Cindy Sheehan Endorses Unified Platform!

Cindy Sheehan, Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for Governor of California, has endorsed the Unified Platform and by so doing has won the NPA's endorsement of her candidacy. 

Sheehan became a national symbol of opposition to the war in Iraq after her son, Casey, was killed in action in 2004. She was a member of the steering committee which guided the NPA's formation and strongly influenced the decision to make "Peace" the Unified Platform's first plank.

Far from being a single-issue candidate, however, Sheehan has long advocated the formation of a Worker's Party in the United States. A self-described socialist, she joined the Peace and Freedom Party in 2010.

"I agree with the entire 10 points," Sheehan said in endorsing the Unified Platform, "but would add that the root cause of the problem is an Empire organized around Capitalism and these 10 points are a good start..."

Her campaign website is here.

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