Hello; It Is " I ". Am I all alone?

I support Life. 

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Yikes. We are in trouble in area we do not even know about. Education is the basic of survival.

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This is one heck of peace of work. The author must have the patience of Joob. The power of a philosopher and the heart of Man.

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Mankind started with 10 commandments. Now there are millions called laws. Laws are passed by the minority for the majority.

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Check out New Progressive Alliance. I just joined. http://www.newprogs.org/volunteer?recruiter_id=382


Changing America's priorities from corporate profitability and world domination to Peace, People and the Planet won't happen overnight! But whether you've been an activist for years or are just finding your voice, becoming an NPA Envoy in your community will help hasten that day's arrival. Complete the information below and we'll contact you within 24 hours. Thank you!

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Very Well Said. Thanks Ed For posting.

Donnie Harold Harris
There must be birds that fly freely,somewhere. A child that is not blue but why is there a you? I was born from heaven into a world of hell.donnie harold harris