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This describes  the decline of labor over decades thanks to the policies of both parties.

The reason I have so many references is to show this is a steadily increasing trend that I continuously update. It is not a vanishing blip on the radar. Failure to deal with this trend will have disastrous consequences for the future.

There is no significant difference between the democrats and republicans on their anti-labor orientation and votes. A good summary is  "Strike, Strike, Strike" by Chris Hedges. Labor is important. Examples of both parties working together to diminish the power of labor and unions and thus the middle class include the following.

-Ignoring the anti-union and anti-collective bargaining laws illegally passed in Wisconsin
-Allowing the Employee Free Choice Act to languish in Congress
-Encouraging EGT action against the ILWU even to the extent of hinting that the Coast Guard might be used as an anti-union force (see below for reference)
-Anti-union deals pushed through by democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
-The FAA reauthorization: a recent law passed against airline unions
-Obama getting NAFTA type agreements with Columbia, Korea, and Panama that Bush negotiated but could not get past Congress. (Obama has demonstrated repeatedly that he does get anything he really wants from Congress.)
-Particularly disturbing are changes snuck into the Railway Labor Act which would drastically reduce union power on a statute that that has not been changed for over 75 years.

Shortly after the 2010 elections, Obama took it as his first priority to leave the country and agree to NAFTA-type like agreements with India and South Korea. He has since publicly backed NAFTA agreements for South Korea, Columbia, and Panama. His "Jobs Bill" not only lowers legal protection for unemployed students with giant student loans to pay back, it has as its price the acceptance of three NAFTA agreements. Congress has now rejected his "Jobs Bill" while still approving the NAFTA agreements. Is it not pretty obvious by now that these type of agreements with countries that have no protections for their workers or the environment are disastrous for the United States? We are done in economically - once again - by a democratic senate and democratic president after the way had been set by a democratic president and all democratic congress.

As Alan Maki - a noted labor leader - said in pointing out the problems with declining union and labor influence,

In addition; anyone can see that most of these jobs are the result of road construction that was obviously held back until the election--- not so much to play with the numbers but to buy votes.
But, the other thing is this: I have reason to believe that most of these jobs are poverty wage jobs based on what I have seen as people getting work in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.
What good is a poverty wage job?
And, quite frankly, I noticed there were a lot of chains operations that opened in August and September--- all of which pay poverty wages, and I believe the openings were timed to coincide with the elections. There simply were far too many of these chain outfits having "grand openings" at the same time.
While the numbers themselves may not be lies, fictitious or exaggerated; what is being hidden in these numbers is what tells us the real story.
When an outfit like Menard's can get away with getting all kinds of tax abatements and "incentives" to open a huge new store on Minnesota's Iron Range and the Democrats boast of the two-hundred jobs created without telling the truth that these are mostly part-time jobs paying $7.49 to $8.50 an hour and the grand opening just coincidentally coincides with the release of this employment data and I see the same thing going on in other places I have to question what these figures represent. By the way, many of these Menard's workers are only getting 12 to 14 hours of work a week!
If Obama is calling this "job creation" we have a right to know because if you break these part-time jobs down to the equivalent of full-time jobs coupled with the seasonal construction jobs what do you have? You still end up with a net loss of jobs.

Of course the republicans are no better.   Both Democrats (See Beware the Biden Administration and The Democratic Party is the More Effective of Two Evils)

and Republicans (See Beware the Trump Administration) are determined to insure labor continues to decline as we become more and more like a third world nation.

Help make your progressive case by using this documentation which is continuously updated.


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