Tony Benn: The Conscience Today's Politicians Lack

When Great Britain's Tony Benn passed Friday (March 14, 2014) at 88, humankind lost one of its strongest advocates. 

The lost came at a moment when those in charge are putting an ever-greater emphasis on trumped-up "security issues" and using them as excuses for war - and as tools against their own people.

Benn, who led Britain's Labour Party, famously said, "If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people."

Readers of Britain's Guardian newspaper share nine more of their favorite Benn quotes here.

The NPA salutes Tony Benn, a man whom any American calling themselves a liberal owes a great debt - and whose wisdom the neo-liberals now destroying our country will only understand when the rest of us have risen up and put them out of business.

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Tony Benn understood that it was the movements of workers in the streets and in the mines, mills and factories that prodded politicians to act.