New Progressive Alliance's 100th Public Comment

Since 2012 the New Progressive Alliance has made 100 Public Comments by ourselves or with other organizations in support of the Unified Platform.  

We believe it is important to spell out specific policy recommendations in additions to giving general guidelines in the Unified Platform and providing documentation in Make Your Case with Weblinks, Books, Radio, Plays, Videos, and the Unified Platform.

This is our 100th Public Comment.

One of the ten points of the Unified Platform is Election Reform. We used to have strict limits on campaign contributions. Now not only are there no limits on campaign contributions, even disclosing political contributions is not required by law. This Public Comment is a very small step back to the Unified Platform and away from corruption.

As part of “Transparency Week,” Reps. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and John Duncan (R-TN)  re-introduced the “Political Intelligence Transparency Act” on March 14, 2016. New Progressive Alliance and nine other organizations endorsed this action with a Public comment.  

A brief recap:  the Political Intelligence Transparency Act was originally a key provision of the 2012 STOCK Act, which was stripped from the bill at the last minute. The STOCK Act created a system of disclosure of stock trading activity by Members and staff of Congress. The political intelligence provision creates a similar disclosure system for Wall Street operatives who tap into congressional sources for stock market trades. It would require “political intelligence consultants” to register under LDA and disclose their clients, income and stock market activity.

The Public Comment may be found in full at



1-Diminishing Transparency 

2-Election Reform Is Needed 

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