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April 22-27, 2022 World wide

In the blink of an eye, the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty has gone from just an idea to a global policy demand with some serious backing — supported by thousands of individuals including prominent scientists, Nobel laureates, former Presidents, major faith institutions and leading youth activists on every continent.

But the harsh truth is right now we need more than just support from individuals. To actually secure a global treaty on fossil fuels requires a major push for nation-states to support the proposal. 

​​​​That's why the global network of organizations supporting a Fossil Fuel Treaty are launching a Global Week of Advocacy from April 22—27 taking our policy demands directly to key Ministers in as many countries as possible. ​​​​And to take it the Treaty proposal to key officials in your country, we need your help.  

Launching on Earth Day (April 22) we will be supporting thousands of individuals and civil society organizations around the world to directly engage with key Ministers — via meetings, emails, phone calls and social media — calling on them to support a managed transition away from coal, oil and gas. 

To help this scale globally, over the coming weeks we will be launching:

  • An online tool to look up key Ministers in your region to engage
  • suite of resources to help individuals and organisations engage with decision-makers
  • Support for in-person meetings with Ministers and government officials
  • A digital toolkit to help individuals engage officials via email, calls and social media
  • All of the above launched in Spanish, French, Portuguese, English and hopefully multiple other languages
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