Beware the Biden Administration

Given the problems with climate change, the economy, and civil rights we can no longer afford the choice of the lesser evil. Just as we did with Clinton, Obama, and Trump we are listing documentation on the Biden administration. All are welcome to use as desired.

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A good summation of Biden's career is at The Politicians Who Destroyed Our Democracy Want Us to Vote for Them to Save It by Chris Hedges.

The New Progressive Alliance keeps references that allies and friends may use in support of the Unified Platform such as Make Your Case!  One of our resources that we maintain is a growing list of references for the article Don’t Let These People or Organizations Fool You    As with the Clintons and the Trumps, the large number of references became unwieldy  so we gathered them separately. This article will be continuously updated with new references.

Democrats constantly allege the republicans are so bad that people must vote for democrats. Democrats then quickly abandon any principles once in office. Still, modern day Republicans are not traditional conservatives and we should not forget that they - like their democratic colleagues – are also largely on the same wrong path as the democrats. The democrats have better rhetoric, but their actions are largely the same as their republican colleagues. See The Democratic Party is the More Effective of Two Evils.  

Nobody’s feet are going to be held to the fire is an excellent article which takes a hard deep look at basic economic assumptions, war, and the Democratic Party by Jeff Roby, a Florida activist.

Biden has not been friendly towards the environment. Federal data show the Biden Administration approved 6,430 permits for oil and gas drilling on public lands in its first two years, outpacing the Trump administration’s 6,172 drilling-permit approvals in its first two years.  (See Center for Biological Diversity) Biden also approved Project Willow in Alaska which will emit more climate pollution annually than more than 99.7% of all single point sources in the country and produce the pollution and carbon of 76 coal plants, appointed oil apologist John Kerry for climate negotiation, ignored the huge Ohio train derailment, and cowardly backed down from real climate action at the United Nations. (See COP27)


1-As Biden Considers Climate Nominations, He Must Go Beyond an Obama-Era Reboot

2-Biden Chooses Tom “Mr. Monsanto” Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary

3-Biden economic team: Straight from Wall Street

4-Biden Picks Budget Director Who Pushed Social Security Cuts - Likely OMB nominee Neera Tanden called for cuts to Social Security, saying “we need to put both entitlements on the table as well as taxes.”

5-Biden Says He Is “Unlikely” To Cancel $50,000 In Student Loan Debt By Executive Order

6-Biden’s transition team is filled with war profiteers, Beltway chickenhawks, and corporate consultants

7-Cancer Alley Community Leaders Are Cautious As Biden Picks Their Fossil Fuel-Friendly Congressman for White House Role

8-Dear Joe Biden: are you kidding me? by

9-Joe Biden Just Appointed His Climate Movement Liaison. It’s a Fossil-Fuel Industry Ally.

10-President-Elect Biden: Time for YOU to Follow the Climate Science - Big corporate media outlets are great at policing progressive Democrats who "go too far." They're not so watchful over Democratic presidents who cling to a go-slow, corporate-friendly "middle ground." 

11-Progressives frustrated with representation as Biden Cabinet takes shape

12-The Left Has Valid Criticisms of Biden’s Appointments But Centrists Won’t Listen

13-Biden’s Corporate Cabinet: A Breakdown

14-Biden Admin Issues 30+ Drilling Permits

15-Flint Activists Remember How Gina McCarthy, Biden’s Pick for Climate Policy, Failed Their City

16-For Biden Administration, Black Lives Don’t Matter in Haiti!—A Black Agenda Report Statement on Haiti

17-Biden’s Math: Endless Funding for Wars but Not Enough Money for Livable Wages

18-US Bombs Syria And Ridiculously Claims Self Defense

19-Small Acts Can Become A Power No Government Can Suppress

20-Biden Administration Reportedly Blocking UN Cease-Fire Statement as Israel Bombards Gaza

21-Hmmm... Sounds familiar...

22-My Letter From Joe Biden

23-Ruling Class Joe and the Essence of American Politics

24-Biden’s Broken Promises Spell Hard Times Ahead

25-Biden’s Climate Irresponsibility

26-Biden's Weak Infrastructure Plan

27-Team Biden Quietly Approved a Fat Subsidy for One of America’s Top Coal Suppliers - “Somebody’s asleep at the switch here.”

28-The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is a Return to the Old Way of Politics. That’s A Problem for the Climate by Dr. Mann

29-Holding Biden Accountable (twitter)

30-Biden and Congress are setting 'a 5-alarm fire' by letting federal unemployment benefits expire in a week as Delta surges, an expert says

31-Biden administration to resume drilling auctions in setback to climate agenda

32-Lawsuit Filed After Biden Opens 80 Million Acres of Gulf of Mexico for Oil Leasing - Feds announce lease sale as Louisiana reels from impacts of Hurricane Ida

33-Jane Fonda is mad at Joe Biden - A conversation with the famous actress and climate activist, who also visited Northern Minnesota this week to oppose Line 3.

34-Biden Climate Watch - President Biden has promised to address the climate crisis and confront fossil fuels. But since taking office, his administration has consistently ignored those pledges.

35-Biden's energy secretary affirms there is a future for the oil and gas industry in a low-carbon world

36-DOE pick Granholm signals support for LNG exports

37-Fossil Fuels Necessary in Clean Energy Transition, Granholm Says

38-Biden's silent climate betrayal

39-Biden Administration Plans Massive Auction of Oil and Gas Leases - Despite promises, it’s bigger than any lease sale under Donald Trump.

40-Biden Administration Will Hold US’s Largest Offshore Drilling Auction Days After COP26

41-‘People Right Now Are Absolutely Feeling the Climate Emergency’ - CounterSpin interview with Jean Su on People vs. Fossil Fuels

42-Biden Approves More Oil and Gas Drilling on Public lands than Trump

43-Revealed: Biden administration was not legally bound to auction gulf drilling rights - Justice department admits a previous ruling did not force the detonation of what environmentalists call ‘huge carbon bomb’

44-Biden Re-Nominates Trump Pick and GOP Donor Jennifer Rearden as a Federal Judge

45-New Data: Biden’s First Year Drilling Permitting Stomps Trump’s By 34%Thousands of Permits OK’d Despite President’s Authority to End Drilling by 2035

46-Biden's 'betrayal': Backlash erupts on plan to split Afghanistan's frozen assets with 9/11 victims

47-Biden’s Multi-Billion Afghan Theft Gets Scant Mention on TV News

48-Biden’s task force on unionization: A corporatist agenda for austerity and war

49-Permits for Public Lands Drilling Up During Biden’s First Year

50-Why Are Biden’s Spokespeople Being All Authoritarian? The suggestion that questioning government claims is somehow disloyal has to stop.

51-Why does Biden want to make the Chevron lawyer whose firm prosecuted Donziger a judge?

52-Afghanistan is on the brink of famine. How can Biden just forget about us?

53-'Stark Betrayal': Biden Administration Floats New Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling "This is the third time since November the Biden administration has announced new oil and gas leasing plans on the Friday before a holiday," said one climate advocate. "They're ashamed, and they should be."

54-Biden Is Preparing To Crush A Historic Climate Change Lawsuit A vital effort to establish a legal right to a living planet could soon move forward — but the Biden administration is trying to stop it.

55-Biden proposes more offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska - The administration argues that without major climate policies to cut demand, lease sales will bring “net benefits.”

56-Biden's Nominee for Social Security Board Urged Privatization

57-How To Crack Down On Corporate Profiteering

58-Biden Hikes Medicare Prices And Funnels Profits to Private Insurers

59-Biden Energy secretary says US will be at ‘record’ oil production next year

60-In mind-blowingly hypocritical UN speech, Biden tries to rewrite history (YouTube)

61-US moves to shield Saudi crown prince in journalist killing

62-Biden Is Breaking His Sick Leave Promise To Crush Rail Workers

63-Elon Musk Just EXPOSED Twitter’s Collusion w/Govt To Suppress Speech (YouTube)

64-Democrats Screw Over Rail Workers HARD (YouTube)

65-Dems Could Have Helped Rail Workers By Doing Nothing

66-Biden ‘Brings’ Selected African Leaders To US To Expand Neocolonialism

67-Pete Buttigieg’s Transportation Department Is Skirting Safety Standards - The recent train derailment in Ohio shows the need for more stringent safety rules for train brakes, especially for trains carrying hazardous materials. Transportation regulators are instead bending to the interests of rail industry lobbyists.

68-Erin Brockovich asks Biden to ‘step up’ as people fall sick and animals drop dead after Ohio train derailment  Environmental activist tweets criticism of Biden administration’s reponse to toxic incident

69-Biden DOJ Backing Norfolk Southern’s Bid To Block Lawsuits

70-Why Big Oil is less worried about Biden phasing out fossil fuels - For industry executives, the president’s slower approach is evidence that pragmatism is winning out. Climate activists are less than pleased.

71-US puts Italy-sized chunk of Gulf of Mexico up for auction for oil drilling - In latest blow to Joe Biden’s reputation as the ‘climate president’, 73.3m acres of the gulf will be offered for fossil fuel extraction

72-‘Doomerism’: Why scientists disagree with Biden on 1.5 C

73-What Biden and Trudeau’s Meeting Tells Us About Climate Hypocrisy - If our leaders were serious about tackling climate change and protecting the Great Lakes, shutting down the Line 5 pipeline would be a layup.

74-Biden breaks major G7 climate promise by financing Indonesian oil refinery 

75-Biden Admin Boosts Big Oil’s Colorado River Scheme

76-Biden's Debt Ceiling Betrayal is a Democratic Party Tradition

77-Biden admin eyes $5B fossil fuel build-out in Puerto Rico - The plan sparked backlash from environmentalists, who said plans for 100 percent renewable electricity may now be out of reach.

78-Finally, a Judge Stands Up to Biden's Abuse of Power and Suppression of Free Speech

79-Edward Snowden Calls Out Biden Administration's 'Historic Scandal'

80-President Biden Is Trampling the Bill of Rights by Prosecuting Julian Assange

81-Biden’s Fossil Fuel Fail: How U.S. Oil & Gas Supply Rises under the Inflation Reduction Act

82-After Promising to Make Government Health Care Data More Accessible, the Biden Administration Now Wants to Clamp Down

83-Biden caves to pressure from automakers, UAW and Trump to slow down EVs (YouTube)








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