2018 Green Party Election Results by Gary Swing

Gary Swing is a former Vice-Chair of the Colorado Coalition for Fair and Open Elections, which successfully lobbied the Colorado state legislature for two bills to improve minor party ballot access in Colorado in 1995 and 1997. The New Progressive Alliance has endorsed him four separate times for public office. Here he analyzes the 2018 Green Party election results.

2018 Green candidates for U.S. Senator:

Angela Green (AZ) 2.3%, 50,797 votes
Marcia Squier (MI) 1%, 40,209 votes
Eleanor Ory (Washington, DC Shadow Senator) 15.6%, 31,348 votes 2/2 -- unpaid lobbyist for DC Statehood, no seat in Congress
Neal Gale (PA) 0.6%, 30,710 votes
Madelyn Hoffman (NJ) 0.8%, 23,532 votes
Paula Overby (MN) 0.9%, 23,155 votes
Jo Crain (MO) 0.5%, 13,165 votes
Jeff Russell (CT) 0.5%, 6,554 votes
Demitri Theodoropoulos (DE) 1.2%, 4,170 votes
Michael Ziesing (California open primary) 0.0%, 842 votes

2018 Green candidates who broke 5% for U.S. Representative:

Kenneth Mejia (CA 34) 26.0%, 26,160 votes
Rodolfo Barragan (CA 40) 22.2%, 18,131 votes
Gary Swing (AZ 7) 14.4%, 16,464 votes
Laura Wells (CA 13) 11.7%, 22,709 votes
Tom Hillgardner (NY 6) 9.2%, 10,514 votes
Angelica Duenas (CA 29 open primary) 6.4%, 4,164 votes

Angela Green received the highest total number of votes for any Green candidate for either House and Congress in 2018, and the highest percentage of any Green candidate for a real seat in the U.S. Senate for 2018. Eleanor Ory received 15.6% in a two way race for Shadow Senator for the District of Columbia.


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