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January 24 to 26, 2017 - Pittsburgh, PA

Stand Together To Oppose All Pipelines

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Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center 1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission granted preliminary approval for construction of the Nexus Pipeline to transport natural gas from the region. However, FERC officials continue reviewing plans for the Rover Pipeline, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, the Mountaineer XPress and the Leach XPress pipelines, which officials believe would provide producers greater access to markets in which they can sell their natural gas at higher price points.

One of those producers, EQT Corp., plans to use $1.5 billion to drill 119 Marcellus wells with an average lateral length of 7,000 feet — along with seven Utica wells with an average lateral length of 6,800 feet — in 2017.

Another producer, global oil and natural gas giant Chevron, will invest $19.8 billion for drilling and fracking in 2017. The company operates several wells in Marshall County.

January 30, 2017 - Santa Rosa, California

Understanding The Conflict In Palestine/Israel Teach-in


Occupy Sonoma County Presents: Understanding the Conflict in Palestine/Israel

Teach-in Monday, January 30, 7-9 PM, Peace & Justice Center, 467 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa

Imagine being forced out of your ancestral home at gun point.  Now imagine that the world looks on in silence while people you love die every day.  Welcome to Palestine.

Israel was carved out of Palestine in 1948.  Following the Six Day War in 1967, legal borders were established.  Israel ignores these borders as it continues to encroach on Palestine. In late November, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced the building of 500 new illegal settlements in East Palestine; the capital of Palestinian under the two-state solution.

Israel’s expansion depends on their continual violations of international law.  Israeli settlements beyond the 1967 boundaries violate UN Resolutions 242 and 252 as well as the 4th Geneva Convention. Israel’s denial of the right of return violates UN Resolution 194.  Within Israel, one in five Israelis do not enjoy the same civil rights as the majority population because they are not Jewish. This is the definition of an apartheid state.  All this and more is kept out of US media as are reports of long-term nonviolent resistance to Israeli oppression conducted by Palestinians, Israelis and international solidarity activists in the face of continual brutal suppression.

On January 30, 2017, Occupy Sonoma County will present “Understanding the Conflict in Palestine/Israel” at the Peace & Justice Center, 467 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa, from 7-9 PM.  This free presentation will focus on the US media blackout around the occupation of Palestine and the implications of Islamophobia in this struggle.

Donation Requested. or call 707-877-6650.

Occupy Sonoma County embraces the egalitarian, deep democracy principles of the Occupy Movement with a regional strategy for effectively organizing county-wide social justice campaigns that are globally relevant.


March 3 to 5, 2017 - Chicago, IL

Future of Left and Independent Politics Network

Website: Left Elect

We are now organizing a second national conference March 3-5 2017 in Chicago to gather candidates, individuals, and organizations committed to a left political alliance in opposition to the two-party system of corporate-capitalist rule. We believe a meeting after the 2016 election cycle will afford us an important opportunity to discuss our diverse experiences, and to continue to forge unity between our local efforts, campaigns, and electoral vehicles.


April 7-9, 2017 - Huntsville, AL


Pivot Toward War: US Missile Defense And Weaponization Of Space

Join us for the 25th anniversary of the Global Network at this important conference and protest in the community known as the ‘Pentagon of the South’.

Huntsville is the home of the Redstone Arsenal and the Space Command’s directorate for ‘missile defense’.  Huntsville is the manufacturing site for the PAC-3, SM-3 missile defense (MD) systems while the controversial THAAD is built in another part of Alabama.  Redstone Arsenal was the place where after WWII Nazi rocket scientists were brought by the U.S., using their scientific and technological expertise to help create the US space and weapons programs.  The GN had a similar meeting in Huntsville in 2001.

The US is currently encircling Russia and China with MD systems based on Navy Aegis warships (SM-3 interceptor missiles) and with ground-based launchers (PAC-3 and THAAD).  These systems are the ‘shield’ that would be used to pick-off Russian or Chinese retaliatory strikes after a Pentagon first-strike attack.  MD systems were previously banned by the US-Russian Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty because they are destabilizing and give one side an advantage.  George W. Bush pulled the US out of the ABM Treaty in 2001 and since that time the US MD program has been on steroids.

This conference, to be held in the heartland of the conservative south, will be a great opportunity for peace groups everywhere to learn more about the role of US MD systems which could be key triggers to start WW III. Help the growing global movement against MD and space weapons build greater opposition to these destabilizing programs.

We invite peace groups worldwide to become co-sponsors of this timely conference and to send representatives to join the protest at Redstone Arsenal on April 7 and the conference on April 8-9.  Organizations interested in being listed as event co-sponsors are asked to pay $100 – $500 (whatever you can best afford).

More information about complete conference agenda will be available soon.  Send inquires to the GN at  or (207) 443-9502.


April 21, 2017 - Seattle, WA

Save Our Planet


Friday April 21, 2017 Ground Zero and allies, featuring Native Americans sisters and brothers, will paddle, walk, and speak out against nuclear weapons and the destruction of our planet!
We will demand that the Trillions of US Citizen Tax Dollars dedicated to destroying our Planet be redirected to healing her, all the beautiful beings, and to respect the sanctity of life!
We will gather in Seattle, bearing witness, making our voices for peace, justice, and protection of Earth’s Waters, Lands, and Air heard!
Please Save the Date and help get the word out now and as more details are firmed-up, and join with us!
Our Friends at Standing Rock are showing us the way to sustain our spirits and determination to stop the madness of nuclear weapons and all other life-destroying actions.
We must help heal Our Earth!
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