When Does This Police Brutality End?

Unless the people vigorously insist upon and demand justice, nothing is ever done to these racist, killer cops... a case in point is Bemidji, Minnesota. 

Bemidji Minnesota might well be the most racist city in North America.

The Department of Justice has allowed the police to get away with murder after murder of Native Americans, with the police from Beltrami and surrounding counties being no better as they harass, intimidate, beat and murder with no justice served against these vicious, brutal, racist cops.

In Lake-of-the-Woods County, the sheriff was allowed to get away with brutally beating a young Native American man from Winnipeg while he was hand-cuffed and chained to a fence. The "crime" that resulted in this vicious beating? He "swore" at the cop, whose Christianity was offended. Nothing was done to this racist cop.

These brutal cops are beating and killing people all over this country, all the while claiming they are "immune from prosecution."

The U.S. Department of Justice comes into these situations talking about "the need to educate these racist cops." 

The education is supposed to take place before these cops put on the badge.

Jailing and prison is the remedy for these crimes.

Our prisons are filled with non-violent criminals who remain in prison because of the color of their skin; more often than not, framed by these racist cops who beat them during an arrest and then lie and accuse them of "assaulting a police officer" when it is usually the other way around. 

Cops are routinely let off the hook for brutal and vicious spousal assaults.

There is a nationwide pattern of this vigilante type police violence sweeping this country--- we have seen this during Occupy Wall Street in the brutal manner the police carried out the destruction of the encampments, assaults on non-violent peace demonstrations and the brutality used to bust strikes.

Everyone has become the target of this police violence; but this police violence is cultivated and honed in a sick culture of racism which now permeates every single police department in this country; a specifically vile form of racism combined with political corruption poisoning every police department in the United States... and on the odd occasion when a racist cop is caught in the act making anything other firing impossible for the politicians to save face... the cop walks away without prosecution only to get a job with another police department or one of these private "security agencies" like Altegrity/USIS where they are hired to intimidate and beat workers struggling to protect their rights and their livelihoods through organizing unions... and when the workers organizing happen to be predominantly workers of color their brutality is vicious. 

So, when do the racist killer cops in the City of Bemidji and Beltrami County in Minnesota get prosecuted, too - like in Albuquerque, New Mexico? 

And what about the racist killer cops in Minneapolis?


Only when the people mount a massive campaign demanding justice like they did in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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This is an unfortunate and expanding trend. See Widespread Police Misconduct – http://www.newprogs.org/massive_police_misconduct
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