Third Party Cooperation with Democrats

Brandy Baker, an activist with her BA and Masters Degree from the University of Baltimore,  here  sounds a timely warning. Democrats have long been known to have a few candidates  voting or sounding correctly to suck third parties or candidates into supporting them and then firmly turning away and working to destroy any third party that offers an alternative. Here the South Carolina Green Party cooperates with a democratic candidate.

SC just posted now this:

"The posting by the Arik Bjorn campaign that the Green Party "endorsed" him is not correct. At our state convention, party delegates approved his nomination to be on the Green Party ballot line in November. Because South Carolina is a fusion state, he will be able to run on both the Green Party and Democratic Party ballot lines."

These idiots in SC do not realize that this is worse. Much, much worse than a mere endorsement.

This is fusion, folks. He is running as a Democrat and as a Green. Fusion has destroyed the third party movements in this country.

"There are very real dynamics at play here that you and others are trying to sweep under the rug by insisting on "civility" and accusing critics of this awful decision of being "immature". You are criticizing us in order to duck very real criticism of the damage that you have done to all of us and the hard work that we have put in to grow the GP. You are ducking real political damage that you are doing by dressing this up and making this about "tone" or "personaities" when it is political.

My posts on the SC page have been deleted and I have been banned from your page. I said nothing out of line, I stated the facts and was to the point. What I said is pretty much what I am saying in this post.

I said that you situation is not unique, that we have heard this all before, this Democrat is "progressive" he is "different" he's "like us". Do you think that this is unique to your state? This is an unfunny joke that has been told over and over again. Greens have been duped like this in the past, it is nothing new, your situation is nothing new.

You also banned my post stating that the inevitable road that this leads to fusion, which would be destructive to the GP.

You say criticism: "It's uninformed, it's hasty, it's influenced by your own biases."

False. My arguments and the arguments of others on here are based on historical fact: actions like yours lead to co-optation and absorption of smaller parties by the big two. You and others in SC need to brush up on the history of third parties in the US so you can see what you have done. Sharpen up. Educate yourselves. You may not like others pointing that out, you clearly do not which is why you deleted my posts and banned me from your page, but if you cannot handle political arguments, then perhaps you do not belong in politics. Better yet, GPUS should de-certify your state party and give recognition to a group in South Carolina who are committed to building a party that is wholly independent of the Dems and GOP. You fail in your post above to actually *defend* your decision. You can't. That is why the "tone" argument is employed.

The above arguments in the post above mine chastising critics are cheap and manipulative and so is spamming every critical post with the SC statement. Please stop. Please stop with the manipulation in order to dodge criticism. It is cowardly. If you all cannot handle hearing these realities, and if you all do not have the political backbone to defend your decisions, then perhaps the GP is not for you.

We do not have to hear this guy speak, this is nothing new. Many of us have been doing this longer, much longer than you have. And we know where this road leads. Perhaps you all are the ones who should simmer down and *listen* so you can know how damaging your actions are and so you can learn how not to continue to inflict damage on the GPUS and its state parties and locals."


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