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 The New Progressive Alliance is a 100-percent volunteer, educational organization dedicated to positively influencing public policy.  Toward that end, we support the Unified Platform; participate in official public comment opportunities to regulatory agencies; and sponsor and partake in a host of events designed to raise public consciousness. 

1.  News is a list of our activities for the last three months. 2. United Nations links articles showing our involvement with the United Nations and how you can be involved with us too.

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1.  News: 

Publishing here means showing a reference to an article. We publish in Facebook at the New Progressive Alliance, Leftist Third Party and Independent Candidates, Greens Discuss the Issues, Truth Bomb Activists, and Progressive Perspectives. Because of problems with privacy and censorship on Facebook, we also publish on Twitter. Connections to all of our allies may be found here. Our endorsed candidates for public office are listed here.

  • In December we published the New Progressive Alliance article “The Powerless Press” which describes the dramatic decrease in both the power and effectiveness of the public media. It has over 820 references.
  • In November we published “Ten Reasons for Optimism on Climate Change.” There are signs of hope for climate change. This battle is not yet over.

  • In November we made Public Comment 235 to the Federal Insurance Office to make insurance accountable for their part in climate change. Insurance companies are fueling climate change. They provide coverage for fossil fuel wells, pipelines, and refineries. They also invest billions into companies that produce fossil fuels. Insurance companies are uniquely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and yet they continue to insure new fossil fuel wells, pipelines, and refineries that will only make the climate crisis worse. It is necessary to hold insurance companies accountable for the harm they cause to vulnerable communities as they take advantage of and contribute to the climate crisis. Public Comment 235 in full is found at

  • In November we published the updated “Make your Case with the United Nations on Climate Change.” It has the COP history and described how to be involved with the U.N. on climate change through the New Progressive Alliance. While inadequate and needing the assistance of many organizations such as Extinction Rebellion to make needed future progress, some small steps were made.
  • In November the New Progressive Alliance wrote an encouraging letter to Steven Donziger, a human rights and environmental lawyer and activist illegally imprisoned in the United States. We along with Amnesty International and the United Nations support whistle blowers and human rights activists such as Donziger and Assange. To find out more about the case see reference 566 at 

    Our letter is in Public Comment 234 at
  • In November we published Net Zero 2050, an “Honest Government Ad” from Australia which is an excellent summation of avoidance strategies while running out of time to deal with climate change. (It has a brief appearance by Greta at the end!) 

  • In November we welcomed Fossil Free Media as an ally. Fossil Free Media is a nonprofit media lab that supports the movement to end fossil fuels and address the climate emergency.

  • In November we published a New Progressive Alliance article which describes the dramatic increase in poverty over decades thanks to the policies of both parties. It has over 300 references.
  • In November the New Progressive Alliance welcomed Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) as an ally.  FAIR is a national progressive media watchdog group, challenging corporate media bias, spin and misinformation.

  • In November we published “On the climate crisis, delay has become the new form of denial” by Dr. Mann. We are out of time and cannot afford to continually delay.

  • In October we published “Vanessa Nakate Wants Climate Justice for Africa.” Climate change is a worldwide problem.

  • In October we published “The dirty dozen: meet America’s top climate villains.” Future generations will be very unforgiving.

  • In October we published “Weather and climate extremes in Asia killed thousands, displaced millions and cost billions in 2020.” Few count the world wide costs of maintaining the status quo on the environment.

  • In October we published a YouTube “Honest Government Ad” which starts in Australia, but also mentions the tactics many other countries are using to avoid responsibility for climate change for COP26.

  • In October we published “People Right Now Are Absolutely Feeling the Climate Emergency.” The democrats and press are complicit in the climate crisis.

  • In October we published “USPS mismanaged DeJoy’s conflicts of interest and tried to cover it up.” We asked why does this corrupt Trump appointee still has a job.

  • In October the New Progressive Alliance joined with other organizations to urge Senator Peters (D-MI) to hold a historic markup hearing on S.51 to elevate the call for D.C. statehood and advance the bill so that we may deliver equal representation to the 700,000 mostly Black and Brown residents of Washington, D.C. 

  • In October we joined the Clean Budget Coalition for a tweet storm calling on federal lawmakers to remove the dark money poison pill riders from FY 22 appropriations legislation.

  • In October we published “Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA's secret war plans against WikiLeaks.” As long as Assange is imprisoned the United States has no moral right to criticize other nations for lack of press freedom.

  • In October we published “Deathly Silence: Journalists Who Mocked Assange Have Nothing to Say About CIA Plans to Kill Him” and “PATRICK LAWRENCE: Instead of a Free Press.” Freedom of the press only as long as they publish non-controversial subjects does not mean the press is free.
  • In October we published “Global Update: Climate target updates slow as science demands action.” We are running out of time to address climate change.

  • In October we published “1000 companies driving the world towards climate chaos.” We are expanding – not contracting coal usage. Future generations may be very unforgiving.

  • In October we published “Fossil fuel industry gets subsidies of $11m a minute, IMF finds - Trillions of dollars a year are ‘adding fuel to the fire’ of the climate crisis.” The New Progressive Alliance continued its documentation on massive subsidies for fossil fuels by also including a link to our article on the environment with many other documented examples of massive fossil fuel subsidies. 

  • In October we published “Biden's silent climate betrayal.” Obama played this game for eight years. We no longer have time.

  • In October we welcomed Earthjustice as an ally. Earthjustice is a nonprofit public interest environmental law organization that wields the power of law and the strength of partnership to protect people’s health, to preserve magnificent places and wildlife, to advance clean energy, and to combat climate change.

  • In October we published a New Progressive Alliance article which describes the decline of labor over decades thanks to the policies of both parties. It has over 80 references.
  • In October the New Progressive Alliance welcomed Climate Strike as an ally. Climate Strike’s mission is organizing young people to build a sustainable world.

  • In October we published “Fair Winds and Following Seas…” a tribute to Jeff Roby who recently passed away. Jeff was a lifelong fighter for justice and is survived by fellow fighter and writer Rose Roby.


2. United Nations:

United Nations: The New Progressive Alliance  has been in special consultative status with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Council since 2015.  The NPA is a U.N. NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). If you would like to investigate participating with the New Progressive Alliance in UN activities with meetings or submitting papers, then just email us. See So You Want to Volunteer for the United Nations.

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