Let's talk about the politics and economics of livelihood.

Because we need to break free from this two-party trap.

We need to challenge Wall Street for political and economic power.

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Workers rights and gaming "Compacts"

My "Letter to the Editor" gets published in the Broward County, Florida "Sun Sentinel:"


Iran Stands By its UN Envoy. So Should We

Hamid Aboutalebi was Iran’s ambassador to Australia, the European Union, Belgium, Italy and got a US visa in the 1990s when he was a member of Iran's UN delegation. Iran recently appointed this career diplomat as its new Envoy to the UN - but the Obama Administration effectively nixed the appointment my denying Aboutalebi a visa - making entry to the U.S., where the UN is headquartered - impossible. 

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When Does This Police Brutality End?

Unless the people vigorously insist upon and demand justice, nothing is ever done to these racist, killer cops... a case in point is Bemidji, Minnesota. 

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More Problems With "Obamacare"

Now there is another problem with Obamacare.

This time it is about forcing people to insure their children. The claim being made by the government is that paying for health care for children is a "parental responsibility."

The controversy arose because members of the Church of Scientology don't want to be forced to insure their children.

Senator Harry Reid wants to make accommodations for this outfit.

Both positions prove why the ACA is a farce, and a profit-gouging fiasco.

MINIMUM WAGE: "Socialist Insight" Monday, April 14

6 p.m. Central---14 April ---Monday---

Alan L. Maki, www.thepodunkblog.blogspot.com, political analyst and social activist is back. 
Our discussion: Interpreting the Minimum Wage Debate; What does it all mean? 

The Democratic Party's Betrayal On The Minimum Wage

What a farce; an outright fiasco. And they actually have the nerve and unmitigated hypocritical gall to boast and brag about this working-class betrayal:


Minnesota DFL Betrays The Working Class

The Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party with a super-majority sticks it to workers, again.

Interesting how these Democrats can control wages to remain at poverty levels but they can't control and redistribute wealth back to the workers who create it.

Once again working people who are experiencing a cost-of-living crisis have been screwed by the Democrats.

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"At-Will" Employment Must Go

Representing casino workers engaged in union organizing campaigns in the Indian Gaming Industry, I pay close attention to elections on Indian Reservations as I do with politics in general in the three states I work in--- Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Many Indian Reservations just held their Primary Elections.

Each and every Indian Reservation engaged in gaming is now thoroughly corrupt and crooked; just like the state and federal governments they work with, hand-in-hand. Like with politics generally, seldom is found an honest tribal politician.

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'Downwinder' communities

Living by a military training site is hazardous to your health, as this resident of Northern Minnesota makes indisputably clear.

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The Daily Crisis the Media Ignore

We have a crisis in this country confronting working class families - one that politicians and the media refuse to acknowledge.

It's the "cost-of-living crisis."

A Floridian Calls for Increasing the Minimum Wage

The following letter to the editor published in the Broward County Sun Sentinel. More letters like this are needed across the country:

Link: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/opinion/letters/fl-letter-paul-adinolfi-20140331,0,4651962.story

March 31, 2014

Every time an increase in the minimum wage is requested, there's an outcry that the sky will fall.

However, it's really not an increase — it is an adjustment to keep up with rising prices. The ones hurt the most when prices go up are the poor and the middle class, whose salaries haven't increased.

Climate Change and the Military-Industrial Complex

The New York Times ran this article, but omitted any mention of the role the Military-Industrial Complex plays  in climate change; something the U.N. has also omitted.

Click "read more" for my perspective, as originally published at Canadian Dimension.

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Tony Benn understood that it was the movements of workers in the streets and in the mines, mills and factories that prodded politicians to act.

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Just say "NO" to "bait and switch" politics.

We hear a lot about how people are "free" because they have the right to vote.

When you think about this "right" to vote though, do you ever think about what we have the right to vote on and vote for?

Do you ever think about how what we vote for is just ignored?