Beware the Trump Administration

The New Progressive Alliance keeps references that allies and friends may use in support of the Unified Platform such as Make Your Case!  One of our resources that we maintain is a growing list of references for the article Don’t Let These People or Organizations Fool You    As with the Clintons, the large number of references on Trump became unwieldy for that article so we gathered them separately in this article. This article will be continuously updated with new references.

Democrats constantly allege the republicans are so bad that people must vote for democrats. Democrats then quickly abandon any principles once in office. Still, modern day Republicans are not traditional conservatives and we should not forget that  they - like their democratic colleagues – are also largely on the same wrong path as the democrats. The democrats have better rhetoric, but their actions are largely the same as their republican colleagues. See Make Your Case!

Though the New Progressive Alliance has the structure to build as an organizing tool, in the absence of enough dedicated volunteers it serves as a poor man's think tank that can help make a case for others. Below, then, is documentation on the Trump administration. All are welcome to use as desired.

Journalists who celebrated Obama and demonize Trump are only empowering the new President

PBS Runs A Three-Hour Series Glorifying The DeVos Education Agenda (which is) Funded by conservative foundations devoted to privatization, this program is the definition of paid propaganda.

EPA accelerates purge of scientists - Members of the EPA’s Board of Scientific Counselors were told that they would not see their tenure renewed.

An Insider's View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America: In deep-red white America, the white Christian God is king.

Trump Administration Goes After Clean Water

Trump Is Continuing And Expanding All Of Bushbama’s Worst Policies

Emergency Climate Crisis is upon us

The Trump administration just disbanded a federal advisory committee on climate change

Another US agency deletes references to climate change on government website - The term ‘climate change’ was changed to simply ‘climate’ on website of the National Institutes of Health, the world’s leading public health research body

Trump's Lawyers Sue Greenpeace Over Dakota Pipeline, Making Jaw-Dropping Accusations - Greenpeace calls the suit "a pattern of harassment by corporate bullies, with Trump's attorneys leading the way."

Has the Liberal Media Enabled a Nationwide Crackdown on Trump's Political Enemies? - The president's smear of the "alt-left" echoes what mainstream outlets have been saying for months.

EPA moves to rewrite limits for coal power plant wastewater

Fighting Climate Change Means Protesting More Than Donald Trump - It's not just our current president; our political and economic system as a whole refuses to take climate change or the survival of millennials and younger generations seriously.

Jeff Sessions Is Aiding and Abetting Police Departments Who Want to Seize Property of People Convicted of No Crime

New study finds that climate change costs will hit Trump country hardest - In the USA, the southeastern states are most vulnerable to the costly impacts from human-caused climate change

Perry’s Grid Study Calls for Easing Pollution Rules on Power Plants - The Department of Energy study also concedes that the electricity grid can handle renewable power.

Empowering Science Advice

Scott Pruitt's Crimes Against Nature - Trump's EPA chief is gutting the agency, defunding science and serving the fossil-fuel industry

Trump Admin. Halts Mountaintop Mining Health Risks Study by National Academies: West Virginia officials had asked for the study after scientists described increased risks of cancer and birth defects near surface coal mining operations.

Trump Energy Dept's Pro-Coal, Pro-Nuclear Report 'Not Worth Paper It's Written On' - Critics say agency report is little more than "propaganda" and "talking points memo for coal and nuclear subsidies"

US science envoy resigns in protest at Trump policies - Energy researcher Daniel Kammen faults US president’s positions on climate change and energy and his failure to condemn white supremacists.

Whistleblower Case Shows How Trump Tries to Silence Science - A top federal scientist working with Alaska Native communities on climate change talks about abuses of power and intimidation, while a report details other tactics.

Penalties Against Polluters Drop 60% Under Trump

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