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15 Questions

These questions and responses are very familiar to those of us in the New Progressive Alliance. If you want to explain your frustration to someone, it might save time to just print this list and have your friend read it.  Click here for the 15 questions.

commented on When does this police brutality end? 2014-04-13 11:47:19 -0700 · Flag
This is an unfortunate and expanding trend. See Widespread Police Misconduct – http://www.newprogs.org/massive_police_misconduct

commented on More problems with Obamacare. 2014-04-10 12:44:33 -0700 · Flag
Very well said Alan! We know from over half a century of experience in many countries – both capitalist and socialist – what works and what does not work in health care. No matter what perspective you come from, this makes sense.

Alan is also right in another area. Certainly parents have a responsibility to care for their children, but when they don’t society has a responsibility. This is based on old law and even older religious traditions.

See also our Unified Platform at http://www.newprogs.org/platform where Goal Five – Medicare for All – would also be a giant step forward and not the ACA which unfairly enriches insurance companies.

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See also “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72” by Hunter S.Thompson. It is instructive on how both parties merged. Thompson is absolutely brilliant when it comes to uncovering, analyzing, and indicting the structure that has put Big Money in charge. The last 50 pages are the most instructive dissection of what went wrong for McGovern – and how the Democratic Party ultimately killed the peace movement.

commented on Politics Today 2014-10-16 10:28:30 -0700 · Flag
Third parties have traditionally been influential throughout U.S. history. See “Third Parties Have Long History of Shaping, Reshaping American Politics” at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/07/25/1113503/-Third-Parties-Have-Long-History-of-Shaping-Reshaping-American-Politics

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