Jeff Roby

commented on A New Party is not Easy 2016-06-01 14:42:06 -0700 · Flag
Scot, good piece. One comment. My plan had been to push the vote for Jill Stein at the conclusion of the Democratic convention as the answer to “what next?” It has developed much more quickly than I had anticipated, and Greens have been seriously asking “what next?” even as they hold desperate hopes for a Sanders nomination.

The problem with Sanders supporters joining the Greens is the rampant hostility they face within the Green Party (yes, I manage to read its discussion pages), partly because Sanders supporters were foolish enough to have EVER supported Sanders, partly because the “soft socialist” politic of Sanders runs up against the hard core small business politic, environmentalism is the ONLY priority mantra, and the entrenched Old Guard mentality that is endemic to Old Guards that have been stagnant too long.

I am not going to send my friends into a buzzsaw.

Jeff Roby