Elie Yarden

commented on A Hard Look at Where We Are After the 2016 Election 2016-12-17 13:07:48 -0800 · Flag
1. Jill Stein is a long time member of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, and has actually run for the governorship of the State, on two widely separated occasions and once for the position Secretary of the Commonwealth. 2. Having listened carefully to the debates in which she participated, I can find little one no reason to believe that she shares a common meeting ground with the Democratic Party. Her attacks on the Clinton political agenda make this clear. 3. In the PNC where Cobb was nominated the Green-Rainbow Party voted for Kent Mesplay to make clear their rejection of the safe-states strategy. In her first run for presidency Jill Stein not only did not engage in safe-states talk, but actively sought status for the Green Party in every State. 4. It is certainly true that large numbers of Greens do not understand the radical basis of Green Politics, and claim that the Green Party is leftist or progressive. This gives the impression that these people are really dissatisfied Democrats resembling Bernie Sanders, who at least is an avowed Socialist. It is difficult for many people to see that Green politics denies the current ideology of the Liberal nation-state and its led-center-right continuum, as politically irrelevant to the state of the planet, and its human occupants. Elie Yarden, Delegate to the National Committee from the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts.