The Women's March on Washington by Sondra Miller

Sondra Miller has been a long time supporter of the New Progressive Alliance and here asks good questions about the nature of the "resistance" to Trump. Issues such as oil pipelines, war, and civil rights which were not important for 8 years when Obama was president are suddenly important when Trump is president.

Several women asked me what the Women’s March was all about. The short answer was I don’t know. Since less than one percent of American women participated, and since it occurred after the election, and after the Republican Congress was firmly seated, and since it was organized by right-wing ideologues, it gives credence to the theory it was organized to allow those violently opposed to Donald Trump to let off steam in a controlled environment in the streets while lawmakers on Capitol Hill proceed with business as usual.

The tendency on the left from Democrats to Socialists has been to celebrate themselves and small cultural special interest groups and ignore the vast number of American workers with their vast numbers of votes. Donald Trump campaigned to this vast number of workers and his message resonated with them to the extent it even benefited Republican Congressmen running in rural Congressional Districts. 
The Republicans even picked up votes from the Democrats’ coveted cultural special interest groups. One Muslim woman said she voted for Trump because she was more afraid of violent Muslim men than Trump’s immigration policies. These diverse cultural groups may never like each other but they are all concerned about health, education and employment and that’s what the Republicans campaigned on. Whether or not they deliver on these issues remains to be seen. One of Trump's first meetings in the White House was with industry leaders to ask their input on what can be done to get more jobs and better salaries for American workers. 
Marches come and go but Congress is here to stay. And I doubt that any of the marchers are involved in a viable strategic plan to recruit and elect a progressive Representative to Congress from their Congressional District.

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