Sondra Miller is a founding member of the New Progressive Alliance. Here she contrasts the 2017 Women's March with the Women's Movement of the late 1960s that she was involved in.

On January 22, 2017, women across the United States woke up to the surprising news

there had been a Women’s March on Washington to protest the election of Donald

Trump. They were surprised because the majority of women had not been informed,

invited, or consulted, about the nature of the march, even though a handful of

simultaneous marches had been coordinated in other American cities. Prior to the

March, it had not received the press coverage in the Midwest it received afterward.


While the sight of half a million women on the Washington Mall is impressive, it’s

important to keep in mind it represents only a tiny fraction of the total adult female

population in the United States. Thirty million more women voted for Donald Trump for

President than showed up at the Washington Mall. Not only did the March not

represent the majority of American women, a post-March analysis of the March’s

leadership showed it didn’t even represent all the women who marched.


The Women’s March of 2017, which morphed into the current Women’s March, Inc., in

no way reflected the focus, ideals, and values of the earlier Women’s Movement of the

late sixties. The current Women’s March, Inc. is a top-down New York corporate entity

with a questionable agenda and an even more questionable Board of Directors. In

addition to receiving a million dollars in donations, the Board coordinated with a

merchandising partner and raked in another million from merchandise such as T-shirts,

hats, pins and so on, and neither the money nor an accounting of it was shared with the

March coordinators out in the various states. This prompted criticism, from the

coordinators in the field who had worked to make the March a success. Journalists from

the Daily Beast finally forced the issue of financial disclosure by requesting and

publishing a copy of the March’s IRS forms.


The earlier Women’s Movement of the late sixties focused on women and the laws and

issues important to permanently improve their health, welfare and economic status. It

was a ground-up movement that met in women’s homes and on college campuses.

There was no hierarchy or legal structure and meetings were based upon the collective

model, which provides space for individual women to talk about their individual

circumstances and express their preferences for America’s future. There was no money

involved and no profits to be made from merchandise or any other source.


Women involved in the current Women’s March, Inc. however, have criticized the Board

of Directors for their ideological behavior which is equally as troubling as their financial

behavior. The Board includes a black activist, a Muslim supremacist, and a Latina who

openly supported Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic, male chauvinist, leader of the black

nationalist Nation of Islam, and the male chauvinist Council on American Islamic

Relations (CAIR), both of which support dogmas that discriminate against women and

Jews. This has drawn the ire of outside Jewish groups and Women’s March insiders as



One of the March’s founders said the current Board of Directors has allowed hateful,

racist, and anti-gay rhetoric to become the reality of their platform even though their

flowery Unity Principles state otherwise. The group roundly condemns white nationalists

but allows black nationalists to stand. and they roundly condemn white supremacists but

allow Muslim supremacists to stand. One of the original founders of the March reports

the black member of the Board and the Latina member berated the white Jewish

founder in the group about Jews being responsible for systemic racism to the extent the

white Jewish member resigned from the group. Many state chapter leaders have

publicly denounced the national Board and asked them to step down. Other analysts

say the Women’s March, Inc. is imploding from within.


This racist and financial component of the Women’s March, Inc. didn’t exist in the early

women’s movement back in the sixties. There was no corporate entity, no Board of

Directors and no money. All actions advocated by the early movement benefited all

women equally, regardless of race, religion, or national origin. It didn’t focus on the

transient purpose of unseating a transient President, nor was it influenced by Islamists

like the current Women’s March, Inc. is. The national organizer for the current Women’s

March, Inc. is Linda Sarsour, the infamous Muslim lackey for Muslim male

supremacists. The Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts to unseat Donald Trump have more to

do with his Muslim ban than anything he said about women. Women are simply being

used a pawns in the Brotherhood’s quest for global supremacy.


In 2008, during the trial of the largest Muslim charity in the United States for sending

over $12 million to known terrorists in the Middle East, the Justice Department

uncovered a document that outlined the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic plan for North

America. The plan called for the infiltration of all pillars of our society including electoral

politics, academia, faith based organizations, government, and the judicial system, for

the purpose of destroying western civilization and imposing Islamic law on the United

States. This comprehensive plan included the migration of Muslims to America to

accomplish the plan. The Brotherhood has made amazing progress in carrying out this

plan. In March of 2014 they organized a diverse group of American Muslim

organizations into the United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) for the

purpose of forming an Islamic political party. This was followed by the creation of a

Muslim political PAC called JetPAC to raise money for Muslim candidates and train

them in all aspects of running for office.


By the 2018 mid-term elections, two female Muslim Congresswomen were elected to

join the two male Muslims already in Congress, leaving behind in the dust the leftist and

progressive candidates who had supported them. One of these new Muslim

Congresswomen said her purpose in going to Congress is, and I quote, “to impeach the

mother fucker Donald Trump” and improve the living conditions of Muslims in other

countries. It’s becoming obvious the tribal, racist, and anti-Semitic agenda of the

Women’s March, Inc. doesn’t speak to the needs of all American women, and neither

does the left, who has remained silent on the issue of male supremacist Islamic dogma,

or has openly supported it.


This tribal, racist and anti-Semitic agenda of the current Women’s March, Inc.

personifies everything that is wrong with America today. There is a need for a new

Women’s Movement that will focus on the needs of all American women regardless of

race, religion or national origin. However, it doesn’t need to be associated with the

current Women’s March, Inc. or the Democratic Party, which was closely aligned with

the 2017 March. They both appear to be too rotten to the core to repair. We need a

political group that will focus on the practical needs of all Americans including

healthcare, housing, education, employment, and environment, instead of just giving lip

service to it in their flowery public relations Statements of Principles. We don’t need

tribal supremacists trying to lay guilt trips on other tribes for past grievances.


One of the uplifting attributes of the early Women’s Movement of the sixties was to

encourage women of all races, religions and national origins to love and respect

themselves and not allow others to lay guilt trips upon them. However, the behavior of

the current Women’s March leaders is to lay guilt trips on everyone who is not of their

tribe. It’s time for women, especially white women and Jewish women, to stand up and

say, I am no longer accepting guilt trips for things I didn’t do, I will no longer promote

your welfare over mine, and I especially will not promote a violent, extremist, and sexist

political dogma just because you call it your religion.



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