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 The New Progressive Alliance (NPA) s a 100-percent volunteer, educational organization comprised of ACTIVE ACTIVISTS dedicated to improving the lives of working men and women and their families by positively influencing public policy. We work to awaken Americans to the reality that only through supporting candidates who support our concerns will those concerns be met. Toward that end, we support the Unified Platform; participate in official public comment opportunities to regulatory agencies; and sponsor and partake in a host of events designed to raise public consciousness of the extent to which corporations maintain near-total control of the political and policy-making process in this country.

Visit this page often to learn what we're working on - and please, join our effort to put PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS! 


I.  News: (Publishing in social media means at a minimum showing a reference to an article.  In Facebook we publish at New Progressive Alliance, Leftist Third Party and  Independent Candidates, Green Party Activists, and Truth Bomb Activists. Because of censorship and privacy problems with Facebook, we also publish on the social network MeWe. Connections to all of our allies may be found here.)

  • In April 2018 we published "Gentrification and Orange County."
  • In April 2018 we published an article about the declining state of education and the increasing animosity towards science and education.
  • In March 2018 we published an article about a whistleblower.
  • In March 2018 we published an article that shows 10 alternatives to Facebook for those that have had trouble with Facebook privacy and censorship policies.
  • In March 2018 we published an article that correctly said that deregulation kills more people than ISIS ever will.
  • In March 2018 we published an interesting article on war, cooperation, and history with chilling similarities to our current situation.
  • In March 2018 we published an article showing how in many respects we are taking the wrong road.
  • In March 2018 we published on our crumbling infrastructure.
  • In March 2018 we published an article on economic inequality.
  • In March 2018 we published an article on the Israel lobby.
  • In March 2018 we published "Black Community Control of the Police divides the Green Party."
  • In March 2018 we published an article on the need to go beyond just being against Trump.
  • In February 2018 we published an article about civil rights and the police by Florida activist Jeff Roby.
  • In February 2018 the NPA endorsed Doug Mann for the fifth time. His consistent support of needed educational policies makes him a great candidate for the citywide Minneapolis School Board election on November 6, 2018.
  • In February 2018 we published a book review by Sondra Miller of the book "In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power."  We need to understand if we are to avoid a long term economic decline.
  • In February 2018 we published an article on our unfortunate direction towards more war.
  • In January 2018 we published an article on the transitions we are facing.
  • In January 2018 we published a reference to high points of a "No Foreign Bases" conference on YouTube.
  • In January 2018 the New Progressive Alliance  welcomed three new allies.

    -The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement works to end international support for Israel's oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law.

    -Evonomics   Launched in October 2015 Evonomics has emerged as a powerful voice for the sea change that is sweeping through economics. Evonomics’ content questions traditional economic theory and attracts hundreds of thousands of readers a month, and even more people on the web.

    -Washington Environmental Council   The Washington Environmental Council is a nonprofit, statewide advocacy organization that has been driving positive change to solve Washington’s most critical environmental challenges since 1967. Our mission is to protect, restore, and sustain Washington’s environment for all.

  • In January 2018 we published an article indicating hope and progress for the environment in 2017. There remains an uphill battle, but the outlook is not hopeless.
  • In January 2018 the New Progressive Alliance  welcomed two new allies. They are Facebook groups Green Party Activists and Truth Bomb Activists. 

    Green Party Activists is an action-oriented group designed for Green Party members to share content that supports the building of the Green Party's electoral power via activism, legislation and electoral campaigns. Green Party Activists is a group for activists within the Global Greens to organize and share content. Green Party Activists  fight for People, Planet and Peace over Profit.

    Truth Bomb Activists is a closed group for many former and current Bernie Sanders, Green Party and Independent voters and activists. They cherish and value TRUTH and justice. They are a DEMEXIT Progressive group that believes you cannot have justice without truth, first. Their commitment to truth means they seek and vet information posted.

  • In January 2018 we published a good article from a New Progressive Alliance ally on specifics of the transformation we are facing.
  • In January 2018 Anthony Noel,  an award winning journalist and founder of the New Progressive Alliance, reviewed a book on the New Progressive Alliance blog.


II. United Nations:


III. Public Comments:

    The NPA continues to make Public Comments to federal agencies and legislative bodies in the United States and Canada on specific issues to support the Unified Platform  To see all Public Comments  in full we have made since 2012 or to see them summarized with our other activities in Annual Reports look here.

  • Public Comment 152: March 2018 - Congress Oppose Attacks on Clean Water
  • Public Comment 151: March 2018 - Congress Oppose Poison Pill Riders
  • Public Comment 150: February 2018 Port Kalama – Stop Methanol Refinery

  • Public Comment 149: February 2018 Gov. Inslee – Stop Methanol Refinery

  • Public Comment 148: February 2018 Minnesota Public Utilities Commission – Stop Pipeline

  • Public Comment 147: January 2018 – Congress – Clean Budget  In a Public Comment sent to all 535 congressional offices, 149 groups - including the New Progressive Alliance - called on Congress to free itself from poison pill policy riders. The Public Comment states, “Poison pill riders are unpopular as standalone legislation, and the public opposes using them to roll back public protections…Appropriations bills continue to be misused to undermine essential safeguards through partisan poison pill ‘policy riders’ – provisions that address extraneous and unpopular policy issues. Slipping unrelated and damaging issues into must-pass appropriations bills as a means to win approval is a dangerous strategy for the public.”

  • The New Progressive Alliance made three  Public Comments in the final part of December 2017 and ended the year with 35 Public Comments to agencies – more than any other year in the history of the New Progressive Alliance. We make comments either alone or with others, but it is important to fight for policy specifics.
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