On Becoming Dependent Upon Incarceration

Rose Roby, an activist in Florida, discusses the real status quo and becoming dependent upon incarceration.

The deterioration of race relations in this nation isn't merely an abstract psychological condition -- in places like Mississippi, white economic survival is now dependent on the mass incarceration of Black people who are used as slave labor to feed local economies. See Mississippi Jails Are Losing Inmates, And Local Officials Are ‘Devastated’ By The Loss Of Revenue - “If they do not send us our inmates back, we can’t make it,” said one county supervisor.

Last week I responded to a post that suggested that failure to vote for Hillary Clinton come November was a glaring example of white privilege in action. But this state of affairs is the direct result of the Clinton Administration's draconian crime bill that ushered in the rise of the Prison Industrial Complex. As Bill Clinton made abundantly clear last week, the neoliberal class considers mass incarceration of Black people one of their greatest accomplishments. And they're so secure in their belief that the Black vote will go to them, they don't even feel compelled to hide this any longer.

I'm not voting for more white supremacy by empowering the Clintons. That's not a reflection of my privilege, it's a reflection of my humanity.



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