Anthony Noel frequently mentioned the leftist circular firing squad and Michael Cavlan has long urged leftist organizations to cooperate. If we ever do work together the Democratic Party certainly has shown what not to do. Here Sondra Miller, a key contributor to the New Progressive Alliance, takes a hard look at where we are.

In the last election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan was “Stronger Together” as she sliced and diced the country into special interest groups and ran around pandering to each group telling each group what they wanted to hear - from Wall Street bankers to gays, Muslims, Latinos, and blacks. There was no unifying message of health, education and wellbeing for all, regardless of race, religion or national origin. After the Saudi Muslim royals donated millions to her, she began promoting Islam and led the Democratic Party down the yellow brick road of Islamopandering, and the entire left fell in step behind her and can’t seem to find the exit ramp.
Meanwhile, average American workers are in serious need of help with healthcare, education, employment, and housing. One in five American children are living in hunger, poverty or homelessness. Many American factories have closed and moved to Mexico or China leaving many laid-off workers to take two minimum wage jobs with no benefits in order to survive.  Healthcare remains a confusing labyrinth of Obamacare, private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid with rising costs for all. And college tuition has soared. Yet the only thing the left is doing on the evening news is protesting against temporary immigration bans.
At one time, the health, education and welfare of all American workers, regardless of race, religion, or national origin was the focus of Democrats, Progressives and Socialists alike. It was working class people the entire left claimed to be championing. Now however, the American worker sees the entire left abandoning the 99% of American workers in favor of the 1% of the population who are Muslims. Therefore working class people voted Republican majorities to the House, Senate, and most State Legislatures. This may be the wave of the future unless the left can focus on its roots and present a positive program of health, education and wellbeing for all, and stop the hate speech (led by Democrats) against all the American workers who voted Republican.
The left needs a positive economic program for the United States and an election plan to implement it, with some charismatic candidates to present it to the voters. Whatever foreign policy decisions need to be made, they are best made by a progressive Congress who has the focus and skills to understand and solve the problems here at home.
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