Karen Sandness

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I agree with everything in the list, but for campaigning purposes, you need to simplify your slogans to avoid sounding like policy wonks:

Put your points in simple, concrete terms. For example: Election reform—> “We have to stop rich people from buying elections and bribing politicians. We have to make sure that every citizen over 18 is automatically registered to vote. We need to make Election Day a national holiday so that you can have time off from work to vote. We need to make sure that every vote is counted and recounted honestly.”

Note that the Republicans explain their positions in simple language carefully crafted to hit the emotional buttons. The Left needs to do the same.

Also, make sure that the issues you highlight are relevant locally. Back in the 1980s, the Citizens’ Party tried for a city council seat in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, the candidate’s platform was things like “no intervention in Central America” (the city council had no troops at its disposal) and “nuclear disarmament” (the city council did not own any nuclear weapons). That’s an extreme example, but every community has some issue that the locals can be rallied around while some of the issues may not be so important to them.