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December 2-13, 2019 - Madrid, Spain

UN Climate COP 25

Extinction Rebellion participation in COP 25 - Rebels Beyond Borders

Extinction Rebellion are crossing borders, in a huge international effort to bare witness COP25 being held in Madrid from December 2nd-13th.  COP25 draws together the largest countries and contributors in global carbon emissions, leaders from all nations come together to make commitments on the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.  Since the formation of 'Conference Of the Parts' (COP), not enough leader promises have yet to been made or rather put into action to make a significant enough impact on safe guarding humanities future from run away climate and ecological breakdown. Extinction Rebellion Rebels from across the world are coming together in Madrid to raise the alarm bells, tell the truth through non-violent direct action in order to reach the hearts of those most able to make real systemic change on an international level.


December 7, 2019 - Cleveland, Ohio

"Break the Grip of the Two-Party System” Conference

 $25.00 fee


May 26-31, 2020 - Ottawa, Canada

Conference & Peace Fest

NoWar2020 “Divest, Disarm, and Demilitarize: Conversion for a Peaceful, Green, & Just Future” Conference & Peace Fest.

World Beyond War
July 9-12, 2020 - Detroit, Michigan
The 2020 Annual Green Party Convention which will choose the Green Party candidates for President and Vice President will be held at Wayne State University.


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