Killing, Jailing, and Harassment of Environmentalists is Increasing

Updated 2024

There is a disturbing increasing worldwide trend of killing, violence, and death threats towards environmentalists.

There is a movement worldwide to label environmentalists as terrorists. Many states have laws that label pipeline and other environmental protests as felonies. Police have used excessive force to break up protestors to the point of causing permanent injuries. This is tragic.

The reason we have so many continuously updated references in the below articles covering many years is to show this has been going on for decades.

For articles like this covering different areas on the environment with over 2,500 references see


1-JUST IN: Second Person In Flint Water Crisis Found Dead Within A Week

2-How Many More? 116 Environmental Defenders Were Murdered Last Year, Mostly in Latin America

3-Map: 116 environmental activists were killed in just one year

4-The Relentless Attack on Climate Scientist Ben Santer

5-Indonesia environment team threatened with death investigating haze

6-3 Activists Killed Per Week in 2018, New Report Shows

7-Alberta Premier Singled Out Environmentalist. Death Threats Followed.

8-Disturbing Report Shows How Many Environmental Activists Are Killed Each Week  NGO Global Witness reveals that around the world, people are murdered and attacked for defending the Earth. Even in America, activists are being silenced.

9-Enemies Of The State: Three Eco-Defenders Killed, Countless Criminalized Each Week

10-4 Environmental Activists Are Killed Every Week So We Can Have Snacks, Meat And Coffee

11-Environmental Defender Murdered in Mexico Days Before Vote on Pipeline Project

12-Environmentalists Risk Their Lives to Save the Planet

13-Brazilian Official Who Fought to Protect the Amazon ‘Assassinated’ in Front of His Family  Maxciel Pereira dos Santos was shot twice in the head on Friday while riding a motorbike through the Amazon.

14-Miners Raid Tribe in Brazil, Killing Leader as Amazon Suffers Mass Deforestation by Illegal Loggers

15-Murders of Environmental Defenders Are Rising Worldwide

16-Murders of Environmentalists Have Doubled in 15 Years  Indigenous people defending their lands are particularly at risk, and watchdog groups warn that criminalization of environmental activism is also on the rise.

17-The deadliest environmental causes in 2018: Protesting mining, agribusiness, dams

18-On the Malicious and Scientifically Illiterate Bullies Afraid of Greta Thunberg  As the world starts to take note of the teen climate activist, her critics have launched increasingly personal attacks.

19-Killing Environmentalists

20-Illegal loggers kill Amazon Indigenous warrior who guarded forest

21-Indigenous Forest Defenders Around the World Are Dying Anonymous Deaths - On the Environmental Martyrs of the Global Resource War

22-Know their Names: Eight Activists Assassinated for Fighting Climate Change  Environmental activists are being murdered with increasing frequency, particularly in semi-colonial countries. Below are the stories of eight people who took on powerful companies and imperialist interests and paid with their lives.

23-Mexico: defender of monarch butterflies found dead two weeks after he vanished

24-More than 1,700 activists have been killed this century defending the environment

25-Report: 113 environmental activists killed under Duterte watch

26-Revealed: anti-terror center helped police track environmental activists

27-Turkish scientist gets 15-month sentence for publishing environmental study

28-Wet'suwet'en land defenders face risks experienced by environmental human rights defenders around the world

29-2019: The deadliest year yet for environmental activists

30-For indigenous protesters, defending the environment can be fatal

31-Honduran Indigenous Environmentalist Félix Vásquez Assassinated in Front of Family

32-Environment protest being criminalized around world, say experts - More than 400 climate scientists sign letter that says activists are being targeted at pivotal time in fight against global heating

33-Murdered Environmentalists

34-Cambodia Sends Three Youth Activists Awaiting Trial to Prey Sar Prison  Private companies will be emboldened by the activists' arrest to continue destroying Cambodia's environment for profit, the founder of the Mother Nature environmental group says.

35-Environment activist shot dead outside Nairobi home after death threats  Kenyan president condemns killing of Joannah Stutchbury, who protested against building in Kiambu forest

36-President Kenyatta condemns killing of environmentalist Joanna Stuchburry

37-Only Those Taking Action Against Climate Violence Are Labeled ‘Terrorist’

38-227 people were killed defending the environment last year, a new report shows. That's a record.

39-Murders of environment and land defenders hit record high - Figures from Global Witness for 2020 show violent resource grab continued unabated despite pandemic

40-Record number of environmental activists murdered

41-Last line of defence

42-Concern Grows for Mexican Land Defender Irma Galindo Barrios, Missing Nearly 3 Weeks  "Her disappearance adds to the already long list of attacks... which from December 2018 to July 2021 have claimed the lives of 93 human rights defenders who have been assassinated."

43-Environment activist shot dead outside Nairobi home after death threats

44-Fear, Ridicule, Danger: Is It Safe to Be a Climate Scientist? (Op-Ed)

45-First thing we do, let’s kill all the experts - Tom Nichols' book describes how experts are no longer ignored—they're attacked.

46-Global Witness reports 227 land and environmental activists murdered in a single year, the worst figure on record

47-NSW police seek to auction off car of convicted anti-coal activist under Proceeds of Crime Act

48-Paul Paz y Miño on Chevron v. Steven Donziger

49-The Persecution of Steven Donziger Threatens All Environmentalists

50-They are coming for the environmentalists - Propaganda and draconian laws are being used to stifle the environmental movement and suppress activism

51-Dr. Mike Mann’s Sworn Testimony, February 8, 2022

52-Daughter of murdered Honduran human rights activist files criminal complaint against Dutch Development Bank FMO

53-A scientist in the public eye has taken her own life. This has to be a wake-up call

54-The climate crisis stresses me out, too. But I'll read the hate mail and call it hope

55-Indigenous ‘forest guardians’ reported slain in Brazil

56-Representative Jamie Raskin Introduces the First Federal Bill to Deter Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs)

57-UK climate activists held in jail for up to six months before trial - Campaigners say protesters arrested for blocking roads getting ‘lost in prison system’ while on remand

58-As resistance grows to the fossil fuel regime, laws are springing up everywhere to suppress climate activists

59-More than 1,700 environmental activists murdered in the past decade – Figures likely to be an underestimate, says Global Witness, as land defenders are killed by hitmen, crime groups and governments

60-Environment protest being criminalised around world, say experts - More than 400 climate scientists sign letter that says activists are being targeted at pivotal time in fight against global heating

61-Senior officers ordered ‘unlawful’ arrests of journalists at Just Stop Oil protests - Review finds arrests of four journalists covering climate protests last month were directed by senior officers

62-Climate activist who blocked traffic on Sydney Harbour Bridge jailed for at least eight months - Lawyers for Deanna ‘Violet’ Coco, who stopped traffic for 25 minutes in April, say it is ‘outrageous’ their client was refused bail before an appeal next year

63-Prison Column: from an environmental prisoner

64-Berta Cáceres: new rules for banks could help stop defender killings

65-Atlanta shooting part of alarming US crackdown on environmental defenders

66-Record number of environmental activists murdered

67-Stalking, assault alleged in repeal fight over corrupt utility bailout in Ohio

68-Indigenous chief shot in head in Brazil’s ‘palm oil war’ region; crisis group launched

69-The Repression of Stop Cop City Is a Chilling Evolution in Policing of US Climate Activists

70-TV meteorologist quits after receiving threats and harassment over climate change coverage

71-‘Whatever it takes’: the activists who risk prison to shatter Australia’s climate complacency

72-Environmental activists killed at a rate of one every other day in 2022 – report

73-How criminalization is being used to silence climate activists across the world









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