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  • The NPA encourages you to participate in elections by identifying, vetting and recruiting a Progressive candidate from your congressional district or State Legislative District.

  • Information on ballot requirements and maps of your district may be obtained from your state's Secretary of State. Most states offer this information online. Remember this situation is in a constant state of flux as laws are passed and requirements are challenged in the courts. The requirements for ballot access vary from state to state, but are always more demanding for independent and alternate party candidates. The NPA invites you to join our national initiative to reduce and equalize ballot access laws, which we are pursuing on several fronts. Ballot Access News offers a website and monthly publication to keep up with changes and fight for third party access.

  • Remember too that getting on the fall ballot may require entry in a primary election. These are typically held in the spring - so time is of the essence.

  • Start early and seek allies such as the New Progressive Alliance and Green Party.

  • The Unified Platform provides a model for Progressive candidates. It's an amalgam of the platforms of four current and two legacy Progressive organizations. The first step in getting NPA support is supporting the Unified Platform. Its ten planks:

- Peace First
- Full Employment at a Living Wage
- Saving the Environment
- A Real Social Safety Net
- Medicare for All
- Fair Trade
- Human Rights/Civil Liberties
- Election Reform
- Corporate Accountability/Reform
- Infrastructure Investment/Ownership 

  • Under the terms of our non-profit status, NPA cannot write press releases, letters to the editor, and other such activities on behalf of particular candidates because as a educational 501c4 nonprofit it could be construed as providing material/financial support to a particular candidacy and undermine our nonprofit status. As an educational  501c4, we also cannot by law coordinate with or directly help any campaign, only make our members aware of our evaluations and endorsements based upon the Unified Platform and encourage them to get involved if they choose.  We remain focused on educating the public about Progressivism, candidates' adherence to its tenets, and inspiring a new Progressive Era in the United States.

More Information:

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