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The environment is different from other issues. While other areas can be corrected for future generations, there is a strong and growing consensus among scientists that if we reach certain tipping points, there is no turning back. Future generations will judge us very harshly.

Policy specifics reveal democrats and republicans in the United States have long followed the same course while ignoring dangers of a warming planet, a warming acidic ocean,  massive water shortages, and other dangers. It is not a vanishing blip on the radar. Failure to deal with this trend will have disastrous consequences for the future. Unfortunately we are far from the only country to do this.

Each of the below articles covers an aspect of the environment documented with many references. The reason we have over 2,500 continuously updated references in the below articles covering many years is to show this has been a settled matter for decades.

Help make your progressive case by using this documentation which is continuously updated.


1. Climate Change is Real and Dangerous

 The reason we have so many references in the article Climate Change is Real and Dangerous  covering many years is to show this has been a settled matter for decades. The New Progressive Alliance will continue to document and update.

2. Banks should not finance environmental destruction

As the article Banks should not finance environmental destruction documents, banks are massively financing fossil fuels at the expense of cheaper and less polluting renewable energy.

3. Coal Is Bad

The article Coal Is Bad shows how burning coal produces pollutants such as mercury, sulfur, arsenic, cyanide, soot, and lead. It is the greatest contributor to climate change. Coal companies are not responsible for these health effects or for clean up when coal ash destroys water supplies.

4. Cost of Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The article Cost of Fossil Fuel Subsidies clearly show how massive fossil fuel subsidies far exceed renewable energy subsidies, healthcare, infrastructure, or defense spending.  The answer is a level playing field for renewable energy instead of giving a huge unfair economic advantage to fossil fuels. 

5. Cost of Environmental Destruction

The article Cost of Environmental Destruction shows the immense costs of environmental destruction far outweigh the cost of doing something. The price for adjusting to the effects of global climate change - even if possible - is far far greater than the cost of stopping global warming. 

6. Democrats Are Not the Answer for the Environment

The article Democrats Are Not the Answer for the Environment shows that while Trump and the republicans deserve no praise (see Beware the Trump Administration), that should not obscure the fact that the democrats have been disastrous for the environment.

7. Environmental Distractions and False Solutions

The article Environmental Distractions and False Solutions show with references how fossil fuel companies with paid off politicians distract  from real solutions with fake unworkable proposals designed to enrich those same fossil fuel companies.

8. Fossil Fuel Companies Lie

The article Fossil Fuel Companies Lie shows  fossil fuel companies  have a long history of putting considerable effort and money into deliberate lying.

9. Fracking and Natural Gas is Not the Answer

The article Fracking and Natural Gas is Not the Answer show that natural gas is not a bridge to renewable energy. It is both expensive and polluting.    

10. Gulf of Mexico and BP Oil Spill

The article Gulf of Mexico and BP Oil Spill show how US Sovereignty was handed over completely to BP for the oil spill. In addition there is continuing damage to the Gulf of Mexico and increased drilling thanks to both democratic and republican administrations.

11. Killing and Harassment of Environmentalists is Increasing

The article Killing and Harassment of Environmentalists is Increasing shows a disturbing and tragic trend.

12. Monsanto, Bees, and Companies Above the law

The article Monsanto, Bees, and Companies Above the Law shows the importance of bees and other insects as well as the corruption and harm of companies such as Monsanto, Dow, and Dupont.  

13. Nuclear Energy is not the answer.

The article Nuclear Energy is not the answer  shows that over half a century of experience throughout the world indicates nuclear energy is not the answer. It is the most expensive, the most delayed, and dangerous. No nuclear plant has yet been built that is not over budget and behind schedule.

14. Danger To Our Oceans

The article Danger To Our Oceans show that a  major risk often ignored is the stability of our oceans, sometimes called the basis for life. The oceans absorb heat and carbon dioxide which makes them warmer and more acidic. In addition to coral reefs, oysters, salmon, and fisheries, there is an alarming drop in plankton which is a basis for life. 

15. Pandemics and Food

The article Environmental Degradation Means More Pandemics and Less Food  shows climate change leads to the spreading of disease resulting in pandemics, spreading of pests, and the lessening of food production.

16. Plastic Danger

The article Plastics are Bad shows the danger of plastics.

17. Poverty

The article Poverty and the Environment   shows one reason the poor bear the biggest burden of pollution is because the toxic pollution is dumped near where the poor and disadvantaged live. There are many other factors putting an unequal burden on minorities as well.  

18. Transportation of Dangerous Fossil Fuel

The article Transportation of Dangerous Fossil Fuel  documents this danger. There is a great expansion of unsafe fuel transportation with pipelines, trains, trucks, and other devices. Even more than transportation, the problem is we are not leaving fossil fuels and  dirty Tar Sands oil in the ground in the first place.  As noted above under "9. Nuclear Energy is Not the Answer" above, there is no agreed upon way to transport nuclear waste either and it must remain close to the nuclear power facility as it has for decades.

19. United Nations

The New Progressive Alliance is in special consultative status with the U.N. Economic and Social Council and has opportunities for those that want to contribute. Check out the below two articles if you would like to be involved.

So You Want to Volunteer for the United Nations  

Make Your Case with the United Nations on Climate Change

20. Water Supply and Aquifers

The article Water Supply and Aquifers shows the danger of a complete failure to protect our county's aquifers which endangers our water supply. There is a real question if there will be enough water left for drinking and farming after fossil fuel and nuclear energy get top priority. There is a similar world wide danger. A profit making model has replaced the commons model on clean water.

21. We can do 100% if we want to.

The article We can power with renewable energy right now shows that here is no scientific barrier that restricts 100% use of renewable energy. There is nothing preventing greatly expanding the use of renewable energy right now. This is not theory, it has been accomplished in other countries.    



In the references above I have documented how serious the problem is that governments and political parties are ignoring. The point is not to get into a blame game. This is a very serious matter for mankind that we need to address in a major way. So far we have not. The overwhelming consensus of credentialed published scientists say the adverse consequences to future generations will be huge.

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