The Unified Platform: A Certified Hit!!

Support for commonsense, people-first governance is growing! Howie Hawkins (Governor of NY), Bob Hart (U.S. House, OH-12) and corporate whistleblower Kenneth Kendrick (TX Agriculture Commissioner) are the latest to join the roster of more than 80 independent and alternate-party candidates who've endorsed the Unified Platform since 2012. They're working people like us running for everything from local school boards to sheriff to President and Vice President of the United States!

What candidates are you supporting in the fight against corporate-written government policy and corporate-owned politics? The "major parties" are major failures which working people can no longer afford to support! Join NPA's struggle to wake up America and put Peace, People, and the Planet before profits!

Do you know a candidate who will support the people-first policy goals of the Unified Platform? We want to know about them! Are you ready to run yourself? We want to know that, too!

The NPA is a 100-percent volunteer movement working to fundamentally change the way Americans think about voting, about government, and about the critical role both play in their lives. Contrary to neo-conservative rhetoric, government is neither going away nor getting one bit smaller as long as we humans keep increasing our numbers - so the need to make it work for working people isn't going away, either!

And contrary to the justifications of spineless neo-liberals, we must, as caring people, wrest control of our educations, our health, our resources, and our infrastructure back from corporatists whose lone interest is enriching themselves and their shareholders. They do so at the expense of we workers - who produce their products, serve their customers, and allow their companies to profit in the first place!

We can have Peace! We can put People first! We can begin reversing the damage unbridled greed has already caused our precious Planet! Are you truly fed up, ready to stop complaining and start channeling your anger toward building a new America? Then join our effort as an NPA Envoy in your city, town, or county! We'll guide you every step of the way! Click Volunteer to get started!

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