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 The New Progressive Alliance (NPA) s a 100-percent volunteer, educational organization comprised of ACTIVE ACTIVISTS dedicated to improving the lives of working men and women and their families by positively influencing public policy. We work to awaken Americans to the reality that only through supporting candidates who support our concerns will those concerns be met. Toward that end, we support the Unified Platform; participate in official public comment opportunities to regulatory agencies; and sponsor and partake in a host of events designed to raise public consciousness of the extent to which corporations maintain near-total control of the political and policy-making process in this country.

Visit this page often to learn what we're working on - and please, join our effort to put PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS! 


I.  News: (Publishing in social media means at a minimum showing a reference to an article.  In Facebook we publish at New Progressive Alliance, Leftist Third Party and  Independent Candidates, and Green Party Activists. Because of censorship and privacy problems with Facebook, we also publish on the social networks MeWe, JustNform, and Twitter. (In JustNform we publish in Truth Bomb Activists and an NPA page.) Connections to all of our allies may be found here. Our endorsed candidates for public office are listed here.

  • We published in October 2018 an interesting article that ties together several issues and touches on issues that go far beyond the Florida border. “What is required is a whole new system!” by Jeff Roby
  • Future generations will regard how we deal with climate change as the most important issue we deal with. In October 2018  the New Progressive Alliance is proud to welcome the below three organizations as our allies.
  • -“Below2°C” Climate change is the most critical issue of our times and the greatest threat to our civilization. If left unchecked, humanity will face runaway climate change with unprecedented or unimaginable catastrophic consequences. Below2°C is premised on the overwhelming consensus that we must not exceed two degrees Celsius of global warming. Our vision is a fossil-free Canada during our grandchildren's lifetime.

    -“Climate Liability News” is a not-for-profit news site dedicated to reporting on the issues at the intersection of climate change impacts and law. Those issues include government and corporate responsibility and accountability for global warming and its consequences across society and around the world. Through hard-nosed, uncompromising journalism, we seek to advance a greater understanding and wider public discussion of the role of the law in addressing the wide-ranging impacts of climate change.

    -“Inside Climate News” is a Pulitzer Prize-winning, non-profit, non-partisan news organization dedicated to covering climate change, energy and the environment.

  • In October 2018 we published an article pointing out that there are more issues than just sexual harassment with Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh.
  • In September 2018 we endorsed Gary Swing for US House of Representatives Colorado Congressional District 3.
  • Though economics is not a fascinating subject, Sondra Miller points out there is a very real human cost for bad economic policy. In September 2018 we published her article.
  • In September 2018 we published an article showing comfortable lies are more easily accepted than uncomfortable truths. This applies to more than just Trump and is a frustration of those who document.
  • In September 2018 we published an article showing that the causes of the 2008 economic collapse still have not been addressed.
  • Sondra Miller is a longtime supporter of the New Progressive Alliance. In September 2018 we published her book review of “Death of the Liberal Class” by Chris Hedges. The media, the church, the Universities, the Democratic Party, and Labor Unions have all let us down. Whether we are helpless victims or just too lazy to do our civic duty, the end result will be the same if we do not change our course.

  • In September 2018 we published an article documenting how serious climate change is. The longer we put off dealing with climate change the fewer options we will have.

  • In September 2018 we published  an article about a resurging Green Party in Florida.
  • In September 2018 we published an article recalling that the economic crash of 2008 was caused by both parties who then bailed out the rich at the expense of the rest of us.
  • Climate change, whose effects we are already witnessing, will be the biggest issue future generations will judge us on. In September 2018 the New Progressive Alliance welcomes the following three organizations as our allies.

    -Climate State gives up to date news and documentation about climate change.

    -Dr. Michael E. Mann runs a fine website and is Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State, with joint appointments in the Department of Geosciences and the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute (EESI). He is also director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center (ESSC)

    - “We Don't Have Time” is developing the world’s biggest social network for climate action. Together we can solve the climate crisis. But we are running out of time…


II. United Nations:


III. Public Comments:

    The NPA continues to make Public Comments to federal agencies and legislative bodies in the United States and Canada on specific issues to support the Unified Platform  To see all Public Comments  in full we have made since 2012 or to see them summarized with our other activities in Annual Reports look here.

Public Comment 183: October 2018 - Banks - Stop Financing Fossil Fuels - In October 2018 the New Progressive Alliance made a Public Comment with 121 other organizations urging banks to stop financing fossil fuels. 

Public Comment 182: October 2018 – Trump stop using the military for fossil fuel expansion - In October 2018 the New Progressive Alliance made a Public Comment opposing Trump’s plan to use military bases for fossil fuel expansion by exporting coal. This puts an unnecessary burden on the military bases, bypasses the authority of state environmental regulation, and expands the fossil fuel industry using tax dollars.

Public Comment 181: October 2018 – Trump – Leave Afghanistan. In October 2018 the New Progressive Alliance with other organizations made the below Public Comment opposing the continuous war in Afghanistan. We have now been in Afghanistan longer than Vietnam. The price – both financially and in blood – has been great, but there have been no verifiable good results.

Two indications of corruption are the insertion of unrelated “poison pill” riders onto legislation and hiding who is paying for promotion of the bills. The New Progressive Alliance with many other organizations oppose these practices. It appears we are finally having successes judging by our recent efforts. Three related Public Comments follow.

Public Comment 180: September 2018 – Gov. Brown – Media Disclosure Act

Public Comment 179: September 2018 – US HOR – No Poison Pills on FSGG

Public Comment 178: September 2018 - Congress - Clean Budget.

Public Comment 177: September 2018 - Washington state Ecology - Cleanup Reynolds Aluminum.  A common problem is when fossil fuel companies leave their site after taking maximum profits they leave the clean up to the taxpayers. In September 2018 the New Progressive Alliance urged responsible companies be responsible for their own clean up.

Public Comment 176: September 2018 - National Commission - Abolish Draft. The National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service asked for feedback on National Service and the draft. The New Progressive Alliance suggested abolishing the draft and not extending it to include women.

Public Comment 175: September 2018 – Washington State Department of Ecology – No to Puget Sound Pipeline      In September 2018 the New Progressive Alliance urged the Washington State Department of Ecology to reject any expansion of the Puget Sound Pipeline because of the increased spill risk in our waterways. The New Progressive Alliance also asked for adequate spill response plans because the current draft of the Puget Sound Pipeline (PSP) Emergency Response Plan is woefully inadequate.


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