Candidates Who Support the Unified Platform

In 2012, the New Progressive Alliance (NPA) started by endorsing 54 candidates from 23 states who publicly endorsed and pledged to work for the commonsense policies outlined in the Unified Platform (UP).  This page provides more information about the brave men and women who are blazing the trail for the future of democracy in America. If you would like to join them check Elections and So You Want to Run for Office.  That trail is wholly different than that which the Democratic and Republican parties take us down election after election, with the same predictable result: A disenfranchised working class and ever-more enriched military-industrial-Wall Street complex.

We are a 501c4 educational organization, not a political party. We cannot help a candidate directly, but we can note by endorsement when a candidate pledges to support the Unified Platform. We can also disavow a candidate  when through his actions or statements it becomes clear he does not support the Unified Platform.

Also as a 501c4 educational organization, we are  moving towards becoming more of a think tank which supplies documentation to support people and organizations that back the Unified Platform. We will still list candidates that support the Unified Platform, but we will not seek them out.

The Unified Platform is our clarion call for peace, people, and protecting the planet. It is the heart of the NPA.  It assembles the platforms of four current and two legacy Progressive organizations, and includes ten planks:

- Peace First
- Full Employment at a Living Wage
- Saving the Environment
- A Real Social Safety Net
- Medicare for All
- Fair Trade
- Human Rights/Civil Liberties
- Election Reform
- Corporate Accountability/Reform
- Infrastructure Investment/Ownership

These are simple, people-first principles to which any human can readily agree. As a 501c4 educational organization we  can document when policies and candidates are in line with the Unified Platform. Candidates who endorse the UP earn the NPA's endorsement in return, and understand that reneging on their promise to support it will result in our very public withdrawal of support (See "Candidates Disavowed" at the bottom of this page).

We must leave behind the empty rhetoric and justifications for inaction which we regularly hear from candidates of both corporate-owned parties. The "lesser of two evils" is still evil, and for our part, we voters must stop justifying our votes that way. Instead, we must abandon the duopolist demagoguery which has landed us here and support (or oppose) candidates based on their records, not their rhetoric. Because of their record spanning decades we do not normally list democrats or republicans unless they clearly demonstrate they oppose the path taken by both major parties. See The Democratic Party is the More Effective of Two  Evils

Brave candidates like those listed below, who are not merely willing but PROUD to embrace TRULY Progressive ideals like those of the Unified Platform, represent the beginning of that process. We, the members of the 100-percent volunteer NPA, are proud to endorse them, based on their endorsements of the Unified Platform:

Current Candidates

The New Progressive Alliance has changed its focus to a think tank to support progressive causes with documentation. While we no longer seek out candidates, any potential candidate that pledges to support the Unified Platform and shows independence from the republican and democratic duopoly can earn our endorsement and have details of their campaign published here.

To gain an NPA endorsement you  need to meet 3 requirements.
  • a website or at least a Facebook page dedicated solely to your election.
  • announcement in a newspaper or public website that you are running for a specific office.
  • a statement by you (can be an email) that you support the Unified Platform at Unified Platform - New Progressive Alliance

Please be aware we are skeptical of both Republicans and Democrats because of their track records. We can endorse more than one candidate for the same office if they meet the above requirements.

There are no current candidates we endorse.


ENDORSED CANDIDATES from previous election cycles:

Though their campaigns have ended, the below visionaries earned our endorsement and warrant future consideration. We are on a long road; it will take many electoral cycles to awaken the American electorate to the duplicity of the major parties and to the need to put policy above party affiliation.


2022 - The New Progressive Alliance endorsed Lula for President of Brazil. It is no exaggeration to say the survival of the Amazon basin - critical for fighting global warming - may depend on the ultimate election of Lula and defeat of Bolsonaro. We are very pleased that he won his election.


United States: 


(Gary Swing has also run in Colorado.)

2016 - Arizona United States Senator, Gary Swing, election on November 8, 2016.  Gary Swing  has run several times before and has been previously endorsed by the New Progressive Alliance. His platform includes the following.

Uphold the Kellogg-Briand Pact outlawing war. 

Establish a National Truth Commission to publicly expose the crimes of the US government. Prosecute war criminals. Convict Barack Obama and George W. Bush for their crimes against humanity. 

Abolish all weapons of mass destruction. 

Reduce the current US military budget by 90%. Remove all US armed forces from foreign nations and restrict them to non-offensive territorial defense of the United States.

End foreign military aid. Prohibit international military arms sales by the US government and US corporations. 

Stop the US government’s political interference in foreign elections, including the funding of political parties and candidates. Eliminate public funding for the CIA front, the “National Endowment for Democracy,” which has spent more than $1 billion to rig foreign elections. 

Eliminate presidential elections, which are meaningless shams, and decentralize political authority. Switch to a parliamentary system with a weak chief executive selected by Congress. Congress should be able to remove the executive at any time on a vote of “no confidence.” 

Abolish the U.S. Senate, which is one of the world's most misrepresentative legislative bodies. Elect the U.S. House of Representatives by an open party list system of proportional representation. 

Support a national initiative and referendum process, public campaign financing, campaign spending limits, equal time for qualified candidates, open debates including ballot-qualified minor party candidates and verifiable ballots. 

Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Rescind NAFTA and GATT. Support “fair trade” policies, freedom of travel, and international work permits that are not tied to a specific employer. 

Abolish the CIA, NSA, and Selective Service System. Repeal the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act. 

Replace the federal income tax with a “fair tax” (national sales tax) to discourage consumption while encouraging saving and investment. Secure a baseline income with monthly rebates. Use carbon taxes to include environmental impacts in the cost of new products. 

End the private Federal Reserve Bank’s control over US monetary policy and restore it to the Treasury Department. 

End corporate welfare bailouts that transfer wealth from the poor to the rich while generating trillions of dollars in national debt. 

Create a single payer national health insurance system. 

We should fully fund family planning programs at all levels and promote public education about the seriousness of the overpopulation crisis.

The peak of global oil production will have profound consequences for a global economy that is deeply dependent upon petroleum products for energy, transportation, food production and many consumer products. We must reduce consumption and develop a “steady-state” (sustainable) economy. 

Support international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Stop subsidizing fossil fuels and nuclear energy. No oil from tar sands or shale oil development. Support conservation and energy efficiency. Convert to solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal power. Decentralize energy production. 

Stop subsidizing petrochemical agriculture and animal farming. Apply cruelty laws to farmed animals. Promote permaculture, organic farming and urban agriculture. 

Fully legalize marijuana. Decriminalize possession of small quantities of other drugs for personal use. No new prisons. 

Support equal rights regardless of gender or sexual orientation

Gary Swing's website

Boiling Frog Party Facebook page about Boiling Frog Party

Gary Swing Leapfrogging for Progress Facebook page about Gary Swing's campaign

Why Frogs?

Gary Swing's email address: [email protected]

  After the election Gary Swing said, "I got the highest percentage of the vote for any Green Party candidate for US Senate this year, 5.5%, 111,743 votes. I did this on a zero dollar campaign budget run entirely on the internet."



2012-US HOR District 4: Joshua Drake



2012-President of the United States: Stewart Alexander, Socialist Party USA (SPUSA)

2012-President of the United States, Green Party: Kent Mesplay

2012-Vice President of the United States, Justice Party: Luis Rodriguez

2014-Governor Cindy Sheehan helped write the NPA's Unified Platform. The Peace and Freedom Party gubernatorial candidate believes in the environment, peace, education, the lessening of prisons and the police state, agriculture, healthcare, immigration, benefits for senior citizens and rights for indigenous peoples. "I agree with the entire 10 points," she said of the Unified Platform," but would add that the root cause of the problem is an Empire organized around Capitalism and these 10 points are a good start." Cindy Sheehan's website

2014 - Barry Hermanson is a Green Party candidate running for California Congressional District 12. On the June 3, 2014 primary he opposed  Nancy Pelosi for a real alternative.

"I am an advocate for:

  • Global Living Wages
  • Improved Medicare for All
  • No tuition for all public Colleges & Universities in California
  • Interest Free Student Loans
  • GMO Food Labeling
  • Taxing Carbon Emissions
  • Removing Big Money from Politics
  • A Path to Citizenship for Anyone who is Undocumented
  • Bringing our troops home
  • Eliminating homelessness in America
  • A Free Palestine

I oppose:

  • Drone warfare
  • Mass surveillance by our government
  • Importing dirty oil from Canada
  • Fracking
  • Trade agreements where workers and the environment suffer
  • Indefinite solitary confinement for any prisoner in America"

Barry Hermanson's Website



(Gary Swing has also run in Arizona.)

2012-US HOR District 1: Gary Swing Gary Swing's live comments when he ran in 2012

2014-Gary Swing is a Green Party candidate running for US HOR CD 6. Gary Swing is an early adopter who early on recognized the importance of cooperation between progressive organizations and candidates. We proudly endorsed him back  in 2012 and proudly endorse him now. See his websites below for more information, but below are some of his quotes.

"Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign was remarkably transparent in advancing the planned agenda for his second term as War Criminal In-Chief. Obama’s campaign boldly announced their slogan: “FORWARD.” Some people myopically viewed this as one word, rather than observing it with the proper perspective. In 2008, Obama supporters dutifully voted “For-War-A” (Afghanistan), “For-War-B” (Iraq), and “For-War-C” (Libya). In 2012, they enthusiastically voted “For-War-D” (Iran? Syria?).

Every election year we hear the same nonsense about “voting for the lesser of two evils.” Despite the spirited chants of “We Are the 99%,” 99% of American voters continue to embrace the greater evils: perpetual wars of aggression, imperialism, authoritarianism, and environmental devastation. This is the shared agenda of the two corporate parties. Yet we still hear the same tired old arguments that have never been valid: that voting your conscience is a wasted vote; that a vote for a Green Party candidate is a vote for the Republican, and so on. Voting Green can’t “spoil” elections that are already rotten to the core. If you vote for candidates who don’t represent your values, then you are wasting your vote.

I am running for US Representative in a district that the new Sixth Congressional district...which is  pretty evenly split between the Republicans and the Democrats.

This seat is currently held by a right wing Republican militarist, Mike Coffman. When he was first elected to this office in 2008, it was a safe Republican district. But redistricting following the 2010 census changed the demographics of the district, making it Colorado’s only competitive Congressional district and one of the most hotly contested Congressional districts in the country. Mike Coffman was narrowly re-elected in 2012 with just 47.8% of the vote. He was Colorado’s only member of Congress to be elected by less than a majority of the vote that year.

Andrew Romanoff is a former four term Democratic state representative, former speaker of the state house of representatives, and a former candidate for US Senate. He moved from Denver to Aurora in February of last year to establish his residency in the Sixth Congressional District. The same week that he moved, Romanoff announced that he was running against Coffman. When Romanoff ran for the US Senate, he ignored candidate surveys that asked for his positions on public policy issues. “On the Issues” -- a website that claims to feature “all the candidates on all the issues” has no record of Romanoff taking any positions on foreign policy issues.

Andrew Romanoff may not have any issues, unless he has issues with the whole issue of having issues. I will openly admit that I’ve got LOTS of issues. Serious issues. Global warming. Fracking and tar sands. Conversion to renewable energy sources. Single payer national health insurance. Overpopulation. Food security. Sustainable agriculture. The mass extinction of animal species. Public campaign financing. The runaway surveillance state. The Green Party has hundreds of serious issues, spelled out in its national platform.

Here’s my foreign policy platform: Uphold the Kellogg-Briandt Pact outlawing war. Abolish nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. Remove all US armed forces from foreign nations and restrict them to non-offensive defense of US territory. End all foreign military aid. Stop US interference in foreign elections. Abolish the CIA, the NSA, and the Selective Service System. Rescind NAFTA and GATT. Support “fair trade” policies, freedom of travel, and international work permits that are not tied to a single employer.

The corporate media are already so bored and unimpressed with the meaningless contest between Coffman and Romanoff that they have declared this to be a Swing District. It sounds like the Sixth District is a good place to find Swing Voters. Like the old song goes, “It Don’t Mean a Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing.”

Gary Swing's Website

Gary Swing's Facebook Page

Gary Swing supports Coloradans for Proportional Representation

Contact Gary via email


2018 - Again the New Progressive Alliance proudly endorses Gary Swing. This time we are endorsing him as a Green Party write-in candidate for the 2018 US House of Representatives  Colorado Congressional District 3. See Gary Swing for Congress and below for more information.

Education: Masters Degree in Public Administration, Bachelors Degree in Political Science, University of Colorado

Experience: Former public policy researcher, Former ballot access reform lobbyist, former Green Party of Colorado state co-chair, past Green Party candidate for US Senator in 2016 (Arizona), US Representative in 2014, 2012, 2010 (Colorado), and for state representative in 1996 (Denver). Sixteenth person to climb all 637 Colorado mountains over 13,000 feet. Completed backpackpacking the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, Continental Divide, Colorado, Arizona, and Ouachita Trails.

Q:Why are you running for this office?

A: I am not running a physical campaign. Nor am I spending any money on this candidacy. I am standing for office as a Green Party write-in candidate for US Representative in Colorado for two reasons.

1) I stand as part of a slate of write-in candidates for six Congressional Districts, protesting against the hostile takeover of the Green Party of Colorado's State Council by a totalitarian extremist faction that has successfully transformed the state party organization into a hate group that operates through bullying, intimidation, censorship, libel, slander, and systematic oppression of dissidents within the party. The Stalinist faction that has taken absolute control over the Green Party of Colorado has purged fifteen past and present Green Party candidates, organizers, and activists from the right of participation in party activities. Three local chapters have also been expelled from the state Green Party, including the Greater Boulder Greens, the Jefferson County Greens, and the Douglas County Greens. The Caucus to Restore Green Values is pursuing a complaint against the current leadership of the state Green Party through the national Green Party's Accreditation Committee. See for details.The Green Party of Colorado has nominated candidates for every general election since 1996. 2018 is the first year that the state Green Party has failed to nominate any candidates for state or federal office, due to obstruction by the state party's current leadership.


The Caucus to Restore Green Values is pleased to see that the Green Party of the United States has released the Accreditation Subcommittee report, dated August 23, 2018, regarding the problems that have arisen in the Colorado party leadership. Violations of party by-laws and formal procedures, personal attacks on anyone who disagrees with the current leader, alleged financial improprieties, election improprieties, and wholesale abandonment of democratic approaches, all documented in a complaint and in voluminous evidence submitted to the National Accreditation Committee, give a clear picture of a Colorado political party that has lost touch with its professed ideals. The Green Party of Colorado should be better than this. Greens cannot claim to be the solution to our country's political problems when we allow these very problems to corrupt our party leadership. Much damage has already been done, some of it irreparable. This can be seen in the following excerpt from the report: “Escalation of actions by GPCO/Respondents [Green Party of Colorado leaders] have resulted in alienation of a significant group of experienced and active members, exclusion of members from state meetings, abusive control of access to the state website discussion boards, concentration of state offices in a small group, manipulation of locals allowed to vote, violation of the letter and spirit of state bylaws, silencing and purging of members, and refusal to participate in conflict resolution in good faith. The manner and scale are unprecedented in the history of the GPUS [Green Party of the United States], and will result in further difficulties and embarrassment for the national party.” The investigation report is now under review by the full national Accreditation Committee and a final vote on the report is expected this fall. The Caucus to Restore Green Values looks forward to a decisive renunciation of corrupt practices and a return to the party's democratic ideals. "

2) I stand for a platform that I believe is consistent with the values that the Green Party claims to represent, including nonviolence, ecology, social justice, and grassroots democracy:

Gary Swing for US Representative 2018

Uphold the Kellogg-Briand Pact outlawing war. Abolish nuclear weapons. Reduce U.S. military budget by 90%. Close all foreign military bases. End foreign military aid. Fund humanitarian aid to end world hunger and secure safe drinking water worldwide. Abolish the U.S. Senate. Elect Congress by open list proportional representation. Switch to a parliamentary system with weak chief executive selected by Congress. Support national initiative and referendum process, public campaign financing, campaign spending limits, ballot access reform, and verifiable ballots. Support “fair trade” policies, freedom of travel, and international work permits that are not tied to a specific employer. Abolish the CIA, ICE, NSA and the Selective Service System. Establish a guaranteed minimum income. Use carbon taxes to include environmental impacts in true cost pricing of new products. End corporate welfare. Medicare for all. Subsidize family planning programs. Support international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Stop subsidizing fossil fuels and nuclear energy. No oil from tar sands or shale oil development. Support conservation and energy efficiency. Convert to solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal power. Decentralize energy production. Stop subsidizing petrochemical agriculture and animal farming. Apply cruelty laws to farmed animals. Promote permaculture, organic farming and urban agriculture. Legalize cannabis. Support equal rights for all.

What three policy issues set you apart from your opponents?

1) I pledge to uphold the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact outlawing war. I would vote against any funding or authorization for the stationing or deployment of U.S. military forces beyond U.S. territory. All foreign military bases should be shut down. I support a national security policy of non-offensive defense. Weapons of mass destruction should be abolished, including nuclear weapons. I support a nonviolent, humanitarian foreign policy based on respect for human rights, with a national commitment to securing funding for the elimination of world hunger and the provision of safe drinking water globally.

2) I believe that every generation should hold its own constitutional convention to create a better form of government. I support abolition of the Electoral College and the U.S. Senate, which is the world's most misrepresentative legislative body. I advocate an open party list system of proportional representative to provide fair representation in a unicameral Congress for a diverse population. I support reform to strictly limit the power of the President. The Chief Executive could be selected by Congress under a parliamentary system. Congress should have the right to recall the Chief Executive at any time on a vote of no confidence. Alternatively, the President could be elected by a national popular vote using approval voting or score voting.

3) I support the establishment of a steady-state economy based upon principles of environmental sustainability and full transition to renewable energy sources. I support true-cost pricing that includes the costs of environmental impacts in the prices of new goods. I support a guaranteed minimum income sufficient to lift families out of poverty.


Q: What Are The Biggest Areas of Agreement Between You and Your opponents?

A: I agree with the sentiment expressed in Green Party write-in candidate Bruce Lohmiller's Facebook cover photo: "Please Don't Start Any More War."

I agree with Libertarian candidate Gaylon Kent's call to abolish the death penalty.

I agree with Democratic candidate Diane Mitsch Bush on many issues. These include protection of endangered species and their habitats; prohibition of discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, or ethnicity; enactment of the Equal Rights Amendment; reinstatement of the Paris Climate Accords; ending federal subsidies for fossil fuels; protection of Roe v. Wade; nuclear disarmament; repeal of the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force; and implementation of a single payer universal health care program.

I share independent candidate Mary Malarsie's opposition to the creation of a "Space Force" and a border wall. I agree with her support for an increased minimum wage and campaign spending limits. Neither of us accepts PAC funds.

Q: How would you, as one of 435 representatives, make a difference in Washington?

A: As one of 435 US Representatives, I could use the office as a platform for speaking the truth about U.S. military imperialism and the converging ecological crises that threaten the sustainability of life on Earth. Since the end of World War Two, U.S. military imperialism has been responsible for the deaths of an estimated twenty to thirty million people around the world. These perpetual wars of aggression must end. I support the establishment of a National Truth Commission to publicly expose the U.S. government's crimes against humanity; prosecution of U.S. military and political leaders for war crimes; and reparations for the victims of these war crimes.

We are in the midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction of animal species, resulting from human impact on the ecosystem. About 58% of the global wildlife population of vertebrate species has died off since the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Vertebrate species are animals that have backbones. This includes mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. Invertebrate species are spineless creatures like jellyfish, sponges, tape worms, leeches, sea urchins, insects, and members of Congress. Human overpopulation and over-consumption have brought us to a state of ecological overshoot, The Earth’s human population has doubled since 1970, from 3.7 billion to 7.6 billion people now. Per capita ecological footprints have dramatically overshot the sustainable limits of growth. The Living Planet Report ecological overshoot study estimates that the Earth could not sustain a population of more than 1.5 billion people if the average person on Earth had as much environmental impact as the average person in the United States does today.

Q: What's your view on the Mueller investigation's progress into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia? When should it end?

A: I don't really follow such political scandals. The Trump Administration has been notorious for its corruption and absurdity. However, I have largely regarded this as a partisan fight between the Democrats and Republicans. The investigation should be permitted to run its course. The U.S. government has a long history of interfering in the internal affairs and elections of other nations. This practice should stop. I support the right to political self-determination for all peoples, within the bounds of respect for fundamental human rights. U.S. presidential elections are the longest, most expensive, most meaningless, most absurd elections in the world. It would not shock me if the Russian government tried to interfere with a U.S. presidential election. However, the impact of such interference would be a trivial factor in a system that is inherently absurd.

Q: What's an issue on which you agree with President Trump, and what's an issue on which you disagree?

A: I agree with President Trump that hurricanes are wet. I totally disagree with him on immigration issues. I vehemently oppose the construction of a border wall. Such a wall would have severe environmental impacts as well as being a ridiculous waste of resources. I support the right to freedom of travel and migration, with work permits that are not tied to a single employer. I support fair trade policies. I oppose economic imperialism and corporate welfare.


2020 - The New Progressive Alliance  endorses Gary Swing for the fifth time in ten years. We again endorse him as the  2020 candidate for US Representative in Colorado's Second Congressional District as a representative of the Colorado Unity Party.

Gary Swing’s website

Gary Swing’s Facebook page

Gary Swing supports “Unity in Diversity” with a campaign platform of peace, justice, environmental and electoral reform issues. The slogan "Unity in Diversity" has been used by a variety of religious and political groups as an expression of harmony and celebration of multiculturalism based on an understanding that our differences enrich human interactions. As President Nelson Mandela, the leader of post-apartheid South Africa stated: "Bridge the chasm, use tolerance and compassion, be inclusive, not exclusive, build dignity and pride, encourage freedom of expression, to create a civil society for unity and peace."

Gary Swing proposes that each generation should hold its own constitutional convention at least once every twenty years. He advocates an end to US foreign military intervention, the right to self-determination for all people, statehood for Washington DC and Puerto Rico, true cost pricing to include environmental impacts in the prices of new goods and services, and a single payer national health care system.
Gary Swing stated: “Rather than pursuing endless warfare, we should set a goal to eliminate world hunger and make sure that everyone has access to safe drinking water.” He also stated: “Our system of government should be redesigned to be as inclusive and representative as possible, not as exclusionary as possible. I propose to abolish the US Senate, eliminate the Electoral College, strictly limit the power of the President, and decentralize authority in the hands of a Congress that is elected by an open party list system of proportional representation. Everyone should have the right to fair representation.”

End US foreign military interventions and restrict the US armed forces to non-offensive defense of US territory. Abolish nuclear weapons. Abolish the Selective Service System. Eliminate foreign military aid. Create a nonviolent, humanitarian foreign policy. Develop a global food security program designed to end world hunger and ensure that people have access to safe drinking water.

Eliminate the electoral college. The president of the United States should either be directly elected by a national approval vote, or a chief executive with strictly limited powers should by appointed by a unicameral Congress under a parliamentary system of government.

Abolish the US Senate. Elect the US House of Representatives by proportional representation so that nearly all voters will be able to elect representatives of their choice, with a multi-party system that provides fair representation for a broad diversity of perspectives.

Support a national initiative and referendum process, public campaign financing, campaign spending limits, equal time for qualified candidates, open debates including ballot-qualified minor party candidates and verifiable ballots. Hold a new Constitutional Convention. Uphold the principle of political self-determination for all peoples.

Support “fair trade” policies, freedom of travel, and international work permits that are not tied to a specific employer.

Institute a universal basic income.

Use carbon taxes to include environmental impacts in the cost of new products.

Oppose corporate welfare.

Create a single payer national health insurance system.

Support family planning programs.

Reduce our per capita ecological footprint and develop a “steady-state” economy based on principles of environmental sustainability.

Support international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Stop subsidizing fossil fuels and nuclear energy. No oil from tar sands or shale oil development. Support conservation and energy efficiency. Convert to solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal power.

I support the version of the Green New Deal program advocated by former presidential candidate Jill Stein. See  for an explanation of that proposal.

Support equal rights regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

2022 - Gary Swing earned his sixth endorsement - more than any other NPA endorsed candidate - by the New Progressive Alliance. His website is here. He has written articles on the need for electoral reform in Arizona, Colorado, and nationally as well as having run for office in both Arizona and Colorado. The NPA proudly endorsed Gary Swing for Colorado Secretary of State. Though he did not win, he ran an energetic campaign which was very educational.



2012-US Senate: Jeff Russell of the Green Party 

2012-State Senate, District 30: Don Alexander

2012-State Senate, District 33: Melissa Schlag

2012-State Representative, District 125: David Bedell 

2012-State Representative, District 148: Rolf Maurer



2012-US Senate: Andrew Groff



2012-Monroe County Mosquito Control Board, District 1: Oliver "Ollie" Kofoid

2014-Farid Khavari is the Independent candidate for Florida Governor.

Anyone can understand my economic plan and see that it can work.  Here’s what we can do, and how we can do it without cost to the taxpayers.     

  • Create 1,000,000 good middle class private sector jobs in Florida, without subsidies or tax handouts.
  • Improve health care quality, while reducing costs by 30%.
  • Make quality health care available to all Floridians while reducing Medicaid spending.
  • Clean up our environment and our water, now.
  • Reduce interest costs of home ownership and student loans by 75%.
  • Reduce homeowner’s insurance costs by 30%.
  • Reduce long term energy costs.
  • Balance the budget without higher taxes, layoffs or cutbacks.
  • Reduce and ultimately eliminate the costs of higher education.
  • Improve education the right way without higher costs.
  • End Corporate Welfare in Florida.

Stand up to Big Money, stand up for yourself and all Floridians. Vote Khavari for Governor.

Farid Khavari's email address: [email protected]   

The St. Petersburg local of the Green Party of Florida (GPFL) endorsed  Farid A. Khavari, independent candidate for governor of Florida.

Farid Khavari's Facebook Page

Farid Khavari's website

Farid Khavari's Zero-Cost Economy


2015-Fort Lauderdale City Commission District 3: Didier Ortiz of the Green Party  for the February 10, 2015 election. Ortiz grew up in Fort Lauderdale and went to school and university there.  As a youth he rode the bus everywhere, getting to know his community. He recently said the following.

"I want Fort Lauderdale to be a city I can be proud of. The primary is  on February 10, 2015 [with a March 10 runoff if no one candidate gets 50% + 1], and I need your support so that we can begin to restore pride to this once beautiful city...The poverty level in this city of 170,000 is 44.3% greater than the National average and the violent crime rate is nearly double that of the rest of Florida.  In a city that is 25% Latino, over 14,000 properties are in foreclosure.  So the city drives people from their homes.  Then it keeps people from feeding them.  25% of this city’s population is Latino, and this is devastating to us."


  • Revoke the Homeless Laws
  • Support the $15 Minimum Wage
  • Ban the Box
  • Put a Camera on Every Police Officer

Didier Ortiz Website

email: [email protected]



2012-State HOR District 57 Kwabena “Cubby” Nkromo

2012-Richmond County Commission Race, District One in Augusta: Denice Traina

2013-Brunswick Mayor Zack Lyde
phone: 912-571-9828
email: [email protected]
mail: 2509 Bartow St. Brunswick, GA 31520

2013-Atlanta City Council District 3 Patricia H. Crayton I
phone: 404-281-7547
email: [email protected]
mail: Post Office Box 92357 Atlanta, Georgia 30314

2013-Atlanta City Council District 4: Sister DeBorah Williams 
email: [email protected]
mail: 555 Hopkins St.
Atlanta, GA 30310



2015-Warrenville Park District Commissioner: Steve Alesch ran for and won re-election on Tuesday April 7, 2015. He is a member of the Green Party in this non-partisan race.  

Steve Alesch says he will be the commissioner for all the people and will be:

  • Fiscally Responsible
  • Independent Voice
  • Environmental Steward

"It’s about community!  I originally decided to run for public office because I wanted to contribute something positive to my community.  I feel as strongly committed to that vision as I was four years ago.  While our park district is small, it is vitally important to our quality of life, and I will continue to protect our parks from both overly optimistic expansion, as well as unnecessary, cynical budget hatcheting.

I will continue to protect the quality of our parks as they currently exist, while making thoughtful, sustainable, well timed and sensibly financed improvements to facilities and programming.

I will also continue to bring an independent voice to the board."

Steve Alesch's website



2012-US HOR District 2: Andrew Straw



2012-State HOR District 45: Geoff Young



2012-State Senate District 8: Asher Platts

2012-State HOR District 39: Carolyn Blackfeather Rae

2012-State HOR District 118: Tom MacMillan

2014-Asher Platts is the Green Party candidate for state senate.

"I grew up in a working class family here in Portland, Maine.

It seems as of late that our leadership in DC and Augusta from both sides of the aisle are giving everything away to the folks who already have everything, and then asking the rest of us to foot the bill.

Fat Cat Businessmen are given tax breaks, public property, and taxpayer dollars, while working Mainers are asked to pay higher taxes, and accept fewer public services from the state, and lower wages, and fewer benefits from their place of employment-- if they can find a job at all.

Those of us who have been left out in the cold are now seeing vital lifelines, like EBT and Medicaid, cut from under us.  The backwards thinking of taking from the have-nots to give to the faves, with an ever-shrinking middle class caught in the eye of this economic storm, has sent our economy into a tailspin.

It not only doesn't make economic sense, it's morally wrong.  My name is Asher Platts, and I'm a member of a party that has the guts to stand up for what's right, and refuse to take corporate money so that we can keep the public interest in our hearts and our policies-- the Maine Green Independent Party.

I want to go to Augusta and set things right.  Help make the change you want to see!"

Asher Platts Website

2014-Tom MacMillan is a Green Party candidate for the Maine House of Representatives District 38. We are proud to endorse him in 2014 just as we did back in 2012.

Tom MacMillan was born in Portland, Maine to a working class family; his mother was a medical technician and his father an auto-mechanic. His family, which has lived in Portland for generations, includes his great-grandmother who still lives in the West End. He is a proud graduate of Portland Public Schools, including Portland High School. He is also a board member of the West End Neighborhood Association.

Tom is running for office after years of involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Seeds of Peace and the Maine Green Independent Party because of the obvious need to remove money from politics. Everyone realizes that the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are in deep trouble. He views the involvement of professional lobbyists, financial institutions and big industries in the political process as the primary cause of apathy and distrust in the US political system. He also believes those reasons to be why small and local businesses are unable to grow and that health care continues to need a common sense solution. As a state representative, Tom will work to limit and eventually end the involvement of corporate money in our political system.

Tom has worked on a number of issues in the recent past, including successfully organizing and writing a resolution for Portland City Council to endorse a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood. He also collected hundreds of signatures to help restore same day voter registration, restore same sex marriage and marijuana reform.

Tom MacMillan's Facebook Page

2014-Daniel Stromgren is a Green Party candidate Maine House of Representatives, District 54.

Dan, feeling a pull towards his values and sense of social justice, left the business community to obtain his

Master of Social Work Degree in 2010 and currently works as a clinical social worker serving the people of mid-coast Maine.

His top priorities as a candidate for State Senate are Sustainable Economic Development, Education, and Healthcare.

"I think it has become evident as the government has polarized that the true progressive way of thinking has become more moderate and mainstream. We're not so pigeonholed as we were in the early days. Renewable resources, alternative energy, environmental stewardship, community affinity and local economies....these have all, for the most part, become accepted as the standard for sustainability and our capability of managing, maintaining and improving the quality of life both now and for future generations. And as these ideas have become more accepted, our larger message, which for the most part was always there, has begun to resonate with the general public."

Daniel Stromgren's Website

David Stromgren's Facebook Page



2012-US HOR District 8: George Cluck 



2012-President of the United States: Jill Stein (running mate, Cheri Honkala)



2012-US HOR District 4: Pat Timmons

2012-US HOR District 9: Julia Williams

2012-Michigan State Board of Education: Dwain C. Reynolds III

2012-Michigan State Board of Education: Candace Caveny

2012-Calhoun County Clerk & Register of Deeds: John Anthony LaPietra

2012-Newberg Township Clerk, Cass County: Korine Bachleda

2014-Michigan Attorney General, GP, John Anthony La Pietra We have also endorsed him previously in 2012.

"More than half the candidates on the ballot weren't allowed in the debate -- and about half the people in national polls ( identify themselves as neither Democrats nor Republicans, so in Michigan (where we don't have to declare a party when we register to vote) independents are very likely a majority!

I believe the job of Michigan's Attorney General is to be the top attorney FOR THE PEOPLE. Not for those in high places, or with deep pockets. FOR THE PEOPLE. *All* the people. And I am running to show how the job can be done that way – because it's not being done that way now.

The incumbent Attorney General – and incumbents and other special interests in power in Lansing – are forgetting, or ignoring, the fundamental fact of Michigan government: "All political power is inherent in the people" (MI Const, Art I, § 1). They've fallen into the habit of blocking the paths to that people power – initiative, referendum, recall, even voting. Our neighbors in Ohio have had similar problems, but they finally got a court to listen. As Michigan's Attorney General FOR THE PEOPLE, I'll fight to restore power to the people. And one place to start is to apply the logic of _State ex rel Ohioans for Fair Districts v Husted_, 130 Ohio St 3d 240, 2011-Ohio-5333 (2011).

I will stand up for justice FOR THE PEOPLE. I will use the authority of the office fairly and justly on behalf of the rights and interests of the people. I will oversee my own office, and prosecutors and public officials across Michigan, to prevent or correct abuses of authority.

I hope to use the office of Attorney General to help protect people's rights, prevent or correct wrongs, and put conflicting rights in balance fairly. I hope to rebuild trust in the justice system, and in state government overall. I hope to live up to my value of grassroots democracy – by helping us all get the fair say we deserve in the decisions that affect our lives, not just a few fat cats with fat checks. I hope to live up to my value of social justice – by confronting all barriers to fair treatment and equal justice under law: racism, sexism, and homophobia; ageism and disability; religious and political persecution; and the privileges given the rich and denied the poor. And I hope to shape the office, and the people's expectations of the one who holds it -- so that my successors as Michigan's Attorney General will go on doing the job FOR THE PEOPLE.

If you're tired of being leaned on to lean towards a lesser evil, visit the Facebook page of my campaign for Attorney General ("


Grad School:

  • Cooley Law '08
  • J.D. cum laude, administrative law, Constitutional law & civil rights


  • Macalester '78
  • B.A. cum laude, planning & public administration

Facebook Page:

email: [email protected]

John Anthony La Pietra -- Attorney General for the People
386 Boyer Court
Marshall, MI  49068


2016 - Statehouse 63rd District: This is John Anthony La Pietra's third New Progressive Alliance endorsement.

John Anthony La Pietra's website

John Anthony La Pietra's Facebook Page

John Anthony La Pietra
611 North Linden Street
Marshall, MI  49068

Green Party of Michigan
    Statewide Elections Co-ordinator
    Calhoun County Co-ordinator
    2016 candidate for State Representative/63rd District

BY the People -- FOR the People

The Four Pillars of GPMI:
    Grassroots Democracy
    Social Justice
    Ecological Wisdom

For our Ten Key Values, add:
    Community-Based Economics
    Future Focus
    Personal and Global Responsibility
    Respect for Diversity



2012-US Senate: Michael Cavlan

2012-Minneapolis School Board: Doug Mann

2013-Minneapolis Mayor: Doug Mann 
Contact: 612-824-8800

2013-Minneapolis Ward 2 City Council: Cam Gordon for the Green Party
email: [email protected]

2013-Minneapolis Ward 3 City Council: Kristina Gronquist

Kristina Gronquist Facebook

2014-State Minnesota HOR Representative, District 65A: Lena Buggs is a Green Party candidate seeking the MN HOR seat for District 65A State House of Representatives in the August 12, 2014 primary and November 4, 2014 general election. She said the following.

Dear Neighbors and Voters,

 For the past 9 years, I've worked on grassroots, human and civil rights issues. I have a strong record of service as a community activist and organizer, who is committed to civic engagement, and grassroots democracy. This experience positions me perfectly for service as your State Representative. My Transformative Leadership has enabled me to work hard to keep my promises and deliver results to the people who elect me. I am a strong leader who will not buckle under the voices of a few. I listen to people about their concerns, tell people what I believe in and what I would like to do, and then hold myself accountable for the outcomes of my service.

I am running for the Green Party nomination for the Minnesota House of Representatives in the 65th District so that, together, we can move Minnesota forward restoring the peoples' confidence in their elected representatives. I am ready and poised to work for you, the great people of the 65th District.

Thank you for your vote.    


Lena Buggs' Website

Lena Buggs' Facebook Page

2014-Doug Mann is running for the Minneapolis Board of Education and says, "Education is a right, not a privilege!"

"The racial test score gap is largely a reflection of the quality of education to which students have access. Students of color are overexposed to inexperienced teachers and heavily concentrated in watered-down curriculum tracks. The grossly inferior education provided to children in Minneapolis Public Schools that few white attend, in terms of measurable inputs such as teacher experience and turnover rates, is a violation of the State's Desegregation Rule, which both the Minneapolis Board of Education and the State of MN choose to ignore.

"It is time to eliminate the policy-driven, top-down racial discrimination in the K-12 school system in Minneapolis, as well as in the rest of the United States."

Doug Mann's Facebook

Doug Mann's Website


2014-Robin Hensel is running for the Little Falls, MN mayor.

.....what is REALLY TACKY is elected officials that do not follow their own rules, policies or the U.S. Constitution.  Tacky is SELECTIVE  ENFORCEMENT OF LAWS, and HUMAN RIGHTS INJUSTICES that are RAMPANT in Little Falls and MORRISON COUNTY.

Our community leadership’s long-standing culture of forfeiting what is in the best interest of our city in order to advance the personal and professional interests of a small opportunity-hoarding clique will come to an end with my election to public office.

Robin Hensel's email: [email protected]

Robin Hensel's website

2015 - Trahern Crews is running for the St. Paul, MN City Council  Member from Ward 1 for the November 4, 2015 election and is a member of the Green Party. He believes in the following.

  • Being a  big advocate of women and minority owned businesses
  • Stabilizing the rising cost of rent in Saint Paul, MN and surrounding areas
  • Will enforce and implement The City of Saint Pauls Human Rights Ordinance
  • Supports the Black Lives Matter Movement
  • Supports 15 dollars an hour minimum wage

Trahern Crews mailing address:

901 Fuller Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55104

Trahern Crews Facebook Page

Trahern Crews email address: [email protected]


2016 - Green Party Minneapolis, MN School Board: Doug Mann on November 8, 2016.

I plan to run for the at-large seat on the Minneapolis School Board this year, as a Green. I won't seek the DFL (Democratic Party) nomination. I stood for election to the same office, and advanced to the general election ballot in 4 of the past 7 electoral cycles. I support the New Progressive Alliance platform and request the NPA's endorsement.

I believe that education is a right, not a privilege, and that a quality public education should be available to all on an equal basis. The huge racial disparities in exposure of students to inexperienced teachers, high teacher turnover, and watered down curriculum are the biggest obstacles to closing gaps in access to a quality public education and to closing the student "achievement" gap. An essential step toward eliminating those disparities are to shrink the pool of newly hired and inexperienced teachers by increasing retention of new teachers. There is a very low turnover rate for teachers who complete their three year probationary period and get some job security provided by the teacher tenure law.

I am opposed to maintaining a large pool of newly hired teachers, many of whom are fired and replaced during their 3 year probationary period. This saves money, but the price paid by students who are overexposed to inexperienced teachers and watered-down curriculum is too high. At the district's better schools, newly licensed teachers are seldom hired. The lion's share of new and inexperienced teachers are assigned to schools that few or no white students attend. This translates into huge racial disparities in exposure of students to inexperienced teachers. This is recognized as illegal, systemic, racial discrimination under state and federal law, according to a 1999 draft of the Statement of Need and Reasonableness for revisions of Minnesota Administrative Rules, chapter 3535, related to equality of opportunity in education. That revised Rule allowed greater racial segregation of school districts and a provision to monitor and to eliminate racial disparities in "educational inputs," such as exposure of students to inexperienced teachers, between schools that are "racially identifiable" and schools that are "not racially identifiable." In Minneapolis, only schools that few or no white, non-Hispanic students attend are classified as "racially identifiable." Rule 3535 states that the Minnesota commissioner of education shall request, and school districts that operate "racially identifiable" schools shall provide the commissioner an annual report that shows whether there are racial disparities in specified areas, and a plan of correction to eliminate the disparities. Annual reports approved by the Minneapolis Board of Education never conformed to the requirements of Rule 3535, and there has been no report issued by the school district in the past decade, give or take a few years.

The district last came up with a plan to increase retention of probationary teachers in 2002, but it didn't include an end to the practice of "laying off" all probationary teachers and replacing most of them each year. In school districts that do not serve "cities of the first class," all teachers have recall rights if laid off. For many years, only Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth were cities of the first class. Beginning in 2010, the district began to more selectively "lay off" teachers for "economic" and "performance reasons," with about the same effect on teacher turnover as firing them all, rehiring some, and replacing the large majority of them. This is marketed as a teacher quality improvement strategy, of keeping the best new teachers, and firing the rest. But this is really an obstacle to improving the quality of teaching and student outcomes for the district's "poor performing schools.". There is a steep learning curve for most teachers during their first 5 years of employment as teachers. And these teachers often need more support than they get. That is no way to develop strong academic programs without a stable team of teachers.

Doug Mann's Facebook Page


2018 - For the fifth time the New Progressive Alliance has proudly endorsed Doug Mann. He is running for the citywide election on November 6, 2018  for the Minneapolis School Board. He has consistently worked for specific needed educational reforms. The reason the New Progressive Alliance is so enthusiastic about Doug Mann's candidacy for the Minneapolis School Board is because these issues are national issues. Republicans and Democrats alike follow the same discredited education policies.

Policy changes needed to reduce teacher turnover rates in Minneapolis Public Schools

Doug Mann's 2018 Website



2018 - Just as we did in 2014, the New Progressive Alliance endorses Robin Hensel for the November 6, 2018 election of Little Falls, MN mayor. Robin Hensel has had her rights validated in a court of law saying she was right and the city of Little Falls was wrong.

She said, “Our community leadership’s long-standing culture of forfeiting what is in the best interest of our city in order to advance the personal and professional interests of a small opportunity-hoarding clique will come to an end with my election to public office.”

Robin Hansel's Facebook Page:

Robin Hensel's email:  [email protected] 

(Email Robin Hensel for free bumper stickers.)

2020 - For the sixth time in ten years the New Progressive Alliance has proudly endorsed Doug Mann. He is running for the citywide election on November 3, 2020 for the Minneapolis School Board. He has consistently worked for specific needed educational reforms. The reason the New Progressive Alliance is so enthusiastic about Doug Mann's candidacy for the Minneapolis School Board is because these issues are national issues. The very idea of fully funded public education has been declining for some time. Charter schools are being used as a weapon to defund public schools. This will have a calamitous effect on our future if not reversed. The article Education has over 900 references which are continuously updated. 

Doug Mann's Facebook Page

"Education is a right, not a privilege!

A quality public education for all on an equal basis

   The Minneapolis School District is implementing a neo-liberal school reform agenda of de-professionalizing, de-skilling and de-unionizing the teaching profession and of charterizing the K-12 public school system.

    The neoliberal agenda is aligned with policies that violate the civil rights of students, such as maintaining a big pool of probationary teachers (first 3 years post-hire) who are heavily assigned to schools where few white students are enrolled

    The district has claimed that it can’t afford to bring teacher turnover rates to low levels in all schools.

How does increased teacher retention affect the budget?

Increased costs: If the share of teachers who complete probation increases from 80 to 90%, average teacher payroll costs would rise incrementally over 20-30 years by about 5% or less because of pensions and a long, steep pay ladder.

Decreased costs: Fewer teachers need to be hired and trained. Fewer kids placed in special Ed because more can thrive academically, emotionally and socially.

Conclusion: Bringing teacher turnover rates to low levels in all schools does not increase operational costs nor present financial obstacles to other district improvement strategies."


New Jersey

2012-US Senate: Ken Wolski

2012-US HOR District 1: Bill Reitter 

2012-US HOR District 5: Patricia Alessandrini


New York

2012-United States Senate: Colia Clark

2012-US HOR District 6: Evergreen Chou

2012-US HOR District 11: Hank Bardel

2012-US HOR District 14: Anthony Gronowicz 

2012-US HOR District 16: Joseph Diaferia 

2012-US HOR District 24: Ursula Résumé

2013-Syracruse City Council 4th District: Howie Hawkins Green PartyWebsite

2014-Howie Hawkins is running for New York Governor. Howie and the Green Party support progressive taxation, fully-funded schools, renewable energy, single-payer health care, $15 minimum wage and a New York that works for the 99%. We were pleased to support him in his 2013 bid to be on the Syracuse City Council and are proud to endorse him as New York Governor.

Howie Hawkin's Website

Howie Hawkin's Facebook Page

2014-New York Lieutenant Governor, GP, Brian Jones  Jones is a teacher who understands the threat of charter schools to education for all. As an African American, he is acutely aware of systemic segregation in a state often held out as a bastion for equality, when the facts on the ground tell a very different story, and has succeeded in making that disparity a top issue of the campaign.

Brian Jones' website



2012-US HOR Ohio District 14: Elaine Mastromatteo

2013-Toledo City Council; Sean Nestor for the Green party

2014-Ohio, US HOR District 12, GP, Bob Hart 

"Representing People Not Corporations will be the primary theme of my 2014 run for the U.S.Congress in Ohio’s 12th District. One purpose of the campaign will be to help build activist oriented Green Party formations in each of the 6 major counties in the district as we continue to build a robust Ohio Green Party. Key campaign issues will include full employment, living wage jobs, universal health care, green energy initiatives, and a guaranteed college education. Throughout the campaign we will point out the necessity of building a people’s movement to reclaim our democracy from the distorting and undemocratic actions of big corporate money and lobbyists."

Bob Hart's Website

Bob Hart's Facebook Page

[email protected]


2012-US HOR District 3: Woodrow Broadnax Jr. 

2012-US HOR District 4: Mike Beilstein



2012-Vice President of the United States: Cheri Honkala (running mate: Jill Stein)

2014-Paul Glover is running as a Green Party candidate for Pennsylvania Governor. He is founder of 18 organizations and campaigns, including Ithaca (NY) HOURS local currency, the Philadelphia Orchard Project, Health Democracy, and Citizen Planners of Los Angeles. He has authored several books and is a former professor of urban studies. Glover's GreenPlanners consultancy helps communities prepare for a secure and abundant future even while fuel and food costs rise.

Paul Glover Posters

Paul Glover's Webpage

Paul Glover's Facebook Page



2012-US Senate: Martin Pleasant

2012-US HOR District 7: Howard Switzer

2012-Tennessee HOR District 55: Susan Shann



2012-Vice President of the United States, Socialist Party USA (SPUSA): Alejandro “Alex” Mendoza

2012-US HOR District 2: Mark A. Roberts

2012-US HOR District 33: Ed Lindsay 

2012-Texas HOR District 65: Alejandro “Alex” Mendoza 

2012-Texas HOR District 124: Herb Gonzales, Jr 

2012-Harris County Sheriff: Remington Alessi

2012-Bexar County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Pl. 1: Joel Benavidez

2013-Mayor of Houston: Don Cook for the Green Party

Don Cook Facebook Page

2013-Texas Senate District 6: Maria Selva for the Green Party

[email protected]

2014 - Kenneth Kendrick is the Green Party candidate for the Texas Agriculture Commission.

As is the case for most “Truth Tellers” a/k/a whistleblowers, my career and job prospects have been limited over the last few years. Nonetheless, I have remained a staunch Food Safety, Corporate Ethics, and Whistleblower protection advocate. In that capacity, I have spoken on multiple college and university campuses, television, and radio programs including an appearance on Good Morning America. Print and online media outlets that have covered my truth telling activities and food integrity as well as ethics advocacy include the New York Times, Associated Press, and several industry publications.

I do not and upon election to the Texas Agricultural Commission, I will not have the usual “politician's agenda. I have no personal agenda other than doing the best job for the State of Texas. I do not have a business that might benefit from some backdoor deals, nor have I taken any  lobby donations to “owe” a favor later.

Kenneth Kendrick's Facebook Page

Kenneth Kendrick's Website



2012-President of the United States, JP, : Rocky Anderson 



2012-Arlington County Board: Dr. Audrey Clement

2015 - Virginia 81st District House of Delegates, Jeff Staples, Green Party

"I pledge to support working people, the environment and not to take any corporate donations or gifts. Representing the people, will be my goal. We can add jobs, rebuild our infrastructure and make our state cleaner and greener!"

Jeff Staples website

email:  [email protected]



2013-Seattle City Council: Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative was elected to Seattle City Council in November 2013.

Kshama Sawant's Website

Kshama Sawant's Facebook Page

2015-We are pleased with Kshama's campaign and cooperation with the Green Party. We would have endorsed her in 2015, but she has not endorsed the Unified Platform, a requirement to be endorsed by the New Progressive Alliance. We do not go with feelings, but demand specific policy commitments.



2012-U.S. President: Aldous C. Tyler



Candidate endorsements withdrawn (or, there's one in every crowd!)

2012-George Fish–Indiana,  Lt Gov, withdrew 08-11-12, later repudiated principles of Unified Platform by constant glorification of Obama and refusal to engage in discussion.

2012-Henry Lawrence III - Florida, refused to endorse Unified Platform, saying in essence "I am really liberal, trust me." Sorry, we already got burned with the democrats and now demand specific policy commitments.

2013-Rocky Anderson backed off on calls for economic reforms and to build a third party to support a radical libertarian agenda.

2013-Geoff Young, candidate for US HOR from Kentucky's 6th Congressional District whom we endorsed in 2012. After being kicked out of the Green Party, said he approved of "lesser of two evils" voting that his main goal was to elect Democrats and help "turn Kentucky blue." (To his credit, he did not try to hide his new allegiance.) This is clearly against the Unified Platform and we  withdrew our endorsement of Geoff Young.

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commented 2015-09-08 15:47:54 -0700 · Flag
I agree with everything in the list, but for campaigning purposes, you need to simplify your slogans to avoid sounding like policy wonks:

Put your points in simple, concrete terms. For example: Election reform—> “We have to stop rich people from buying elections and bribing politicians. We have to make sure that every citizen over 18 is automatically registered to vote. We need to make Election Day a national holiday so that you can have time off from work to vote. We need to make sure that every vote is counted and recounted honestly.”

Note that the Republicans explain their positions in simple language carefully crafted to hit the emotional buttons. The Left needs to do the same.

Also, make sure that the issues you highlight are relevant locally. Back in the 1980s, the Citizens’ Party tried for a city council seat in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, the candidate’s platform was things like “no intervention in Central America” (the city council had no troops at its disposal) and “nuclear disarmament” (the city council did not own any nuclear weapons). That’s an extreme example, but every community has some issue that the locals can be rallied around while some of the issues may not be so important to them.