Don’t Let These People or Organizations Fool You

    Many democrats and organizations consistently play the role of the conscience of the Democratic Party while voting with or supporting  Republican programs. They also vilify Republicans while giving democrats a pass for the same behavior. Between 2007 and 2009 the democrats had a majority the republicans had not had since 1923! And yet they claimed they were a helpless victim before the minority republicans. Contrast with Bush Jr. who despite a democratic majority in both houses still did whatever the hell he wanted to.  

In addition to the documentation about the specific people and organizations found in this article, another great source of documentation is Make Your Case with Weblinks, Books, Radio, Plays, Videos, and the Unified Platform. In addition to 16 areas with over 8,000 references and documentation which is continually expanding, this article has a lot of material that can be used to help you make your case.

Arguments democrats use to defend their records:

  • Lesser of Two Evils (LOTE): At least they are not republicans.
  • Half a Loaf of Bread: Getting something is better than getting nothing. This hides the fact that what the democrats frequently get is nothing disguised as a real improvement.
  • Republicans are Worse: Just look at their rhetoric and ignore our actual results.
  • False helplessness before minority republicans: Again, contrast with Bush Jr. who despite a democratic majority in both houses still did whatever the hell he wanted to.
  • Progress not perfection: This is said to hide the lack of progress. See below Real Democratic Results
  • This is the most important election ever! or This election is just too important!
  • Elect democrats and then hold their feet to the fire.
  • Voting third party is wasting your vote. In fact voting for the Uniparty means you are wasting your vote and insuring the country stays on the wrong course. See Third Parties Have Long History of Shaping, Reshaping American Politics

I will keep adding references to illustrate this is a rock solid long standing trend that has been going on for a long time. Consider this article from 2010 as one of many examples. Consider the sheepdog role of Eugene McCarthy, Jesse Jackson, Jerry Brown, Al Sharpton, Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich, Humphrey, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, or Obama. Those who take the bait find themselves without any political vehicle of their own when the show is over. 

Remember when the  below democrats and organizations give nice sounding quotes that their record does not match their words.  Remember also that approving and posting their rhetoric - even if correct - gives the mistaken impression that they are actually working towards those goals. Many are masters of criticizing democrats in off years to gain credibility and then whole heartedly supporting them during election years.

Be also careful of "Greenwashing" or sounding like an environmental organization when the real effort is to either to make money or elect democrats. See Making Protest Personal.

Below in alphabetical order are people and organizations to be wary of.


Anderson, Rocky has repeatedly demonstrated that his topmost interest is what's best for Rocky, versus doing the hard work of organizing people around truly Progressive issues. It appears that the Justice Party has moved on without him and we wish them the best of luck. He does not inspire confidence as evidenced:

  • By telling the Green Party to change its name.
  • By seeking the nomination of the completely sold-out "AmericansElect" despite personal warnings.
  • By coddling, cavorting with and inviting Ayn Randian Libertarians to seats on the steering committee while drumming out unremittingly insistent pro-worker voices.  
  • There were several emails to people in Southern states suggesting the GP was not registered and votes for Jill Stein would not count so it was best to vote JP. The opposite was true.
  • Not only was full employment off the table and treasonous, but talk of improving the employment picture any amount through any government action whatsoever was harshly attacked. This put the JP beliefs outside those of moderate republicans (when we used to have them) and even many libertarians.
  • After promising to grow the Justice Party, Rocky then fought hard against running anybody for anything in 2013 and 2014 because they were still "studying the situation." Rocky then completely withdrew from the Justice Party.
  • The libertarians that were running the JP boards to which Rocky sold his soul were not even like the moderate libertarians I knew in the 1970s. They clearly felt that all government was pure evil and should be reduced until it could be drowned in the bathtub. They were more anarchists than libertarians. I do not see why Rocky gave so much power to libertarians who - as far as I could see - did absolutely nothing to elect him in 2012.


Clinton, Hillary and Bill –  The large number of references has become unwieldy for this article. For a brief description and full list see Beware the Clintons.


Cuomo, Andrew - has made  career out of betraying his base. Whether it be environmental or education his specialty is saying one thing and doing another.

Cuomo administration saves power plant, reaps whirlwind

N.Y. teachers union blasting Cuomo in new multimillion-dollar ad campaign

UFT’s new TV ad sets the record straight on Cuomo's education agenda


Democratic Party

"One of the worst myths Democratic partisans love to tell themselves - and everyone else - is that the GOP refuses to support President Obama no matter what he does. Like its close cousin - the massively deceitful inside-DC grievance that the two parties refuse to cooperate on anything - it's hard to overstate how false this Democratic myth is. When it comes to foreign policy, war, assassinations, drones, surveillance, secrecy, and civil liberties, President Obama's most stalwart, enthusiastic defenders are often found among the most radical precincts of the Republican Party."  Glenn Greenwald

For extensive and continuing verification with over 8,000 references in 16 areas plus other helpful materials see:  Make Your Case with Weblinks, Books, Radio, Plays, Videos, and the Unified Platform



Environmental Defense Fund - another "Greenwashing" organization. See Making Protest Personal.

Gates, Bill - refuses to divest from fossil fuels, cheers unproven profit driven charter schools at the expense of public schools,  and invests in exotic "renewable energy" rather than proven cheaper options. He may have done some good in some areas, but he is no saint.


Grayson, Alan - is known for his "drive-by" blogs and comments while ignoring any criticism of democrats.

Green Labor Party  formerly, the Progressive Egalitarian Party (PEP) criticizes republicans while giving democrats a pass for the same behavior. They try to herd the left into the Democratic veal pen. They encourage and worship politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. (See below for those two individuals.)

Krugman, Paul is a noted economist who correctly criticizes republicans for economic failings but fails to criticize democrats for the same failings.

Bill Black: Krugman Bashes Progressives for Criticizing Obama on Grounds that He Criticizes Obama

Krugman Gets His History Wrong 


Move On criticizes republicans while giving democrats a pass for the same behavior.


Paul, Rand and Ron - Both are libertarian except when they are not.


People for the American Way criticizes republicans while giving democrats a pass for the same behavior.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee (the so-called "bold progressives") criticizes republicans while giving democrats a pass for the same behavior, encourages support for Clinton. (see above on Clinton)

Progressive Democrats of America criticizes republicans while giving democrats a pass for the same behavior.

Sanders, Bernie – Though he claims to be a socialist he consistently votes with and has the full privileges of a democrat. As one of the below articles correctly says, “Sanders voted in 2001 for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, the congressional resolution that was the basis of George Bush’s invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and the launching of the “war on terror,” and which is still cited by Barack Obama as the legal justification for drone-missile assassinations in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries. He regularly voted for military appropriations bills, required to fund the ongoing war in Iraq Sanders claimed to oppose.”   He also never voted against Israeli aggression on Gaza. He also voted for cuts in food stamps. See:

Bernie Sanders: 'Drones Have Done Some Good Things'

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Sierra Club - another "Greenwashing" organization. See Making Protest Personal.


Warren, Elizabeth – Like Sanders, Warren only speaks up to criticize Republicans. Democrats get a pass for the same behavior. She has never had anything but praise for Hillary Clinton. See:

Cohen: One-percenter Liz Warren milks system then slams it in phony soundbites
Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu
Are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Fooling Us All?
Let's Not Be Fooled By Bernie Sanders (and Elizabeth Warren)
Hypocritical Liz
Liberals' darling Elizabeth Warren defends Israeli attacks on Gaza schools and hospitals
The Democrats’ New Fake Populism
Politics: Your Favorite Liberal Lawmaker Supports Universal Vouchers*
Warren Warns Against Civilian Deaths In Warfare — But No Mention Of Drones “Whatever our righteous intentions, the world does not hold us blameless when civilians die.”
Liberals for Israel

Elizabeth Warren Won't Back Rand Paul's Audit the Fed Bill - Populist hero?Senator Elizabeth Warren Opposes “Audit The Fed” BillBernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren not as progressive as you think…

Elizabeth Warren Defends Israeli Shelling of Gaza Schools, Hospitals

Let's Not Be Fooled by Sanders or Warren

Elizabeth Warren is Trying to Unite the Democratic Party, But All She's Doing is Betraying Progressives: At the time progressives needed her most, she wasn’t there.

Grayson, Kucinich, Warren, and the Road to Hell





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commented 2015-03-22 23:41:52 -0400 · Flag
“Keep in mind that some of the votes mentioned herein may have had other factors in the bills, making a Congressperson not vote for what he normally would vote for or for what s/he espouses.”

The democrats have used this as an excuse to vote with republicans and then say they are the lesser of two evils for decades now. Obama had for his first two years a majority the republicans have not had since before WW I – not WWII, WWI. Contrast that with Bush Jr. who despite a democratic congress did whatever the hell he wanted to do.

For verification on the real record of the democrats with about 6,000 references see the below articles.
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Corporate Overreach –
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Labor –
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Continuous Wars –
The War on Whistleblowers –
Widespread Police Misconduct and an Expanding Prison Population –
commented 2015-03-22 23:05:55 -0400 · Flag
The problem underlying is – Citizens [not]United and Other Parties and/or independents not being able to emerge – which would give more credibility to the whole system. The Campaign/PrezDebate/Voting/ Election system does need revamping in order to really discuss and reveal facts and issues, instead of all the swirling slants and lies.

Keep in mind that some of the votes mentioned herein may have had other factors in the bills, making a Congressperson not vote for what he normally would vote for or for what s/he espouses.

I am sending this website to the BERNIE SANDERS organizations – for them to explain Bernie’s votes…and to FACT CHECK everything listed under his name.

Thank you,
in Los Angeles