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The New Progressive Alliance is a 100-percent volunteer, educational organization comprised of ACTIVE ACTIVISTS dedicated to improving the lives of working men and women and their families by positively influencing public policy. We work to awaken Americans to the reality that only through supporting candidates who support our concerns will those concerns be met. Toward that end, we vet and endorse candidates for office who publicly endorse the Unified Platform; participate in official public comment opportunities to regulatory agencies; and sponsor and partake in a host of events designed to raise public consciousness of the extent to which corporations maintain near-total control of the political and policy-making process in this country.

Visit this page often to learn what we're working on - and please, join our effort to put PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS! 


I.  News:

  • In February 2017 we published in our blog and on social media “Indignation is not courage. Outrage is not Brains.” by Jeff Roby. Jeff and Rose Roby are two activists from Florida who also publish St. Petersburg Independents. Here Jeff Roby looks to the future.
  • In January 2017 we published in social media an article by long time NPA supporter Sondra Miller The Women’s March on Washington.
  • In January 2017 we published in social media about Chinese billionaire Jack Ma saying the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure. The NPA also supplied documentation that Jack Ma was correct.
  • In January 2017 we published The Sickness of Healthcare in the U.S. by Rose Roby.
  • Our democratic republic is threatened by a press which ignores certain stories. In January 2017 we referenced the article The Top Ten Under-Reported News Stories of 2016. See also The Powerless Press
  • In December 2016 we published a reference to a fine article by Chris Hedges. Chris Hedges here outlines how deep the problem we face is. It is important that we do not see Trump as the sole problem and that we do not see the Democratic Party as our savior. Both the democrats and republicans are operating together. While the democrats claim this is "False equivalency," in fact it is true equivalence for those who investigate. 
  • In December 2016 our founder Anthony Noel wrote about using art to make our case and illustrates with two songs. He also bids all a peaceful holiday season and contentedness in 2017.  See Make Your Case with Art! by Anthony Noel 
  • In December 2016 we published  another election analysis. An Interview with Don DeBar about Jill Stein's Strange Support of Clinton by Jeff and Rose Roby 
  • In November 2016 the NPA analyzed  the election: A Hard Look at Where We Are After the 2016 Election   

  • Green Party candidate John Anthony La Pietra   running for the Michigan Statehouse 63rd District has endorsed the Unified  Platform and earned the New Progressive Alliance endorsement.  This is the third time the NPA has proudly endorsed John Anthony La Pietra.   For details and a full list of those who have endorsed the Unified Platform please visit our website here

  • The NPA joined with other organizations to stop dangerous oil trains in nationwide actions July 6 - 12, 2016.
  • In June 2016 the New Progressive Alliance was pleased to welcome Climate Solutions, Power Past Coal, and Stand Up to Oil as allies. All do outstanding environmental work.
  • In April 2016 the New Progressive Alliance is welcomed the Columbia Riverkeeper as an ally. The Columbia Riverkeeper is very active in fighting pollution in Oregon and Washington to keep the Columbia River clean. It is an excellent source of information for opposing polluting projects. All allies are listed here:  

II. United Nations:

III. Public Comments:

    The NPA continues to make Public Comments to federal agencies and legislative bodies in the United States and Canada on specific issues to support the Unified Platform  To see all Public Comments  in full we have made since 2012 or see them summarized with our other activities in Annual Reports look here.

  • Obama’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has consistently championed fossil fuel projects. FERC has traditionally ignored and dismissed community and climate concerns when reviewing industry permits for fracked-gas pipelines and other infrastructure. Research indicates that the agency has rejected ONLY ONE such application, in 2016, in 30 years. FERC is in essence a rubber-stamp agency for the fracked-gas industry.

    It soon may get even worse.

    Right now, FERC is down to two commissioners and can no longer approve fossil fuel infrastructure. Donald Trump will be able to nominate three Republican commissioners and one other commissioner to the five-member panel over the next six months, one of whom will be a new chair. 

    All FERC-sponsored, open community meetings on proposed fracked-gas infrastructure projects could become one-person-at-a-time, behind-closed-door meetings, as has happened already under the current regime in Ohio, New York, New Jersey and Virginia. FERC could institute rigid, compressed timelines for action on permit applications. Landowners fighting eminent domain abuse could face greater pressure from pipeline companies anxious to take their land. FERC staff could be ordered to do even worse jobs on Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements that deal with threats to community health, safety and climate. The FERC public relations department could actively attempt to portray communities that oppose proposed pipelines in the most negative light. The FERC building security in DC could become more repressive against those who protest there.
    Trump’s nominations need to be approved by the full Senate. We call upon members of the Senate, especially those on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee which has to review those nominations, to speak out about the myriad problems with FERC and press Trump’s nominees about its rubber-stamp history for gas industry expansion. To achieve this, Beyond Extreme Energy is banding together with the New Progressive Alliance and other organizations around the country to fight Trump's upcoming appointments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). See Public Comment 116 made in February 2017.

  • Obama’s two appointees to the SEC - which included the SEC Chair - proved to be corrupt and resisted calls to transparency as much as any republican appointee. Both are now back in the same law firm whose business is securing sweetheart deals for the corporations they should have been regulating. The New Progressive Alliance complained for the Obama administration and we will continue to complain for the Trump administration. In our most recent Public Comment 115 in February 2017 we express our concerns about Walter “Jay” Clayton as SEC Chair who may be just as corrupt as Obama’s appointees.

  • Coal and fracking companies do not deserve a continuing series of good deals at the expense of the American taxpayers. The New Progressive Alliance has written the BLM in June 2012, May 2013, August 2013, June 2015, and August 2016 on this matter and in February 2017 with Public Comment 114 we are writing yet again, this time on the Spring Creek Coal Environmental Impact Statement.

    When we complained before on these and many other environmental problems Obama refused to address, some democrats asked if this was productive and repeated the mantra that republicans would be worse and we must not endanger electing democrats. This bury our head in the sand policy of abandoning the democratic base has now resulted in republican control of the presidency, both houses of congress, and most state legislatures. We are now writing the Trump executive branch on the same issues we wrote the Obama branch.

  • The New Progressive Alliance has consistently opposed the Washington state Kalama Natural Gas to Methanol Refinery for many reasons.

    In April 2016 In Public Comment 101 the New Progressive Alliance urged the Washington state Draft Environmental Impact Statement to be updated to address the Kalama Natural Gas to Methanol Refinery increased dangers and pollution from fracking and natural gas, would use a lot of power which would be reflected in higher electricity rates, water use and contamination, and is founded on a bad business plan. In January 2017 the New Progressive Alliance wrote the Washington state SW Clean Air Agency opposing Air Discharge permit 16-3204  for the Kalama Natural Gas to Methanol Refinery in  Public Comment 112. (see below) In January 2017 in Public Comment 113 the New Progressive Alliance urged Cowlitz County to deny local land use permits to Northwest Innovation Works’ Kalama methanol refinery in Public Comment 113.

  • In January 2017 in  Public Comment 112 the New Progressive Alliance wrote the Washington state SW Clean Air Agency opposing Air Discharge permit 16-3204  for the Kalama Natural Gas to Methanol Refinery . The reasons are increased pollution, it would use a lot of power which would be reflected in higher electricity rates, and it is founded on a bad business plan.

  • ALEC is a corporate organization designed to enrich the 1% at the expense of the rest of us. In September 2016 in Public Comment 111 we recently joined with many other organizations in urging Enterprise to withdraw from ALEC.

  • Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell has launched a major review of how the Bureau of Land Management manages coal. This is an excellent opportunity to take into account the true costs of coal on our air, our health, our land, and our climate. In August 2016 in Public Comment 110 the New Progressive Alliance encouraged the BLM to stop all coal mining on public land .

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