Jack Douglas

commented on A Hard Look at Where We Are After the 2016 Election 2016-11-24 16:47:58 -0800 · Flag
Thanks Ed. I admit, the Green Party this year was a bit confusing. The idea that Dr. Jill wanted Bernie to top the ticket baffled me. Not that I knew of the other side of Sanders when it comes to the MIC and such — but that Sanders already said he wouldn’t waste any time on a third party that couldn’t win and Trump was much worse. I couldn’t quite place it, but now I understand how my feelings were with the party this year and why I suddenly “choked.” I went for another independent candidate. Usually, I do vote Green, but I did not do so in 2016. I couldn’t put the reasons for why I did so until I read this post. Thanks. Now I feel like I can come back to the Greens, because this issue, at least for me, has been resolved.