Throw 'em out!

It’s a phrase often repeated but seldom practiced: “Throw the bastards out!!”

Righteous upset at the state of our nation is not enough. Without ACTION, nothing will change. Even as we blame out sold-out “leaders” for the shape we’re in, Americans’ terminal complacency and near-total lack of participation in the election process is just as much to blame.

We have a chance to “throw the bastards out” every two years, yet we never take it. The U.S House of Representatives is comprised of 435 seats, every one of which is up for grabs in even-numbered years. 

We can contest those seats and elect people who support our beliefs. Instead, we blithely watch the media circus roll on. We post to blogs. We write checks to the DNC or RNC. We piss and moan. We’ve done it for years. And we wonder why nothing changes.

If you are sick of the status quo and truly ready to throw the bastards out, the NPA is here to help. Read our Unified Platform. Share it with your friends. Recruit a candidate for U.S. House who will endorse it - or run for the seat yourself! - and we will tell the world that your district has a real choice.

Every two years we have a chance to change everything. Let's make it happen!


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I am in.