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 The New Progressive Alliance is a 100-percent volunteer, educational organization dedicated to positively influencing public policy.  Toward that end, we support the Unified Platform; participate in official public comment opportunities to regulatory agencies; and help people and organizations make their progressive case with Make your Case by using documentation which is continuously updated.


1. News is a list of our activities for the last three months. 

2. United Nations links articles showing our involvement with the United Nations and how you can be involved as well.

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1.  News: 

Publishing here means showing a reference to an article. We publish in Facebook at the New Progressive Alliance, Leftist Third Party and Independent Candidates, Greens Discuss the Issues, Truth Bomb Activists, Progressive Perspectives, Washington Best Democracy, and "Progressives, Real Greens, and Socialists of Colorado." Because of problems with privacy and censorship on Facebook, we also publish on Twitter under the New Progressive Alliance. Connections to all of our allies may be found here.

  • In May we published “The Democratic Party’s Crucifixion of Matt Taibbi.” Extensive government blacklists, revealed by the Twitter Files, are used to censor left-wing and right-wing critics. This censorship apparatus has been turned on the reporter who exposed them. Freedom of the press and media, a requirement for a democratic republic, is very much in danger.

  • In May we published “Tesla accused of rigging crash tests when Toyota was actually doing it!” Toyota is not the environmental company it claims to be.

  • In May we published “Plastic is already in blood, breast milk, and placentas. Now it may be in our brains.” Plastic pollution is much more serious than most people realize.

  • In May we published “What Biden and Trudeau’s Meeting Tells Us About Climate Hypocrisy.” The leaders of Canada and the United States are not the climate leaders they pretend to be. 

  • In May we published “Climate diplomacy is hopeless, says author of How to Blow Up a Pipeline.” Ignoring a problem and prosecuting environmentalists means increasing desperation and violence.

  • In May we published “High speed trains are racing across the world. But not in America.” A nation that ignores its infrastructure cannot compete.

  • In May we published “Air pollution from oil and gas production responsible for $77 billion in annual US health damages, study finds.” Far more than climate change is at stake.

  • In May we published “Tax-Free Day for the Ultra-Wealthy.” There is increasing inequality in the United States.

  • In May we published “The Materials We Mine - The Truth about EV battery mining & The circularity gap report.” Going to a sustainable energy economy means 50% less energy and far less mining.

  • In May we published “Australian coal plants produce less power; but FAR more toxic pollution.” More pollution, more deaths, and less power are a bad combination.

  • In May we published four articles showing the New York Times and NPR are hardly beacons of truth.

  • In May we published a New Progressive Alliance article which describes the dramatic increase in poverty over decades thanks to the policies of both parties. It has over 300 references.

  • In April we published an article by Kim Swift cautioning against expanding war in the Ukraine.

  • In April we published “All the ways the most common bit of climate misinformation is wrong. We've looked at natural cycles and causes. None of them can produce this warming.” Unfortunately, science cannot always overcome a well-financed campaign of falsehoods by the fossil fuel industry.

  • In April we published “Canadian Government Ad™: Cleaning up the Oil Sands.” Unfortunately the lies are not confined to Canada.

  • In April we published “Confirmed: Global floods, droughts worsening with warming.” This is a worsening trend.

  • In April we published “Coal Power Plants Less Economically Feasible Compared to Renewables.” Level the playing field by eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and the path forward becomes clear.

  • In April the New Progressive Alliance welcomed Best Democracy which fights for election reform as an ally. 

  • In April we publishedToyota facing $50 million fine for lying about EV's, emissions & economy.” Toyota and ICE vehicles are not green.

  • In April we published “Lynching the Deplorables” by Chris Hedges. Those who used violence to riot and stop democracy on January 6 certainly deserve to be punished. Destroying civil and constitutional rights to exact revenge, however, leaves us all less safe and is a hollow victory.

  • In April we published “Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late. IPCC report says only swift and drastic action can avert irrevocable damage to world.” Future generations may be very unforgiving.

  • In April we published our NPA article on the environment which is continuously updated.  Future generations will correctly regard the environment as the most important issue we faced. This article has over 2,500 references collected over the years and is being continually updated. It shows the science is settled and covers 21 different environmental aspects.

  • In March we published the two fine YouTube videos “How much land is needed for the US to be powered by wind & solar” and “Fossil fuels kill 9 million people every year. Why are we blind to the harms of oil & gas?” These two show both the effects of environmental destruction and the ease of going with renewable energy.

  • In March we published “Climate change is increasing the risk of infectious diseases worldwide  - From COVID to Lyme disease to various fungal afflictions, climate change has already worsened over 200 infectious diseases” and the New Progressive Alliance article “Environmental Degradation Means More Pandemics and Less Food.” Failure to deal with climate change means more diseases and more famine.

  • In March we published a talk by Chris Hedges “Rage Against the War Machine rally” and the New Progressive Alliance article “Continuous Wars” with over 1,300 references. These two articles show we are paying a heavy price for war.

  • In March we published “Big Oil’s trade group allies outspent clean energy groups by a whopping 27x, with billions in ads and lobbying to keep fossil fuels flowing” and the New Progressive Alliance article “Fossil Fuel Companies Lie” with over 100 references. These two articles show fossil fuel companies deliberately lie.

  • In March we published the Australia Honest Government Ad “The Safeguard Mechanism.” This is eerily like the greenwashing tactics used in the United States.

  • In March we published “Clean Energy Has a Tipping Point, and 87 Countries Have Reached It. Solar power, electric cars, grid-scale batteries, heat pumps—the world is crossing into a mass-adoption moment for green technologies.”  Progress is being made.

  • In March we published “Pete Buttigieg’s Transportation Department Is Skirting Safety Standards.”  Neither Biden nor Buttigieg are covering themselves with glory here.

  • In March we published “Elon Musk's Tesla Master Plan 3 in 22 Mins.” We can completely transfer to sustainable energy using only 60% of what we spend on fossil fuels. After the transition we will use 50% less energy. It is absolutely possible.

  • In March we published “Record number of environmental activists murdered” and the New Progressive Alliance article “Killing and Harassment of Environmentalists is Increasing” with over 50 references. The jailing and killing of environmentalists is increasing.

  • In March we published a New Progressive Alliance article to help people and organizations make their progressive case by using documentation which is continuously updated.


2. United Nations:

United Nations: The New Progressive Alliance  has been in special consultative status with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Council since 2015.  The NPA is a U.N. NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). If you would like to investigate participating with the New Progressive Alliance in UN activities with meetings or submitting papers, then just email us. See So You Want to Volunteer for the United Nations.

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