It Is Time To Define Religion

Sondra Miller is the guest writer. She is a long time supporter of the New Progressive Alliance and has been a long time activist.

Religion has had a major effect on American politics during the past century and yet most Americans have never defined for themselves what religion actually is. 
A study of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Buddha show they provide a framework for a personal quest for God and a personal self-improvement course. They are not a mandate to control others. In America, we’ve experienced various attempts to hijack the Christian name to control others via political organizations like the Christian Coalition. Its focus was almost entirely upon controlling others, from Congress to other people’s reproductive organs.
The political left didn’t speak up about the inconsistencies between the political dogma of the Christian Coalition and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Ironically, it was the IRS who eventually determined the Christian Coalition was more about political dogma than the teachings of Christ and they revoked their tax-exempt status.
Democrats and progressives, in their zeal to portray themselves as liberals tolerant of all religions, allowed the religious-right to run roughshod over American politics, and now the left is doing the same thing with Islam. In their zeal to portray themselves as liberal defenders of religious freedom, they have embraced a violent right-wing political dogma that is far to the right of anything the Christian Coalition came up with.
Democrats from the President on down, have declared Islam a religion of peace. History has proven Islam isn’t a religion of peace. Muslims have been fighting with each other and other people for a thousand years. One of their most bloody and sadistic wars was in 1971 when the Muslim Army of West Pakistan attacked the Muslim civilians of East Pakistan with a gusto for brutality and sadism that rivaled what ISIS is doing today. The Indian Army under Indira Gandhi finally stepped in a put an end to the carnage and helped the people of East Pakistan form the independent country of Bangladesh. The details of this gory war are documented in detail in Robert Payne’s book “Massacre: The Tragedy at Bangladesh”.
Muhammad codified violence in the Qur’an. He was a worldly ruler whose mission was to unite the warring tribes of Arabia and control them through a common set of laws and punishments recorded in the Qur’an. He succeeded mainly by claiming his message of law and order was dictated by God (Allah). The guidelines in the Qur’an permit beatings, beheadings, chopping off other body parts, polygamy, and slavery. It is antithetical to the progressive agenda and it’s time someone said so.
No mention can be made of Islamic violence without the automatic response that Christians did the same thing during the crusades, as though that somehow justifies perpetual jihad or your children living under Islamic law. If religion is defined as the organized framework for a personal quest for God and a personal self-improvement course, then Islam is more of a political dogma than a religion and should be debated as such.
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