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A decline in public education and making higher education largely unaffordable except to those willing to become indentured servants for most of their lives means we are becoming more and more like a third world country.

The very idea of fully funded public education has been declining for some time and will have a calamitous effect on our future if not reversed.

The reason I have so many references is to show this is a steadily increasing trend that I continuously update. It is not a vanishing blip on the radar. Failure to deal with this trend will have disastrous consequences for the future.

Help make your progressive case by using this documentation which is continuously updated.

The Democrats Are Not the Answer

I offer no defense of Trump or republicans who have also  been trying to systematically destroy public education for decades.  See Beware the Trump Administration. Rhetoric aside, however, in actions the democrats have been voting for the same objective. See  The Democratic Party is the More Effective of Two Evils

There is a bipartisan tradition to appoint to the post of Secretary of Education someone who has no experience teaching beyond a few college courses and believes the best way to improve education is to cut funding and get tough on teachers and their unions. Obama not only continued this tradition, by appointing Duncan as Secretary of Education, he has appointed the most hostile person to public education in the history of the office. The actions of his crony Chicago Mayor Emanuel against public schools is equally shocking. Of course Trump and his Education Secretary DeVos are just as bad or worse, but the bigger point is downgrading public education has been a bipartisan activity for decades.

The only public comment Obama has made on education (not counting generalities and sound-bites) praised a principal for firing teachers in mass and suggests teacher unions are the sole cause of all of our educational problems and charter schools the sole solution. If we are serious about addressing declining educational standards then those with no educational experience or background have to stop blaming, micromanaging, and underfunding teachers. We cannot "win the future" by underfunding and disrespecting teachers. Of course Republicans are doing the same thing. The point is this is one of many areas where democrats pretend to be different but in policy are not different. See references 1, 2, 35, 48, 49, 54, 55, 80, 85, 114, 124, 149, 150, 170, 171, 183, 192, 193, 219, 240, 277, 297, 304, 311, 338, 345, 381, 389,  408, 413, 416, 419, 436, 495, 583, 698, 700, 735, 738, 739, 743, 745, 759, 773, 807, 808.

Education Problems Documented in Below References

  • Downplaying social studies, constitutional civil rights, art, PE,  history
  • "Teaching" science by memorizing facts rather than using critical thinking
  • Omitting climate change or evolutionary biology
  • Emphasizing common core so rich people and corporations can get richer by undocumented testing
  • Privatizing education by eliminating evil public school teachers in favor of charter schools
  • taking away tenure by laws and federal agencies such as Teach For America (TFA)

The below references indicate declining education is a nation wide problem and the policies of the Democratic/Republican Uni-Party are only making it worse. Turning our back on the public school system and making a higher education increasingly unaffordable are sure ways to pave the way for long term decline.

The March 2015 issue of National Geographic headlined "The War on Science" and covered increasing superstition on climate change, evolution. the moon landing and vaccinations. We are on very dangerous ground and this is a worrisome trend. Making the public schools a scapegoat will only worsen things.

Clearly the powers that be are playing a long game. We need to as well. 


1-Why President Obama Must Remove Arne Duncan As Secretary of Education
2-The Obama Paradox
3-5 deleted
6-Teacher Pay: U.S. Ranks 22nd Out Of 27 Countries
7-8 deleted
9-You Made a Difference
11-When Reforming Education Means Destroying Communities
12-The Attack on Public Education
13-14 deleted
15-Teacher Salaries and the Medieval Bloodletting of the Public Schools
17-Black Teachers Fired En Masse
18-Rick Santorum's 'Snob' Lob Against Obama Brings GOP Governors To President's Defense
19-25 deleted
26-The Assault on Public Education
27-Why Isn't Closing 40 Philadelphia Public Schools National News?
29-School Closings Come To Atlanta This Week, To Your City Next Week: It's Time To Dump Arne Duncan
30-Chicago Teachers Gear Up for a Fight
31-The Continued Destruction of Public Schools by Profit Seeking Charter Schools
33-The For-Profit College Racket
35-Democratic Split Over Education Reform Tested By Hollywood Movie
36-‘Won’t Back Down’: Realities the Movie Ignores
37-38 deleted
39-Selling the Soul of Public Education
40-Pearson 'Education' - Who Are These People?
41-Texas GOP Platform Opposes Teaching "Critical Thinking Skills" in Schools. The Stupid, IT BURNS!
43-Four Reasons Chicago's Teachers Are On Strike
44-45 deleted
46-Chicago Teachers Swiftboated by For-Profit Charter School Operator
47-Stand Against Rahm!
48-The Real Problem with Rahm’s School Reforms in Chicago
49-Stubborn Facts About Obama Education Policies That No Amount of Convention Sugarcoating Can Cover Up
50-53 deleted
54-How Things Look to a Returning Chicago Teacher
55-Rahm: President Obama Supports Me Against Striking Teachers
56-60 deleted
61-Charters Do Not Outperform Unionized Schools
62-The Death of the Golden Dream of Higher Education
63-68 deleted

69-Downward Mobility Haunts US Education
70-71 deleted
72-Is Education a Human Right or a Privilege for the Wealthy?
74-The War Against Teachers as Public Intellectuals in Dark Times
75-In Teaching Climate Change, Politics Trumps Science
76-Privatizing Public Schools: Big Firms Eyeing Profits From U.S. K-12 Market
78-The New Tests Will Survive Even if the School Doesn't
79-Michelle Rhee to Actually be Held Accountable by Press for Once
80-Obama's Race To The Top Drives Nationwide Wave of School Closings, Teacher Firings
81-83 deleted
84-Melissa Harris-Perry Buries The Lead Story on National Wave of Public School Closings
85-Obama facing school “turnaround” civil rights complaints
86-Desperate US students seek “arrangements”
87-School turnarounds prompt community backlash
89-Why judges say charters are NOT public schools— students and parents should be nervous
90-Anti-Science Bills Weighed in Four States
91-102 deleted
103-Fighting Creeping Creationism
104-Getting rich off of schoolchildren
105-Has another venue of education scholarship sold out?
106-Interactive Map: Voucher Schools Teaching Creationism
107-110 deleted
111-Why Does the US Chamber of Commerce Want to Train or Replace Your Elected School Board, If They Haven't Already?
112-113 deleted
114-Chicago Public School Closings to Cost Taxpayers $1 Billion
115-Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System
116-Climate debate cut from national curriculum for children up to 14 - Exclusive: New draft guidelines for key stages 1 to 3 criticised by scientists for 'abdicating duty to future generations'
117-119 deleted
120-Journey for Justice: Mass School Closings and the Death of Communities
122-L.A. Teachers Block Corporate Donor Attempt to Buy School Board
123-Protest Of CPS School Closings: Arrests, Tangled Evening Commute Stem From Loop Rally
124-Race to the Top : Obama's War on Public Education 1/2 (YouTube)
125-School Closures Pit Race And Poverty Against Budgets
126-128 deleted
129-Brown v. Board Reduced Crime: And now re-segregation is leading to a spike in violent crime among young black men.
130-Detroit Schools Emergency Manager Gets Accolades as Children Fall Further Behind
131-As Tuition Rises, Opportunities Shrink
132-The Test Score Racket
133-134 deleted
135-The Growing Burden of College Fees
137-Why The State Board Will Have To Revisit REPA II Teacher Licensure Rules
138-141 deleted
142-Brooklyn Charter School Targets Rich, White Parents, Enrollment Plan Shows
143-Walmart heirs 'invest' $8 million in StudentsFirst's school privatization agenda
144-145 deleted
146-Henry A. Giroux | The War Against Teachers as Public Intellectuals in Dark Times
148-Lincoln Park High School Students Walk Out in Support of Fired Teachers
149-Obama education secretary, Michigan governor promote school “reform”
150-Obama’s Race to the Bottom
151-Secret Teacher: are you teaching in a climate of fear? - Pressure of Ofsted inspections and a data-driven culture is destroying staff morale at Secret Teacher's school
152-Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System
153-158 deleted
159-Yoo hoo to the AFT and NEA: Support the Garfield teachers, for real
160-162 deleted
163-Education Reform in the New Jim Crow Era
164-166 deleted
167-Time to Stop Waiting for Superman
168-169 deleted
170-Obama Student Loan Policy Reaping $51 Billion Profit
171-Obama's Betrayal of Public Education? Arne Duncan and the Corporate Model of Schooling
173-TheExhaustion of the American Teacher
174-178 deleted
179-Where Does Data Come From? Replacing "Teach"er with "Test"er!
180-182 deleted
183-Marching in Chicago: Resisting Rahm Emanuel’s Neoliberal Savagery
184-Moyers Moment (2012): Heather McGhee on Student Debt
185-New data shows school “reformers” are full of it: Poor schools underperform largely because of economic forces, not because teachers have it too easy
186-Noam Chomsky on Democracy and Education in the 21st Century and Beyond
187-188 deleted
189-Sallie Mae’s Profits Soaring at the Expense of Our Nation’s Students
190-191 deleted
192-Chicago School Closings And The Joyce Foundation: The Obama Connection
193-Chicago Teachers Union blasts mass firings dictated by post-strike contract
194-196 deleted
197-Editorial: Bennett's credibility called into question
199-Fighting for Our Classrooms, and for the Human Beings Inside Them
200-203 deleted
204-New data shows school “reformers” are full of it - Poor schools underperform largely because of economic forces, not because teachers have it too easy
205-209 deleted
210-The True Size of the Student Debt Crisis
211-The Student Loan Debt Crisis in 9 Charts - Nearly $1 trillion in debt, millions in unpaid loans: the numbers behind how Americans are struggling to pay for college.
212-“Indescribably insane”: A public school system from hell

213-214 deleted

215-Pearson 'Education' -- Who Are These People?

After Student Protests, Sallie Mae Becomes 50th Corporation to Dump ALEC - See more at:

216-After Student Protests, Sallie Mae Becomes 50th Corporation to Dump ALEC

After Student Protests, Sallie Mae Becomes 50th Corporation to Dump ALEC - See more at:
After Student Protests, Sallie Mae Becomes 50th Corporation to Dump ALEC - See more at:

217-Anti-piracy curriculum for elementary schools decried as ‘propaganda'

218-Charter School Gravy Train Runs Express To Fat City

219-Chicago Teacher: Inhumane Working Conditions are Inhumane Learning Conditions

220-Diane Ravitch: School privatization is a hoax, “reformers” aim to destroy public schools - Our public schools aren't in decline. And "reformers" with wild promises don't care about education — just profits

221-For All Our Good, Let Student Debtors Go Bankrupt

222-For-Profit Colleges Thrive, Veterans Suffer

224-INSANE: Common Core forces new kindergarteners to bubble in test answers
225-Mercedes Schneider Explains: Who Paid for the Common Core Standards
226-Newsflash: 800 Ed Reformers Meet in Boston Today

227-230 deleted


233-Why ALEC Fabricated Public School Failures (and Why We're Not Surprised)


235-4 Myths about Teacher Unions

236-239 deleted

240-Does Arne Duncan Realize that Teachers and Students Are Dying?

241-Alexandria teacher fired despite no negative evaluations

242-244 deleted

245-(updated) Ohio charter school fail, and fail, and fail, and future fails

246-Five years in prison for homeless mom that sent her child to school


248-Dumbing Down America: The Decline of Education in the US as Seen From Down Under

249-252 deleted

253-Historians speak out against proposed Texas textbook changes

254-How ‘Limited Government’ Is Burying a Generation in Debt

255-Indiana: GOP Plan to Privatizatize Public Schools Revealed


257-'It Feels Like Education Malpractice' - What one woman learned from 10 years of teaching in a New York City public school


259-K-12 student homelessness in US hits record high - report


261-Meet the Bullies

262-263 deleted

Milwaukee Voucher School Shut Down As Republicans Introduce Bill to Expand Private Charter Schools - See more at:

264-Mom packs kids homemade lunch; school fines her and feeds kids Ritz Crackers

265-266 deleted

267-Lawsuit filed today in NY State Court to block inBloom and protect student privacy


269-Our Schools Are Not For Sale

270-Poor ranking on international test misleading about US student performance, researcher finds

271-Study: Almost Half of Public School Students Are Now Low-Income - A new study reminds us that poverty is the giant backpack dragging down American students.

272-The Real 21st-Century Problem in Public Education is Poverty

273-A Call to Arms From Oz to American Academics


275-The Seven Blind Mice of Education Reform: A Field Guide

276-How Teachers Can Save Their Careers - What Veteran Teachers Should Do to Protect Themselves From Being Driven out of the Profession

277-Sorry, Michelle Rhee, but our obsession with testing kids is all about money - Rhee, Nicholas Kristof and Arne Duncan exaggerate test results again to advance an ugly anti-public school agenda

278-280 deleted

281-Ripping Off Young America: The College Loan Scandal

282-285 deleted

286-These 11 Leaders Are Running Education But Have Never Taught

287-293 deleted

294-Father Arrested for Trying to Pick up His Special Needs Children from School

Father Arrested for Trying to Pick Up his Special Needs Children from School
Father Arrested for Trying to Pick Up his Special Needs Children from School
Father Arrested for Trying to Pick Up his Special Needs Children from School
Father Arrested for Trying to Pick Up his Special Needs Children from School

295-any book by Diane Ravitch


297-9 things the mayor doesn't want you to know about charter expansion in Chicago

298-299 deleted

300-Bronx teacher thrown in jail after criticizing principal

301-Charter School Pirates of Privilege Plunder Public Schools

302-Charter Schools and the Destruction of Public Education

303-Charter Schools Gone Wild: Study Finds Widespread Fraud, Mismanagement and Waste

304-Arne Duncan slams teachers, says they come from the bottom of the academic barrel.

305-Chris Hedges: Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System

306-Columbia Tosses Out Star Faculty Researchers for Failing to Pay 80% of Their Own Way

307-Corporate School Reform Equals Educational Malpractice

308-Crunching Test Scores Isn’t Enough to Educate Our Kids


310-UPDATED: For-profit charter celebrates "Teacher Appreciation Week" w/ compulsory teacher humiliation

311-Despite Community Pleas, Three Chicago Schools Slated for Privatization

312-Do Poor Kids Deserve Lower-Quality Education Than Rich Kids? Evaluating School Privatization Proposals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

313-DOJ to Schools: Stop Sending Kids to Jail for Breaking the Rules

314-Education Hackers: They’re Heeere


316-Teachers were never the Problem: Percent of Low Income Students in the Public Schools

317-Scholastic and Big Coal Team Up to Bamboozle 4th Graders

318-321 deleted

322-Has Teach for America reached its Waterloo?

323-Beyond Neoliberal Miseducation

324-325 deleted

326-Indiana withdrawing from Common Core standards

327-Infographic: Why Corporations Want Our Public Schools

328-331 deleted

332-Appeal Court Vindicates 7,000 Fired Educators

Appeal court vindicates 7,000 fired educators

333-Newark school boss Anderson cracks down on critics, suspends five principals in one day


335-Pay Our Teachers or Lose Your Job. North Carolina is pushing its best educators out. We have to do something.

336-337 deleted

338- Obama’s Lawless Ed-Reform Push

339-Oprah’s Star Charter School in New Orleans Is Closing Down

340-Paul Horton: Why Obama's Education Policies Will Not Change and Why "Change is Hard"


342-Baton Rouge’s Rich Want New Town to Keep Poor Pupils Out: Taxes

343-344 deleted

345-President Obama Throws Teachers Under The Train

346-348 deleted

349-Public Education Going the Way of Netscape Navigator? Common Core, Bill Gates and BATs

350-Public Education: Who Are the Corporate Reformers?

351-354 deleted

355-Stop Blaming Black Parents for School Achievement Gaps

Read more here:

356-Death threats and denial for woman who showed college athletes struggle to read

357-Teach for America’s hidden curriculum: The history of TFA reveals the ironies of contemporary education reform, class inequality and the liberal agenda


359-Teacher misconduct in CPS?

360-361 deleted

362-The American Public School Under Siege

363-366 deleted

367-Glen Ford: Corporate Assault on Public Education (YouTube)

368-Public Schools for Sale?

369-373 deleted

Voucher School Takes Mone   

374-Newark parent leader arrested, jailed, after criticizing state plan to close schools.

375-Wyoming is 1st state to reject science standards

376-377 deleted

378-Charter Schools Fail: New Reports Call Their ‘Magic’ Into Question


380-Alternative Visions – Billionaires vs Teachers: The Vergara Court Decision in California – 06/14/14

381-Arne Duncan Threatens Entire State Of Oklahoma Because State Backed Out Of Common Core

382-Scholastic and Big Coal Team Up to Bamboozle 4th Graders

383-Boston Public Schools to Eliminate History & Social Science Departments


385-California court ruling signals nationwide attack on teacher tenure, seniority rights

386-Are Charter Schools Todays Version of Sub Prime Mortgages? (video) (YouTube)



389-SEC hits Chicago charter school operator with fraud charges

390-391 deleted

392-Colleges are full of it: Behind the three-decade scheme to raise tuition, bankrupt generations, and hypnotize the media - Tuition is up 1,200 percent in 30 years. Here's why you're unemployed, crushed by debt -- and no one is helping


394-Conflicts Of Interest, Public Education, The AFT/NEA Corruption Through Non-Profits (video) (YouTube)

395-397 deleted

398-States are fighting new science curriculum teaching climate change and evolution


400-For-profit education chain Corinthian College implodes


402-Gresham Elementary Principal No Longer Has Keys To School After Sit-In

403-405 deleted

406-How to Pay for a Free, Non-Racist Higher Education


408-Is "Democrats For Public Education" Just a Toothless, Cynical Sound Byte?

409-Fuzzy Math - The guesstimate that struck down California’s teacher tenure laws.

410-KS-Gov Brownback Expels Teachers..

411-LA Judge Objects to School Police Getting Millions Reserved for Struggling Students

412-Age of Ignorance

413-Mayor Rahm to Prosser High: Beat it!

414-Mississippi Cuts $1.3 Billion from Schools, Gives $1.3 Billion to Nissan

415-New York City’s Teachers Adrift, Victims of Reform

416-Obama alums join anti teachers union case

417-418 deleted

419-One Year After Chicago Closes 50 Public Schools, Chicago Teachers Union Assesses the Lies and Lasting Damage


421-Principals Given Just 24 Hours to Make Way for New Success Academy Schools

422-Protections of Teacher Tenure Do Not Hurt Students

423-Report: Charters Creating Two-Tier Education


425-Five Ways Charter Schools Are Bad for Children and Other Living Things

426-School That Banned Honors Night For Being Too ‘Exclusive’ Decides Not To Be National Laughingstock

427-Serial School Privatizer "Chainsaw Paul" Vallas Gets Ready For His Next Job

428-Sixty Years After Brown V. Board,Black Teachers Are Disappearing---Again  The desegregation of American schools put Black teachers on the chopping block. What's taking them out of schools now?

429-430 deleted

431-The Con Artistry of Charter Schools - Once an effort to improve public education, the charter school movement has transformed into a money-making venture.


433-The Federal Hand Behind Common Core

434-The greening of the American teacher: Scarcity of experienced educators is not a chance development, and it is ruining US schools


436-The Obamas’ Race to the Bottom


438-The Whole Problem With Education In America, Explained By One Teacher In 6 Minutes

439-University of Illinois fires professor Steven Salaita after Gaza massacre tweets


441-Why Hedge Funds Love Charter Schools

442-America's teachers some of the hardest working lowest paid in the world, check that, selfish, greediest and laziest around.

443-How Higher Education in the US Was Destroyed in 5 Basic Steps - Higher education is not what it used to be, and that's no accident.

444-Lies My Corporate Ed Reformers Told Me: The Truth About Teacher Tenure and the Civil Rights Movement


446-NPR Whitewashes Charter Schools and Disaster Capitalism in New Orleans

447-Gates Funding Spurs Doubts over Pubmedia's Impartiality in Education Reporting

Gates funding spurs doubts over pubmedia’s impartiality in education reporting - See more at:
Gates funding spurs doubts over pubmedia’s impartiality in education reporting - See more at:


449-States are fighting new science curriculum teaching climate change and evolution

450-451 deleted

452-Proposed Texas textbooks teach climate change skepticism - "Scientists disagree about what is causing climate change," one newly proposed textbook reads.

453-Why I hate standardized tests: A teacher’s take on how to save public education: Thanks to tests, my students' minds have been downsized -- while corporate interests profit. Here's the answer

454-The California PAR Program- How Teachers Unions Have Collaborated in the Removal of Veteran Teachers and Helped “Whiten” The Teaching Profession.

455-Wealthy Donors and Corporations Set Think Tanks’ Agendas

456-Questioning the Charter School Hype

457-A Chronicle of Echoes


459-American Teachers Spend More Time In The Classroom Than World Peers, Says Report

460-Another Study Finds Unaccountable Charter Schools Dogged by Corruption

461-Charlotte School Shuts Down 20 Days into School Year

Charlotte charter school shuts down, 20 days into school year - See more at:

462-Charter School Power Broker Turns Public Education Into Private Profits

463-Chomsky: There's an Overt Corporate Effort to Indoctrinate American Children: The academic talks about education and indoctrination, ISIS, and the media in a new interview.

464-466 deleted

467-German universities scrap all tuition fees

468-How Rich Old White Men Are Taking Lunch Money Away From Inner-City Black Kids

469-Noam Chomsky: Corporate business models are hurting American universities - The linguist and philosopher on the Walmartization of higher education, and what we can learn from John Stuart Mill

470-Parents pay the price for children’s student debt


472-Say goodbye to public schools: Diane Ravitch warns Salon some cities will soon have none: "Why destroy public education so that a handful can boast they have a charter school in addition to their yacht?"


474-Texas’ New Public School Textbooks Promote Climate Change Denial and Downplay Segregation

475-The Joys of Abolishing Debt

476-The Resurgence of the Public Education Nation

477-The University of Illinois Fails on Academic Freedom and Free Speech: Why the Salaita Case Matters

478-The witch-hunting of Steven Salaita and the new McCarthyism


480-Why Government Spends More Per Pupil at Elite Private Universities Than at Public Universities

481-482 deleted

484-488 deleted
502-503 deleted
506-509 deleted

Read more here:
511-513 deleted
515-516 deleted
528-529 deleted
539-540 deleted
557-558 deleted
562-564 deleted
570-573 deleted
575-578 deleted
581-582 deleted
591-592 deleted
611-613 deleted
616-619 deleted
622-624 deleted
631-632 deleted
641-642 deleted

Read more here:
652-653 deleted
655-657 deleted
662-663 deleted
676-677 deleted
691-693 deleted
695-697 deleted
708-709 deleted
712-713 deleted
How a Grassroots Revolt Against Testing May Change Education - See more at:
How a Grassroots Revolt Against Testing May Change Education - See more at:
717-718 deleted
720-723 deleted
733-734 deleted
736-737 deleted 
740-America the Illiterate  by Chris Hedges
751-752 deleted
757-758 deleted
786-787 deleted
795-796 deleted
805-806 deleted
807-As Lawmakers Accuse DeVos of Lack of Regard for Students, Her Own Staffer Admits 'Things Have Gotten Pretty Awful Here' "What do you mean, there's no data?" a lawmaker asked Secretary of Education during tense hearing. "There is study after study after study."
813-816 deleted 
817-New York's Greatly Hyped Success Academy Tainted by Racist Board Members and Radical Right-Wing Money:
Yet another Success Academy Board member has a long history of making incendiary racial comments.
821-822 deleted
828-830 deleted
832-833 deleted
835-836 deleted
840-841 deleted
843-Cashing In On Trump’s War on Universities - Republicans are gutting U.S. education; Canada — with boldness — can reap the benefits.
844-845 deleted
852-853 deleted
855-National Teachers Group Confronts Climate Denial: Keep the Politics Out of Science Class   The association urged science teachers at all levels to emphasize that 'no scientific controversy exists regarding the basic facts of climate change.'
872-Charter Schools Are a Major Dividing Line for the 2020 Democratic Candidate  Education Fights in Pennsylvania Point the Way - Charter schools now cost Pennsylvania taxpayers over $1.8 billion annually and account for over 25 percent of the state’s basic education funding
874-Charter schools are starting to look a lot like payday lenders and for-profit colleges  The daily drip of charter school scandals is revealing an industry that often preys on those they claim to be trying to help.
876-The decline of trust in science “terrifies” former MIT president Susan Hockfield - If we don’t trust scientists to be experts in their fields, Hockfield says on the latest episode of Recode Decode, “we have no way of making it into the future.”
878-Florida: The Graveyard of American Public Education - Remember that Betsy DeVos points to Florida as a model.
880-882 deleted

Read more here:
890-Teacher Salaries Fell 4.5% Over the Last Decade - The gender gap contributes to disparities in pay between teachers and similarly educated professionals.
892-The Decline of Play and Rise in Children's Mental Disorders - There's a reason kids are more anxious and depressed than ever.
894-Things Didn’t Go Well When Betsy DeVos Was Confronted With Her Department’s Charter School Fraud - One billion awarded by the federal government’s Charter Schools Program (CSP) went to charter schools that never opened or opened for only brief periods
895-DeVos Denounced for Student Debt Relief Rule Change That Critics Say 'Takes a Scythe to Defrauded Borrowers' - "With this policy overhaul, Secretary DeVos has cemented her legacy as best friend to predatory colleges and enemy to the students they rip off."
905-West Virginia Senate passes sweeping education bill to ban teacher strikes - The bill would allow schools to fire workers for striking and withhold pay on strike days.
908-Educator: There's A Mass Teacher Exodus, Not Shortage - Tim Slekar, Dean Of The School Of Education At Edgewood College, Says Testing Accountability To Blame
910-911 deleted
912-Betsy DeVos To Promote School That Bans Transgender Students And Staff  The education secretary is set to visit a Catholic elementary school in Pennsylvania that has an explicit anti-trans policy.
919-USA ranked 27th in the world in education and healthcare — down from 6th in 1990  America continues to tread water in healthcare and education while other countries have enacted reforms to great effect.
925-Exclusive: ‘Older teachers bullied to breaking point'  Union says bullying is 'rife' in order to drive out expensive older teachers, while psychotherapist reports 'massive increase' in teachers seeking counselling
932-The Education Reform Movement Has Failed America. We Need Common Sense Solutions That Work.
935-'Flat-Out Corruption': DeVos Accused of Scheming to Stop Next President From Canceling Student Loan Debt  "Normally the rich are moderately more subtle about rigging the system in their favor. They're scared."
939-941 deleted
946-We All Know Teachers Are Underpaid. But Who Imagined It Was This Bad? New data shows how much teachers rely on side hustles simply to survive.
949-They Crush Our Song for A Reason The powerful keep those they exploit from knowing who they are, where they came from and the crimes of the ruling class. As social inequality mounts, so does the campaign to keep us in darkness.
950-The Charter School Real Estate Scam - Publicly funded private schools can rake in millions from state facility grants and then keep any profits from the sale if the school closes.
951-The Culture War on Public Education - It’s time to recognize the real target of the book bans and gag orders dominating national headlines: your local school.
952-Taking Back Our Universities From Corporate Apparatchiks - American universities are appendages of the corporate state. Educators are increasingly poorly paid, denied benefits and job security while senior administrators pay themselves obscene salaries.
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