliance. Connections to all of our allies may be found here.

  • In June we published the TED talk “Why US Politics Is Broken — and How To Fix It” by Andrew Yang. This is one good way forward.

  • In June we published the TED talk “How the US Is Destroying Young People’s Future” by |Scott Galloway. These are well documented troubling trends.

  • In June we published “Honest Government Ad | How to rig our laws (EPBC Act)” Unfortunately greenwashing extends far beyond Australia.

  • In June we published “Crews continue to clean up fiery train derailment near Arizona-New Mexico border” and the New Progressive Alliance article “Transportation of Dangerous Fossil Fuel” with over 175 references. Fossil fuels are dangerous not just in mining and burning but also in transportation.

  • In June we published “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is nearly 3 times the size of Texas.”  We should not continue delaying action.

  • In June we published “8 countries now generate over 99% of their electricity from renewable energy.” There is progress and there is hope.

  • In June we published a New Progressive Alliance article which describes the decline of labor over decades thanks to the policies of both parties. It has over 80 references.

  • In May we published “Technology denial: Columbia Law School debunks 33 biggest myths about solar, wind and EVs.”  There is a massive well financed campaign spreading falsehoods about sustainable energy.

  • In May we published “California EV adoption driving down emissions and improving air quality.” Progress is being made and there is room for hope and action.

  • In May we published “How to spot five of the fossil fuel industry’s biggest disinformation tactics.” The lies never cease.

  • In May we published the YouTube video “If We Burn - The limits of mass protest with Vincent Bevins on “The Chris Hedges Report.” What does it take for real change? The 2010s were a decade of revolt. From Athens to Atlanta, Santiago to Seoul, a global wave of protest brought masses of people into confrontation with the status quo, demanding an end to neoliberalism, racism, climate change, and more. Yet despite this upswell of grassroots political activity, little lasting, positive change followed. What sparked the past decade of mass protest? Why didn't it result in political transformation? Vincent Bevins, author of 'If We Burn: The Mass Protest Decade and the Missing Revolution', joins The Chris Hedges Report for a retrospective on the decade that set the world on fire, and how to adapt its lessons for the challenges ahead.

  • In May we published “Only 57 companies are responsible for 80% of the world's emissions.” Future generations may be very unforgiving.

  • In May we published the video “The Greatest Evil is War” by Chris Hedges and the New Progressive Alliance article “Continuous Wars” with over 1,300 references.  These two articles show continuous war is expensive in both lives and money lost.

  • In May we published YouTube video "The Politics of Cultural Despair" by Chris Hedges. In this talk he examines the cultural and social forces that have given rise to extremism in the United States. He explores the myriad of factors that led to the proliferation of neo-fascist militias, extremist organizations, demagogic leaders, vast social divides defined by hate, a hyper nationalism and virulent racism as well as a mass media that has descended into burlesque and fans the flames of social disintegration.
  • In May because of inactivity or promoting fossil fuel falsehoods, the New Progressive Alliance stopped posting in “People, Planet, and Peace,” California Best Democracy, Oregon Best Democracy, and Washington Best Democracy.
  • In May we published our NPA article on our crumbling infrastructure with over 115 references. The basis for our economy and prosperity is our infrastructure. The tragedy of our declining educational system, internet, power grid, roads, and bridges will take years to correct and we are already far behind other countries.

  • In April we published “New study shows climate change is already affecting food prices.” Climate change is bringing far more pain than higher food prices.

  • In April we published “10 countries in Europe will completely stop burning fossil fuels before 2035.” Progress is being made.

  • In April we published “African country with 97% renewable energy decides to ban combustion cars.” There is a path forward for all countries.

  • In April we published “Coastal US cities are sinking as sea levels continue to rise, new research shows.” Danger signs continue to show.

  • In April we published “The False Promise of Carbon Capture as a Climate Solution - Fossil-fuel companies use captured carbon dioxide to extract more fossil fuels, leading to a net increase in atmospheric CO2.” Fossil fuel companies continue to distract and deceive.

  • In April we published the New Progressive Alliance article “Healthcare” with over 350 references. We pay more than any other industrialized country but have the least to show for it both in terms of health and coverage.  


2. United Nations:

United Nations: The New Progressive Alliance  has been in special consultative status with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Council since 2015.  The NPA is a U.N. NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). If you would like to investigate participating with the New Progressive Alliance in UN activities with meetings or submitting papers, then just email us. See So You Want to Volunteer for the United Nations.

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