Beware the Clintons

The New Progressive Alliance keeps references that allies and friends may use in support of the Unified Platform.   One of our resources that we maintain is a growing list of references for the article Don’t Let These People or Organizations Fool You

With both Clintons the large number of references quickly became unwieldy so we created a separate article just for them. It is hoped that the public will look beyond their feelings at the real actions of the Clintons.

Both Clintons have a shameful record for the environment, war, corruption and the economy. Hilary Clinton (and Kerry after her) outright and deeply lied while Secretary of State about the XL Pipeline not affecting the environment. Clinton had many campaign contributors invest heavily in the pipeline. She also forced fracking upon the world.

Her husband enabled NAFTA, the 1996 Telecommunications Act, Welfare Reform and the repeal of Glass-Steagall. The Clintons have consistently followed and expanded bad policies. See Make Your Case with Weblinks, Books, Radio, Plays, Videos, and the Unified Platform

See specifically:

1-'Stop Hillary!' Exclaims Harper's Magazine in Provocative Cover Story - The 2016 campaign is here. So let the tough questions begin.

2-“The More Effective Evil” Curtain Call and the Prospect of Hilary 2016

3-An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

4-Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Beaten, Arrested for Silent Protest at Clinton Speech

5-Hillary Clinton 2016: A Recipe for Endless War

6-Hillary Clinton backs GMOs to the Hilt7-

7-Hillary Clinton blasts ‘unfair’ world reaction over Gaza, cites anti-Semitism as factor: In Atlantic interview, former secretary and possible presidential candidate backs Netanyahu’s West Bank security demands, urges ‘overarching’ US strategy to battle

8-Hillary Clinton blasts ‘unfair’ world reaction over Gaza, cites anti-Semitism as factor

9-Hillary Clinton Likes Obamacare, And Opposes Single-Payer Health Insurance

10-Hillary Clinton Mocks Snowden, Displays Her Ignorance When It Comes to Whistleblowers

11-Hillary Clinton Sides with NSA over Snowden Disclosures: Likely presidential candidate criticizes whistleblower for not going through proper channels and defends US global surveillance practices

12-Hillary Clinton Still Doesn’t Think Snowden Did Anything Positive & Continues to Delude the Public

13-Hillary Clinton Tells Wall Street She Believes Anti-Wall Street Rhetoric ‘Foolish

14-’Hillary Clinton, Pre-2016, Gingerly Addresses ObamaCare Debacle, Supports “Evidence-Based” Changes

15-Hillary Clinton: The Goldwater Girl Reveals Herself in an Atlantic Interview

16-Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs Problem - She talks populism, but hobnobs with Wall Street.

17-How Hillary Clinton’s State Department sold fracking to the world Surprise: Hillary Clinton tells NY audience fracking is ‘good news’ 

18-Ten major ways Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton are exactly the same
19-The Reinvention of Hillary Clinton: Vote For The Iraq War Now A “Mistake” And The Clintons Faced Hard Economic Times After Leaving The White House

20-Five Reasons No Progressive Should Support Hillary Clinton

21-Hillary Praises Fracking, Stays Silent on Keystone

22-Clinton Foundation accepting money from foreign governments

23-Clinton Foundation Taking Funds From Foreign Governments, Keystone XL Group

24-Hillary Clinton's ties to corporate donors, lobbyists while secretary of state scrutinized

25-Clinton Foundation Receiving Millions From Proponents of Keystone XL - Green groups say revelation raises questions about

26-industry influence over likely 2016 presidential candidate

27-Fossil fuel interests donated millions to Clinton charities. Is this a problem?

28-Ten major ways Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton are exactly the same

29-But Is Hillary Ready for Us?

30-Clinton Foundation Receiving Millions From Proponents of Keystone XL: Green groups say revelation raises questions about

31-Industry influence over likely 2016 presidential candidate

32-Why Some “Feminists” Won’t be Voting Hillary 2016

33-As Colombian Oil Money Flowed To Clintons, State Department Took No Action To Prevent Labor Violations

34-As Oil Money Flowed, Clinton Turned Back on Rights Abuses in Colombia: Report: 'This much is clear: After millions of dollars were pledged by the oil company to the Clinton Foundation, Secretary Clinton abruptly changed her position on the controversial U.S.-Colombia trade pact.'

35-How Hillary Clinton's State Department Sold Fracking to the World - A trove of secret documents details the US government's global push for shale gas.

36-8 things you need to know about Hillary Clinton and climate change

37-Report: Clinton changed stance on trade deal after donations to foundation

38-The Defining Moment, and Hillary Rodham Clinton by Robert Reich

39-Hillary's a "Bold Progressive"? Has Anyone Warned Her Donors?

40-Stop Hillary!  Vote no to a Clinton dynasty

41-Hillary Clinton and the Feminism of Exclusion - Media don't ask which women she crusades for

42-The Making of Hillary Clinton: The Seeds of Corruption

43-Hillary Clinton’s Announcement Paves Way for Progressives to Abandon Principles Very Early in 2016 Election

44-Hillary for the world?  Hillary Clinton presents herself as the liberal paragon that her track record simply does not support.

45-Hillary Won’t Save Us, Neither Will Bernie or Liz - 21st-century time bombs like global warming require a drastic change in the U.S. political landscape

46-Dick Morris: 9 reasons to reject Hillary

47-The Corbett Report 246 - Meet The Clintons

48-Hillary Supported 2009 U.S.-Backed Honduran Military Coup that Overthrew Democratically Elected Leader

49-Hillary Clinton: the 'liberal' puppet for sale who never saw a US war she didn't like 

50-VIDEO: Students are ‘Ready for Hillary’ just because she’s a woman

51-Hillary is playing progressives for fools: Why you shouldn’t believe her populist talk on trade - Hillary Clinton is allegedly still making up her mind about TPP. Does anyone really believe this?

53-NY Times: Hillary Clinton Approved Russian Uranium Deal After $2 Million Donation to Clinton Foundation

54-Brother of Hillary Clinton's Top Campaign Aide Lobbied for Fracked Gas Export Terminal Co-Owned by Qatar

55-Why It's Fair to Ask Hillary Clinton Why Honduras Is the Deadliest Place to Be an Environmental Activist: Clinton has admitted the US had a role in the country's 2009 coup. Where does she stand on the attacks on environmentalists?

56-Tomgram: Nomi Prins, Hillary, Bill, and the Big Six Banks

57-Democrats Embrace Citizens United in Defense of Clinton

58-Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department

59-The Vileness of the Clintons

60-Hillary Clinton State Department Emails Contain Redacted Job Description for Top Energy Diplomat

61-Hillary Clinton Suggests the Minimum Wage Is a Local Issue

62-Private Prison Lobbyists Are Top Fundraisers for Hillary Clinton

63-Hillary Clinton's Biggest Campaign Bundlers Are Fossil Fuel Lobbyists - Clinton's top campaign financiers are linked to Big Oil, natural gas and the Keystone pipeline.

64-Secretary Clinton’s TPP claim is verifiably false

65-Hillary Clinton's Legacy as Secretary of State

66-10 Ways Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Are Basically the Same Presidential Candidate 

67-Hillary Clinton Campaign Now Locking Reporters In Cages

68-Will Hillary Clinton Adopt Hedgie Billionaire John Arnold’s Schemes for Retirement Insecurity?

69-Hillary Helps a Bank—and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons - The Wall Street Journal’s eyebrow-raising story of how the presidential candidate and her husband accepted cash from UBS without any regard for the appearance of impropriety that it created.

70-News You Might Have Missed: Hillary Clinton Opposes Reinstating Glass-Steagall Act

71-The worst thing Hillary Clinton has done: During the debate, Clinton touted her years at the Children's Defense Fund. Here's the truth she didn't talk about

72-Clinton’s Updated Tammany Hall—Destroying Democracy and Climate Too?

73-Hillary Clinton Made More in 12 Speeches to Big Banks Than Most of Us Earn in a Lifetime

74-New Hillary Emails Reveal Propaganda, Executions, Coveting Libyan Oil and Gold

75-How Hillary Clinton's State Department sold fracking to the world - A trove of secret documents details the US government’s global push for shale gas, reports Mother Jones

76-Hillary Clinton: A Lying Compilation - video

77-Video Surfaces of Hillary Clinton Blaming Homeowners for Financial Crisis


83-Another Hillary Falsehood: She Didn't Tell Banks to "Cut It Out" Pre-Crisis; She Blamed Homeowners

84-Bill Fucking Clinton Accuses Bernie Supporters of Sexism

85-Hillary Clinton Doing Finance Industry Fundraiser Just Before Iowa

86-Hillary Clinton: Single-payer health care will "never, ever" happen

87-Hillary Clinton Gets $13 Million From Health Industry, Now Says Single-Payer Will “Never, Ever Come To Pass­”

88-Hillary Clinton often boasts about helping children, but she betrayed them as First Lady - During the debate, Clinton touted her years at the Children's Defense Fund. Here's the truth she didn't talk about

89-Hillary Clinton's War on Universal Healthcare Is a War on the Middle Class

90-How a Democrat Killed Welfare - Bill Clinton gutted welfare and criminalized the poor, all while funneling more money into the carceral state.

91-How Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem Betrayed Women Everywhere

92-Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Who’s the Biggest Political Whore of All??

93-Sexual Predator Bill Clinton calls Sanders Supporters “Sexists”

94-The Establishment’s Escalating Pressure on Women to Support Hillary Clinton

95-There’s a ‘Special Place in Hell’ for Madeleine Albright. Here’s Why

96-Hillary’s State Department Pressured Haiti Not To Raise Minimum Wage to $.61 An Hour 

97-John Kasich and the Clintons Collaborated on Law That Helped Double Extreme Poverty | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community 

98-Hillary Clinton: A Bigger Warmonger Than Bush/Cheney? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

99-24 times Hillary Clinton championed TPP as Secretary of State 

100-Clinton's Election Fraud Exposed at

101-Clinton using dirty tactics to trick Washington voters - Hillary Clinton has been caught misinforming Washington caucus-goers who support Bernie Sanders, so they cannot show up to caucus for him.

102-Deceit and power work in Hillary Clinton’s favor   

103-This Is How Corruption Works: A Hillary Clinton Example   

104-Clinton's Campaign Manager is a Corporate Education Reformer

105-How Hillary Clinton’s Vote Against Clean Water Regulations Could Cost Her Michigan  

106-NBC Journalist Caught Tipping Off Clinton Spox to Questions Before Interview   

107-Guest Editorial: Clinton Betrayed Democracy, Economic Justice, and Women and Children in Honduras

108-Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel

109-During Honduras Crisis, Clinton Suggested Back Channel With Lobbyist Lanny Davis

110-Hillary Clinton on the Sanctity of Protecting Classified Information

111-While Sanders Rejects It, Clinton Embraces Nuclear as Part of 'Clean-Energy' Vision - The two candidates battling for the Democratic presidential nomination are divided as to whether nuclear power qualifies as "clean energy"

112-Hillary Clinton Named ‘Worst Ethics Violator of 2015’

113-Clinton's abysmal record on open government

114-Bill Clinton Has Always Been This Person

115-Hillary Donors Use State Loopholes To Launder Millions (you tube)

116-Clinton/Obama pushed Panama trade deal that now houses $13 Trillion in Tax Havens for filthy rich

117-How a Clinton insider used his ties to build a consulting giant - Hillary gave a special State Department post to an ex-fundraiser — even as he was laying the groundwork for a global firm with ties to her husband called Teneo.

122-Even critics understate how catastrophically bad the Hillary Clinton-led NATO bombing of Libya was: The NY Times reports on Clinton's war leadership don't go far enough. Hillary's disaster in Libya should haunt her

123-We’re out of time on climate change. And Hillary Clinton helped get us hereClinton’s conviction that she can get the fossil fuel companies on board is mistaken: this can’t be solved by convincing the ultra-rich to do the right thing  by 

124-Massive Clinton voter fraud in NY 

125-Bill Clinton’s odious presidency: Thomas Frank on the real history of the ’90s - Welfare reform. NAFTA. The crime bill. Prisons. Aides wondered if Bill knew who he was. His legacy is sadly clear

128-Haitians Protest Outside Hillary Clinton’s Office Over ‘Billions Stolen’ by Clinton Foundation

129-Hilary's Real History

130-Hillary's Dance: The Two-Faced Hypocritical 12-Step

131-Kosovo: Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Terror

132-Gutting Habeas Corpus - The Inside Story of How Bill Clinton Sacrificed Prisoners’ Rights for Political Gain

133-Hillary Clinton's Memoir Deletions, in Detail

134-Bill Clinton’s odious presidency: Thomas Frank on the real history of the ’90s - Welfare reform. NAFTA. The crime bill. Prisons. Aides wondered if Bill knew who he was. His legacy is sadly clear

135-Clinton for-profit education scandal dwarfs Trump U - Bill and Hillary made millions while students racked up debt

136-From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer: The release of the Benghazi report should have made this a great week for Hillary Clinton, but questions about her email—and a questionable social call by Bill Clinton—have cast clouds over it.

137-Hilary Clinton is No Friend of Public Education

138-Hillary Clinton: Something Wicked This Way Comes

139-Media Blackout: an Elephant in the Room The Incredible Election Fraud of Hillary Clinton!

140-Media Trumpwash Clinton’s Reckless Foreign Record

141-Report Details How US-Backed Coup Unleashed Wave of Abuses in Honduras - Survey by 54 civil society organizations and social movements presented to UN as alternative to official state report

142-The Clinton university scandal

143-The Long List of Reasons Why I Will Never Vote for Hillary Clinton

144-$6 Bil Vanishes From State Dept. Under Hillary Clinton

145-Clinton's Pro-Charter School Comments Draw Boos from Teachers Union - Democratic presidential frontrunner has a mixed record on support for corporate education reform

149-Hillary has nothing to brag about: Her foreign policy record is a disaster - She may have a wealth of experience on the international stage, but her judgment has proven wanting time and again

150-We Need to Dig Up Richard Nixon and Apologize to the Sonofabitch

151- Bill Clinton Has Always Been This Person

152-Hillary Donors Use State Loopholes To Launder Millions (you tube)

153-Wikileaks Revelation: DNC Had Hillary Moles Inside Bernie Campaign

154-We’re out of time on climate change. And Hillary Clinton helped get us here

155-DOJ Blocked FBI Investigation Into Potential Public Corruption at Clinton Foundation

156-Hilary Clinton: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh believes that Hillary Clinton approved the sending of sarin gas to Syria

157-Julian Assange: Hacked Emails Include Info On Hillary’s Arming of Jihadists, Including ISIS, in Syria

158-Hillary Clinton’s Six Foreign-Policy Catastrophes

164-Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton Says She Is Unaware Of Big Money That Oil And Gas Companies Have Given Her And Family Foundation

165-Fooled Again

166-Clinton Transition Team Headed by Anti-Climate 'Powerbroker' - Ken Salazar has previously claimed "there's not a single case where hydraulic fracking has created an environmental problem for anyone"

167-Democrats and Their Chilling Apathy Towards War

168-Bill Clinton’s pay at for-profit education company topped $17.5 million

169-Hillary Clinton Showed Support, Associates Profited from Ex-Im Bank Financing World’s Largest Coal Plants in South Africa

170-Bill Clinton aides used tax dollars to subsidize foundation, private email support - Program for ex-presidents paid salaries and benefits to Clinton aides at the center of controversies.


174-Hillary Clinton Plans To Shut Down Alternative News Websites In America

175-Hillary Clinton’s Connections to the Oil and Gas Industry - Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Super PAC supporting her have received more than $6.9 million from the fossil fuel industry.

176-Hillary Clinton’s Record: An American Horror Story

177-How Clinton and the Democrats killed welfare - Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton showed liberals they should have believed him when he promised to "end welfare as we know it." Tristin Adie explains how it happened.

178-How Hillary Clinton's State Department Sold Fracking to the World - A trove of secret documents details the US government's global push for shale gas.

179-How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians

180-Hillary Clinton Has Threatened To Shut Down Alternative News Websites In America

181-Hillary Clinton Vows To Shut Down Alternative Media

182-Vijay Prashad: Hillary Clinton Shows Dangerous Tendency to Go to War No Matter the Consequences

183-Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath

184-Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention - Newly disclosed emails show that Libya’s plan to create a gold-backed currency to compete with the euro and dollar was a motive for NATO’s intervention.

185-Where Has Hillary Clinton Been? Ask the Ultrarich

186-Hillary Clinton 'dropped climate change from speeches after Bernie Sanders endorsement'


























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