The Largest Third Party in America by Sondra Miller

Sondra Miller is a long time supporter of the New Progressive Alliance.

The largest Third Party in America has over 3.3 million members in the United States. It has millions of dollars in its treasury and owns posh meeting halls in every major city. Its political dogma is printed in a hardcover book and copies of it are in libraries all over the world.

It sprang upon the American scene in March of 2014 when Muslim Brotherhood leaders convened the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) and announced its formation at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. located just blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building. The purpose was to unite Muslims into a unified voting bloc and political organization that could run candidates, influence elections, and institutionalize policies that are favorable to Muslims such as Shariah Law.

Political activism is but one pillar of the Muslim Brotherhood’s larger strategic plan for North America, called Civilization Jihad and outlined in the Explanatory Memorandum, which is aimed at destroying Western civilization from within by infiltrating politics, government, faith groups, academia, and the U.S. judicial system, and substituting their own Islamic supremacist laws. Their strategic plan for North America was discovered in 2007 by the FBI pursuant to the Justice Department’s conviction of the largest Muslim charity in the United States for sending over $12 million dollars to known terrorists in the Middle East.

Instead of creating a new Muslim Party with all the ballot access and name recognition problems that would cause, the Muslims simply moved into the Democratic Party, which already has ballot access in all 50 states and name recognition that prompts many Democrats to vote the straight Democratic ticket without doing any research on the individual candidates. 

The Democratic Party was tailor-made for this coup. Democrats were already pandering the propaganda that Muslims are just a poor maligned minority whose only goal is to pray to Allah and discriminate against women, in peace. When in fact, the core teachings of Islam found in the Qur’an contain the rules of engagement for war and a complete set of civilian laws and punishments for breaking them that all Muslims believe in. It is a political dogma that claims to be authored by God.

While American soldiers are looking down the barrels of Muslim artillery overseas, traditional Democratic candidates are looking down the barrels of big oil money from the Middle East aimed at shooting them out of the political water and replacing them with Muslim candidates. While Muslims are a minority in the USA , their plan is to align with every dissident group in America, and pretend to support their causes in order to get votes and get elected. Once in power, they can purge their ranks of non-Muslims as they see fit.

There is now a Muslim Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party, two Muslim Representatives in Congress and numerous Muslim Representatives in State Legislatures. The Washington Post says a big blue wave of Muslim candidates is coming in future elections.



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