Nuclear Energy is not the answer.

Updated 2024

Over half a century of experience throughout the world indicates nuclear energy is not the answer.

Nuclear power is the most expensive, the most delayed, and dangerous. No nuclear plant has yet been built that is not over budget and behind schedule. This includes the 4 newest being built in South Carolina and Georgia. South Carolina has cancelled both of their nuclear plants and Georgia is considering the same after spending millions of tax payer dollars. Nuclear power  is also carbon intensive in uranium mining, uranium processing where fracking is used just as for natural gas, building the nuclear plant, and transportation of uranium to and used radioactive waste away from the nuclear plant, and storage of the uranium for centuries.

The half-life of the main fuel, U-235, is 703.8 million years. Plutonium is also routinely created in the process of running a nuclear plant. It is highly toxic and its various isotopes have half-lives ranging from about 25,000 to 80 million years. These extremely dangerous substances will require secure storage and protection for a very long period of time and we do not have an agreed upon place to store or agreed way to transport nuclear waste.

In addition to the dangers of transporting and storing extremely toxic nuclear waste, there is also the danger of unintentional leaks which - despite assurances - have happen regularly.  Radioactive waste is also  deliberately dumped into the ground using the fracking process. 

Fusion and thorium reactors have always been theoretical but "just around the corner" since the 1970s. As with nuclear power, the hype does not match the experience and every country in the world has backed away from breeder and thorium reactors. The same is true with small module nuclear reactors. See Tony Seba said Nuclear would be obsolete by 2030.

The reason we have so many continuously updated references in the below articles covering many years is to show this has been going on for decades.

For articles like this covering different areas on the environment with over 2,500 references see


1-Plant Vogtle Construction Costs Rising
2-Nuclear Waste Seeping From Container In Hazardous Washington State Facility
3-Hanford Nuclear Reservation Tanks Leaking Radioactive Waste Underground, Governor Inslee Says
4-Low and Down Recent NRC Reactor Status
5-After a Powerful Lobbyist Intervenes, EPA Reverses Stance on Polluting Texas County’s Water
6-Fukushima And The Navy: Sailors Sue Japan Nuclear Plant Owner, Saying Disaster Made Them Sick
7-Drought could shut down nuclear power plants
8-US nuclear site leaks alarm environmentalists
9-Even the smallest amount of tritium can have negative health impacts, and most nukes leak tritium.
10-Almost third of US West Coast newborns hit with thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster
11-Fire at Plant Vogtle
12-High Level Water Leak At Fukushima Daiichi
13-Tepco Says Fukushima Plant Leaked 120 Tons of Radioactive Water
14-WHITE HOUSE APPROVES RADICAL RADIATION CLEANUP ROLLBACK - Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket Following Radiological Incidents
15-Precarious Japan nuke plant raises safety concerns: Spate of problems highlights precarious state of crippled Japanese nuclear plant
16-Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket
17-Tepco admitted Pu-238/239/240, Sr-90 in sea soil are from Fukushima accident
18-Energy's Latest Battleground: Fracking For Uranium
19-Fracking waste deemed too radioactive for hazardous-waste dump
20-NRC: 'Very slightly radioactive water' enters lake - NRC: Entergy leak sends 79 gallons of 'very slightly radioactive water' into Lake Michigan
21-Palisades nuclear power plant shut down for repairs to safety injection water tank
22-San Onofre Edison...West Coast Radiation Crisis - Part 1
23-Nuclear Hotseat #74: First Nations Battle Nuclear Genocide in Canada
24-Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket
25-Feds Say Peace Activists Who Trespassed Onto Nuclear Facility Are A National Security Threat
26-America's Secret Fukushima Poisoning the Bread Basket of the World
27-Breaking News: Fukushima Radiation Affecting Americans And There’s No Way To Stop It
28-Cutting Corners, Cutting Costs, Creating Cancer: For Future Reactor Meltdowns, EPA Means “Extra Pollution Allowed”
29-French, German, and Spanish nukes unreliable in heat
30-Fukushima Going From Horrible To Horrendous
31-How Much Nuclear Waste Does Your State Hold?
32-Interactive charts: U.S. nuclear power reactors (NRC data)
33-Legacy Of Uranium Mining Continues To Destroy Indigenous Communities
34-Nuclear renaissance was just a fairy tale
35-Nuclear waste leaking at Hanford site in Washington, again
36-Nuclear Waste: A $1 Billion Energy Department Project Overshoots Its Budget by 600 Percent
37-Scientist, FDA: Don't worry about radioactive fish
38-Vogtle nuke loan deadline extended for third time
39-Why Fukushima is worse than you think

40-2nd tritium leak reported at SC nuke plant - Regulators: SC nuclear power plant reports second leak of radioactive hydrogen this year

41-Jellyfish wave shuts down Swedish nuke reactor - Large Swedish nuclear reactor forced to shut down after huge jellyfish wave clogs water pipes

42-Canada’s Proposed Radioactive Waste Dump Next to Lake Huron - Nuclear Dumb and Dumber

43-Nukes have always been a government sponsored boondogle as cover for nuclear weapons production –John Pate

44-28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

45-Exposing the "No Harm" Mantra - The Dangerous Myths of Fukushima

46-Everything You Need to Know About the Fukushima Crisis

47-Fukushima Nuclear Reactor unit 4 is sinking Lord help us all.

48-Radiation from Japan nuclear plant arrives on Alaska coast: Scientists concerned about lack of monitoring plan

50-Toxic nuclear waste dumped illegally by the Mafia is blamed for surge in cancers in southern Italy

51-True facts about Ocean Radiation and the Fukushima Disaster

52-After leaks, nuke dump is storing waste in parking area

53-Climate Change Advocate Goes Rogue!

54-Energy Department to Approve Billions in Nuclear Backing

55-Fukushima The Coming Global Disaster

56-Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket - Rollback in Nuclear Radiation Cleanup

57-Possible radiation leak at New Mexico military nuclear waste site

58-The Giant Lie About Fukushima

59-Toxic Legacy: Uranium Mining In New Mexico

60-True facts about Ocean Radiation and the Fukushima Disaster

61-New TEPCO Report Shows Damage to Unit 3 Fuel Pool MUCH Worse Than That at Unit 4 (video)

62-Nuclear Power: Their Profits, Our Risks

63-Source of Radioactive Leak in Nation’s Only Nuclear Weapons Waste Storage Facility Remains Unsolved

64-Radioactive leaks found at 75% of US nuke sites

65-Nuclear industry hides from public huge radiation spikes at power plant reactors

66-Report: Nuclear Received 4 Times More Subsidies Than Solar in CA - “Federal dollars per new megawatt-hour for distributed solar are infinitely lower.”

67-Dead sea lions washing on shore in California appear to have died from radiation poisoning

68-End Nuclear Power Now, Says World Uranium Symposium

69-Florida mayors call on residents to fight nuclear expansion project

70-Fukushima Uni “800,000,000,000,000 Bq of Cs-137 to reach West coast of North America by 2016″

71-Next-generation nuclear reactors may not be safer: French watchdog

72-Radiation from Fukushima disaster newly detected off Canada's coast

73-Tokyo finds high levels of radiation in children's park

74-Nuclear Power Goes Begging, Likely at Consumers’ Expense - Operators of nuclear power plants are seeking rate increases to avoid closures in deregulated market

75-Sweden speeds up closure of two nuclear reactors

76-Oil Sheen Spotted On Hudson Following Indian Point Explosion

77-St. Louis burning: America’s atomic legacy haunts city - County parks, homes, businesses remain open and untested after decades of exposure to potentially contaminated creek

78-Oil leaked into Hudson River after fire at nuclear reactor near NYC

79-E.ON wants to close Swedish nuclear reactor

80-Did We Almost Lose New York?

81-Moment of truth nears for nuclear waste time bomb

82-This dome in the Pacific houses tons of radioactive waste – and it's leaking: The Runit Dome in the Marshall Islands is a hulking legacy of years of US nuclear testing. Now locals and scientists are warning that rising sea levels caused by climate change could cause 111,000 cubic yards of debris to spill into the ocean

83-Beware – Our Water is Poisoned!

84-Environment Minister: don't let Ontario Power Generation dump nuclear waste at Lake Huron.

85-Gov. Data: U.S. BOMBARDED With Fukushima Radiation 1,000 Times HIGHER Than Normal (Video)

86-Increased Number Of Sites Off The US West Coast Showing Signs Of Contamination From Fukushima

87-Tokyo Contaminated & Not Fit for Habitation, Doctor Says

88-RADCON 5 Alert: Pittsburgh, PA - Officials In California Warn 'It's On The Brink Of Pandemonium'

89-Cuomo: Radioactive Water Leak At Indian Point Increased By 80 Percent Since Last Week

90-Dahr Jamail | Radioactive Water From Fukushima Is Leaking Into the Pacific

91-Explosion rocks nuclear power plant in Belgium

92-John LaForge: Nuclear power might be safe or cheap, but never safe and cheap

93-Flooding on Mississippi River: Are Nuclear Power Plants Endangered?

94-Mark Jacobson to James Hansen: Nukes Are Not Needed to Solve World’s Climate Crisis

95-New York investigates radioactive leak in groundwater near city - Governor Andrew Cuomo orders review following detection of ‘alarming levels of radioactivity’ at nuclear power plant 40 miles north of Manhattan

96-Shock: Fracking Used to Inject Nuclear Waste Underground for Decades

97-cover-up of missing, presumed dead, Fukuhsima nuclear plant workers « Antinuclear

98-Radioactive Leak at Indian Point Nuclear Plant Shows 'We Are Flirting With Catastrophe'

99-Republic Broadcasting Network » New York City’s nuclear power plant leaking ‘uncontrollable radioactive flow’ into Hudson River

100-Nevada has its own toxic water troubles | Las Vegas Review-Journal

101-“Unusual Event” Declared at South Carolina Nuclear Facility

102-7 Top NRC Experts Break Ranks to Warn of Critical Danger at Aging Nuke Plants

103-Britain to ship record amount of nuclear waste to U.S. - government source

104-California Regulators Reopen San Onofre Settlement

105-Catastrophic Radioactive Leak at Washington State’s Hanford Nuclear Waste Storage Facility

106-EPA to Help Mainstream Media Obscure The Truth About Radiation Exposure to Americans

107-Hanford Tank Leaks

108-Hanford, Not Fukushima, is the Big Radiological Threat to the West Coast

109-Miama, Florida: Nuclear Power Plant Is Leaking Radiation

110-Nuclear is not the answer to the climate crisis

111-Nuclear Power Plants Are Pre-Deployed Weapons of Mass Destruction: We should close them all. Now.

112-Leak inside nuclear waste storage tank triggers alarm at Hanford

113-Nuclear Waste Leaking at ‘American Fukushima’ in Northwest

114-The Texas-Vermont-Maine Nuclear Dump: Bringing Environmental Racism Home

115-Tomgram: Cantarow and Levy, Could Nuclear Disaster Come to America?

116-Trampling Science to Boost Nuclear Power

117-U.S., Japan finalize nuclear material transfer

118-Former Hunters Point Worker Claims Supervisors Ordered Him to Hide Radiation - Anthony Smith reveals to the Investigative Unit how he says supervisors concealed radiation at Hunters Point by instructing him to switch soil samples and dump potentially contaminated dirt into the ground.

119-Nuclear Power Is Not "Green Energy": It Is a Fount of Atomic Waste

120-'Nuclear Industry in France in Crisis,' 20 Reactors Shut Down

121-10 Near Misses at U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Considered Precursors to a Meltdown

122-As Americans Argue Over Which Bathroom to Use, 3 Nuclear Disasters are Unfolding Inside the US

123-PG&E agrees to close Diablo Canyon in 2025

124-Five Years Later, TEPCO Still Can’t Locate 600 Tons Of Melted Radioactive Fuel - Five years after the Fukushima tragedy, TEPCO’s chief of decommissioning Naohiro Masuda admits that the company still has no idea exactly where 600 tons of melted radioactive fuel from three nuclear reactors is located.

125-Fukushima Radiation in the Pacific (Revisited)

126-It has been zero days since the last nuclear catastrophe

127-New Study Casts Doubt on the Future of Nuclear Power

128-Nuclear Power Plant Found Leaking Into Lake Ontario

129-Nuclear Power Rapidly Losing Race With Renewable Energy

130-Nuclear Waste Leaking at ‘American Fukushima’ in Northwest

131-FPL Wins Battle to Store Radioactive Waste Under Miami's Drinking Water Aquifer

132-PG&E proposes 8-year rate increase to cover Diablo Canyon closure      

133-Radioactive contamination spreading within Hanford plant

134-United States has a 70,000-ton nuclear waste problem – and growing

135-When nuclear plants expire: stick the taxpayers with the bill (and the waste)

136-Why This Nuclear Engineer Says Every Nuke Plant in the US Should Be Shut Down Yesterday - "I’d like to see every nuclear plant shut down­ yesterday.”

137-Goodbye Nuclear Power. Construction of Two of Four Remaining Planned U.S. Plants Just Canceled

138-Atomic Bellyflop: America’s 1st ’21st Century Nuclear Reactor’ Fails, Shuts Down After 5 Months

139-Fukushima's Nuclear Waste Will Be Dumped Into the Ocean, Japanese Plant Owner Says

140-Goodbye Nuclear Power. Construction of Two of Four Remaining Planned U.S. Plants Just Canceled

141-South Carolina companies scrap $14 billion nuclear project

142-St. Louis’ West Lake Landfill: A Runaway, Ticking, Nuclear Time Bomb That Has Residents Terrified (Pt. 3)

143-Betraying Ratepayers and Clean Energy Future, Georgia Panel Approves Vogtle Nuclear Reactors

144-Contractors told to ignore risks, lower cost estimates at Darlington nuclear plant, auditors say

145-Kushner, Bannon, Flynn Pushed Huge Nuclear Power Deal in Middle East for Profit, In Secret

146-Nuclear Power Plants Should Be Closed and Autopsied, Not Resuscitated

147-What are coastal nuclear power plants doing to address climate threats?   As shorelines creep inland and storms worsen, nuclear reactors around the world face new challenges.

148-Why the UK nuclear renaissance plan is doomed to failure, in 30 pictures and charts

149-Residents in contaminated Georgia town call for more oversight of new nuclear power plant   A Georgia power plant promised to revive America’s ailing nuclear sector. Instead, it has galvanized public opposition.

150-US secretly shipped plutonium from South Carolina to Nevada

151-“Nuclear energy is never profitable”, new study slams nuclear power business case

152-All Fish from Pacific Tested Positive for Fukushima

153-Fears Grow That 'Nuclear Coffin' Is Leaking Waste Into The Pacific

154-Fire at Idaho’s nuclear research facility burns 90,000 acres in 24 hours

155-The Hoax That Nuclear Power Is Green ECU 636 (YouTube)

156-Alarm as Trump Energy Dept Redefines 'High-Level' Nuclear Waste to 'Low-Level' in Order to Save Disposal Costs

157-US to label nuclear waste as less dangerous to quicken cleanup

158-Why Congress should say no to yet another fast reactor dream

159-Switzerland switches off nuclear plant as it begins exit from atomic power

160-For The Navajo Nation, Uranium Mining's Deadly Legacy Lingers

161-Inside America's most toxic nuclear waste dump, where 56 million gallons of buried radioactive sludge are leaking into the earth

162-Nuclear cannot help against climate crisis

163-Nuclear Industry's $23 Billion Bailout Request Shows Why It Should Have 'No Role to Play' in Solving Climate Crisis: Study  "For the sake of taxpayers, electricity consumers and the climate, Congress must stop this endless nuclear boondoggle."

164-Our children await a radioactive legacy

165-Thorium: the wonder fuel that wasn’t

166-Valuing the greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power (Nuclear does not help.)

167-‘Nuclear power is now the most expensive form of generation, except for gas peaking plants’

168-25-Year Study of Nuclear vs Renewables Says One Is Clearly Better at Cutting Emissions

169-How Nuclear Power Causes Global Warming

170-The Resistible Rise of Nuclear Gangsters…and Their Downfall

171-Weatherwatch: nuclear power plants feel the heat - During this summer’s heatwave, nuclear reactors in five European countries had to be shut down or put on reduced power

172-Don't believe hydrogen and nuclear hype – they can’t get us to net zero carbon by 2050

173-New technology comes nowhere close to solving the problem of nuclear waste

174-Nuclear power has become irrelevant -- like it or not

175-Nuclear energy is anything but clean - The nuclear power industry has successfully rebranded an appallingly toxic energy industry by never mentioning the terrible legacy of nuclear waste, writes Ann Denise Lanes

176-Nuclear Regulatory Commission finds cable issues in special inspection of Vogtle Unit 3

177-US attorney details illegal acts in construction projects, sealing the fate of the “nuclear renaissance”

178-Cold War, Hot Mess

179-Nuclear Power Won’t Save the World. It Won’t Even Help.

180-Scientists pour cold water on Bill Gates' nuclear plans

181-Small modular reactors offer no hope for nuclear energy

182-Four Senior Nuclear Officials Say Nuclear Is Not A Climate Solution

183-Small Nuclear Reactors: A Dirty Dangerous Distraction From Climate Action

184-UK nuclear power stations’ decommissioning cost soars to £23.5bn

185-‘Unproven’ small nuclear reactors would raise Australia’s energy costs and delay renewable uptake, report says

186-Book Review: The Nuclear Site that Can’t Be Cleaned Up‘Atomic Days: The Untold Story of the Most Toxic Place in America’ exposes the story of a Washington state complex that poses dangers that—like the nuclear industry itself—cannot be contained.

187-Rather than an endlessly reheated nuclear debate, politicians should be powered by the evidence

188-The Rise and Fall of Nuclear Energy?

189-The projected cost of new nuclear power has risen by fourfold since 2008 – and it is still rising

190-Nuclear energy is too pricey, too dangerous  "And it diverts valuable public money that we need to move to a conservative, renewable energy future."

191-The Nuclear Industry Is Trying To Come Back; Here’s What They Don’t Want You To Know

192-Nuclear power is just a slow and expensive distraction - Despite recent breakthroughs in nuclear fusion, renewables remain the most important technology for reaching net zero.

193-The Nuclear Fallacy: Why Small Modular Reactors Can’t Compete With Renewable Energy

194-Nuclear power plant leaked 1.5M litres of radioactive water in Minnesota

195-Nuclear power plant leaks 400,000 gallons of radioactive water - While Xcel Energy reported the leak of water containing tritium to state and federal authorities in late November, the spill had not been made public before Thursday.

196-Radioactive material from nuclear power plants keeps disappearing... (YouTube)

197-400,000 gallons of radioactive water leaked from nuclear plant before US officials notified neighbors - The Xcel Energy plant is located on the banks of the Mississippi River with the closest neighborhood about a mile away

198-We passed peak nuclear years ago - the age of nuclear power is over (YouTube)

199-Nuke Power’s “Renaissance 4.0” Has Already Melted

200-Data reveals wind & solar 80% cheaper as 22 countries triple nuclear power (YouTube)

201-Experts reveal the REAL cost of nuclear power as costs spiral out of control (YouTube)

202-The world hasn't learned from the 5 worst nuclear accidents in history (YouTube)

203-NEW report reveals the insane cost of Nuclear compared to renewable energy (YouTube)

204-The Cold War Legacy Lurking in U.S. Groundwater














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