Widespread Police Misconduct and an Expanding Prison Population

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    When I was growing up my father always said that a policeman was your friend who would always help you out.  In the United States and world wide that is no longer an accurate description.

The increased use of violence without justification by police both here and abroad can no longer be regarded as isolated incidents. From the massive tactics used to break up Occupy and other democratic movements coordinated by the Federal Government to increasing unjustified violence to the increasing purchase and use of military vehicles all indicate a disturbing trend. Further, this violence seems to be increasingly directed against innocent protestors or other victims.

     The reason I have so many references is to show this is a steadily increasing trend that I continuously update. It is not a vanishing blip on the radar. Failure to deal with this trend will have disastrous consequences for the future.


    Search  on the internet "police brutality" or "police excessive force."  If you search YouTube, there are many videos of cops acting WAY beyond their limits.  See also this website and the below references for extensive documentation. Courts have consistently ruled it is permissible  to not hire policeman or prison guards (often called "counselors") if their IQ is too high. (see reference 243 and others) Movies justifying violence and torture by police and federal agents magnify fear and make for juries and politicians increasingly reluctant to hold policemen accountable.

    Finally, the United States should face the fact that while it has only 4.5% of the world's population, it has 25% of the world's imprisoned people. We have the highest percentage of prisoners. Unfortunately, that percentage is  rising.



1-Why Have Police In America Turned Into Such Ruthless Thugs? 

2-Capitol Police Turn Violent During Solidarity Sing Along Arrests

3-Raleigh Police Threaten to Arrest Church Volunteers for Feeding the Homeless - The city requires that groups purchase an $800 permit to use the park near where homeless are fed.

4-Police Can Now Switch Off i-Phone Camera and Wi-fi Thanks to the Tech Staff at Apple Computers

5-Daily Kos: NYPD assaults judge trying to protect handcuffed homeless man from beating, judge sues

6-Man's decision to pull over & record police activity cost him his dog's life; now could land him 5 years in prison - Hawthorne man says police retaliation is the reason he now faces felony charges

7-SWAT Cop Says American Neighborhoods Are 'Battlefields,' Claims Cops Face Same Dangers As Soldiers In Afghanistan

8-Wisconsin Capitol Arrests Turn Violent As Police Take Down Protester (VIDEO)

9-Watch Cops Threaten To Arrest People Feeding The Homeless In North Carolina!

10-SWAT Team Used To Attack Organic Farm In Texas - City of Arlington SWAT Raid on Peaceful Organic Farmers is a Big Budget Bust

11-Massive SWAT Raid Seizes Organic Okra

12-Homeland Security Coordinated 18-City Police Crackdown on Occupy Protest
13-Where is Obama as Police Brutalize Citizens?
14-Obama Administration Stonewalling UN Questions about Abuse of Occupy Protesters
15-Revealed: How the FBI Coordinated the Crackdown on Occupy
16-How the US Turned Three Pacifists into Violent Terrorists
17-California man faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk
18-Pennsylvania Activist Arrested For Writing Pro-Health Care Message In Chalk

19-What Police State?

20-Mother's DUI Arrest

21-107-Year-Old Man Killed In Police Standoff

22-African American Amputee Assaulted and Mocked by Cops in Nebraska

23-Anti-War Protester Emily Yates Arrested for Playing Banjo in Park (Video)

24-Armed police turn up at family home with battering ram to seize their children after they defy Germany's ban on home schooling

25-Cops taking wounded animals to the gun range and shooting them

26-North Carolina Cop Suspended – Without Pay – for Arresting Man Video Recording him

27-Face-breaking Florida cops under investigation for DUI arrest

28-How I Called the Cops and Almost Got Shot: the Politics of Being a "Threat"

29-It is Illegal to Feed the Homeless in Cities All Over the United States

30-Ohio State University Police Vehicle

31-Long beach police beat man and knock his teeth out

32-NYPD designates mosques as terrorism organizations

33-Roselle Park cops caught on camera: Lawsuit says officers falsely claimed they had warrant

34-Tallahassee police ‘stand by’ practices that broke woman’s face in violent arrest video

35-West Virginia woman loses everything after repossession company ‘forecloses’ on wrong house

36-Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Former Football Player Who May Have Been Seeking Help After A Car Crash

37-10 Arrests in 87 Minutes: The Anatomy of the NYPD’s Protest Dispersal Process

38-10-Hour SWAT Raid of Organic Farm? Just Another Day in the War on Drugs.

39-Endgame: S.F. police shut down sidewalk chess 

40-Licensed To Kill: The Growing Phenomenon Of Police Shooting Unarmed Citizens

41-NYPD have been stopping people and asking them to upgrade to iOS7

42-Police Are More Dangerous To The Public Than Are Criminals

43-Parent Arrested After Asking Questions at School Meeting

44-Police officer charged in fatal shooting of unarmed man who had just survived car accident

45-Torturing Animals At These Places Isn't Illegal, But It Is Illegal To Film It

46-6 Shocking Revelations About How Private Prisons Make Their Money - Private prison companies are striking deals with states that contain clauses to guarantee high prison occupancy rates

47-95 Year Old WWII Vet Refuses to go to Hospital for Urinary Tract Infection, so Police Shoot and Kill Him

48-Act Erratically and the Police Will Shoot You

49-Lawyer Asks: What Did LAPD Cop Say Before Alesia Thomas Died?

50-Amazing Serial Killer Survival Story

51-America's Police Are Looking More and More Like the Military - A Defense Department program transfers military-grade weapons and vehicles to local law enforcement. It's the last thing we need

52-Teen arrested for trying to help struggling Goodwill shoppers

53-Armed Cops Raid Reporter’s Home, Seize Files

54-Bizarre scene in Toledo: Cop holds entire family on ground with Taser - The raging officer terrorized the family and then threw a witness' phone to the ground.

55-California family suing police for 'abuse of power' after son's killing

56-Canadian Police Use Military Tactics to Disperse Indigenous Anti-Fracking Blockade

57-Cherokee County teen shot by police sniper, parents speak out

58-City says cops had no duty to protect subway hero who subdued killer

59-Cops Tase Barely Conscious Boy With Broken Back


64-Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

65-Dallas chief drops charge against Rylie man shot by officer

66-Dallas Cops Shoot Mentally Ill Man Standing in the Street

67-Dallas County Now Has Its Very Own Bulletproof, "Mine-Protected" Military SUV

68-Dallas police shoot mentally ill man standing in the street

69-Detectives Kill 80 Year Old Man in his Own House because they smelled something

Detectives Kill 80 Year Old Man In His Own Home Because They Smelled Something
Read more at http://www.realfarmacy.com/detectives-kill-80-year-old-man/#bD5qIkOmsv6MV3Fw.99
Detectives Kill 80 Year Old Man In His Own Home Because They Smelled Something
Read more at http://www.realfarmacy.com/detectives-kill-80-year-old-man/#bD5qIkOmsv6MV3Fw.99
Detectives Kill 80 Year Old Man In His Own Home Because They Smelled Something
Read more at http://www.realfarmacy.com/detectives-kill-80-year-old-man/#bD5qIkOmsv6MV3Fw.99

70-Drunken off-duty deputy tried to arrest woman at bar when she resisted his advances

71-Elsipogtog: RCMP move in on peaceful protesters 17 October

72-Federal Cops Rip American Flag From Veteran’s Hands During DC Protest (VIDEO)

73-Florida Police Called To Home To Deal With Suicidal Man And Shoot Him To Death After He Brandishes Scissors

74-'Gestapo' tactics meet senior citizens at Yellowstone

75-Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?

76-300-pound officer shoots 12-pound terrier, claims it threatened his life

77-Florida Cop Tasers Cuffed Girl Who Became Braindead As A Result

78-Licensed To Kill: The Growing Phenomenon Of Police Shooting Unarmed Citizens

79-Man Calls Suicide Hotline; Arrested, Cops Trash House Looking for Gun (DC)

80-Meet the Private Companies Helping Cops Spy on Protesters - Promotional materials for private spy companies show that mass surveillance technology is being sold to police departments as a way to monitor dissent

81-METRO NEWS BRIEFS: CONNECTICUT; Judge Rules That Police Can Bar High I.Q. Scores

82-Michigan: The Debtor Prison State

83-Missouri Police Arrest Man for Recording Arrest (Updated)

84-New Trial For Battered Mother Serving 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot- How We Can Help

85-Oakland activist allegedly fired after police tracked him at protest, alerted his employer

86-Oakland Activists Confront Police War Games

87-One Disturbing Reason For Our Exploding Prison Population (INFOGRAPHIC)

88-OUTRAGEOUS! Cops Trick Disabled Teens into Buying Drugs! Targeted special needs kids! (VIDEO)

90-Philly Cop Stops Black Man, Tells Him ‘All You Do Is Weaken the F---ing Country’

91-Pierre Police Chief Defends Use of Taser on Suicidal 8-Year-Old Girl

92-Police Beat Man That Just Learned His Son Committed Suicide

93-Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Former Football Player Who May Have Been Seeking Help After A Car Crash

94-Police in North Carolina Engaged in Spying to Root Out ‘Anarchists’ at ‘Moral Monday’ Protests

95-Police Perform "Simulated Drug Raid" on 5th Graders; Child Attacked by Police Dog

Police perform “simulated drug raid” on 5th graders; child attacked by police dog
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-perform-simulated-drug-raid-5th-graders-child-attacked-police-dog/#FdLTPlTXqWDLbbJe.99
Police perform “simulated drug raid” on 5th graders; child attacked by police dog
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-perform-simulated-drug-raid-5th-graders-child-attacked-police-dog/#FdLTPlTXqWDLbbJe.99
Police perform “simulated drug raid” on 5th graders; child attacked by police dog
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-perform-simulated-drug-raid-5th-graders-child-attacked-police-dog/#FdLTPlTXqWDLbbJe.99
Police perform “simulated drug raid” on 5th graders; child attacked by police dog
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-perform-simulated-drug-raid-5th-graders-child-attacked-police-dog/#FdLTPlTXqWDLbbJe.99

96-Police in California receive death threats after killing man’s dog

97-Police shot unarmed man, drove an armored truck through his door when he did not exit his property on command - A Virginia man loses his family and then his life thanks to the swift justice of the local police department.

98-Police smell meth, raid home, kill 80-year-old man, find no meth

99-Police Tanks

100-Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces – Book Salon Preview

101-A Dog Named Parrot - Claim: A dog named Parrot was murdered by a police officer during a Washington, D.C. festival

Dog Named Parrot

Claim:   A dog named Parrot was murdered by a police officer during a Washington DC festival.

Read more at http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/parrot.asp#pLcHhl05oHhX48OJ.99

Dog Named Parrot

Claim:   A dog named Parrot was murdered by a police officer during a Washington DC festival.

Read more at http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/parrot.asp#pLcHhl05oHhX48OJ.99

102-Surveillance Video of Dallas Police Shooting Contradicts Police Report on Incident: “Obviously there is much more to this situation than that video”

103-Terrance Franklin pleaded for his life, family says - Parents point to his voice on video captured by a bystander.

104-Texas man was beaten by police, nearly drowned after being busted for sleeping in his own car without a permit - "Of course it looks terrible, but it is what it is, and they were making a lawful arrest."

105-Texas Police Repeatedly Shot and Tasered a 67-Year-Old Alzheimer's Patient - In Her Own Home: Her husband begged the police to "put the gun away" as they fired the shotgun again and again

106-The Real Reason Behind America’s Exploding Prison Population (INFOGRAPHIC)

107-This Is How Private Prison Companies Make Millions Even When Crime Rates Fall

108-Tybee Island Police Wage War Upon Autistic Youth

109-UC Davis pepper-spraying cop gets $38K for disability claim

110-Undercover Police Operation Caught Planting Drugs In Small Business

111-VIDEO: FL Cops Break Mother’s Cheekbone During Violent DUI Arrest

112-COMMUNITY VOICES | Idle No More- Occupy MN- AIM Protest at Canadian Consulate in Minneapolis. The Untold Story- Till Now

113-22 Year Old With Down Syndrome Beaten By The Police For "Bulge In Pants" That Was Only A Colostomy Bag!

114-When Did ‘To Serve and Protect’ Become ‘To Seize and Profit’?

115-Why did Officer Michael Hart Shatter this Woman's Face?

116-Woman calls 911 for diabetic fiancé, cops arrive, shoot him dead

117-16-Year-Old Jailed at Rikers for 3 Years Without Trial

118-ACLU: 3,278 Are In Prison For Life In US For Nonviolent Offenses

119-An Off-Duty Cop Gets Thrown Up Against A Wall And Frisked

120-Arkansas Woman Chased and Tased for Refusing to show breasts to cop.

Arkansas Woman Chased And Tased For Refusing To Show Breasts To Cop - See more at: http://www.classwarfareexists.com/arkansas-woman-chased-and-tased-for-refusing-to-show-breasts-to-cop-2/#sthash.hudM40vo.dpuf

121-FBI Document—“[DELETED]” Plots to Kill Occupy Leaders “If Deemed Necessary”

122-Police Arrest Protester because of Sign

123-Border Patrol Will Continue Using Lethal Force on Rock-Throwers

124-Police Break Up Candlelight Vigil

125-BREAKING: Another Government Chemist Accused of Deception, Over 180,000 Cases Now Need Review

126-Two folks have been booked in with “Terrorism Hoax” State Felonies, which can carry a ten year sentence. The “terrorism hoax?” Glitter that fell from the banner.

127-California police department gets $650,000 37,000lb armored military truck

128-Campus Officer Shoots And Kills Texas Student During Traffic Stop

129-Cop breaks into home with no warrant and kills unarmed teen. Judge dismisses case.

Cop Breaks into Home with No Warrant & Kills An Unarmed Teen. Judge Dismisses Case
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-breaks-home-warrant-kill-unarmed-teen-judge-dismisses-case/#xClsjpeCpO6VKGec.99
Cop Breaks into Home with No Warrant & Kills An Unarmed Teen. Judge Dismisses Case
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-breaks-home-warrant-kill-unarmed-teen-judge-dismisses-case/#xClsjpeCpO6VKGec.99
Cop Breaks into Home with No Warrant & Kills An Unarmed Teen. Judge Dismisses Case
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-breaks-home-warrant-kill-unarmed-teen-judge-dismisses-case/#xClsjpeCpO6VKGec.99
Cop Breaks into Home with No Warrant & Kills An Unarmed Teen. Judge Dismisses Case
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-breaks-home-warrant-kill-unarmed-teen-judge-dismisses-case/#xClsjpeCpO6VKGec.99

130-Cop Sexually assaults woman then arrests her for questioning it in front of Judge.

Cop Sexually Assaults Woman, Then Arrests Her for Questioning it, In Front of Judge
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-sexually-assaults-woman-arrests-questioning-it-front-judge/#SOubAdkOkOjKyFcA.99
Cop Sexually Assaults Woman, Then Arrests Her for Questioning it, In Front of Judge
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-sexually-assaults-woman-arrests-questioning-it-front-judge/#SOubAdkOkOjKyFcA.99

131-Cop Shoots Man for Fun, Murders Dog, Threatens to “Shoot the Sh*t” Out of Witness for Filming

132-Cops in Michigan and Florida Target Blacks in Grotesque Abuses of Power

133-Cops killed Harlem man after they mistook friendly Taser fire for knife stab: lawsuit 

134-Cops savagely beat woman on video. Found Not Guilty. Taxpayers held liable instead.

Cops Savagely Beat Woman on Video, Found Not Guilty. Taxpayers Held Liable Instead.
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cops-savagely-beat-woman-video-guilty-taxpayers-held-liable-instead/#fru7VPdTU2xuOXDz.99

135-Corrupt crime lab chemist faces light sentence after ruining countless lives with falsified evidence

136-Court Blocks NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Reforms, Removes Judge Who Found Program Unconstitutional

137-Dad arrested after trying to pick kids up from school on foot instead of in a car

138-Dad Calls Cops on Son to Teach Him a Lesson, Cops Shoot Son Dead

139-Absolutely unimaginable this could happen in America

140-Five years in prison for homeless mom that sent her child to school

141-Man Forced To Have Colonoscopy And Enemas By Cops Looking For Nonexistent Drugs (VIDEO)

142-Cops Get So Rough with Straight A Student That They Rupture His Testιcle

143-Facts and Figures on Incarceration in America

144-Father arrested for trying to pick up his special needs children from school

Father Arrested for Trying to Pick Up his Special Needs Children from School
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/father-arrested-pick-special-children-school/#KHgMSebI8EuZcSfS.99

145-Federal Cameras in Women’s Restrooms Revealed

146-Full Show: Incarceration Nation

147-Hacker Faces More Jail Time Than The Convicted Steubenville Rapists He Exposed

148-Houston Officer Cleared Of Wrongdoing In Killing Of Brian Claunch, Double Amputee

149-How Police Became a Standing Army

150-How Wall Street Turned America Into Incarceration Nation - Transforming poorer neighborhoods into desirable real estate for the new elites often requires getting rid of the poor: jail becomes the new home for many.

151-Impatient NC cops allegedly shoot mentally ill teen: ‘We don’t have time for this’

152-In jail for being in debt

153-In Miami Gardens, store video catches cops in the act

154-The number of incarcerated Americans drastically increases.

155-The U.S. State and Federal prison population has increased over 800% in just 40 years.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/21/3769823/in-miami-gardens-store-video-catches.html#storylink=cpy154-155-

156-'It's Intimidating. And It's Free': Iraq War Surplus Militarizing US Police: AP exclusive finds 165 MRAP vehicles used in Iraq handed to local police departments

157-Jailed for Life for Stealing a $159 Jacket? 3,200 Serving Life Without Parole for Nonviolent Crimes

158-Kelly Thomas: Whatever you do to the least of my brothers …

159-Land of the Free? US Has 25 Percent of the World’s Prisoners

160-Left With Nothing

161-Alabama Deputies Brutally Beat & Unlawfully Arrest Legal Schnauzer Blogger, Roger Shuler

162-Obama & Holder Win Court Case, Keep Thouands in Prison Under Unfair 80s Crack Sentencing Laws - A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

163-Life In A Lawless America: Cop Shoots, Kills College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully

164-List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2013

165-Louisiana Police stun father as son died in house fire

166-Man gives change to homeless person, is handcuffed and held by police for an hour

167-More Police Abuse Towards a Labor Leader

168-Mother of three negligently shot in the head during botched drug raid - The American Drug War claims another innocent casualty.

169-Netherlands Closes Prisons

170-New Mexico Man Sues After Police Conduct 14-Hour Anal Search For Drugs: The police didn’t find any narcotics, but that didn’t stop them from charging the slew of medical bills to the suspect anyway.

171-New Mexico Police Spray Mace in Woman's Vagina to "Punish" Her (Video)

New Mexico Police Spray Mace in Woman’s Vagina to ‘Punish’ Her (Video) - See more at: http://aattp.org/new-mexico-police-spray-mace-in-womans-vagina-to-punish-her-video/#sthash.ISb2Qy3W.dpuf

172-New Stop-and-Frisk Report: A Paltry 3% Are Convicted Out of 2.4 Million Stops - NY Attorney General conducts first detailed examination of policy deemed unconstitutional.

173-Nissan Leaf owner arrested for taking 5 cents of energy without asking

174-North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood - Fort Worth police apologize for its role in federal survey

175-NYPD broke down door without warrant, beat up family, stomped pet bird to death

176-NYPD Officer Risks His Job to Speak Out Against "Stop-and-Frisk" Targeting of People of Color

177-Parents say their schizophrenic son was killed in “cold blood” by police who were called to help - "We don't have time for this!" the officer said, as he shot the 90-lb boy 70 seconds after arriving.

178-Parking violation turns into police assault caught on video – lawsuit

179-Police Brutality Backfires: The People Will Not Stand Idly By as Lone Man is Beaten once Subdued.

180-Meet Your Local Police's New Vehicles

181-Police Shoot and Kill a Man for Watering Lawn, Family Awarded 6.5 Million

Police Shoot and Kill Man for Watering Lawn, Family Awarded 6.5 Million
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-shoot-kill-man-watering-lawn-family-awarded-6-5-million/#62JziQHI7WQ9gRat.99

182-Police shoot toothless 16-year-old family dog during no-knock raid - A familiar story of aggressive policing plays out in a small Alabama town.

183-Police Tanks

184-Live Streamer Records Own Arrest During Kelly Thomas Protest; Footage Survives Despite Camera Confiscation (Updated)

185-Police use anti-terror vehicle in Forest Lake raid

186-Police use Taser on grieving father mourning son's death

187-More Police Tanks

188-Press TV: Tragedy of US police training by Israeli companiesIsraeli Training:  Houston Police Shoot Wheelchair Amputee Said Armed with Ballpoint Pen

189-Rochester Students Arrested for Waiting For a Bus

190-Are we safer with terrorists or police?

191-SFPD accused of brutality in arrest of bicyclist

192-SF cops beat cyclist, passersby trying to intervene: 20-year-old black cyclist was hospitalized by SFPD, after he was stopped for riding a bike on the sidewalk

193-Smithsonian Security Guards Attack Photographer, Then Throw Him Out of Museum After Asking for Their Names

194-St. Louis Church Ordered To Stop Handing Out Hot Meals To The Homeless

195-Corrupt crime lab chemist faces light sentence after ruining countless lives with falsified evidence - A lab analyst who may have tampered with as many as 40,000 cases in 9 years has been sentenced to 3-5 years in prison.

196-Store videos capture a year of police racism - Footage from Miami store shows one black worker stopped and frisked for "trespassing" at store where he works

197-Texas Student Fatally Shot by Campus Police After Traffic Stop

198-The American Police State - A sociologist interrogates the criminal-justice system, and tries to stay out of the spotlight.

199-The Murder of Kelly Thomas

200-This is why people run from the police!!!

201-Chase Madar: The Criminalization of Everyday Life

202-Two Years after being shot at Occupy Oakland, Vet Scott Olsen is healing - and suing

Two Years After Being Shot at Occupy Oakland, Vet Scott Olsen is Healing — and Suing
- See more at: http://www.occupy.com/article/two-years-after-being-shot-occupy-oakland-vet-scott-olsen-healing-%E2%80%94-and-suing#sthash.oKv3hvjU.dpuf

203-Unarmed Man Charged With Vicarious Assault After NYPD Trying to Shoot Him Missed and Shot Two Women Instead

204-U.S. Citizens: 29 Times More Likely to be Killed by Police than Terrorists

205-U.S. Police have killed over 5,000 civilians since 9-11.

US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11 - See more at: http://asheepnomore.net/2013/11/08/us-police-have-killed-over-5000-civilians-since-911/#sthash.UFXL7aGV.dpuf
US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11 - See more at: http://asheepnomore.net/2013/11/08/us-police-have-killed-over-5000-civilians-since-911/#sthash.UFXL7aGV.dpuf

206-UTC Student Pepper-Sprayed and Arrested for Challenging Right-Wing Christian Preacher! (Video)

UTC Student Pepper-Sprayed And Arrested For Challenging Right-Wing Christian Preacher! (Video) - See more at: http://aattp.org/watch-utc-campus-police-mace-arrest-student-challenging-campus-teavangelical-preacher/#sthash.MvSOAvpT.dpuf
UTC Student Pepper-Sprayed And Arrested For Challenging Right-Wing Christian Preacher! (Video) - See more at: http://aattp.org/watch-utc-campus-police-mace-arrest-student-challenging-campus-teavangelical-preacher/#sthash.MvSOAvpT.dpuf

207-VIDEO: Police Detained Ramarley Graham’s Grandmother for Hours After Officer Shot Teen Dead

208-We're Being Robbed But The People Doing It Will Never Go To Prison

209-What?!? Private prisons suing states for millions if they don’t stay full

210-With 2.3 Million People Incarcerated in the US, Prisons Are Big Business - Meet the corporations who are profiting off our prison system.

211-World Incarceration Rates

212-"He Had Fresh Head Injuries": What Ohio Has Been Doing to Mentally Ill Boys - Parents can't keep children alone in their rooms for 1,964 hours. But Ohio allegedly does.

213-"NATO 3" Trial: Terror Case Called Weak, Chicago Police Witch Hunt Alleged

214-Police the Police - (A Community Project)

215-16 Year Old Gymnast Shot Dead by Police For Holding a Stick, Cops Seize Video Footage

216-4 shocking examples of police militarization in America’s small towns - Research shows that the number of SWAT teams in municipalities smaller than 50,000 is up more than 300 percent

217-6 Reasons Why Obama's Clemency Program For Drug Offenders Doesn't Change Mass Incarceration One Bit

218-8 L.A. officers won’t be punished for firing 103 times on two unarmed women

219-Promotion Given To Cops Who Shot Occupy Activist Scott Olsen

220-Plein air artist Alex Schaefer collides with the commercialization of art and and activism

Plein air artist Alex Schaefer collides with the commercialization of art and and activism - See more at: http://lapostexaminer.com/plein-air-artist-alex-schaefer-collides-commercialization-art-activism/2014/01/04#sthash.JesEqLQz.dpuf
Plein air artist Alex Schaefer collides with the commercialization of art and and activism - See more at: http://lapostexaminer.com/plein-air-artist-alex-schaefer-collides-commercialization-art-activism/2014/01/04#sthash.JesEqLQz.dpuf

221-Police in U.S. vs. Europe

222-Animal Rights Activist Sentenced to 30 Months in Jail for Having Bolt Cutters in His Car

223-Another Example

224-Apple Helps Cops Hide Police Brutality

225-Austin police chief says jaywalkers should be happy they’re not sexually assaulted by cops

226-Baby Critically Burned During SWAT Raid, Stun Grenade Thrown into His Crib.

227-Black father found dead with throat cut, ear missing: Texas sheriff claims he overdosed

228-Boston Bombing News: Law Enforcement or Authoritarianism?

229-Trial Begins for Occupy Wall Street’s Cecily McMillan: Activist Faces 7yrs in Prison After Beating by NYPD Left Her Unconscious

230-Cecily McMillan's guilty verdict reveals our mass acceptance of police violence: The hyper-selective retelling of events mirrors the popular narrative of Occupy Wall Street – and how one woman may serve seven years while the NYPD goes free

231-Cecily McMillan’s Guilt: Injustice at Its Most Basic

232-Chicago Police Use Taser On 8-Month Pregnant Woman Over Parking Ticket Comment

233-Cop Admits He Ordered Mentally Ill Black Man To Sing, Make Animal Noises

234-Cop Breaks 10 Year Old Boy’s Leg for Filming him, Sexually Assaults his Mother

235-Cop Breaks Leg of 10-Year-Old Who Filmed Him - In a lawsuit filed in New York City, Krystle Silvera claims that she was sexually assaulted and her son Courtney’s leg was broken after police knocked on her door looking for her ex-boyfriend.

236-Cop Goes Psycho Waiting For McDonald’s, Pulls A Gun On Teen In Drive Thru

237-Cop Shoots and Kills Man After Stopping Him for “Walking in a Crosswalk”

238-Cop Shoots Man’s Service Dog During His 9 Year Old Son’s Birthday

239-Cop Tasers Injured Hit and Run Victim, as he Starts Seizing, Cop Says “Quit Resisting”

240-Cop Who Fatally Shot Man Seeking Help From Car Crash Will Not Be Charged With Manslaughter

241-Cops bloody old man — for jaywalking

242-Cops who beat homeless man to death walk free - Kelly Thomas, schizophrenic and homeless, cried for his dad as he was beaten. His assaulters were found not guilty

243-Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

244-No Need to Shoot Her Dogs, Woman Tells Police

245-DEA Raided This Woman's House After She Shopped At A Garden Store

246-Different Sentences

247-Disgraceful: Cop Arrests Firefighter Responding to 911 Call, Again!

248-Disturbing Trend

249-Elderly man says police beat him: Elbert Breshears says he was thrown to the ground, kicked and more

250-Police State and peaceful Demonstraters

251-Families Join Forces In Bakersfield In A Growing Struggle Against ‘Police Terror’

252-Florida man beaten by police for mowing his neighbor’s lawn, department and state attorney do nothing

253-Freedom Rider: Police Target Black Children

254-Georgia private probation industry target of lawsuits

255-German vs. American Police

256-Getting Rich By Locking Up Grandpa

257-Welcome to the official website of "The New York Subway Hero: My Battle with Evil...and a Spree-Killer!!"

258-Houston police kick veteran with service dog out of restaurant: ‘You’re not blind’

259-How Every Part of American Life Became a Police Matter - From the workplace to our private lives, American society is starting to resemble a police state.

260-How UK police try to fit innocent people up for arrest (15Feb14)

261-Life in the Emerging American police State: It is Time for a Second American Revolution 

262-State Imprisonment Rate Over the Past 30 Years

263-Incarceration Rates: US vs. Other Countries

264-Innocent man accused of 5 different robberies, loses job, spends thousands on bail and attorney, yet prosecutors say the 'system works'

265-Jersey City Man Shot in the Face and Blinded by Police Faces 30 Years in Prison

266-Jury can’t decide if cop who destroyed woman’s eyeballs with pepper spray should go to prison

267-Just Say No to Tasering Students and Militarizing Our Schools

268-Justice Department Slams Albuquerque Police Department; Community Calls for Jailing Killer Cops, Releasing All Videos

269-Kansas ‘retaliation’ bill would allow police to arrest people who complain about officers

270-L.A. Woman Posts Alleged Police Brutality Video to YouTube

271-Woman who fell from LAPD car accuses cop of sex assault try

272-LAPD Officers Removed Antennas from Police Cars in Black Areas to Disable Recording Devices

273-Online DEA Manuals Show How Feds Use NSA Spy Data, Train Local Cops to Construct False Chains of Evidence

274-Man calls to report a burglary, deputy arrives and shoots his dog in the head

275-Man killed in foothills officer-involved shooting had long criminal history

276-Marissa Alexander's sentence could triple in 'warning-shot' case - Already a figure of sympathy over 20 years in first trial, she faces 60 years in retrial

277-Mary Musselman, Elderly Woman With Dementia Jailed For Feeding Crows: Attorney

278-Mom: Officer shot kittens in front of my kids

279-More Americans Killed By Police Than By Terrorists: With Crime Down, Why Is Police Aggression Up?  We're safer than ever. So why are we seeing an ever increasing militarization of policing?

280-New Jersey man escapes 5 year sentence after dash cam footage clears him, indicts cops

281-New Orleans nun's truck towed while she delivers food to homeless

282-Newark parent leader arrested, jailed, after criticizing state plan to close schools.

283-No charges for Michigan cops who fatally shot homeless man 11 times over stolen coffee

284-NYPD Shame Of New York: Drop The Charges Against Cecily McMillan: McMillan was sexually assaulted, beaten unconscious and into seizures by NY Police, but the city is charging her with felony assault over the incident.

285-Oakland to pay $4.5M to 'Occupy' vet wounded by police: Scott Olsen, who was struck by beanbag during confrontation with police in 2011, suffered brain damage

286-Pepper-sprayed Occupy Portland protester Liz Nichols gets $7,116 payment demand from city

287-Police Attack Student Rally at CCSF City College of San Francisco

288-Police Beat Father to Death in Front of His Wife and Daughter, Steal Daughter’s Camera Afterwards

289-Police beat up entire wedding party, ruin pro baseball player’s career - A dozen wedding guests were beaten, tased, pepper sprayed, and arrested.

290-Police Fire At Mentally Ill Man 47 Times, Killing Him — But They Won’t Face Charges

291-Police Shoot 95-Year-Old WWII Vet to Death for Refusing to Go to Hospital: Lawsuit says victim was shot by beanbag rounds at close range.

292-Police vs. Pets

293-American police now “Israeli-DHS trained,” precursor to dictatorship

294-The U.S. State and Federal Prison Population has increased over 800% in Just 40 Years

295-Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy - New documents prove what was once dismissed as paranoid fantasy: totally integrated corporate-state repression of dissent

296-San Diego Police Harass & Violate This Man While He Holds His Infant Daughter

297-When will James Earl Rivera Jr. get justice?

298-Seattle police accountability chief forced from officer-involved shooting

299-Shocking Facts About America's For-Profit Prison Industry

300-Sicko Cop Tackles and Arrests Innocent Woman for Walking on the Wrong Side of the Road

301-South Carolina Cop Shoots 70-Year-Old Reaching For His Cane During Traffic Stop

302-SWAT Team Raids Organic Farm, Confiscates Blueberries

303-Tennessee sheriff's deputy is FIRED after he was caught on camera choking an unresisting college student until he passed out

304-The Private Prison Industry: A special sick kind of crony capitalism

305-The Victim of a Police Assault Should Not be Prosecuted


307-Thug Cops Rip Down Surveillance Cameras during SWAT-style Raid...But They Didn't Get All the Footage

Thug Cops Rip Down Surveillance Cameras During SWAT-Style Raid…But They Didn’t Get All of the Footage - See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/thug-cops-rip-down-surveillance-cameras-during-swat-style-raid-but-they-didnt-get-all-of-the-footage_022014#sthash.OuEV8x66.dpuf

308-TOUGH GUY: Public Schools Cop Shoots At Fleeing Kids Who Had Been MAKING OUT

309-Trooper cleared after stomping on innocent man’s skull while handcuffed

310-Tustin Police’s Campaign of Harassment Against Family of Vocal Critics of Police Brutality Continues As Officers Enter House Without Warrant

311-Unbelievable! Police shooting against protesters inside a HOTEL in the middle of Augusta Street - Video

312-Unmistakable Proof That Something's Wrong With Our Justice System

313-US Prison System Resembling Huge Geriatrics Ward

314-Veterans Affairs police caused fatal stroke by beating patient ‘tired of waiting’

315-12/17/13, Teresa Ramirez Speaks About the Killing of Her Son by Oxnard Police Dept - Video

316-4th of July DUI Checkpoint - Drug Dogs, Searched without Consent, while Innocent - Video

317-Amherst: Police Riot & Torture UMass Students

318-California police caught on camera fatally shooting man (VIDEO)

319-Cops Caught on Video Kicking and Punching a Handcuffed Man Lying Face Down
- Video

320-Cut on Camera: Warren cop slices off young mother's hair weave - video

321-GRAPHIC: Raw video of arrest released after man dies in Moore police custody - video

322-Kids For Cash: Inside One of the Nation’s Most Shocking Juvenile Justice Scandals - video

323-Kids Today Have It Hard. When I Was In Grade School, 'Zero Tolerance' Meant An Hour Of Detention. - video

324-Miami Police Shot Protester, then laugh about it.  Video

325-Police Strip-Search 3 People in Public, Force Woman to Remove Tampon While Taunting Her - video

326-RELEASE US - a short film on police brutality by Charles Shaw (feat. Random Rab) - Video

327-The Numbers Behind Why America Has So Many People In Prison - video

328-The State's War on Sustainable Communities- video

329-Vid: Police Shoot, Kill 80-Year-Old Man In His Own Bed, Don't Find the Drugs They Were Looking For

330-Video Shows Man Suffering Deliverance-Style Treatment by Small-town Texas Cops (Video)

331-Warning: Graphic footage-Murder of Ernest Duenez Junior.wmv  Video

332-White NYPD Cops Rejoice after Beating up Black teens after botched Stop and Frisk! Video

333-VIDEO: 25-year-old dies after pepper spray, struggle with security at Northland Mall

334-Caught On Cell Phone: LA Cop Punches Special Needs Girl In The Face On A Bus! - video

335-Video: Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy Fatally Shoots Man Who Had His Hands in the Air

336-War Gear Flows to Police Departments - Video

337-War machines for the Police

338-Why the feds are putting grenade launchers in the hands of local cops

339-16 year old honor student castrated by police!   video

340-Wisconsin Passes First State Law Requiring Independent Investigations of Police-Custody Deaths

341-Woman Dies as Deputy Writes Ticket - video

342-Woman suing, claims she was injured by police officer who arrested her, put her in jail for recording traffic stop - video

343-America: Young Black Men Have No Right to Life

344-Rebellion in Ferguson: A Rising Heat in the Suburbs by Chris Hedges

345-What I've Learned from Two Years Collecting Data on Police Killings

346-Weapons only 3% of Pentagon giveaway to local cops, but that includes nearly 12,000 bayonets

347-Update on “Suicide” of Handcuffed Man in LA

348-The police murder in St. Louis and the militarization of American society

349-The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson

350-SWAT Team Disperses Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri

351-Report: St. Louis Cop Shot Unarmed Teen After Alleged Gun Struggle

352-Police Officer Threatens To Shoot Reporter Live-Streaming Protests In Ferguson

353-This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police

354-NYPD Arrest Wife of the Man Who Videotaped the Eric Garner Chokehold

355-Not Just Ferguson: 11 Eye-Opening Facts About America’s Militarized Police Forces

356-Matthew Harwood: One Nation Under SWAT

357-Man who filmed NYPD choke hold video arrested on weapons charges

358-Man Dies After Bloody, 10-Minute Beating From LAPD Officers

359-Justice Dept Refuses For 20 Years To Comply With Federal Law Requiring It To Gather National Police Brutality Stats

360-Israel’s export of occupation police tactics

361-How We Imprison the Poor For Crimes That Haven't Happened Yet

362-Ferguson Exposes the Reality of Militarized, Racist Policing

363-Cop Cleared of Wrongdoing after shooting kittens in front of screaming kids

364-f©ck the police, f©ck the system, indeed

365-Arrested Legal Observer: Ferguson a ‘Pilot Program’ for When Communities Respond to Police Brutality

366-Counting Deadly Encounters with Police

367-Cops are seizing hundreds of millions of dollars from drivers and bragging about it in chat rooms

368-New BJS figures show that mass incarceration is getting bigger

369-US criticised by UN for human rights failings on NSA, guns and drones: Geneva panel share deep concerns over US record on host of different subjects, including racial inequality and Guantánamo

370-UN criticizes US police practices, grand juries after police shootings - Human rights officials say they have 'legitimate concerns' over recent grand jury decisions

371-UN Committee Condemns U.S. Police Brutality After Hearing from Brown Parents

372-Tomgram: Maya Schenwar, Prison by Any Other Name

373-Police State by The Young Turks

374-State Of Texas Tried To Shut Down A Sustainable Community

375-Public School Now Programming Children to Celebrate Police State and Dress in Blue to “Thank Cops”

376-Police Union Calls for Cops to Be Protected Under Hate Crimes Statute

377-Media Blackout When Police Kill Unarmed African American Women

378-Man Turning In Stray Dog to Animal Shelter, Killed by Police After Refusing to Show ID

379-We Coddle Bad Cops, Vilify Good Teachers. We defer to cops even when they kill, and scapegoat schools for the ills America has given up on. This must change!

380-Does the UN See US "Institutionalized Discrimination" in the Wake of Ferguson?

381-Cop Found Not Guilty After Being Caught on Video Stomping a Subdued Man’s Face In

382-When Cops Break Bad: Inside a Police Force Gone Wild - Over the past five years, police in Albuquerque have shot and killed 28 people

383-What Caused the Crime Decline?  by the Brennan Center for Justice of the New York University School of Law

384-War Declared Against Chicago PD Over Secret Jail

385-Video Shows Police Brutally Beat Terminally Ill Man in Front of His Two Young Children

386-Video Exonerates Man Set Up By Louisiana Cops And Prosecutors

387-US Police Appeal To Public To Stop Filming Them Shooting Black People

388-These Five Corporations Are Making Millions From Mass Incarceration

389-The War on Drugs and Prison Industrial Complex Explained in Pictures: 7 Infographics You Need to See

390-Prison State America: Inmates becoming corporate slaves in for-profit facilities

391-Police seize property and cash in questionable raids - Police seized more than $24 million in assets from Michiganders in 2013, under asset forfeiture laws. In many cases the citizens were never charged with a crime but lost their property anyway.

392-Police killings and the collapse of democracy in America

393-Police and Plunder

394-Obama “task force” on policing: A cover for militarization

395-NYPD Has a Plan to Magically Turn Anyone It Wants Into a Felon 

396-Law Enforcement–Related Deaths in the US - “Justified Homicides” and Their Impacts on Victims’ Families

397-Jesse Hagopian: "I Was Pepper-Sprayed by Seattle Police on MLK Day"

398-Held for hours at secret Chicago 'black site': 'You're a hostage. It's kidnapping'

399-Federal review of San Diego police urges more supervision

400-Another Day, Another 124 Violent SWAT Raids

401-70-Year-Old Veteran Abused and Arrested By Power Tripping Cop for Walking with a Cane

402-25-Year Cop Thrown to the Wolves for Exposing the “Corrupt Good-Ole-Boy Network” in His Department

403-Incarceration Rates by Race, 2010

404-40 Reasons Our Jails and Prisons Are Full of Black and Poor People

405-80 percent of police force resigns after Missouri town elects first African-American mayor

406-Police Shooting Victim in Georgia Tried to Follow ‘Sensible’ Path

407-Audio Released of Cop Shooting and Killing College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully

408-Baltimore Man Dies From Broken Back Incurred During Arrest (Video)

409-White “Survivalist” Shoots Black Police Chief Four Times, Walks Free

410-What?!? Private prisons suing states for millions if they don’t stay full - Low crime rates bad for business for white-owned private prisons; they demand states keep them full

411-Video of Shooting Caught Police Propaganda Machine in Action

412-The Killing of Walter Scott Sheds Light on the Problem of Police Lying

413-Tomgram: Michael Gould-Wartofsky, The New Age of Counterinsurgency Policing

414-Police Tickets for Income Generation

415-The FBI Used to Have Integrity. Now Agents Lie, Cheat, and Break the Law. The agency cuts constitutional corners in order to incriminate, then tries to change the subject.

416-The Courage of Bystanders Who Press 'Record'

417-Broken Windows, Broken Policy and the Death of Walter Scott

418-Teen Facing Prison for Assaulting NYPD Cop Has Charges Dropped After Video Shows He Was Victim

419-States Face Uphill Battle Over Growing Militarization Of Police

420-Southern California Deputies Caught on Video Beating Surrendering Man for More Than Two Minutes

421-SHOCK VIDEO: World’s Worst Cop Admits to Quotas, Falsifying Charges, & Extorting the Poor

422-RELEASE US - a short film on police brutality by Charles Shaw

423-Ramsey Orta, Man Who Recorded Eric Garner Death, Remains Jailed Despite Family Having Raised Bail

424-In Boston, Media Again Trash a Police Shooting Victim by Uncritically “Reporting” Police Accusations

425-Portland settles lawsuit filed by couple charged after filming police vehicle stop: They sued for false arrest and now will get $72,000 in a case involving the rights of citizens to shoot video of officer conduct.

426-Policing with impunity: How judges let dubious police tactics flourish - OPINION: A public defender argues that tolerance by the judicial system of trumped-up searches by police is a big part of the "culture of impunity" exposed in the Freddie Gray case

427-Police So Out of Control, this Judge Explains How and Why You should Always Flex Your Rights

428-New Low: Sheriff’s Office Claims Infant at Fault for SWAT Team Blowing His Face Apart with Grenade

429-Modern Law Enforcement

430-Militarizing Ourselves Toward a New Dark Age

431-[UPDATE] Man Who Filmed Eric Garner's Death Still Stuck On Rikers Despite Raising Bail Money

432-The man who filmed the Freddie Gray video has been arrested at gunpoint

433-Judge Sentenced to 28 Years For Selling Black Teens to Prisons

434-Interactive map: US police have killed at least 5,600 people since 2000

435-Horrifying Video Shows Two Officers Shooting Mentally Ill Pregnant Woman

436-HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM

437-Good Samaritan Reports Cop for Assaulting a Woman, He’s then Beaten and Arrested for It

438-Family Raided by SWAT and their Dog Shot, for Being Unable to Pay Utility Bill - The details of Angela Zorich's federal lawsuit are shocking.

439-DOJ Report Slams For-Profit Texas Immigrant Prison - Reeves County Detention Center is understaffed and ignores security problems, report finds

440-DOJ releases device to prevent filming police

441-Criminal: How Lockup Quotas and "Low-Crime Taxes" Guarantee Profits for Private Prison Corporations

442-Comparison of Police Shootings and Incarceration Rates of Different Countries

443-Black suspect dies after Baltimore cops break his spine in ‘brutal’ police arrest

444-Another Shocking Example

445-George Zimmerman now has 6 mugshots. Trayvon Martin has an obituary. Never Forget.

446-100’s of Attorneys Build Tool to Document Bad Cops: Introducing the “Cop Accountability Program”

447-Accidental Deaths in Jail?

448-What?!? Private prisons suing states for millions if they don’t stay full

449-Unarmed Man Flagged Down LAPD for Help, Then they Literally Blew His Brains Out

450-U.S. confidence in police at 22-year low: Gallup poll

451-The Assassination of Sandra Bland and the Struggle against State Repression

452-Ted Rall: LAPD Convinced LA Times To Fire Me After I Criticized Cops [exclusive]

453-Single mom arrested for ‘abandoning’ her kids at food court while interviewing for job 30 feet away

454-Native American activist found dead in jail just one day after Sandra Bland

455-Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy - New documents prove what was once dismissed as paranoid fantasy: totally integrated corporate-state repression of dissent

456-Report: Black Male Teens Are 21 Times More Likely To Be Killed By Cops Than White Ones

457-Questions About the Sandra Bland Case

458-Private Prisons Sues States for Not Having Enough Prisoners

459-Parents Fighting Back, Suing Cops for Terrorizing School Children

460-Ohio Cop Shoots at Dog and Misses, Hits 4-Year-Old Instead

461-New York Cop Was Fired and Denied Pension For Trying To Stop Fellow Officer From Choking Suspect

462-Minnesota crime is at a 50-year low. So why are we imprisoning more people than ever?

463-Mike Brown’s shooting and Jim Crow lynchings have too much in common. It’s time for America to own up. The ‘savage’ of history has become the ‘thug’ of 2014. Injustice is so banal that we hardly notice it happening.

464-Miami Police Shoot and Kill a Homeless Man In Front of 50 Children

465-Manning: Sarah Lee Circle Bear Died While in Police Custody; Family Seeks Justice

466-Man Films Cops Knock a Woman Unconscious So they Arrested Him and Tried to Delete Video

467-It's Official: Feds Have Been Extensively Surveilling Black Lives Matter Activists Since Ferguson

468-Incarceration by Race

469-Holder's Legacy: Mass Incarceration and Protection of Killer Cops, Part II

470-Gangs of the State: Police and the Hierarchy of Violence

471-Florida police murder black computer engineer as he listens to music; attempted cover-up exposed

472-Florida Cops Laundered Millions For Drug Cartels, Failed To Make A Single Arrest

473-FBI’s warning of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement nearly forgotten

474-Exclusive: Feds Regularly Monitored Black Lives Matter Since Ferguson

475-Sandra Bland

476-Dashcam: Cops Kill Unarmed Mother, Applaud their Marksmanship, Brag About her Face Exploding

477-The Counted: People killed by police in the US

478-Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

479-Cost of Police-Misconduct Cases Soars in Big U.S. Cities: Data show rising payouts for police-misconduct settlements and court judgments

480-Cops Raid Medical Marijuana Patient, Take Her Vibrator in Asset Forfeiture

481-Claim: Fullerton Cop Falsely Raids Woman Who Shunned Him

482-Corporate Capitalism Is the Foundation of Police Brutality and the Prison State By Chris Hedges

483-All 50 US states fail to meet global police use of force standards, report finds - Amnesty International report describes ‘shocking lack of fundamental respect for the sanctity of human life’ as nine states have no laws to deal with police force

484-The New Jim Crow - Mass Incarceration in the Age of color Blindness by Michelle Alexander

485-Accused of Stealing a Backpack, High School Student Jailed for Nearly Three Years Without Trial

486-Tomgram: Matthew Harwood, Welcome to Cop Land

487-Texas Judge Refuses to be a Part of Traffic Ticket Scheme, Blows the Whistle on Policing for Profit

488-SWAT Yanks 11-yo Girl from Shower, Hold Children at Gunpoint in Search of Non-Existent Plant

489-Man Gets 2.5 Years in Prison for Having Sex on the Beach While a Cop Rapes a Toddler and Walks

490-LA police shoot suspect in hospital: 20th fatal LAPD shooting in 2015

491-Ex NYPD Cop Admits ‘We Planted Evidence, Framed Innocent People’ All For Arrest Quotas

492-Cowardly Cop Kills Family’s Cat with a Shotgun After it Hissed at Him

493-Cop Repeatedly Molested Child, Sodomized Boy to the Point of Tears: Report

494-Cop Facing 7 Years in Prison for Leaking Video of Fellow Cops Brutally Beating a Young Man

495-“It is an open secret long shared by prosecutors, defense lawyers, and judges that perjury is widespread among law enforcement officers”: Why judges so rarely second-guess police testimony - Cops have virtually a blank check to engage in acts of brutality, knowing the courts will turn a blind eye

496-Woman With Asperger’s Who Touched Millions of Lives with Viral Video, Shot Dead by Police | The Free Thought Project

497-VIDEO: Cowardly Cop Knocks on Innocent Family’s Door, Kills their Dog and then Walks Off | The Free Thought Project

498-Video Surfaces of Unarmed Man Being Shot in the Back and Killed By Long Beach Police | The Free Thought Project

499-Utah man dies in police custody after being jailed for $2,400 unpaid medical bill

500-United Nations Panel Slams U.S. Record on Police Brutality, Torture, Child Migrants & Guantánamo | Democracy Now!

501-UNARMED Woman Beaten by Cops For Filming Her Husband's Arrest - Counter Current News

502-Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Murderous Police in the City of Love | TomDispatch

503-These are the top 10 betrayals of civil liberties in 2015.

504-The one thing that will get a cop fired - The Washington Post

505-The City of Cleveland Filed a Probate Court Creditor's Claim Against Tamir Rice's Estate for $500 | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog | Cleveland Scene

506-Texas Cops Release Video Showing Them Attacking Man for Filing Complaint While Recording - PINAC News

507-Salford Anti-fracking protester to sue Greater Manchester Police over 'trumped-up' drink arrest caught on video at Barton Moss - Manchester Evening News

508-Police Chief Resigns After Caging Family’s Puppy and Killing it at Shooting Range | The Free Thought Project

509-Off-Duty Cop Nearly Kills Woman In Front of Her Child For Parking Her Car Crooked - Counter Current News

510-Graph Showing For Profit Prisons Bad Public Policy

511-Mapping Police Violence: New Study Shows Cops Have Killed At Least 1,152 in 2015 | Democracy Now!

512-License To Launder: Cash, Cops and the Cartels

513-LEAKED: How Cities Secretly Protect Dirty Cops [News&Comedy] - www.LeeCamp.net

514-L.A. seizes tiny houses from homeless people - LA Times

515-Innocent Unarmed Man Shot in the Head While Asking Cops for Help has to Sue to Get Justice - Counter Current News

516-Illinois Man Killed by Cops After Taking Photos of School Shot Three Times in the Back - PINAC News

517-Harvard Scientists: Police Killings Are a Public Health Issue

518-Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Cases, Locking Countless Innocent Americans in Prison | Filming Cops

519-GoLocalPDX | Oregon Spends Nearly Four Times More on Incarceration than Higher Education

520-Give Us $1K a Week or We’ll Hurt You — NYPD Cops Prey on Local Businesses Like the Mafia | The Free Thought Project

521-UNARMED Woman Beaten by Cops For Filming Her Husband's Arrest - Counter Current News 

522-Whistleblower Cop Calls Out Corruption in Her Department, Naturally She’s Being Fired for It | The Free Thought Project

523-Florida Cops Caught Pre-Planning K-9 Attack on Unarmed Boy

524-Entire Florida Police Dept Busted Laundering Tens of Millions for International Drug Cartels | The Free Thought Project

525-Newsletter: End The Security State | PopularResistance.Org

526-Judges Plead Guilty in Scheme to Jail Youths for Profit - The New York Times

527-Cops Seize Car When Told to Get a Warrant, Tell Owner That’s What He Gets for “Exercising His Rights” | The Free Thought Project

528-Cops Punish Man Who Won Police Brutality Settlement by Charging Him With 14 Felonies - Counter Current News

529-Cops In Flint Pretend To Deliver Water Filters To Residents, Instead Deliver Arrest Warrants - The Ring of Fire Network

530-Cop Reveals That 'Planting Evidence And Lying' Are Just 'Part Of The Game' - Counter Current News

531-Chicago Police Have Been Sabotaging Their Own Dashboard Cameras on Purpose

532-Chicago cop who shot teen sues family for $10 million - NY Daily News

533-By the numbers: US police kill more in days than other countries do in years | US news | The Guardian

534-As protesters keep vigil, Chicago police admit accidentally killing activist - The Washington Post

535-American Cops Now Steal More Property than All US Burglars Combined

536-More than a third of people shot by L.A. police last year were mentally ill, LAPD report finds - LA Times

537-How America's criminal justice system became the country's mental health system - Vox

538-"Making a Murderer" a documentary series of ten episodes on Netflix

539-Police the Police on Facebook

540-3rd largest jail in US sued for 'wealth-based' detention system

541-4 out of 5 Prisoners Would Have to be Released to Reduce U.S. Incarceration to 1972 Levels

542-Why do American cops kill so many compared to European cops?

543-Video: Dog Trots at NYPD Cop Wagging Tail, So He Kills It

544-Video: Cowardly Cop Knocks on Innocent Family’s Door, Kills their Dog and then Walks Off

545-They Call Me MISTER Picasso!

546-These states let police take and keep your stuff even if you haven't committed a crime

547-The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy - The violent police assaults across the US are no coincidence. Occupy has touched the third rail of our political class's venality by Naomi Wolf

548-The man who filmed Eric Garner’s death by cop’s chokehold will spend the next 4 years in prison

549-Texas Mothers Jailed Five Days in Louisiana over Two Hot Dogs

550-Police torment paralyzed Black man—put water out of his reach as he lay dying (VIDEO)

551-Police killings and the collapse of democracy in America

552-Police Are Killing People At Twice The Reported Rate

553-On Becoming Dependent Upon Incarceration

554-Obama just gave cops the OK to simply take your stuff

555-US Racism Is Killing Us

556-Mississippi Jails Are Losing Inmates, And Local Officials Are ‘Devastated’ By The Loss Of Revenue - “If they do not send us our inmates back, we can’t make it,” said one county supervisor.

557-90-year-old Florida man arrested for second time in a week after feeding the homeless again

558-Man ticketed after handing change to cop posing as panhandler

559-Police Shootings by Race

560-Louisiana Number One in Incarceration

561-Loretta Lynch: government shouldn't require reports of people killed by police - The attorney general says local police are encouraged to maintain records on such killings, but improving police-community relations is more important

562-Is America Engaged In A 'Vicious Circle' Of Jailing The Poor?

563-Innocent Mother Beaten by Cops in Front of Her Children for Reporting Cop’s Rude Behavior

564-Half the Victims of Police Brutality Are People With Disabilities, Study Finds

565-Freddie Gray Case Judge Rules it is Unreasonable to Expect Cops to Obey the Law

566-Denver PD Caught Stealing People’s Assets, Using Them to Pay for Massive Propaganda Campaign

567-Death of Prisoner Who Cops Locked In Hot Shower ‘Until His Skin Fell Off’ Ruled ‘Accidental’

568-Justice Takes a Lifetime

569-Cops Are Still Killing People, But The Nation Has Stopped Paying Attention - Police have fatally shot at least 20 unarmed civilians this year, and cable news hasn’t covered a single case.

570-FOX 2 reporter placed in handcuffs for attempting to cover city meeting

571-Bill Clinton's crime bill destroyed lives, and there's no point denying it

572-As videos expose wrongdoing by South Carolina cops, police agencies tighten control over footage

573-Arrested for Feeding the Homeless in Violation of New Orlando Law

574-America’s Female Prison Population Has Grown 800% and Nobody Is Talking About It

575-5 Freedom-Killing Tactics Police Will Use to Crack Down on Protests in 2012: Across America many cities and police forces are eyeing new ways to crack down on protesters.

576-Afromation Is A Response To Black Deaths

577-Watch Your Back: How Chicago Cops Enforce Their Code of Silence

578-U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression

579-The Roots are in the System: Charlotte and Beyond

580-The Obama Legacy Part IV: Protecting the Racist State, Scorning Black America

581-The man inside: Four months as a prison guard

582-Gutting Habeas Corpus - The Inside Story of How Bill Clinton Sacrificed Prisoners’ Rights for Political Gain

583-300 Injured At Standing Rock: “He just smiled and shot both my kneecaps”

584-Standing Rock protest: hundreds clash with police over Dakota Access Pipeline - Protesters opposing the controversial pipeline reported being hit with teargas, rubber bullets and percussion grenades during the standoff

585-Standing Rock Police Attack Protesters Again: ‘He Just Smiled and Shot Both My Kneecaps’ - The ‘water defenders’ trying to stop an oil pipeline were hit with water cannons that turned to ice in the frigid temperatures as rubber bullets and tear gas flew. It didn’t stop them from coming back though.

586-Shock Report: More Americans Killed by Police Since 9/11 than Soldiers Killed in War

587-School Police Department Gets Military Vehicle, To ‘Drive Through Walls’ of Classrooms

588-Protesters, Including Children, Mauled As Private Mercenaries Attack Native American Pipeline Protest

589-Police Do Nothing While Armed Mercenaries Attack Native American Dakota Pipeline Protesters With Dogs and Pepper Spray

590-Police Accidentally Record Themselves Conspiring to Fabricate Criminal Charges Against Protester

591-Obama Prepares to Reinforce the Militarized Police Occupation of Black America

592-Cop shoots caretaker of autistic man playing in the street with toy truck

593-North Miami Officer Was Aiming At Man With Autism, Union Chief Says

594-No Charges for Cops Who ‘Accidentally’ Fired 107 Bullets at an Innocent Mom and Daughter

595-Native American Activist Found Dead In Jail Cell After Traffic Fine Arrest

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article90905442.html#storylink=cpy593594-595-

596-National Guard, DEA, State Police Raid 81-yo Cancer Patient’s Organic Garden to “Protect” You

597-Man Who Filmed Eric Garner's Death Begins Prison Term

598-Israel Shows American police attack Occupy Protesters like Palestinians Israeli war criminal mentors US police chiefs

599-In Chicago, Teachers and Black Lives Matter Activists Partner to Build a Bigger Movement

600-If White People Love Drugs So Much, Why are the Prisons Full of Blacks?

601-Hundreds of Cops Divert and Foil Thousands of Protesters Outside NY Presidential Debate

602-How Many Americans Are Unnecessarily Incarcerated? by the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law

603-Growing Backlash Over Mother Arrested After Calling Police for Help  (video news)

604-Groups Worry About Impact Of Police Moves To Block Social Media

605-Governments and the police caught using agent provocateurs  (YouTube)

606-Entire Indiana Police Department Quits After “Being Told To Do Illegal, Unethical, and Immoral Things”

607-Elderly Woman Dies of Thirst After Police Dragged Her From Hospital To Jail Her Over Unpaid Fines

608-Drunk Texas Cop Shoots Up Church, Blames Black People, Not Charged

609-Drone footage from Protectors shows Cops Attack them Standing Rock 11-20-16 and MORE!

610-Debtors’ Prison For Kids: Poor Children Incarcerated When Families Can’t Pay Juvenile Court Fees

611-DAMN SHAME: Only Person Going to Jail Involved in the Eric Garner Murder Is the Man Who Filmed It

612-Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Protesters With Dogs and Mace - Democracy Now! provides video and photos of a private security team pushing dogs to bite Native American protesters

613-GRAPHIC VIDEO: Cop Knocks Woman Unconscious as 6-Year-Old Daughter Watches in Horror

614-Cop Stops Fellow Officer From Choking Handcuffed Man, Then She Was Beaten and Fired

615-Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Deaf Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language

616-Cop EXPOSES Sandra Bland Cover Up and Conspiracy by Police Union

617-Canine Expert Decries "Egregious" & "Horrific" Dog Attacks on Native Americans Defending Burial Site

618-Atlanta mayor rejects demand to end Israel police training

619-Assuming the Risk of Blackness

620-A Primer on the Nationwide Prisoners’ Strike - Prisoners can be forced to work without pay — the Constitution says so.

621-167 DAPL protesters injured in altercations with N. Dakota police - reports

622-‘Nothing to See Here’ Headlines Conceal Police Violence at Dakota Access

623-‘Where Evil Resides’: Veterans ‘Deploy’ To Standing Rock To Engage The Enemy — The US Government

624-This Traffic Stop Video Epitomizes Everything that is Wrong With Police Today

625-Seattle Police Shoot And Kill 30-Year-Old Mother Who Called Them For Help

626-Lawmakers across the US are finding ways to turn protesting into a crime

627-Philando Castile’s Family Receives $3 Million Settlement, But No Jury Conviction of a Police Officer

628-Where Prisoners Are Guaranteed

629-WATCH: Innocent Man Mauled Nearly to Death As Cops Sic K9 on Him with No Warning

630-VIDEO: Officer uses baton to beat woman he says was resisting arrest

631-Trooper that Choked an Ambulance Driver and Got to Keep Job, In Hot Water Again

633-Private Prison In New Mexico Demands More Prisoners Or It Will Close

634-Private Prison Demands New Mexico and Feds Find 300 More Prisoners in 60 Days or It Will Close: Core Civic isn't making enough money after sentencing reforms.

635-Officers Who Killed Homeless Man in Firing Squad Fashion Won’t Face Federal Charges

636-Oakland Police Hold Secret Ceremony Honoring Several Officers Accused of Mishandling Celeste Guap Sex-Crimes Investigation - Reporters and media banned from attending ceremony for first time in recent memory.

637-New Study: Young Black Men Are Serving the Longest of Increasingly Longer Prison Sentences

638-Nebraska Trooper Knocks Out Intoxicated Driver With The End Of His Rifle!

639-Minnesota Cop Punches Handcuffed Native American 14-Year-Old Girl in the Face, Then Claims Self-Defense

640-EXCLUSIVE: Watch Cops Swarm, Arrest Innocent Man For Refusing To Say How Old He Was - A constitutional rights activist was arrested on public property in Nevada for the heinous crime of refusing to tell police his date of birth.

641-Disabled woman beaten bloody by TSA agents after becoming confused and afraid at security checkpoint

642-Crooked Baltimore Police Officer Caught RED HANDED Planting Drugs!

643-Jailed for Life for stealing a 159 dollar jacket? 3,200 serving life without parole for non-violent crimes.

644-Cops Serve Warrant on Unarmed Man at His Dad’s Funeral — Kill Him in Front of Entire Family

645-America's Militarized Police

646-A Crusader Against Police Violence Is Assassinated In Rio De Janeiro

647-A Federal Judge Put Hundreds of Immigrants Behind Bars While Her Husband Invested in Private Prisons

648-Alabama sheriff legally used $750K in inmate food funds to buy beach house

649-Another staged body cam leads to 43 more dropped Baltimore prosecutions - Latest video “was self-reported as a re-enactment of the seizure of evidence.”

650-Baltimore Police Now Blocking FBI from Investigating Murder of Cop Set to Testify Against Fellow Cops

651-Charlottesville: Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe says police failure to control protest due to militia's 'better equipment' - The violence at the weekend white supremacist rally resulted in one death and multiple injuries 

652-Confirmed: Police Told to Stand Down in Charlottesville—Did Nothing as War Broke Out

653-Cops Indicted As Video Shows Innocent Man Set On Fire, Brutally Beaten By Police

654-Court Rules Police Officers Can Legally Execute Your Dog if It Does Anything But Sit Silently

655-Daniel Shaver shooting: Ex-Arizona police officer acquitted of murder

656-How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about

657-Detective Murdered Day Before he was to Testify Against Dirty Cops

658-Five ways private prisons break the rules - and get away with it - What little oversight for-profit incarceration gets reveals the unsavory tactics used to get a leg up on the competition

659-Former Cop Acquitted Of Fatally Shooting Unarmed Man Who Begged For His Life

660-Georgia Tech Student's Death Is Part of a Pattern of Recent Police Violence on College Campuses

661-Harvard Study Shows Actual Number of People Killed by U.S. Police - "The public needs better data about who is being killed."

662-Moment kind-hearted Harvey volunteers are stopped from handing out supplies in Houston by aggressive law enforcement officers after they had driven 16 HOURS in giant buggies

664-It's Nearly Impossible for Victims of Police Brutality to Get Justice - With every life taken, law enforcement is exposed for being the source of violence rather than its remedy.

665-Jailhouse video shows deputies watching, laughing as inmate dies

666-Inside the Taser, the weapon that transformed policing - Shock Tactics (Reuters Investigates)

667-Study: American police killings have been drastically underestimated - Over half of 2015 police killings were reported incorrectly, and the problem appears systemic, study says

668-Texas boy, 6, killed in deputy-involved shooting days before Christmas

669-The cops who shot and killed Alton Sterling aren’t being charged

670-These Two Supreme Court Cases Protect Police Who Use Excessive Force

671-Trapped – Brave New Films Presents the Bail Trap Game

672-Trump Reinstates Program to Turn Police into the Standing Army Our Forefathers Warned Us About

673-Trump Reverses Restrictions on Military Hardware for Police

674-Video Shows Man Shooting At Crowd During Charlottesville Rally, With No Police Response

675-We’re Not in Mayberry Anymore: the Militarization of Domestic Police

676-Why Police Violence Against Women of Color Stays Hidden

677-Fatal Encounters Data Analysis

678-Chris Hedges: Caged: Life From Inside and Outside the US Prison System

679-Illinois Cops Taser, then Shoot and Kill Woman Trying to Escape Burning Car

680-Police killings hit people of color hardest, study finds  More years of life are lost among blacks, Hispanics than whites

681-What?!? Private prisons suing states for millions if they don’t stay full

682-'You're gonna kill me!': Dallas police body cam footage reveals the final minutes of Tony Timpa's life    Timpa wailed and pleaded for help more than 30 times as officers pinned his shoulders, knees and neck to the ground in 2016.

683-‘Heartbreaking’ scene on Boston streets as police destroy wheelchairs belonging to homeless residents

684-30 West Virginia Officers Suspended After Giving Nazi Salute In Photo

685-72yo Grandma Shot Dead as SWAT Raided Her Home To Arrest Her Son For Marijuana

686-Las Vegas police help kick out veterans' group from downtown parade   (YouTube)

687-Boston Police Destroy Wheelchairs Belonging to Homeless

688-US Court Ruling: You Can Be “Too Smart” to Be a Cop   Police department disqualifies anyone whose IQ is “too high"

689-US taxpayers spent almost $1 billion incarcerating innocent black people

690-Police laughed and joked as he lost consciousness in handcuffs. Minutes later, he died.

691-The Whole Damn System Is Guilty As Hell: Taking Control Of Police

692-Study Shows Race Triggers Police Violence but Not Shootings   "It is the most surprising result of my career," says economist Roland Fryer.

693-Police in Alabama planted drugs and guns on over 1,000 innocent Black men

694-Police Are One of the Leading Causes of Death for Young Men in the US    It's “an exceptionally and depressingly common issue."

695-Cops Across The US Have Been Exposed Posting Racist And Violent Things On Facebook. Here's The Proof.

696-Police officer who lost his job after shooting an unarmed man is ‘rehired to collect lifetime pension’

697-Police in the US Kill Citizens at Over 70 Times the Rate of Other First-World Nations

698-Police in Alabama planted drugs and guns on over 1,000 innocent Black men

699-Police have killed 5,000 Americans since Ferguson protests

700-On-Duty Texas Police Officers Wore Pro-Trump Hats. That’s A Problem.   “You cannot take that position while in uniform,” said a San Antonio city councilman.

701-New York Could Become First State To Be Completely Done With Private Prisons

702-New Report Names Nearly 4,000 Companies Profiting Off of Private Prison Industry   "Today, more than half of the $80 billion spent annually on incarceration by government agencies is used to pay the thousands of vendors that serve the criminal legal system."

703-Mesa Police Chief Tried to Curb Horrific Brutality Problem, So 95% of Dept. Voted to Remove Him

704-Louisiana Police Officer Suggests Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Be Shot In Facebook Post

705-Legal observers find police 'set tone of violence' at anti-mining protests

706-Inside 100 million police traffic stops: New evidence of racial bias   Stanford researchers found that black and Latino drivers were stopped more often than white drivers, based on less evidence of wrongdoing.

707-Harvard Study Shows Actual Number of People Killed by U.S. Police   "The public needs better data about who is being killed."

708-Entire Florida Police Dept Busted Laundering Tens of Millions for International Drug Cartels

709-Death by Police is Now the 6th Leading Cause of Death Among Young Men   (YouTube)

710-Cops Get Jobs Back After Executing Unarmed Couple with 137 Shots Over a Traffic Violation

711-Cop Who Accidentally Shot 10-Year-Old When Aiming For Family Dog Can’t Be Sued, Federal Court Rules

712-Lab Owner Arrested for Falsifying Results of Drug Tests

713-Body Cam Shows Cowardly Cop Trespass, Shoot Docile Dogs Wagging Their Tails

714-Baltimore Cops Carried Toy Guns to Plant on People They Shot, Trial Reveals   One officer involved in the city's massive corruption scandal said officers kept the replicas "in case we accidentally hit somebody or got into a shootout, so we could plant them."

715-American Cops Now Steal More Property than All US Burglars Combined

716-Beaten, abused, humiliated and filmed by Victoria Police - John’s psychologist was worried about his mental health. She asked the police to check on him. CCTV footage shows they did much more.

717-A New York Police Officer Was Caught on Camera Apparently Planting Marijuana in a Car — for the Second Time

718-Philadelphia Plans to Close 23 Schools, but Builds a $400 Million Dollar Prison

719-Researchers: Police likely provoke protestors — not the other way around

720-U.S. police have attacked journalists at least 140 times since May 28

721-March to Alamance polls ends with police using pepper-spray on protesters, children

722-Police misconduct, such as falsifying evidence, is a leading cause of wrongful convictions, study finds

723-'Unacceptable!': Probe Demanded After Footage Shows Capitol Police Standing Aside for Pro-Trump Mob  "The images of police officers calmly allowing barricades open, letting the crowd enter, and taking selfies inside the building with those who have stormed it cannot go without investigation and penalty."

724-Unredacted FBI Document Sheds New Light on White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement - A 2006 intelligence assessment reveals that officials had concerns about the infiltration of police departments for years but failed to warn the public.

725-How Police Were Complicit in the US Capitol Riot

726-The Police Enabled the Far-Right Mob That Violently Stormed the Capitol Building

727-US police three times as likely to use force against leftwing protesters, data finds - Law enforcement responses to more than 13,000 protests show a clear disparity in responses, new statistics show

728-Violent Right Wing Forces Have Been Activated, It Requires Strategic Action To Stop Them

729-US Police Spending More than Most Militaries (graph) 

730-Author in FAIR Interview Criticizes Media Claims of Crime Wave – Calls NY Times Reporter Biased, with Links to CIA, ICE, Law Enforcement

731-Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Facing Felony Charges a Year After Uprisings

732-Hugh Hamilton and Chris Hedges on Trauma & Transformation in an American Prison

733-Whistleblower featured in USA TODAY 'Behind the Blue Wall' series ousted from police union

734-The Police Were Created to Control Working Class and Poor People








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