Environmental Degradation Means More Pandemics and Less Food

Updated 2024

Climate change leads to the spreading of disease resulting in pandemics, spreading of pests, and the lessening of food production.

This will have a sobering effect on our future. Future generations may judge us very harshly.

The reason we have so many continuously updated references in the below articles covering many years is to show this has been going on for decades.

For articles like this covering different areas on the environment with over 2,500 references see https://www.newprogs.org/the_environment


1-'We should start thinking about the next one': Coronavirus is just the first of many pandemics to come, environmentalists warn  “I’m absolutely sure that there are going to be more diseases like this in future if we continue with our practices of destroying the natural world," says marine ecologist Dr Enric Sala

2-Coronavirus doubters follow climate denial playbook  Whether denying coronavirus or climate change, many deploy the same unfounded strategies and messages.

3-How Climate Change Is Contributing to Skyrocketing Rates of Infectious Disease  A catastrophic loss in biodiversity, reckless destruction of wildland and warming temperatures have allowed disease to explode. Ignoring the connection between climate change and pandemics would be “dangerous delusion,” one scientist said.

4-The permafrost pandemic: could the melting Arctic release a deadly disease?

5-Climate change can affect diseases transmitted by insects, vectors: UN report - Humans are changing zoonotic disease systems and increasing their impact through habitat encroachment, human population pressure, the report said 

6-Climate change and health

7-Climate Change during the Pandemic

8-Sustainable Food Systems in the Era of Climate Change and Pandemics - Webinar

9-Flesh-eating bacteria killed an elderly man two days after he vacationed in Florida. Experts say this will become more common as ocean water warms.

10-Pandemics, climate change, and the eye

11-Sahel, West Africa Facing Worst Food Crisis in Decade

12-Study: Climate change is creating disease hotspots “The coming decades will not only be hotter, but sicker.”

13-Climate Change: Famines and the Food Crisis

14-Climate Change Has Already Aggravated 58% of Infectious Diseases - Global warming has, in certain instances, amped up some of the world’s most deadly diseases.

15-Waterlogged wheat, rotting oranges: five crops devastated by a year of extreme weather Crops are struggling to grow – and produce the same yields – as they would under normal weather conditions

16-Climate change is increasing the risk of infectious diseases worldwide - From COVID to Lyme disease to various fungal afflictions, climate change has already worsened over 200 infectious diseases.

17-Vegetable shortages in UK could be ‘tip of iceberg’, says farming union - Energy prices, Brexit and climate crisis mean growers lack confidence to plant crops, says NFU deputy

18-Millions Face Food Insecurity as Horn of Africa Braces for Worst Drought Ever



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