So You Want To Volunteer for the United Nations

            The NPA is a 501c4 educational organization whose ten points of the Unified Platform for People, Peace, and the Planet closely reflect the goals of the United Nations. The New Progressive Alliance is in special consultative status with the U.N. Economic and Social Council and would like to give others a chance to participate.

Q-What would I be volunteering for?

A-The two categories are actual participation in a meeting and writing a paper which, if accepted, would be translated into seven different languages for the meeting participants.

Q-Would transportation, lodging, or any other costs be covered?

A-No. We do not accept corporate contributions and must rely on volunteers.

Q-Could I represent another organization at the UN?

A-Not unless it is in special consultative status with the United Nations. You could only represent the NPA. You may also not say you represent the United Nations.

Q-But all my experience has been elsewhere!

A- No problem, our goals are probably similar. If participating, just say something like, “I represent the New Progressive Alliance, but all my experience has been with Extinction Rebellion or the Green Party.” The heart of the New Progressive Alliance is the Unified Platform. You should be familiar and agree with that to represent the New Progressive Alliance.

Q-Suppose I am called upon to vote for something highly technical which I might not have expertise in?

A-Most meetings are to give information to the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and get input from them. Leaders of the UN then go from there. In the unlikely event you are called upon to make a vote, just take your best shot and report back. The important thing is we all get involved to as great an extent as possible. Coal exported from Montana and burned in China, for example, still affects us all through global warming.

Q-Could not my organization get special consultative status with the United Nations?

A-Absolutely! The more that participate the better. It is a long process; however, that takes a lot of work and several years. I am describing a way to participate right now. To get special consultative status with the United Nations for an organization start here.

Q-Anything else I should know about attending a UN activity?

A-Just email me on what happened with your impressions, thoughts, and recommendations.

Q-Do I have to be a genius or meet special qualifications to write a paper?

A-Not at all! Frequently the number of words is limited and the only requirement is the submission be in the English or French language. Write from the heart on something which is important to you. I will be there to help as the paper has to go through me.  For an example of an accepted comment go to  and look at Public Comment 71 on April 2015 - UN ECOSOC Energy Subsidies

Q-Why should I consider this?

A-A very valid saying is, “Think globally and act locally.” This gives you a rare opportunity to Think globally and act globally.

Q-Where can I get more information?

A- You can link to the latest copy of UN DESA Voice and DESA NGO Newsletter at NPA News.

Q-I am not making a commitment, but if I wanted to check this out, what would I do?

A-If you think you might be interested then let me know at [email protected] and I will forward all the UN email we get as an NGO (Non-Government Organization).  You can then decide if any of the projects appeal to you. If they do, let me know by email and we will coordinate.



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