Fossil Fuel Companies Lie

Updated 2024

Narcissistic fossil fuel and legacy auto companies as well as utilities have a long history of putting much effort and money to deliberately lie. Here is a good summary. 


Politicians and the press willingly collaborate.

The reason we have so many continuously updated references covering many years is to show this has been a tactic for decades. For articles like this covering different areas on the environment with over 2,500 references see


1-A Major Coal Company Went Bust. Its Bankruptcy Filing Shows That It Was Funding Climate Change Denialism.

2-Blindsided: Eagle Butte, Belle Ayr mines send workers home, close

3-Coal left Appalachia devastated. Now it’s doing the same to Wyoming.  Vulture capitalists are sucking value from a dying industry.

4-For a Texas Ranching Family, Toxic Coal Ash Pollution Hits Home  A Texas family’s ranch has been found to be one of the most contaminated coal ash sites in the country. Environmental groups say the pollution — and the ranchers’ bitter legal battle to stop it — is a stark example of the nation’s ongoing coal ash crisis.

5-The Media Uses Coal Miners To Attack the Green New Deal—Then Ignores Their Pension Fight  In 34 stories about coal miners, the New York Times, Washington Post and Politico did not once cover miners’ pension and healthcare demands

6-Taxpayers fork out $31 million to clean up toxic coal gasification plant

7-The 'war on coal' myth  Environmental regulations aren't the reason that coal is falling off the map.

8-Why science failed to stop climate change - How the energy companies took us all

9-Winter Weather Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming by Dr. David Suzuki

10-The Climate Deniers Are Using the Same Tactics as the Tobacco Industry

11-The Danger of Fair and Balanced - As the science grew more convincing about man's effect on climate change, it is as if the journalists were stuck in time

12-The Harper Government Has Trashed and Destroyed Environmental Books and Documents

13-Threats and Hate Mail Reveal Climate Disinformation's Dark Side

14-U.N. climate report was censored

15-CNBC Caught Soliciting Writer To Claim Global Warming Is A “Hoax”

16-New study finds fringe global warming contrarians get disproportionate media attention - 30% of fringe climate scientists who say carbon pollution causes little global warming report frequent media coverage, vs. just 15% of mainstream climate scientists

17-Manufacturing Doubt About Climate Change

18-Energy firms, health insurers deftly use others to spread propaganda - Commentary: the disinformation dance

19-Big business declares war on science: The secret story of the Chamber of Commerce’s battle against the environment, global warming action - Driven by a fervor for profit and an anti-government frenzy, the Chamber is a fighting force for the 1 percent

20-Big Oil Knew. Big Oil Lied. And Planet Earth Got Fried. New report exposes why fossil fuel companies didn't need the warning from the public scientific community to start a decades-long campaign of denial. They already knew their business model was a threat.

21-Greenpeace Sting Shows Academics Selling Themselves To Polluters

22-America Has a Hidden Climate Denial Network and New Research Maps It Out: Corporate funding has played a huge role in influencing our national conversation on climate.

23-Climate denial is alive and kicking say scientists

24-Climate Denying GWPF Academic Chairman Ross McKitrick Resigns In Wake of Greenpeace Sting

25-Rice University’s Baker Institute and the Academic Cover It Provides for Fossil Fuel Interests

26-The right-wing climate-denial machine is churning faster than ever

27-The Times Continues to Mislead its Readers About Climate Change Denial ‘Science’

28-When climate deniers harass scientists, these guys come to the rescue

29-Court Documents Show Peabody Energy Funded Dozens of Climate Denial Groups

30-Lying is their business: Ari Rabin-Havt on the industry that’s grown to create and disseminate right-wing propaganda - Author Ari Rabin-Havt explains how modern conservatism is built on an entire industry built to lie

31-Climate scientists are under attack from frivolous lawsuits - Climate Science Legal Defense Fund is forced to defend climate scientists against constant frivolous lawsuits

32-Conspiracy Theories and Disinformation About Climate Change Being Spread Into the Mainstream

33-How the Right Wing Denial Machine Distorts the Climate Change Discourse

34-The Climate Accountability Scorecard: Ranking Major Fossil Fuel Companies on Climate Deception, Disclosure, and Action (2016)

35-Who's Driving Climate Denial? Big Companies and Conservative Media

36-Science journalist retires at 98 and warns of generation of Americans who suffer from a thinking 'disability’

37-How Fossil Fuel Money Made Climate Change Denial the Word of God

38-I was an Exxon-funded climate scientist: A committed scientist and climate science communicator relates her decades-earlier 'unique experience' as an Exxon-funded researcher and the company's 'agenda for our research.'

39-Watch scientists react to deceptive fossil fuel ads

40-Planet Will Burn Before Corporate Media Covers Climate Change as Existential Threat  (YouTube)

41-These companies support climate action, so why are they funding opposition to it? A tale of Paris climate agreement supporters, political spending and unintended consequences

42-Truthsquading: Books and reports on the denial and obstruction of climate science

43-Elon Musk and the Corporate Controlled Media When advertisers are calling the shots, don't call it journalism

44-The War on Tesla, Musk, and the Fight for the Future

45-Conway and Oreskes Merchants of Doubt:Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming 2011 book, 2014 video documentary, “There can be no science without doubt: brute dogma leaves no room for inquiry. But over the last half century, a tiny minority of scientists have wielded doubt as a political weapon to halt what they did not want said: that tobacco kills or that the climate is warming because of what we humans are doing...It is clear, scientifically responsible, and historically compelling--it is an essential and passionate book about our times.” ―Peter Galison, Joseph Pellegrino University Professor, Harvard University, author of Einstein's Clocks, Poincaré's Maps

46-Harvard scientists took Exxon’s challenge; found it using the tobacco playbook  A new study finds a stark contrast between Exxon’s research and what the company told the public

47-Meet the Money Behind The Climate Denial Movement - Nearly a billion dollars a year is flowing into the organized climate change counter-movement

48-Revealed: How the Tobacco and Fossil Fuel Industries Fund Disinformation Campaigns Around the World

49-Revealed: top UK thinktank spent decades undermining climate science - Institute of Economic Affairs has links to 14 members of Boris Johnson’s cabinet

50-Scientist who resisted censorship of climate report lost her job

51-Facebook’s newest ‘fact checkers’ are Koch-funded climate deniers-The fatal flaw in Zuckerberg’s effort to deal with fake news.

52-Bots are pushing conspiracy theories about Australia's fires - Where are the Australian bushfire conspiracies coming from?

53-Coronavirus doubters follow climate denial playbook - Whether denying coronavirus or climate change, many deploy the same unfounded strategies and messages.

54-The Reason COVID-19 and Climate Seem So Similar: Disinformation - The disinformation industry has deployed these strategies across multiple issues.

55-Chevron, Stop Funding Racism

56-Illinois and Ohio Bribery Scandals Show the Perils of Mixing Utilities and Politics - For utilities, all things take a back seat to profit, and their power can be bad for customers and the climate.

57-IPCC: the dirty tricks climate scientists faced in three decades since first report

58-Climate-change denial and the coronavirus “hoax” are the same conspiracy theory

59-Shareholders allege securities fraud in class-action cases against FirstEnergy

60-The quiet campaign to make clean energy racist - To stop a small city's climate policy, fossil fuel interests sent in a front group, threatened COVID infections, and may have even manufactured a racism controversy.

61-The Stranded Asset Parade Is Starting

62-Why Are We Paying Big Oil During The Pandemic

63-‘A great deception’: oil giants taken to task over ‘greenwash’ ads

64-Carbon capture’s litany of failures laid bare in new report

65-Empire of the Dead: The Fossil Fuel Order and the clean-energy rebellion

66-This Obscure Energy Treaty Is the Greatest Threat to the Planet You’ve Never Heard Of The Energy Charter Treaty allows fossil fuel companies to sue governments for taking action on climate change. It must be stopped before it’s too late.

67-Reasons Why Artificial Carbon Removal is Overhyped  Artificial carbon removal is largely a sideshow when it comes to climate change. At best, it may eventually grow into a minor solution. At worst, it’s a distraction from reducing emissions — and plays right into the fossil fuel industry’s hands.

68-Oil firms made ‘false claims’ on blue hydrogen costs, says ex-lobby boss - Chris Jackson believes companies promoted ‘unsustainable’ fossil gas projects to access billions in taxpayer subsidies

69-Weaponizing economics: Big Oil, economic consultants, and climate policy delay

70-Why Are ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post’ Producing Ads for Big Oil? It looks like real news, but “native advertising” is greenwashing for the climate-wrecking industry.

71-Australian and global fossil fuel giants make $1 trillion bet against global climate efforts

72-NGOs release the 2021 Global Coal Exit List: 1000 companies driving the world towards climate chaos

73-How decades of disinformation about fossil fuels halted U.S. climate policy

74-The dirty dozen: meet America’s top climate villains

75-The Bad Math of the Fossil Fuel Industry (TED Talk)

76-Climate Expert Debunks Big Oil's Lies About Carbon Capture, Nature-Based Solutions Michael Mann also told a House panel that "investing in natural gas is crowding out investment in true clean, renewable energy that can help us decarbonize our economy and address the climate crisis."

77-Mike Mann’s Sworn Testimony, February 8, 2022

78-Fossil fuel companies are trying to exploit this war for their gain. We can’t let them

79-Lawmakers study Big Tobacco perjury before Big Oil showdown

80-Less Lying Would Help

81-The great greenwashing scam: PR firms face reckoning after spinning for big oil  A comprehensive study confirms that oil companies are largely all talk and no action when it comes to clean energy initiatives

82-Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Carbon Capture Fairy Tales

83-Climate sceptic thinktank received funding from fossil fuel interests

84-Honest Government Ad | Carbon Credits & Offsets (YouTube)

85-The massive disconnect between Big Oil’s words and actions, in data - A new study illustrates fossil fuel companies' greenwashing agenda.

86-The Secret Way the Oil Industry Brainwashes You (YouTube)

87-While Texas’ top oil and gas regulators were deciding whether to permit a disputed oil waste disposal site, their campaigns raised tens of thousands of dollars from donors tied to the case.

88-Big polluters lawyer up to try to roll back Oregon clean air protection

89-How the oil and gas industry is trying to hold US public schools hostage

90-Big Oil Reality Check: Failure To Meet Bare Minimum On Climate

91-Greenwashing at Its Finest: How Corporations Use Environmental Concerns to Scam You

92-The audacious PR plot that seeded doubt about climate change

93-Leaked: US power companies secretly spending millions to protect profits and fight clean energy

94-As resistance grows to the fossil fuel regime, laws are springing up everywhere to suppress climate activists

95-Mines, pipelines and oil rigs: what HSBC’s ‘sustainable finance’ really pays for

96-THEY ALL, LIE, LIE, LIE (YouTube) Excellent documentation of legacy auto companies

97-Junk Carbon Offsets Are What Make These Big Companies ‘Carbon Neutral’

98-Fossil Fibs: how the gas lobby gets away with cooking the planet, rooking its customers

99-Big Oil has engaged in a long-running climate disinformation campaign while raking in record profits, lawmakers find

100-Secret files reveal how UN climate advisers ‘greenwashed’ for BP - Exclusive: US inquiry unearths pro-gas PR strategy produced by firm ‘at core of global climate effort’

101-Petition Circulators Are Telling California Voters that a Ballot Measure Would Ban New Oil and Gas Wells Near Homes. In Fact, It Would Do the Opposite - The canvassers are backed by the oil industry in its quest to stop a new law that bans wells near residential areas and imposes new environmental controls. If petition circulators succeed in gathering enough signatures, the law would be blocked until the 2024 election.

102-The right-wing groups behind renewable energy misinformation

103-‘The Oil Companies Are the Reason We Don’t Have Climate Policy’ - CounterSpin interview with Richard Wiles on fossil fuel lies

104-BP criticised over plan to spend billions more on fossil fuels than green energy - Company’s oil and gas investments for 2023 will be as much as double those on renewables

105-Fossil fuel interests revealed to have sponsored more than 500 Australian community organisations - Woodside Energy, Santos and BHP among companies who have sponsorship deals with Australian arts, sport, education and community organisations

106-How companies greenwash their plastic pollution - 'Lightweighting' and using some recycled plastic isn't the answer to our mounting waste problem.

107-Bogus Carbon Offsets

108-Fossil fuel sector spent millions on ads to influence public during Cop27

109-Fake Carbon Capture (YouTube)

110-Lying about climate change is its own industry

111-Myths about fossil fuels and renewable energy are circulating again. Don’t buy them.

112-Revealed: Exxon made ‘breathtakingly’ accurate climate predictions in 1970s and 80s - Oil company drove some of the leading science of the era only to publicly dismiss global heating

113-‘Big Oil peddled the big lie’: UN chief slams energy giants for ignoring their own climate science

114-What is greenhushing? How to spot the sophisticated greenwashing tactics being used in 2023

115-Why the U.S. Is Losing the Fight to Ban Toxic Chemicals From a powerful chemical industry that helped write the toxic substances law to an underfunded EPA lacking in resolve, the flaws in the American chemical regulatory apparatus run deep.

116-Big Oil’s trade group allies outspent clean energy groups by a whopping 27x, with billions in ads and lobbying to keep fossil fuels flowing

117-An activist group is spreading misinformation to stop solar projects in rural America

118-Stalking, assault alleged in repeal fight over corrupt utility bailout in Ohio

119-Aussie Government massively underreports deaths caused by car emissions (YouTube)

120-Gas industry still talking garbage about big batteries, knowing they will kill its dirty cartel

121-Canadian Government Ad™: Cleaning up the Oil Sands (YouTube)

122-Exxon in the classroom: how big oil money influences US universities

123-Three Myths About Renewable Energy and the Grid, Debunked

124-Toyota partners with Exxon Mobil to make 'CLEAN' gasoline (YouTube)

125-BP and Shell bosses among oil execs given £15m for ‘protecting environment’

126-EU slams banks’ rising greenwashing practices

127-Exxon CEO Warns investing in Renewables Will Backfire - then does this... (YouTube)

128-Here’s why Big Oil’s climate lies matter

129-How Australia’s legacy ICE car industry colluded to stop electric vehicle (YouTube)

130-Loss of fossil fuel assets would not impoverish general public, study finds

131-The Koch Conspiracy: Unveiling the dark secrets of decades-long pollution cover-up (YouTube)

132-Covering Fossil Fuel Companies With Skepticism

133-Exxon Mobil publicly denied global warming for decades but accurately predicted it (YouTube)

134-Oil companies' lies are costing us dearly

135-Oregon gas company using ratepayer money to fight state climate program

136-Dembicki, Geoff The Petroleum Papers: Inside the Far-Right Conspiracy to Cover Up Climate Change This book clearly documents the outrageous lies and bribery of the fossil fuel industry.

137-German wind industry says it is being “sabotaged” by Autobahns & fossil fuels (YouTube)

138-The Media's Anti-Wind Scare Campaign: "Wind Turbine Graveyards" (YouTube)

139-Lobbying Against EV's Exposed! The Shady Tactics of Auto Giants Against EV's & climate change! (YouTube)

140-Greenwashing – the deceptive tactics behind environmental claims

141-Direct Air Capture is Fossil Industry's Latest Smokescreen

142-Direct Air Capture: Big Oil's Latest Smokescreen

143-eBay violates Clean Air Act selling engine devices that cause cancer (YouTube)

144-The Petroleum Papers

145-Australia has been lying about its coal and gas emissions for decades (YouTube)

146-The American state where electric cars get taxed 3 times (YouTube)

147-Canadian tar sands pollution is up to 6,300% higher than reported, study finds - Call for companies to ‘clean up their mess’ as Athabasca oil sands emissions vastly exceed industry-reported levels

149-Report exposes corrupt legacy car companies polluting more than big oil (YouTube)

150-Exxon CEO blames public for failure to fix climate change

151-Shell accused of trying to wash hands of Nigerian oil spill mess - Shell’s oil spills have ruined farms and fisheries and locals want compensation before it sells up

152-How to spot five of the fossil fuel industry’s biggest disinformation tactics

153-Only 57 companies are responsible for 80% of the world's emissions (YouTube)

154-Technology denial: Columbia Law School debunks 33 biggest myths about solar, wind and EVs

155-Media admits to making up fake story about electric cars causing potholes (YouTube)








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