Iran Stands By its UN Envoy. So Should We

Hamid Aboutalebi was Iran’s ambassador to Australia, the European Union, Belgium, Italy and got a US visa in the 1990s when he was a member of Iran's UN delegation. Iran recently appointed this career diplomat as its new Envoy to the UN - but the Obama Administration effectively nixed the appointment my denying Aboutalebi a visa - making entry to the U.S., where the UN is headquartered - impossible. 
To its credit, Iran is standing by Aboutalebi. He remains its UN Envoy and Iran will not appoint another to satisfy a crazed US Congress and the Obama regime.
Note that the UN secretariat should be outraged at this violation of its Headquarters agreement. But the SecGen is from a military ally of the US, which may explain his silence so far.
Here’s the relevant section of that 1947 agreement:

The federal, state or local authorities of the United States shall not impose any impediments to transit to or from the headquarters district of (1) representatives of Members or officials of the United Nations, or of specialized agencies as defined in Article 57, paragraph 2, of the Charter, or the families of such representatives or officials; (2) experts performing missions for the United Nations or for such specialized agencies; (3) representatives of the press, or of radio, film or other information agencies, who have been accredited by the United Nations (or by such a specialized agency) in its discretion after consultation with the United States; (4) representatives of nongovernmental organizations recognized by the United Nations for the purpose of consultation under Article 71 of the Charter; or (5) other persons invited to the headquarters district by the United Nations or by such specialized agency on official business. The appropriate American authorities shall afford any necessary protection to such persons while in transit to or from the headquarters district. This section does not apply to general interruptions of transportation which are to be dealt with as provided in Section 17, and does not impair the effectiveness of generally applicable laws and regulations as to the operation of means of transportation.

SECTION 12 The provisions of Section 11 shall be. applicable irrespective of the relations existing between the Governments of the persons referred to in that section and the Government of the United States.

Here is a link to Al-Jazeera's reporting on this story:  

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1979. That was…35 YEARS ago. A person could, and should, change a LOT in that time. That was also the same year as the Iranian Revolution which overthrew the Shah, who was about as brutal a dictator as they come, so anybody, even a TV evangelist(or maybe radio, which Khomeini certainly was to the Iranian people) looked pretty good in comparison.

Aboutalebi was a young man in his late teens or early twenties then. Is it so hard to believe that he somehow participated in the takeover of an Embassy from which so much foreign manipulation and exploitation had emanated since long before he was born? The Revolution had come! Everything was going to get better, wasn’t it?

Makes him sound human to me.

The American aristocracy is basically saying, “How dare you remind us of one of our defeats! We’ll show you!” in the most spoiled, schoolyard manner. Because that’s really what they are—spoiled brats running our country and trying to control the world.

They really need a good spanking.
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