Climate Change is Real and Dangerous


Updated 2024



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The verdict among real scientists who publish in peer reviewed publications and verified by the below references is clear.

-It has not been this warm for at least 120,000 to as many as 50 million years.

-There has not been this much carbon dioxide for 15 million years.

-Global warming  is mostly caused by humans.

-Fossil fuel subsidies from all countries are about 5 trillion dollars a year, many times that for clean energy subsidies. See Cost of Fossil Fuel Subsidies.  

Climate Change and  results already being felt are not a matter for controversy among the overwhelming majority of published credentialed scientists in the field. See 10 Climate Change Myths Debunked

The danger is if we reach certain tipping points then we will not be able to recover. This will be disastrous for future generations. Climate Change is a matter of weather and physics. Politicians, rich people, the failure of  people to believe, or government  charades pretending to do something will have no effect. If we fail then future generations will likely judge us by this issue more than any other. See Cost of Environmental Destruction.   

Many religious and spiritual leaders are sounding the alarm. For example see the Encylical Letter by the Pope. 

Unfortunately, there is also a well financed effort by the fossil fuel industry to use journalists and politicians to spread and make up new lies even if the lies have been disproved. This effort includes intimidating legitimate scientists.  

One may track the world wide big picture here: Global Registry of Fossil Fuel Emissions and Reserves and at Climate change indicators. The latest United Nations IPCC Report paints a grim picture. 

The reason we have over 500 continuously updated references covering decades is to show this is settled science and has been obvious for quite awhile. 

For articles like this covering different areas on the environment with over 2,500 references see


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25-Katrina-Like Storm Surges Could Become Norm

26-Time to Wake Up: Climate Science Obstructionism

27-Desertification crisis affecting 168 countries worldwide, study shows

28-Encroaching sea already a threat in Caribbean: Rising seas in southern Caribbean offer dark preview of future amid climate change

29-Global carbon dioxide in atmosphere passes milestone level: Climate warming greenhouse gas reaches 400 parts per million for the first time in human history

30-Greenhouse Gas to Reach 3-Million-Year High

31-Ice-Free Arctic May Be Near, Study Suggests

32-Increased flood risk linked to global warming: Likelihood of extreme rainfall may have been doubled by rising greenhouse-gas levels.

33-If the Oceans Die - We Die

34-Ocean Acidification Threatens Arctic Ecosystem, Study Shows

35-Oceans Are Feeling the Heat: Op-Ed

36-Rising seas clearly evident along SC coast

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38-The Last Time CO2 Was This High, Humans Didn’t Exist

39-The Most Controversial Chart in History, Explained - Climate deniers threw all their might at disproving the famous "hockey stick" climate change graph. Here's why they failed.

40-'Dangerous Territory': Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Milestone

41-The evidence for climate change WITHOUT computer models or the IPCC (YouTube)

42-More global warming could be ahead than seen in millions of years 

43--Editorial: Time running out to address climate change

44-Heatwave deaths in New York city could rise by up to 22%, study shows

45-Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature

46-Global Extinction within one Human Lifetime as a Result of a Spreading Atmospheric Arctic Methane Heat wave and Surface Firestorm

47-The Arctic Ice “Death Spiral”

48-From global warming to fluoride: Why do people deny science?
The potent combination of our powerful intelligence with our massive reality denial has led to a dangerous world

49-Locust plagues point to grim future of climate change - Climatic changes in China, the Middle East and Africa could see more severe outbreaks of locusts devastating food crop

50-Reynolds: We ignore these numbers on climate change at our peril

51-In Ancient Ice, Clues That Scientists Are Underestimating Future Sea Levels

52-NASA asks, Is a Sleeping Greenhouse Gas Giant Stirring in the Arctic?

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55-All-Time Heat Records Broken in . . . Alaska?

56-REPORT: CNBC's Climate Denial Is Bad For Business

57-The 10 Dumbest Things Ever Said About Global Warming: The most egregious myths, misconceptions and flat-out lies about the future of the planet

58-2012 Broke Climate Records, New Report Says

59-Climate Change Deniers Using Dirty Tricks from 'Tobacco Wars', Expert Says

60-Climate Change Has Arrived in California

61-Climate Change Occurring Ten Times Faster Than at Any Time in Past 65 Million Years

62-Global Warming Is Very Real - Scientists are fighting deniers with irrefutable proof the planet is headed for catastrophe

63-Escalation of Oil Spills, Why They’re Getting Worse in the US: Speeches Don't Matter, Actions Do

64-Is a Sleeping Climate Giant Stirring in the Arctic?

65-NOAA report card for 2012's climate: More warming - NOAA: 2012 shows climate change with record sea-level rise, Arctic melting, heated-up oceans

66-Acid Test: Rising CO2 Levels Killing Ocean Life

67-Reporters Aren't Drawing The Connection Between Climate Change And Wildfires

68-Can Society Win the Race Against Climate Change? (Op-Ed)

69-Scientists call for war on climate change, but who on earth is listening?

70-Destabilization of Arctic Sea Ice Would Be "Game Over" for Climate

71-Major cities will hit climate 'tipping point' by 2047, study shows

72-Video and charts make clear the planet is still warming — and there’s only one way to stop it

73-Global Warming About to Claim Three Quarters of a Billion People

74-Assessing "Dangerous Climate Change"

75-Carbon Emissions on Tragic Trajectory

76-Chasing Ice

77-Fishing Communities Will Face Warmer, Acid Oceans

78-Global food supply at severe risk from climate change, warns leaked study by UN-created panel

79-Guy's Climate Chaos Presentation

80-In Africa, Climate Change Wages War on Bodies, not Just Lands

81-Last Hours of Humanity: Warming the World to Extinction

82-Just Like Bush: US Under Obama, Thumbs Its Nose at the World on Climate Change

83-New finding shows climate change can happen in a geological instant

84-Pacific Ocean Warming at Fastest Rate in 10,000 Years

85-Plan B Updates - Climate Change Driving Weather off the Charts

86-Super Euros: Top 10 climate-change-fighting countries are all in Europe

87-The No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Science

88-We've Reached The Point Where Climate Change Deniers Need To Be Reminded That It Snows Every Year

89-Why energy producers need to pay heed to global warming

90-Hockey sticks to huge methane burps: Five papers that shaped climate science in 2013

91-Climate Change Roulette and Water Scarcity

92-Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb (YouTube)

93-Climate Change Could Cause the Next Great Famine

94-Climate Change Worse Than We Thought, Likely To Be 'Catastrophic Rather Than Simply Dangerous'

95-Climate Change: ‘Abrupt,’ ‘Unpredictable,’ ‘Irreversible’ and ‘Highly Damaging’

96-Earth Will Cross the Climate Danger Threshold by 2036 - The rate of global temperature rise may have hit a plateau, but a climate crisis still looms in the near future

97-Tricks of the Trade: How companies anonymously influence climate policy through their business and trade associations

98-Gaius Publius: ​IPCC Accidentally Proves that “International Cooperation” on Climate Change is Dead​ ​​

99-Carbon Dioxide in Our Air Hits an All-Time High

100-Happy Earth Day. We Just Reached Another Scary Climate Change Milestone

101-If This Terrifying Report Doesn't Wake You Up to the Realities of What We're Doing to This Planet, What Will?

Eight reasons you should be worried about the UN's latest climate report.

102-Let's Call Climate Change What It Really Is—Violence

103-Louisiana’s coastline is disappearing too quickly for mappers to keep up

104-Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'?

105-Sabotaging Climate Struggle--Eric Zuesse as Neville Chamberlain

106-Ocean-atmosphere forcing of centennial hydroclimate variability in the Pacific Northwest

107-The Neverending ‘Wakeup Call’

108-The Climate Deniers Are Using the Same Tactics as the Tobacco Industry

109-The Harper Government Has Trashed and Destroyed Environmental Books and Documents

110-U.N. climate report was censored

111-Full Show: The War on Climate Scientists

112-PROFESSOR: These Are The Charts That Explain Climate Change

113-Science academies explain global warming reality

114-Small influence of solar variability on climate over the past millennium

115-The greening of Noam Chomsky: a conversation

116-The Mystery of the Missing Methane

117-The Relentless Attack on Climate Scientist Ben Santer

118-U.S. Scientists Launch Wake-Up Campaign on Climate Change

119-Climate change and the military-industrial complex

120-Watch 63 years of climate change in one horrifying GIF

121-Snowden Docs: U.S. Spied On Negotiators At 2009 Climate Summit

122-Why New Studies May Mean 'Game Over for the Climate Deniers'

123-Bill Moyers Essay: When Congressmen Deny Climate Change and Evolution

124-Dahr Jamail | "Peak Water," Methane Blowholes and Ice-Free Arctic Cruises: The Climate Crisis Deepens

125-Dahr Jamail | Atmospheric CO2 Crosses "Ominous Threshold"

126-Climate scientist drops the F-bomb after startling Arctic discovery - Sometimes, you've just got to tell it like it is

127-Ignoring Climate Change Is Risky Business

128-Ignoring Climate Change Is Risky Business

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130-Don't believe the hype: 5 reasons to be pessimistic about climate change: As things stand, we are in for a world of hurt.

131-22 Devastating Effects Of Climate Change

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133-Eight ways climate change is making the world more dangerous - Disasters including storms, floods and heatwaves have increased fivefold since the 1970s, UN finds

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139-Human Factor Speeds Up Glacial Melting

140-Ice sheets may have already passed point of no return

141-IPCC co-chairman says scientists being intimidated by climate change deniers - Prof Thomas Stocker says campaign to undermine IPCC’s fifth assessment report led by ‘people and organisations with vested interests’

142-Irreversible Changes Now Affect Antarctica and the World (Op-Ed)

143-Study Concludes When Civilization Will End, And It's Not Looking Good for Us

144-An Entire Island Nation Is Vanishing Because Of Global Warming

145-CNBC Caught Soliciting Writer To Claim Global Warming is a "Hoax"     

146-New study finds fringe global warming contrarians get disproportionate media attention - 30% of fringe climate scientists who say carbon pollution causes little global warming report frequent media coverage, vs. just 15% of mainstream climate scientists

147-The Public Relations Debate About Global Warming Heats Up

148-Six Things Michael Mann Wants You to Know About the Science of Global Warming

149-States are fighting new science curriculum teaching climate change and evolution

150-The Giant Methane Monster Lurking

151-The UN’s New Report on Global Warming Is the Most Terrifying Yet

152-These Climate Scientists Are Telling You What They Really Think: Researchers explain why they feel frustrated, angry, worried, and helpless in the global warming debate.

153-This week in science: I see nothing! (video)

154-Three No-hype Facts About President Obama's New Carbon Rule

155-Canadian meteorologists barred from talking about climate change

156-UN panel: Global warming human-caused, dangerous - Global warming already dangerous, risks being irreversible, says new UN global warming report

157-What Lies Beneath: Giant Underground Carbon Store Is a Greenhouse Gas Bomb

158-What really annoys scientists about the state of the climate change debate? - From misinformed politicians who should 'shut up', to a failure of large parts of society to grasp reality, climate scientists reveal their bugbears

159-“Erring on the side of least drama” — Why climate scientists are inherently conservative (video, article, and graph)

160-Why we care about the 97% expert consensus on human-caused global warming - The 97% expert consensus is important because it helps increase public awareness of human-caused global warming

161-World is getting warmer, says global climate report

162-Interview: Naomi Klein Breaks a Taboo

163-Oil Is Back! A Global Warming President Presides over a Drill-Baby-Drill America

164-Climate change increases possibility of mega-drought in Southwestern U.S. (video)

165-Elon Musk Says This Is The Chart About Arctic Sea Ice That Really Matters

166-Here's How Little Time We Have Until Global Warming Is Out Of Control

167-On the Frontline of the Climate Wars: An Interview with Michael Mann

168-63 Years of Global Warming in 14 Seconds (video)

169-We Are Pumping Carbon Into The Atmosphere At Increasing Rates — 2013 Set A New Record Jump

170-Happy New Year: CO2 has already hit alarming milestone

171-In Just 60 Years, Neoliberal Capitalism Has Nearly Broken Planet Earth

172-More Seafloor Methane Released Into the Pacific Ocean

173-West Virginia’s sneaky climate denial: School board alters state science standards: Last-minute changes to the state's climate change education requirements fly in the face of science

174-“What the hell are they doing?”: How Canada’s anti-science leaders are wrecking the Arctic - The Arctic's changing faster than we think, says author Ed Struzik, and our neighbor to the north isn't helping

175-Arctic sea ice "thinning dramatically," study finds

176-Bigger Than Science, Bigger Than Religion

177-Climate Deniers Exposed: Top Scientist Got Funding From ExxonMobil, Koch Brothers, Big Coal

178-Climate forcing of unprecedented intense-hurricane activity in the last 2000 years

179-Court ruling: Journalists must not treat a scientist as “unavoidable road kill on the highway of public controversy” - Canadian press reports success for climate researcher Andrew Weaver's libel suit—which calls to mind that of US climatologist Michael Mann.

180-Dahr Jamail | Mourning Our Planet: Climate Scientists Share Their Grieving Process

181-Climate denial gets a billion-dollar boost: Why the Kochs’ 2016 spending spree could mean planetary disaster - The Kochs' major campaign financing push could undermine climate action right when we need it the most

182-Fear, Ridicule, Danger: Is It Safe to Be a Climate Scientist? (Op-Ed)

183-Guess Who’s Been Secretly Funding a Famous Climate Change–Denying Scientist?

184-Here’s How the US Keeps the Rest of the World From Tackling Climate Change

185-How the Harper Government Committed a Knowledge Massacre

186-Iconic graph at center of climate debate

187-Another Big Storm Cripples Cities, Travel—and Reason: The political patter during blizzards is predictable, but it doesn't change the science

188-Species Are Dying Off, Human Disease Is On the Rise and Doomsday Is Closer Than Ever

189-Watch Ocean Acidification in Real Time: New tools and techniques reveal global warming's evil twin at work in seawater

190-Manufacturing Doubt About Climate Change

191-Seeing Is Believing as Scientists Trace Greenhouse Effect

192-Dahr Jamail | The "Mega-Drought Future," the Disappearance of Coral Reefs and the Unwillingness to Listen

193-The World of Our Grandchildren - Noam Chomsky discusses ISIS, Israel, climate change, and the kind of world future generations may inherit.

194-We are already seeing the first examples of how climate change will leave us all thirsty

195-Another state bans agency from discussing climate change

196-Antarctic ice shelves rapidly thinning

197-Antarctica is basically liquefying

198-Big Shelves Of Antarctic Ice Melting Faster Than Scientists Thought

199-6 Climate Change Myths — Debunked!   It's tempting to dismiss all the talk as hype, but experts say not to fall for these misconceptions.

200-Direct evidence for a positive feedback in climate change

201-Eight Pseudoscientific Climate Claims Debunked by Real Scientists

202-Wisconsin Climate Change Gag Order Part of Broader Industry-Tied Attacks on Science

203-Extreme weather already on increase due to climate change, study finds - Researchers say heatwaves that previously occurred once every three years are now happening every 200 days thanks to global warming

204-Florida Officials Were Barred From Using The Term 'Climate Change' Once Rick Scott Took Power

205-House Passes Bill that Prohibits Expert Scientific Advice to the EPA

206-John Oliver Does Science Communication Right

207-Major Antarctic ice survey reveals dramatic melting

208-Network TV Continues Giving Climate Change Cold Shoulder

209-Newly Released Documents Provide Further Indication That Florida Officials Were Directed Not To Talk About Climate Change

210-The Atlantic Ocean circulation may already be slowing down. That's not good.

211-Who is Michael Mann and Why do Climate Deniers Hate Him?

212-This is When Hockey Stick Author Michael Mann First Realized the True Magnitude of Climate Change

213-STUDY: Media Largely Ignored Climate Change in Coverage Of Winter Snowstorms

214- The Media's Failure With the Biggest Story in the World

215-Protecting the Science of Climate Change - A scientist recalls the politically motivated editing of climate change science in government reports, offering insight into why the reality of climate change was hard for officials to accept.

216-Science measures humanity's mark on extreme weather

217-Scripps O2 Global Oxygen Measurements: Atmospheric Oxygen Levels are Decreasing

218-The conversation about climate change is ch-changing - It's not just The Guardian switching gears; it's business and political leaders too.

219-The film that reveals how American ‘experts’ discredit climate scientists - Last week the US secretary of state launched a savage attack on climate skeptics, fuelling a toxic political debate

220-The Reason Sea Levels Are Rising Faster

221-The Relentless Attack on Climate Scientist Ben Santer

222-The State of the Earth in 4 Climate Trends

223-Los Angeles can expect number of extreme heat days to rise: study

224-“People and Planet First”: On the Moral Authority of Climate Justice and a New Economy

225-A Climate Change Data Visualization Gains National Landmark Status

226-American Tea Party Supporters Base Climate Claims on Ideology not Science, Study Confirms

227-Another federal scientist fired in Harper's ongoing war on science

228-Catastrophic Sea Level Rise: More and sooner

229-Climate change seen as greatest threat by global population - Environment damage followed by worldwide economic instability and Isis in list of concerns, according to survey by Pew Research Center


231-Coal Baron Matt Ridley is Top Source in Peabody Climate Report to the White House

232-Extreme heat exposure up 4 to 6 times by mid-century

233-David Suzuki: The Realities of a Warming World

234-Earth is now the hottest it has ever been in recorded history

235-Internal Documents Show Fossil Fuel Industry Has Been Aware of Climate Change for Decades

236-Secretive donors gave US climate denial groups $125m over three years - Funds allocated to organisations lobbying against Obama’s climate bill and working to undermine rules to reduce carbon pollution, tax records show

237-Heat Wave In India Kills Over 500 People

238-How Mankind Blew the Fight Against Climate Change

239-Major greenhouse gases hit record highs in 2014: report

240-Naomi Oreskes: The Hoax of Climate Denial

241-New Study Says Even 2 Degrees of Warming 'Highly Dangerous' - James Hansen and 16 others aim to pressure Paris climate talks toward strong outcomes with a new paper published ahead of peer review.

242-New climate report says Earth in hotter water - Record land and ocean temperatures highlighted in NOAA's annual ‘State of the Climate’ report

243-Warming of oceans due to climate change is unstoppable, say US scientists - Seas will continue to warm for centuries even if manmade greenhouse gas emissions were frozen at today’s levels, say US government scientists

244-Michael Mann on Climate Change

245-Big Oil Knew. Big Oil Lied. And Planet Earth Got Fried. - New report exposes why fossil fuel companies didn't need the warning from the public scientific community to start a decades-long campaign of denial. They already knew their business model was a threat.

246-Edelman loses executives and clients over climate change stance - Public relations giant Edelman has lost valued executives and clients by trying to play both sides of the climate debate

247-Climate peril stirring in permafrost, experts tell UN

248-Earth’s Most Famous Climate Scientist Issues Bombshell Sea Level Warning

249-Sixth mass extinction is here: US study

250-The Climate Deception Dossiers: Internal fossil fuel industry memos reveal decades of disinformation—a deliberate campaign to deceive the public that continues even today.

251-The forecast for the next century? Scary with a chance of dying

252-Tomgram: Ellen Cantarow, Paradise Lost -- or Found?

253-Tomgram: Naomi Oreskes, Why Climate Deniers Are Their Own Worst Nightmares

254-What These Climate Scientists Said About Earth's Future Will Terrify You - I spoke with apocalyptic climate scientists about what our next generation faces, and their answers were bleak.

255-What's Really warming the World?

256-Who's Behind the Attack on the Pope's Climate Encyclical?

257-Trouble looms as warmer oceans push marine life toward the poles

258-Warming of oceans due to climate change is unstoppable, say US scientists: Seas will continue to warm for centuries even if manmade greenhouse gas emissions were frozen at today’s levels, say US government scientists

259-U.S. Scientists: No Way to Stop Warming of Oceans

260-Education increases belief in climate change — everywhere except in the U.S.

261-the book Climate Change: Our Children Are in Danger - For Lilly, a clueless Great-Granny goes Green by Mary Guay

262-10 Global Warming Facts That Prove We're Completely Destroying the Planet

263-Report: Climate Change Threatens Most of the World’s Bird Species

264-Arnold Schwarzenegger just gave a climate-change speech that will give you chills

265-In Greenpeace Sting, Professors Agree to Produce Research for Fossil Fuel Industry Without Disclosure

266-Where in the World Is Climate Change Denial Most Prevalent?

267-Fish Stocks Are Struggling To Rebound. Why Climate Change Is On The Hook

268-Hatred, Insults and Even Death Threats Over Climate Science?

269-After Paris: How to Fight for Climate Change’s First Victims?

270-How Close Are We to 'Dangerous' Planetary Warming?

271-Greenpeace Sting Shows Academics Selling Themselves To Polluters

272-Washington Post Writer Finally Discloses He’s a Shill for Fossil Fuel Industry

273-Scientists try to replicate climate denier findings and fail

274-Tomgram: Engelhardt, Apocalypse When?

275-Climate Change and Inequality Are Driving War and Catastrophic Conflicts from Syria to Africa

276-20 Startling Pics To Show Anyone Who Doesn't Think Climate Change Is Real

277-The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here - The worst predicted impacts of climate change are starting to happen — and much faster than climate scientists expected

278-The Question Isn’t Whether We Can Save the World With Renewables, but How Much Can Be Saved?

279-2015 Wildfire Season Shatters National Record With 10 Million Acres Burned

280-7 Global Warming Facts That Even Critics Can’t Ignore

281-Act Now, Urges Study, or Planet Faces 10,000+ Years of Climate Doom - "The next few decades offer a brief window of opportunity to minimize large-scale and potentially catastrophic climate change that will extend longer than the entire history of human civilization thus far."

282-Australia guts government climate research - Since climate change is “answered,” researchers aren’t needed.

283-Six graphics that explain climate change

284-Canada’s new prime minister will no longer censor scientists, unlike the last one

285-Climate change means more fear, less fun for global middle class: UBS

286-How big oil spent $10m to defeat California climate change legislation - The oil industry targeted business-friendly Democrats in the legislature to kill parts of a bill mandating a 50% reduction in gasoline use in the state by 2030

287-Dahr Jamail | Freak Storms and Butterfly Die-Offs: This Is Your Climate on Fossil Fuels

288-From Seabirds to Starfish: Climate Change Driving Unprecedented Die-Offs - Many incidents "boil down to a common problem," says WaPo: "the animals' environments are changing, and they're struggling to keep up."

289-Global Warming Over The Next Decade: Candidates take note. UPDATED

290-One County’s Global Warming Failure

291-Is Humanity on the Eve of Extinction?

292-Kids Suing Government for Climate Action Attract Influential Allies and Opponents - Both the fossil fuel lobby and the Catholic Church are paying attention.

293-Meet the World’s First Climate Refugees

294-Naomi Klein: Climate Change “Not Just About Things Getting Hotter… It’s About Things Getting Meaner” - In a wide-ranging conversation, the journalist and climate activist discusses the recent Paris climate accords, the politics of global warming, climate change denial and environmental justice.

295-Ocean warming 'underestimated,' study finds

296-Sea level rise from ocean warming underestimated, scientists say - Thermal expansion of the oceans as they warm is likely to be twice as large as previously thought, according to German researchers

297-Sea levels are rising and they’re not going to stop, says NASA

298-Overwhelming Percentage of Science Teachers Confused About Climate Change

299-Please Stop Saying Humans Aren’t Causing Climate Change

300-America Has a Hidden Climate Denial Network and New Research Maps It Out - Corporate funding has played a huge rolin influencing our national conversation on climate.

301-Climate Denying GWPF Academic Chairman Ross McKitrick Resigns In Wake of Greenpeace Sting

302-It's the End of the World — How Do You Feel?

303-Rice University’s Baker Institute and the Academic Cover It Provides for Fossil Fuel Interests

304-The right-wing climate-denial machine is churning faster than ever

305-The Times Continues to Mislead its Readers About Climate Change Denial ‘Science’

306-When climate deniers harass scientists, these guys come to the rescue

307-Real-Time Carbon Clock Shows Climate Change "Danger Zone" Is Imminent

308-Scientists Link Extreme Weather to Climate Change

309-Thanks, Climate Change. Extreme Weather Wreaking Havoc Across Globe - 'Biblical' flooding in the UK has forced hundreds of evacuations, while fatal storms in U.S. have killed at least 43 people

310-The 7 Most Interesting Climate Findings of the Year

311-Tomgram: Bill McKibben, The Real Zombie Apocalypse

312-Top Climate Expert: Crisis is Worse Than We Think & Scientists Are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk

313-Why You Shouldn’t Visit the Maldives

314-Ten Clear Indicators Our Climate is Changing

315-Kentucky's top climate official sent packing

316-Climate Disruption's New Record: Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Highest Point in 15 Million Years

317-Climate change is already causing dramatic flooding in the coastal U.S. | Grist

318-Warming Planet Has Led to Catastrophe in the Middle East | WRMEA

319-Fossil fuel use must fall twice as fast as thought to contain global warming - study | Environment | The Guardian

320-Global warming in overdrive: We just had the hottest January ever recorded

321-Failing phytoplankton, failing oxygen: Global warming disaster could suffocate life on planet Earth -- ScienceDaily

322-One-Third Of U.S. Science Teachers Bring Climate Change Denial Into the Classroom | IFLScience

323-Teachers Need to Communicate the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change - US News

324-Tomgram: Michael Klare, A Take-No-Prisoners World of Oil - Energy Wars of Attrition

325-Press Release: Obama’s Interior Department Pushes Oil Shale Plan Threatening Massive Climate Pollution, Water Use

326-95% of Meteorologists Back Climate Consensus

327-Dahr Jamail | As Climate Disruption Advances, UN Warns: "The Future Is Happening Now"

328-Climate Change Hastened Syria's Civil War: Human-induced drying in many societies can push tensions over a threshold that provokes violent conflict

329-Climate Change's Effects on Food Production Are More Harmful and Deadly Than We Thought

330-Opinion: Unnoticed, We Are Close to Destruction of Our Planet

331-The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment - Climate change is a significant threat to the health of the American people. This scientific assessment examines how climate change is already affecting human health and the changes that may occur in the future.

332-Climate Change Is Killing People in Houston. Meanwhile, Texas Is Full of Climate Skeptics.

333-Climate-exodus expected in the Middle East and North Africa

334-Tar Sands Capitol Evacuated Due to Massive Wildfire

335-The $250 billion health benefit of fighting climate change

336-The climate change and its impact on democracy - We need to decouple economic progress from fossil fuels if we are to survive as a species.

337-Current record-shattering temperatures are shocking even to climate scientists

338-The Billion Dollar Problem Blocking Climate Action

339-Global heating and the dilemma of climate scientists

340-Global warming taking place at an 'alarming rate', UN climate body warns - World Meteorological Organisation says unprecedented rate of change sends a powerful message to world leaders to implement the Paris deal to cut emissions

341-India’s worst drought in 50 years is shutting down farms, hospitals, and schools

342-Meltdown Earth: the shocking reality of climate change kicks in – but who is listening?

343-As NASA releases climate “bombshell”, more questions raised over fracking’s climatic impact

344-It May Soon Be Too Late to Save the Seas - An alarming new study suggests global warming could leave marine life struggling to exist.

345-Ongoing Unravelling of our Climate System

346-Climate scientists are now grading climate journalism - Climate Feedback provides a venue for climate scientists to evaluate the accuracy of climate news stories

347-Conservative group is trying to take down top environmentalists

348-During the most important year for climate news, TV coverage fell - A report by Media Matters for America reveals that the media are failing to inform the American public on the most important issue of our time

349-Lying is their business: Ari Rabin-Havt on the industry that’s grown to create and disseminate right-wing propaganda - Author Ari Rabin-Havt explains how modern conservatism is built on an entire industry built to lie

350-Fort Mac Blaze: Brace for New Era of Infernos

351-Leading the Public into Emergency Mode: A New Strategy for the Climate Movement

352-Sea-level rise has claimed five whole islands in the Pacific: first scientific evidence

353-The Beetles: Eighty-Nine Million Acres of Abrupt Climate Change

354-The Climate Emergency: Time to Switch to Panic Mode?

355-The Great Grief: How To Cope with Losing Our World - In order to respond adequately, first we may need to mourn

356-The Mercury Doesn’t Lie: We’ve Hit a Troubling Climate Change Milestone

357-The scientist who first warned of climate change says it’s much worse than we thought

358-This is what climate change looks like.

359-Forbidden Data - Wyoming just criminalized citizen science.

360-31 Science Groups To Congress: Stop Denying And Start Fighting Climate Change

361-31 scientific societies just told Congress to take their climate denial and shove it

362-Algae Blooms Are Contributing To Greenland’s Staggering Ice Loss

363-An Inconvenient Truth Then and Now: What’s Changed for Our Climate Since 2006? Here’s what’s changed for our planet since An Inconvenient Truth sparked a global movement against climate change a decade ago.

364-Arctic Melting Defies Scientists

365-Arctic temperatures soar to 30 C above normal - Bizarre weather continues in the North

366-Arctic Undergoing Rapid Ice Melt That Could Speed Global Warming: Study

367-Arctic, Greenland Stuck in Feedback Loop of Melting

368-Big Banks Driving Hotter Climate

369-Climate Denial Collides With Extreme Weather

370-Coal Companies’ Secret Funding of Climate Science Denial Exposed

371-Congress Gets Another Reminder From Scientists That Climate Change Isn’t Coming — It’s Already Here  “We owe it to our children and to our children’s children to take bold action now so that our descendants do not pay the price for our generation’s greed.”

372-Bill Nye: Climate change is reason for Louisiana floods

373-Catastrophes fueled by climate change creating an insurance crisis

374-Climate Change is Tipping Scales Toward More Wildfires

375-Global Warming in Siberia: Thawing Reindeer Expose Community to Anthrax

376-It's not just Alberta: Fires fuelled by warming climate are increasing - 'This is absolutely a harbinger of things to come,' says Canadian climate scientist

377-NOAA: Climate change played significant role in Louisiana's torrential August rainfall

378-2 months rain in one day makes Iowa the latest state in America to declare an emergency as our planet is showing signs of birth pangs

379-Drought Kills 66 Million Trees in California, Increasing Risk of Catastrophic Wildfires

380-David Suzuki: Climate Deniers Are Wrong ... CO2 Emissions Are Wreaking Havoc on the Planet

381-Big Banks Betting Against Climate Change Policies, Spending Billions On Fossil Fuel Projects: Report

382-Court Documents Show Peabody Energy Funded Dozens of Climate Denial Groups

383-U.S. companies tout climate policies, fund climate skeptics

384-Every observatory in the world now reports carbon dioxide is at highest level in 4 million years

385-From Epic Fires to a 1,000-Year Flood: The Climate Change of Here and Now - "This storm is a good example of why we care about a changing climate," says scientist Katharine Hayhoe

386-A Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature Since the Last Ice Age Glaciation - When people say, "The climate has changed before," this is how to respond

387-Ocean Warming Is Already Affecting Arctic Fish And Birds

388-Planet at its hottest in 115,000 years thanks to climate change, experts say - Global warming is said to be bringing temperatures last seen during an interglacial era, when sea level was 6-9 meters (20-30ft) higher than today

389-Climate scientists are under attack from frivolous lawsuits - Climate Science Legal Defense Fund is forced to defend climate scientists against constant frivolous lawsuits

390-Has veteran climate scientist James Hansen foretold the ‘loss of all coastal cities’ with latest study? - Former NASA climate director James Hansen and a team of scientists claim a mechanism in the climate could rapidly raise sea levels by metres

391-Stephen Hawking: One Thing Threatens Us More Than Donald Trump ... Climate Change

392-The faux insurgency of the climate change deniers and the need for closure

393-This is the worst news for life on Earth

394-Trees and plants reached 'peak carbon' 10 years ago - More atmospheric carbon dioxide in the 1960s meant greenery flourished – but our photosynthesising friends have long had their fill. Kate Ravilious reports.

395-Unsettling and Ominous – Climate Alarm Bells of 2016

396-Vatican Statement

397-Watching ice melt for 33 years, scientist finds glaciers are dying at anything but a glacial pace

398-Bolivia Is in a Drought State of Emergency

399-California Drought Causing Trees to Die by the 'Millions,' Scientist Says

400-We just entered an alarming 'new era' of global warming

401-We just had five 1,000-year floods in less than a year. What's going on?

402-The fact is: Facts don’t matter to climate deniers

403-Wildfires and climate change are fueling each other, creating a vicious cycle - Right now, forests absorb global-warming pollution. But that's changing as temperatures rise.

404-The Climate Hypocrisy Is Glaring. It’s Outrageous  (about Canada)

405-A look at the '97%' science consensus meme - New Yale Climate Connections video explores key research that has led to common meme that 97 percent of climate scientists agree Earth is warming largely because of human activities. (video)

406-Climate Judases: Three ways Democrats betray humanity - The Democratic Party remains as perversely bad on climate action itself as on the non-climate issues required to foster it.

407-‘Flash drought’ could devastate half the High Plains wheat harvest

408-All hell breaks loose as the tundra thaws: A recent heatwave in Siberia’s frozen wastes has resulted in outbreaks of deadly anthrax and a series of violent explosions

409-David Suzuki: Wildfires Are a Climate Change Wake-Up Call

410-Hopes of mild climate change dashed by new research - Planet could heat up far more than hoped as new work shows temperature rises measured over recent decades don’t fully reflect global warming already in the pipeline

411-Hundreds Of Coastal Communities Could Face Monthly Floods In The Coming Decades

412-Longer, Fiercer Fire Seasons the New Normal with Climate Change: Dry spells are getting drier in the West as temperatures rise, creating a greater risk of wildfires.

413-Romans are about to go eight hours a day without water

414-South Asia May Become Too Hot for Humans to Survive by 2100

415-Tomgram: John Feffer, The Invisible Monster of Climate Change

416-The Uninhabitable Earth - Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think.

417-Heat Waves Creeping Toward a Deadly Heat-Humidity Threshold - As global temperatures rise, river valleys in South Asia will face the highest risk of heat waves that reach the limits of human survivability, a new study shows.

418-How Many Wildfires Will It Take For Us To Wake Up To Climate Change? Fires and floods have always been here — but as the world warms, they're increasing in frequency, size and severity.

419-New study: ‘Super heat waves’ of 131°F coming if global warming continues unchecked. Temperatures in the Middle East are already soaring past 120°F, while a heat wave named "Lucifer" scorches Europe.

420-2016 confirmed as planet's hottest year - The report is the most comprehensive assessment of climate change released by the Trump administration.

421-25 Fossil Fuel Producers Responsible for Half Global Emissions in Past 3 Decades: CDP traced the greenhouse gas emissions of 100 oil, coal and gas companies, together linked to 71% of emissions since 1988. Exxon is high on the Carbon Majors list.

422-Alarming New Animation Shows The Months Are Indeed Getting Warmer

423-Climate Change Indicators: Atmospheric Concentrations of Greenhouse Gases. This indicator describes how the levels of major greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have changed over time.

424-In Glacier National Park, you can see climate change firsthand

425-Utilities Knew: Documenting Electric Utilities’ Early Knowledge and Ongoing Deception on Climate Change From 1968-2017

426-Joining Forces for Honest Environmental Journalism

427-Science journalist retires at 98 and warns of generation of Americans who suffer from a thinking 'disability’

428-What to Do When You See Science Denial at the Science Museum

429-Emergency Climate Crisis is upon us by Dr. Peter Carter (YouTube)

430-Harvard Study Finds Exxon Misled Public about Climate Change - An analysis of Exxon’s research and public statements shows a sharp contrast between what the oil giant knew about climate change and what it told the public.

431-New Video Visualizes a Century of Global Warming in Just 35 Seconds

432--The Managed Decline Of Fossil Fuels

433-How the military fights climate change (TED talk)

434-Arctic Transformed into Alien Landscape in Surreal Climate Change Photo

435-3 Extreme Weather Events in 2016 'Could Not Have Happened' Without Climate Change, Scientists Say

436-6 Questions About Hurricane Irma, Climate Change and Harvey As global temperatures rise, warmer oceans are expected to fuel stronger hurricanes, with disastrous consequences.

437-Arctic Report Card 2017: Ice Cover Is Shrinking Faster Compared With Prior 1,500 Years

438-Arctic temperatures are soaring, and scientists are freaking out - The planet keeps heating up and melting ice at a "frightening" pace.

439-20,000 Scientists Have Now Signed 'Warning to Humanity'

440-Climate Change Already Hurting Our Health and Economy, Report Warns

441-Drought and Heat, Worsened by Humans, Help Fuel California Fires

442-Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed

443-Why feedback loops are one of the most troubling parts of global warming - They're vicious circles that will speed up the pace of warming.

444--These companies support climate action, so why are they funding opposition to it? - A tale of Paris climate agreement supporters, political spending and unintended consequences

445-Sachs: Big oil, Abbott must pay a price in recovery

446-Rising Sea Levels Reshape Miami’s Housing Market

447-Hurricane Harvey Exposes Danger of Tax Cuts, Deregulation, Aging Infrastructure, Ignoring the Environment and ‘Limited Government’ - Here come the snake oil salesmen, pushing more of what made Harvey more destructive than it should have been.

448-End the Corporate Hijacking: It’s Time to Separate Oil & State

449-Study: Black People Are 75 Percent More Likely to Live Near Toxic Oil and Gas Facilities - And they face serious health risks.

450-US Wind Power Achieves 30 Percent in Four States

451-George Monbiot: We Can’t Be Silent on Climate Change or the Unsustainability of Capitalist System

452-Why Are The Crucial Questions About Hurricane Harvey Not Being Asked?

453-Hurricane Harvey, Climate Denial, Fake News and ExxonMobil

454-I was an Exxon-funded climate scientist - A committed scientist and climate science communicator relates her decades-earlier 'unique experience' as an Exxon-funded researcher and the company's 'agenda for our research.'

455-What other cities can learn from Portland's fossil-fuel ban - It applies to new, large-scale fossil-fuel infrastructure.

456-COP23: Countries’ Plans Fall Short, More Ambition Is Needed

457-Sea levels to rise 1.3m unless coal power ends by 2050, report says - University of Melbourne paper combines latest understanding on Antarctica and current emissions projection scenarios

458-EPA asked Heartland for experts who question climate science

459-How Bad Are Proposed Budget Cuts at the EPA? Let Me Count the Ways

460-Atlantis announces plans to deliver 1 GW of tidal power by 2025 at French site

461-California State Senator: 100 Percent Renewable Energy is ‘Within Reach’

462-The US Has Millions of Tons of a Low-Carbon Fuel Source, But It's Being Thrown Away

463-Obama’s Hidden Role In Worsening Climate Change

464-Tomgram: Michael Klare, The New Face of "War" at Home 

465-A First For Humanity As CO2 Breaches 410 ppm

466-A Faustian Bargain with the Climate Crisis

467-Climate change is here, and the world is burning

468-Harvard Study Puts Hurricane Deaths in Puerto Rico at Nearly 6,000 People—70 Times Official Count

469-The world is hot, on fire, and flooding. Climate change is here.

470-Fossil Fuel Industries Outspend Clean Energy Advocates On Climate Lobbying By 10 To 1 - That’s one reason why climate bills fail even though most Americans think global warming is happening.

471-Extreme global weather is 'the face of climate change' says leading scientist  Exclusive: Prof Michael Mann declares the impacts of global warming are now ‘playing out in real-time’

472-James Hansen’s legacy: Scientists reflect on climate change in 1988, 2018, and 2048

473-Judgment on Hansen's '88 climate testimony: 'He was right' Climate scientists' consensus: James Hansen 'got it right' in congressional global warming and human causation testimony 30 years ago this week.

474-How Did the End of the World Become Old News?

475-The Climate Atlas of Canada – Take Meaningful #ClimateAction

476-Humans are causing massive changes in the location of water all over the Earth, NASA says

477-NASA Satellites Detect Seriously Weird Changes in Earth's Freshwater

478-NASA Satellites Track Unusual Changes in Earth's Water Supplies

479-Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene

480-Earth is the warmest it's been in 120,000 years

481-Deadline for climate action – Act strongly before 2035 to keep warming below 2°C

482-Climate Change Is Suffocating Large Parts of the Ocean  A new study says warming has reduced the oxygen levels in large swaths of the deep ocean, threatening marine life around the world.

483-Ocean acidification to hit levels not seen in 14 million years

484-Climate change science comeback strategies: 'In it for the money'    Experts in science and communication share perspectives on how to counter this persistent myth. Part II of a series.

485-Ericsson sustainability talk with We Don’t Have Time   The following is a sum-up from a keynote by CEO Ingmar Rentzhog. It serves as a viewpoint for those interested in the progress of the We Don’t Have Time movement and recent development on climate change.

486-National Teachers Group Confronts Climate Denial: Keep the Politics Out of Science Class   The association urged science teachers at all levels to emphasize that 'no scientific controversy exists regarding the basic facts of climate change.'

487-First thing we do, let’s kill all the experts   Tom Nichols' book describes how experts are no longer ignored—they're attacked.

488-Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed

489-Climate Change: 5 Things to Know About Rapid Ocean Warming  Emissions will need to be cut faster and deeper.

490--Mountain of Evidence Confirms: Climate Change Is Really, Really Bad for Human Health and Well-Being

491-Stanford study shows regions increasingly suffer hot, dry conditions at the same time   Odds are rising that warm, dry conditions – the kind that can hurt crop yields, destabilize food prices and exacerbate wildfires – will strike multiple regions at once. A new Stanford study shows just how much the risk is increasing.

492-K-12 students should be taught climate science, teachers' association says  'No scientific controversy exists.'

493-ICYMI: A guide to the 4th National Climate Assessment   The comprehensive report outlines how climate change could harm Americans.

494-Contemporary Global Warming placed in geological context

495-In 200 years, humans reversed a climate trend lasting 50 million years, study says

496-Conway and Oreskes Merchants of Doubt:Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming 2011 book, 2014 video documentary, “There can be no science without doubt: brute dogma leaves no room for inquiry. But over the last half century, a tiny minority of scientists have wielded doubt as a political weapon to halt what they did not want said: that tobacco kills or that the climate is warming because of what we humans are doing...It is clear, scientifically responsible, and historically compelling--it is an essential and passionate book about our times.” ―Peter Galison, Joseph Pellegrino University Professor, Harvard University, author of Einstein's Clocks, Poincaré's Maps

497-Are We Headed Toward the Worst-Case Climate Change Scenario?   A series of recent studies and reports suggest that, without immediate and drastic action, the worst-case climate scenario will become the rule rather than the exception.

498-Kaiser Permanente: The health care giant worries about the climate   'We see increased cases of asthma, other respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease.'

499-Our Health And Climate Change

500-Four decades of Antarctic Ice Sheet mass balance from 1979–2017

501-Earth’s oceans are routinely breaking heat records   2018 was the hottest year ever recorded in the planet's oceans, and climate models have been accurately predicting their warming.

502-Extreme Weather Change Worldwide January 2019

503--'Unprecedented' Wildfires Burned Across the Arctic Circle In June - More than 100 wildfires in the Arctic Circle released 50 megatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in June. They're still burning.

504-‘There’s no doubt left’ about scientific consensus on global warming anymore

505-Carbon Dioxide Soars to Record-Breaking Levels Not Seen in at Least 800,000 Years

506-Climate change denial is evil, says Mary Robinson

507-Climate change science marks 40th anniversary of three key events that signified turning point

508-Climate change: ‘We’ve created a civilisation hell bent on destroying itself – I’m terrified’, writes Earth scientist

509-Climate Change: Why is it so often “sooner than predicted”?

510-Here's How Scarily Accurate NASA's Long-Term Climate Predictions Have Been So Far

511-It’s time to stop calling climate activists hypocrites

512-Scientist who resisted censorship of climate report lost her job

513-Climate change deniers’ new battle front attacked by Dr. Mann  ‘Pernicious’ campaign is unfair on well-meaning people who want to help

514-Climate crisis: 11,000 scientists warn of ‘untold suffering’ - Statement sets out ‘vital signs’ as indicators of magnitude of the climate emergency

515-Uncharted territory: Carbon dioxide expected to peak at levels last seen during Pliocene Epoch  "We've done in a little more than 50 years what the Earth naturally took 10,000 years to do,” one scientist said.

516--No Climate Event in 2,000 Years Compares to What’s Happening Now - While parts of the world have warmed or cooled in the past, modern climate change is happening just about everywhere at the same time.

517-Covid Denial and Climate Denial: Same Tactics, often Same People  (YouTube)

518-2020 was tied for the hottest year ever recorded -- but the disasters fueled by climate change set it apart

519-Over 10 million displaced by climate disasters in six months: report

520-Waiting to Address Climate Change Will Cost Trillions of Dollars

521-This Obscure Energy Treaty Is the Greatest Threat to the Planet You’ve Never Heard Of The Energy Charter Treaty allows fossil fuel companies to sue governments for taking action on climate change. It must be stopped before it’s too late.

522-Extreme Global Rainfall Related To Climate Change, Study Proves

523-The Media’s Climate Blindspot  When climate coverage ignores the global South, it’s bad for everyone.

524-World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency 2021

525-Climate Crisis, Extreme Weather & Climate Action Dr. Mann on YouTube

526-August 2021 was sixth hottest recorded August since 1880 - Warmer land than ocean temperatures reflect influence of human emissions.

527-Global Update: Climate target updates slow as science demands action

528-They Knew: How the U.S. Government Helped Cause the Climate Crisis - James Gustave Speth has been calling for action on climate since serving in the White House in the 1970s. In an e360 interview, he talks about his new book, which chronicles how U.S. administrations repeatedly failed to act in response to scientists’ increasingly dire warnings.

529-Global Update: Climate target updates slow as science demands action

530-We need to talk about the latest IPCC report with Climate Scientists Peter Kalmus & Ella Gilbert (YouTube)

531-Greenland lost enough ice in last 2 decades to cover entire US in 1.5 feet of water - The world's largest island is losing its ice cap fast.

532-New Zealand sea level rising faster than forecast

533-The criticality of climate finance for Africa

534-The Terrifying Warning Lurking in the Earth’s Ancient Rock Record

535-Hottest summer on record for Europe and China during Northern Hemisphere’s 2nd-hottest summer - Globally, an astonishing 298 long-term weather stations – including 265 in China – set their all-time heat records in August.

536-Climate Change Turning Arctic Ocean Into Acidic Soup Where No Marine Life Can Thrive

537-The climate crisis explained in 10 charts - From the seemingly inexorable increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to the rapid growth in green energy

538-Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change by Dr. Yoram Bauman and Grady Klein This introduces many complex concepts in an illustrated comprehensive way which makes them easier (not easy!) to understand.

539-10C warming locked-in

540-Ocean Warming

541-Ocean heat hit another record high in 2022, fueling extreme weather

542-All the ways the most common bit of climate misinformation is wrong - We've looked at natural cycles and causes. None of them can produce this warming.

543-Why scientists are using the word scary over the climate crisis

544-10 Climate Change Myths Debunked

545-The 2023 state of the climate report: Entering uncharted territory



























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