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Politics and policies in Canada can be very instructive to those of us in the United States.

Canada has a convoluted electoral system that rivals the US Electoral College in invalidating votes. See First-past-the-post cheats voters in every province  and references below.

Canada has 23 political parties, but the major national ones are below.

  • Conservative - roughly equivalent to the US Republican Party and in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry.
  • Liberal - roughly equivalent to the US Democratic Party in pretending to be different, but also in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry.
  • New Democratic Party (NDP) - roughly equivalent to the US Democratic Party in pretending to be different, but also in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry.
  • Green Party - Takes climate change and the required steps to fight it seriously.

Experience shows the Liberals have  - like democrats in the United States - betrayed all of its election promises and give the multi-national corporations all they can grab through raping the country of its resources.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) was particularly disappointing because they abandoned their principles in both 2015 and 2019 to be more like the Conservative and Liberal Parties.  

What happened? In 2015 and again in 2019 how could the NDP lose given the disastrous policies of the conservatives and the liberals plus the generation of building up its strength?


Alan Maki pointed out, "The proof is the fact that Mulcair blew the election by trying to define the NDP as a social democratic party on par with Tony Blair and the Labour Party. And he went even beyond and to the right of social democracy in trying to link arms with the Democrats and Obama."

In 2015 Mulcair, the NDP leader, sold out and is as big a traitor as Obama or Clinton to his stated ideals. He tried to censor anybody questioning Israeli war crimes, changed the policy developed over decades on the NDP website, backed down on women’s rights, refused to challenge war policy, firmly backed the Tar Sands Pipeline which environmentalists say is “game over” for stopping climate change (see reference 31), and took anti-environmental stands which included trying to get a long standing NDP environmentalist removed from the Party for speaking the truth. There was no real reason to vote for the NDP because there was no major difference between the NDP and the Liberal Party. Indeed the NDP repeatedly and deliberately  painted itself to the right of the Liberal Party.  That was a shame because the NDP had been fighting the good fight for a generation and had briefly surpassed the Liberal Party only to sink back into obscurity. There just is no excuse in limiting press access, NDP candidate Alex Johnstone having to apologize for her ignorance about Auschwitz, or any of the other antics documented below under references.

(In 2015 the Green Party just maintained its one elected member.) 


In 2019 the NDP repeated its mistakes when Jagmeet Singh continued his love affair with LNG terminals and was unsure whether to keep Trudeau's disastrous decision to back Trudeau's expensive purchase of a pipeline because it was "complicated" and said he would study the issue. In 2019 there is no excuse for not recognizing the dangers of climate change.

What danger does this illustrate going forward? Trying to be too much like the opposition guarantees you will lose. President Truman once said, "A republican beats a democrat pretending to be a republican every time." Witness how after the huge electoral victory of 2008 the democrats bragged who and how many they killed, how many countries they bombed, and how they are balancing the budget with hard decisions on social security. How is that working out for them? I suggest not too well  in losing both houses of congress and the presidency.

I will continue to document below how the Canadian Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party - much like the Democratic Party in the United States - have sold out. Trudeau's treasonous about face on the environment is shameful. The bitter irony is the NDP in 2015 and 2019  could have made a real difference had they not turned their backs on half a century of building only to change to be more like their opposition.

Here are the 2019 results.

Conservative - Up slightly in total votes, 34%.

Liberals - down 5 points and lost over 20 seats.

New Democratic Party NDP - 16% lost 18 seats. The leader gave requirements for a coalition government with the Liberals and climate was nowhere to be found.

Green Party - up from 3% and one seat in 2015 to 6.5% and 3 seats in 2019



Proactive changes made before climate change consequences are much preferable, but - as with many other countries - the consequences of climate change will force reactive changes. Canada leads the United States on many issues and could serve as an excellent example, but the 2019 results are not encouraging.




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