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June 23-25, 2018 - Washington, D.C.

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BXE (Beyond Extreme Energy) is planning a three or four day sharing/training, art-build and action from June 23-25, beginning the morning of Saturday, June 23rd. Will you join us?

Our communities and our planet are in desperate need of a halt to the permitting and building of all new fossil fuel pipelines and other infrastructure. Communities in the way of proposed new pipelines, compressor stations, storage and export facilities face toxic industrialization, eminent domain abuse, air, land and water pollution, and threats to health and safety. And our disrupted climate can only heal when jobs-creating renewable energy and energy efficiency have displaced fossil fuels, and people power has displaced corporate power.

For decades FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, has supported the oil, gas, coal and nuclear industries. It has rubber stamped virtually all gas pipeline permit applications. They have confronted us and the rest of the country with a rigid, unified and punitive refusal to listen to grassroots concerns about communicide and climate change. This has led to a massive build-out of fracked gas infrastructure in many parts of the country, with all of the disruption and danger that come with it.


July 11-12, 2018 - Brussels, Belgium

Make Peace Great Again

As the world becomes more dangerous by the day, the need for action for peace has never been more vital.  With militarism on the rise, the need for a global people’s alternative – of justice, sustainability and peace – has never been more urgent. Since NATO’s last summit in 2017 we have seen an escalation of nuclear rhetoric between Trump and North Korea and frequent talk of the possibility of world war three. This is not a situation that is tolerable for humanity – to live in the shadow of annihilation and we, the peoples of the world, reject this warmongering.

We call on all peace-loving citizens and organizations to demonstrate their desire for peace, on the occasion of the next NATO summit meeting in Brussels in July 2018.

NATO is pressing its members to spend 2% of GDP on military budgets to fund wars and aggression. The economic interests of the military industrial complex are well-served since NATO allies have agreed to devote at least 20% of defence expenditure to major equipment spending. Since last year this became an obligation for the majority of EU members in the framework of PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation), even though EU member states submit to strict austerity policies.

  • We resist further increases in defense spending at the expense of social security and public services

The US announced a $1 trillion program for nuclear weapons ‘modernization’ which includes more ‘usable’ weapons. This comes with a new nuclear posture to increase the contexts in which nuclear weapons will be used. In addition, NATO’s role as a nuclear-armed alliance continues, with B61 nuclear bombs, currently being upgraded to the B61-12, also to make them more ‘usable’. These are stationed in five countries across Europe – Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey. There is strong opposition to the siting of these weapons in Europe, including from the governments of some of the ‘host’ nations.

  • We pledge opposition to NATO’s nuclear role and all nuclear weapons. We urge our governments to sign the nuclear weapon ban treaty and to work towards nuclear disarmament

NATO’s expansion continues as Montenegro was confirmed as the 29th member in June 2017 in spite of overwhelming popular opposition within the country. Bosnia-Herzegovina is also in negotiations to join the alliance. This continued expansion has contributed to international tension as Russia sees itself increasingly surrounded by US and NATO bases.

  • We continue to oppose destabilizing NATO expansion

NATO’s actions and inflammatory rhetoric continue to escalate tension with Russia: the increasing NATO presence in the region was a major contributory factor to the conflict between Russia and Georgia in 2008 and in the continuing crisis in Ukraine. NATO has recently exacerbated the situation by announcing new bases in eastern Europe. Deployments of troops have arrived in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland during 2017. The EU is increasingly linked to NATO. The establishment of PESCO is only the latest sign of the rapid and dangerous militarization of the EU as a pillar of NATO.

  • We oppose the increasing militarization of Europe, any so-called European Defence Policy, and NATO’s push to a new Cold War

NATO’s war continues in Afghanistan: begun by Bush in 2001 – the first step in his ‘war on terror’ – it continues today, the longest war in US history, involving all NATO countries. Ostensibly intended to drive out the Taliban and destroy al-Qaeda, it helped create and strengthen the conditions for a surge in terrorist organizations and associated fighting forces that continues today.This ‘war on terror’ rides roughshod over international law and gives ‘carte blanche’ to further interventions.

  • We demand an end to this war and to NATO’s military interventionism

NATO’s so-called commitment to peace and stability is false. Nuclear weapons, military spending and interventionism can never serve peace, only violence and war. NATO’s bases, activities and weapon systems are a significant source of pollution. Its ‘war on terror’ is responsible for countless victims, destruction and displacement, giving rise to waves of migration as people seek safety and security.

Worldwide, people are in need of real peace which means social justice, environmental security, equal access to resources, a warm welcome for refugees fleeing wars and oppression and more.

  • We demand disarmament for development

In the name of peace, and the future of humanity, we call for coordinated world-wide actions to take place on the eve of the Summit – on Wednesday 12 July at 5pm – in support of the demonstration, counter-summit and all peaceful protest during the Summit.


July 19 - 22, 2018 - Salt Lake City, Utah

2018 Green Party Annual Meeting

Don’t miss all the organizing, networking, workshops, and events including:

  • Thursday Opening Event
  • Workshops
  • Movie night
  • Plenary sessions
  • Greens Got Talent Fundraiser
  • Networking opportunities
  • Caucus and committee meetings
  • Anti-oppression training
  • And, much more…


July 21, 2018 - Washington, D.C.

Youth Climate March

The mission of the Zero Hour movement is to center the voices of diverse youth in the conversation around climate and environmental justice. Zero Hour is a youth-led movement creating entry points, training, and resources for new young activists and organizers (and adults who support our vision) wanting to take concrete action around climate change. Together, we are a movement of unstoppable youth organizing to protect our rights and access to the natural resources and a clean, safe, and healthy environment that will ensure a livable future where we not just survive, but flourish.


September 6-7, 2018 - Houston,Texas

Offshore Wind Summit

Join us and accelerate the U.S. Offshore Wind industry! We will again bring together decision makers from wind and offshore oil and gas, both from the U.S. and Europe. Using many of the same technologies— design, foundations, vessels, cabling and a highly skilled workforce— offshore O&G experts play an important role in the advancement of U.S. offshore wind. The Offshore Wind Executive Summit will provide the forum to establish new business relationships. Educate yourself on the current market including project development, important policy issues and the complicated supply chain.


September 21-22, 2018 - Toronto, Canada

World Beyond War is planning an annual global conference in Toronto on September 21 and 22, 2018, at OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design University, 100 McCaul St, Toronto, ON M5T 1W1, Canada.
The agenda will include speakers, plenaries, workshops, discussions, poetry, music, and food. Likely topics focused on will include: building the war abolition movement globally and in Canada, using the rule of law against war, system-level designing for peace, Canada's role in warmaking, global governance, Indigenous rights, new laws against war, protecting the environment from war, departments of peace, science for peace, youth activism, divestment, closing bases, prosecuting the crime of war, truth and reconciliation, remediation, and restitution.
October 20-21, 2018 -Pentagon

To Confront the Bi-Partisan War Machine

In response to the continuing march of military aggression by the USA and to put an antiwar agenda back on the table of activists, we are calling for an Women’s (and allies) March on the Pentagon tentatively sent for the 51st anniversary of the 1967 big antiwar event in DC and subsequent march on the Pentagon that had 50,000 people!

If you don’t like Trump (and who doesn’t), we have something for you too! Just think TRUMP’S BLOATED FINGER IS ON THE NUCLEAR BUTTON!

However, this is NOT, nor will it turn into a Get Out the Vote Rally for the Democrat 1/2 of the War Party. This is a principled call to action against the entire rotten Empire.

More information on Facebook.

November 10-12, 2018 - Washington, D.C.

Mobilize Against Trump’s War Parade

People from all over the country will descend on Washington, D.C., to say NO to Donald Trump’s War Parade on Veterans’ Day weekend.

This is an outrage! It is an obscene glorification of war and a criminal waste of urgently needed money. At this very moment so many working people are unable to pay their medical bills and rent, millions in Puerto Rico still have no electricity, youth unemployment is still staggering, the drug epidemic is worsening, and the country’s infrastructure is crumbling. The United States spends more on the military than the next 10 countries combined. This is an advertisement for spending hundreds of billions more on the Pentagon and to line the pockets of weapons contractors.

The War Parade is aimed at stimulating a new war drive that will bring death and destruction to one (or more) of the countries on the Pentagon hit list, potentially Iran, North Korea, or Venezuela. The over-the-top celebrations of the war machine — in the false guise of “patriotism” — also serve to stifle dissent at home, as Trump has repeatedly shown with his racist attacks on #BlackLivesMatter protesters.

The people of this country, and the world, will not stand for it. We will not be led into the slaughterhouse of war — either as perpetrators or victims — so as to repair a wounded ego or a wounded Empire. Hundreds of thousands will pour into the streets to stop Trump’s agenda of militarism and racism.


January 8-9, 2019 - Washington, D.C.

NCSE 2019 Annual Conference

About the National Council for Science and the Environment

Each year, the National Council for Science and the Environment brings together scientists, educators, policymakers, business leaders and officials at all levels of  government to discuss how to use science in environmental policy and decision making. The Annual Conference provides a platform for a diverse community to learn from each other, collaborate and build long lasting relationships. This is a meeting you won't want to miss. Sessions will explore how systems thinking and a sustainability framework can serve society through investment in natural, built, cyber, and social infrastructure.

The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) advances informed environmental policy and decision making through science. Our work and programs include interdisciplinary research, scientific assessment, information dissemination, training and curriculum development. We engage scientists, educators, policymakers, business leaders and officials at all levels of government. NCSE is a non-profit organization established in 1990 and has a longstanding reputation for non-partisanship. We invite you to explore our work and join our community

n2ff019 Annual Conference: Sustainable Infrastructure & Resilience

2019 Annual Conference: Sustainable Infrastructure & Resilience

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