Jason Justice

commented on Gary Swing on the Green Party 2017-08-07 14:59:58 -0700 · Flag
I was there when Bill Bartlett said to my partner, I will fuck you up." He said it twice. As he moved in towards her, as cowards do, I had to step in front of him. He didn’t ask for a hug. He was going to hit her. You weren’t there. I was. When Bartlett was being recalled by GPCO he would only say “I don’t remember” about the incident. This must be him either him A) lying or B) getting closer to the truth. Since it is obvious to me that you care nothing about facts or violence against a woman of color, you ought to look up the word slander.

And you should also know that tokenizing your ex girlfriend is the kind of low down action from someone who practices and benefits from white supremacy.

BTW, white supremacist’s use the tactic of calling other white people “crazy” when called out on their own white privilege, like you did with me.

At the end of the day you are a cyber bully who has no stomach for the real work of organizing or movement building. You fight for your right to do nothing. You run joke campaigns not designed to build this party. You even parachuted into Arizona this last election cycle to squat on the Green Party of Arizona’s ballot line without even giving the party a heads up about your plan.

I read the site rules at the bottom and am not sure why they would allow such a slanderous post or support cyber bullying in this way. Well, liberalism always supports race, gender, and class warfare.