Stupid Dems Are Here Again...

...They're refusing needed funds again

Yes, they're holier than thou again

Stupid Dems are here again!

You can't make this stuff up. Candidates of the same party that criticizes Progressives for our (supposed) "purity tests" are refusing contributions from the most energizing member the Democratic caucus has ever--or likely ever will--see. A member whose uncompromising policy initiatives and refusal to bow to anyone who doesn't like them are the example the party has needed for... well, ever.

Conservatives love to hate AOC, and I love her for making that happen. I love their (gotta be drug-induced) absolute hallucination that AOC and her "Squad" will force Joe Biden to submit to their twisted, socialist agenda--you know, the one that radically supports such clearly unAmerican ideas as the equality of all people... umm, you know what? I was about to list others, but every last one of them really comes down to that one.

What a dreamer, that Ocasio-Cortez! Actually believing colleagues from her own party would set aside their spineless, chickenshit worry about what the other side might say--and instead find the courage to embrace and treat her as their equal, or even (gasp!) a leader. Let alone that her money spends the same as anyone else's. 

Of course, this doesn't surprise her, the same as it doesn't surprise anyone else. This is what Dems do. Standing at the cusp of profound, generational change, they look for (and of course find) reasons to be scared - or bought - off of instituting it. It is what they have done for years, and they do it better than anyone else. 

But where 15 or so years ago, in darker moments, we could almost laugh about it, as simply the fact of American politics that would eventually erode our and destroy our democracy, nobody's laughing after January 6. Dangerous, delusional, and clueless as the "patriots" who stormed the Capitol were, their threat is nothing compared to that of spineless chickenshit Democrats. Until every last liberal in Congress is half as brave as AOC, the minority will continue to rule - and, left to their own ends, will ultimately take down - the American experiment.

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