So You Want to Reform the Democrats from Within? Part One

    Reforming the democrats from within is an honorable intention. In fact, that is how the New Progressive Alliance started in 2010. See About NPA. Unfortunately we found just as the neocons co-opted conservatives, the Democratic Party and neolibs co-opted liberals. There is now no significant difference between the two major parties.

    The substantive record is clear. Rather than write new articles, I found the following clear and unmistakable trends in the below 16 areas. I will continue to document the continuing and expanding trends with over 6,000 references so far.

Civil Rights

Corporate Overreach


Economic Graphs


Election Reform


Health Care








Widespread Police Misconduct and an Expanding Prison Population

    How do the Democrats get away with continually betraying their base? By using a variation of lesser of two evils all the time to prevent accountability. See Part Two for more details. Anthony Noel describes the process  here. Names and dates may change, but the process does not.

    We remain open to backing Democrats or even Republicans based upon their support of the Unified Platform.  So far loyalty to Party has exceeded loyalty to country. Neocons and neolibs have replaced what used to be genuine conservatives and liberals.

    See Part Two if you are still determined to reform the Democratic Party from within.

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